As Certified Somatic Sex Educators we support open expression and diversity, offering conscious, guided, experiential workshops to inspire somatic learning.

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Ron Stewart

Ron Stewart is a Certified Somatic Sex Educator and currently serves the position of vice president of the Somatic Sex Educators Association. Trainings in Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Experiencing come together with his background in teaching yoga (Skyclad - 2005 ) to invite clients to discover ease where previously they experienced dis-ease. His career in contemporary dance and yoga practice offer him a unique understanding of body intelligence, physical communication, and creativity. Ron has been offering retreats world wide since 2005.


Pono is a somatic sex educator and sexual wellness coach. He guides people of all gender identities, preferences, and proclivities to work through and overcome cultural, religious, and familial taboos around intimacy, touch, desire, arousal, and sex. Pono utilizes knowledge from studying focusing (Eugene Gendlin) and the chakra system in his hands-on work with clients. He is a certified yoga instructor who did his training with Integrative Yoga Therapy. Clients have commented on his gentle, grounded presence, and warm soothing demeanor.

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Skyclad website

Great massage within a relaxing environment outside and inside. I had a lower back pain before my appointment. I participated in a hour of yoga which loosen my muscle in my back followed up with a massage. The perfect combination.

TJF Canada

Skyclad website

I'm still basking in the afterglow of our time together this afternoon. My body and spirit are still in "wow" mode. Thanks for your healing/transformative/erotic/opening/fucking-mind-blowing energy and body work. I think I'll be processing over the next while how wonderfully, like an instrument, you were able to make my body sing. And, for that, I am feeling very grateful tonight.

Richard Canada

Skyclad website

Great to see you on Saturday. I was thinking about how influential you've been to me, even though we haven't seen each other that often. ... The couple of workshops I've taken with you have also been meaningful to me, so it was really nice to finally have a private session with you. Many thanks for all of the above.

Brian Canada

Skyclad website

Thanks for your message and for the session last weekend. I wasn’t expecting that kind of experience but, as you could tell, I certainly welcomed it. felt good to have moved and connected that completely. You have a tremendous generosity of spirit. I felt strong and safe in your hands. My thanks again.


Skyclad website

I was very pleased with our sessions. They gave me a glimpse of what is possible for me... Here is one thing I have noticed -- I haven't been biting my nails. All my life I have been a terrible nail-biter. Three years ago I even started acupuncture to see if it could help me stop. Since then, things have been pretty mixed -- I still bite my nails but maybe not as badly as before acupuncture. For weeks now they're growing and looking nice. They are almost at the end of my fingertips. On every finger! ... in fact just last week, I have seen both my acupuncturist and the lady I see for massages (both of whom I haven't seen for a long time) and they both were so surprised. My masseuse seemed shocked -- I didn't have the shoulder knots and tension I usually have. Days later, I saw my acupuncturist. After taking my pulse in a bunch of different places around my body, he joked that he didn't know what he should work on because it seemed like I have a different nervous system.

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