Sivananda Yoga Vietnam

tp. Đà Lạt, Lâm Đồng, Vietnam

Sivananda Yoga Vietnam is part of the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Organization with locations in more than 30 countries.

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  • Hillary F Oklahoma

    Trip Advisor website

    It was a different experience than many other yoga classes. The instructor focused on breathing for the first 20 mins or so, which is unusual. He warmed up a lot, which is great for beginners. The stretches were repetitive and not too strenuous. The reception was awful though. Not only unprofessional but rude. She ignored me when I walked in and instead just chatted away with a regular customer as I stood there waiting - with a minute before class was to start. I finally had to interrupt because it didn't seem that they were going to stop talking. They even stared at me while speaking to each other in Vietnamese (I'm a tourist and do not speak Vietnamese). Why people treat new clients this way I have no clue.

  • a traveler California, USA

    Trip Advisor website

    As a Sivananda teacher (living in the USA and certified in Canada) I was eager to check out the center in Saigon. I attended a morning class with my 11-year old daughter in July of 2015 and it was great. The woman who taught our class spoke excellent English so we were never left wondering what to do - in fact she had just completed ATTC in the USA, which probably helped. The center was quiet and pleasant - we would definitely both go back.

  • Sandra United States

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    Located in a safe, quiet side street in District 1, it's a wonderful place to stay. Having stayed for 3 weeks, I have a genuine feel for the practices, philosophical agenda of the Ashram. The staff are knowledgable and warm and friendly. The rooms are clean and comfortable to stay. Wonderful sense of commitment to the education to the resident guests and daily yoga attendees. I highly recommend this yoga center to get grounded and learn yoga as well as the other spiritual practices involved.

  • a traveler Vietnam

    Trip Advisor website

    Where your heart be fulfill and your mind silent. Heart of heart. Just jump to the class, quiet the mind, and relax, and breathing. Then you back to your own true self. No more mass have to wear. You become yourself! I just love that feeling so much!

  • a traveler Australia

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    Sivananda Yoga centre is a special place, it has a natural spirituality that is comforting and nurturing. English speaking and very helpful teachers make this place so welcoming to a shy, middle aged Aussie woman. Thank you all.

  • Tieme H Moldova

    June 11 2015. Trip Advisor website

    By far the best place in Saigon I have been to for yoga and meditation. After a retreat I did in the Dalat center, I kept coming back. Home-like atmosphere, the sweetest people and quality yoga classes and satsanga that always make you leave revitalized! The Sivananda Center easily became a peaceful safe haven in hectic Saigon.

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