Skye LifeStyle

New South Wales, Australia

Skye LifeStyle offers health and wellness programs, making it convenient and accessible to all. They can design programs for groups, executives and individuals.

Testimonials 4

  • Mark Hale

    Skye LifeStyle website

    The weekend retreat has inspired me to take up yoga. My body aches have lessened and I felt really well looked after as a new student to the class.

  • Anthony Ellis

    Skye LifeStyle website

    Skye has become a weekly part of my and my partners efforts to stay healthy. She has led us with grace and patience and never pushing us further than we are ready to go.

  • Heri Bustamante

    Skye LifeStyle website

    Yoga classes with Skye LifeStyle have enabled me to discover the great benefits that yoga has on my flexibility and relaxation. I would definitely recommend Skye LifeStyle to anyone interested in learning about yoga.

  • Ingrid Stockley

    Skye LifeStyle website

    I really liked Skye’s open and warm personality. There was no competition and the retreat is perfect for beginners.

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