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SKYLIGHT YOGA offers yoga expeditions and yoga teacher training certification that will help you realize your boundless, infinite, and sky-like nature.

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Sujal Sudarshan H. Patel

Sujal Patel has over 25 years of combined experience with yoga and meditation. Sujal received ‘Yoga Siromani’ diploma after graduating from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Academy near Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India, where he was given the spiritual name "Sudarshan". He now lives in Miami, Florida, where he continues teaching yoga. He relies strongly on his personal practice and intuition to guide his precise instruction. He teaches with non-harming, spiritual truth, compassion, as well as intelligence, and allows each individual to approach his or her own unique potential.

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Joseph Fathalla

Skylight Yoga website

While on vacation in Miami, SKYLIGHT YOGA introduced me to myself. I was truly able to experience one of the most enchanting weeks in my life and I am forever grateful that I had the opportunity to attend. I knew that I was going on a vacation to relax but I never could have envisioned returning home with such joy and a new found understanding of self. Thank you SKYLIGHT YOGA.

Naomi Harris

Skylight Yoga website

Practicing with Sujal is sublime! He clearly has a deep, studied knowledge of classical yoga, and his inner wisdom and light give those teachings true resonance. Leading with a calming, palpable energy, he embodies what he teaches, and I feel the impact of each breathing practice and pose. Since I started taking Sujal's classes, I've found new awareness and peace in my practice, and throughout my daily life. It's transformational! I look forward to experiencing more with SKYLIGHT YOGA, and I hope everyone takes the chance to practice with them! Thank you for sharing your light.

Aleksandra Eifler

Skylight Yoga website

SKYLIGHT YOGA is a gift to this world! I'm filled with gratitude, hope, and peace! What you do is appreciated! Thank you for being beyond amazing!

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