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Sivananda Yoga Asia is a branch of the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers that operates in SW Asia including Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, and China.

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    I come every year as an escape from the commercialism and materialism that tends to run my life the rest of the year. The setting is beautiful, restful, peaceful, and supportive. Don't come if you require a MaiTai or Rum Punch, or ice for that matter... This is an Ashram. A place of physical and spiritual rejuvenation. A place to be in the presence of others who appreciate the tremendous opportunity to unplug from the outside world and look inward. I'm sure I lost many readers with "no MaiTai", so if you're still with me. There's no alcohol, no meat, two delicious vegan meals a day; and twice daily meditation, chanting, and yoga. There's a beautiful beach and several quiet spots tucked away for even more peace and quiet. It's pretty inexpensive, but not for everybody. I stay in a tent hut on a platform building and love every minute! Best vacation ever!

  • a traveler Canada

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    When I first entered the ashram it was late night and I went there right after a big hurricane so it was quite.I started the first day with the Satsang,yoga ,brunch and a guided ashram tour.I had no clue about the lineage before the tour by Gili Raveh even though I have been to Sivanada in Toronto.The ashram tour was lovely.Our guide Gili took us and showed around the ashram and talked about how it evolved and what they do.It was beautiful to know how each temple evolved there and how ashram came there .Front desk and book store staff who are karma yogis were friendly and helpful too.

    Food was amazing and so fresh.Gigi puts her heart and soul into the food she makes.Everything was from scratch in that kitchen from entrees to breads and buns. Slowly the ashram grows into you and you will feel at home and once you live the ashram you will be already thinking when you can return back. First day first visit you feel at peace.Little bit like a stranger. Second day you will feel comfortable. Third day you will feel like you are just with your friends. Fourth day you will feel like everyone there is a family. You will do there once and you will make friends for life time. I stayed at the beach hut. Slept to the sound of waves.

  • a traveler California

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    I was blessed enough to find the Sivananda Ashram through a recommendation from one of the most inspirational friends I have. He told me about the beautiful center, the incredible people, the experience and variety of the lectures, traditional Satsongs, and traditional yoga classes. My time at the Ashram was one of the most memorable experiences. I would say that the Sivananda Ashram is one of the most spiritual places in the world. The Ashram is located steps away from the ocean and the warm water is transparent, calming, and beautiful. They have a funny saying that the Ashram always gives you what you need and I experienced first hand that this is true. The three months I spent there felt like a year. Time at the Ashram has a way of slowing down, and your senses are amplified as you learn what really matters in life. I learned more about myself, and my relationships with others than I could have ever imagined. The diversity of people, good vegetarian food, and amazing guest speakers transformed my worldview in a positive way. The Sivananda family will always have a place in my heart and I hope to return soon.

  • Bernie R New York

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    Probably the best thing to do when looking to get away from the everyday life; you get the whole package, plenty of good vegetarian cuisine, tea, and a boutique to get snacks and helpful stuff; the grounds are large and beautiful, awesome halls for yoga, lectures and other activities; really quiet area in the middle of the jungle about one hour from Trivandrum; there's plenty of transportation; near the ashram you have natural parks, such as the elephant park about 20 minutes, the lake which is right across or the dam about 20-minute walk, very peaceful. The residences are extensive for every budget; very nice and helpful staff who work as volunteers or karma yogis, including the teachers who are all certified in yoga teaching; a "yoga vacation" is highly recommended, not only you get a good amount of time to learn and practice yoga (for every age!) but you meet lots of interesting people from all around the world and all over India. I am definitely going back even though it's in the other side of the globe for me; it is a life changing experience that i recommend to all my friends.

  • Anas1341 from Jaipur, India

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    In 1989 the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Chennai was started as a part of the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres (ISYVC), a non-profit organization. Swami Vishnu-devananda synthesized the ancient wisdom of yoga into five basic principles that could easily be incorporated into ones daily lifestyle to provide the foundation for healthy living. The teachings at the Centre are based around these 'Five Points of Yoga.

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