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Simply Retreats is run by Andrea Balazs, a holistic health, fertility, pregnancy, and postnatal coach and yoga teacher, who hosts detox and yoga retreats.

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Anisha K. Dubai

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Andrea, I just wanted to thank you for the amazing detox. I started off by blogging my progress but stopped because I was always asleep by 930 PM. Gone were the nights of staying up until 1 am. I found that by eating right and feeling less bloated I actually would comfortably go to sleep most nights with Ethan. The recipes were so easy that even Jono was motivated to give it a go. Every day was exciting to try something new but I must admit I still have my favourites and some recipes I still have to try. I’ve lost 2.5 kilos and will keep going. I had one day of naughtiness but quickly got back into the swing. I’m still going to continue it xx thanks for making me realize how easy detoxing can be!

Hiba Giacoletto

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I look forward to my Yogalates classes with Andrea because it is such a great workout while still being gentle and fun. Andrea combines a friendliness and approachability with an ability to push you further in your practice. Having done yoga for many years, I am seeing the benefit of adding more of a core component to my yoga sessions. Thank you Andrea for helping me discover my core!

Sophia Dubai

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I just wanted to thank you for the past 6 months of wonderful yoga and for cheering me up! Really helped me all throughout labor to think that this baby “is going to slip out of me” as you used to tell me.

Verity Dubai

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From day one Andrea put me at ease. I was intimidated by the group classes I had done in the past and working with her one on one allowed me to just relax into the process and enjoy yoga for the first time. That in itself is a really wonderful gift. I look forward to every session not just because Andrea subtly changes and evolves the poses each week to challenge me and not because I get to listen to her warm and calming voice – but also because I get to spend time with Andrea herself. She is at the same time a great yoga instructor, an authentic compassionate person and someone truly knowledgeable and passionate about wellbeing and nutrition. I will really miss our sessions when I move country next month!

Gogem Abu Dhabi

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Andrea has been a gift for me. Her presence in my life has been a truly positive influence. Andrea aims to make gentle, steady and lasting changes. She truly cares, and wants to understand the individual before coaching.

In my career I have been exposed to various training styles to help myself and other leaders in organizations become coaches. Coaching requires a lot of self discipline, a high level of consciousness of one’s self and surroundings and true discipline to control one’s self from constantly giving advise seeked or unseeked. Rather a coach needs to ask the right questions, drip feed the right thoughts and inspirations as well as challenges at the right time to help the coached find their own way through, their own answers to unlock blockages in their life.

My blockage was my health and fitness. Although I knew all the rights and wrongs I was not at the right place, at the right balance to make things happen. I was removed from the place I called home for 20 years and all the healthy balances of my life. Somehow the harmony, balance, peace was not happening here. Together with Andrea, we meditated, we did yoga, we breathed, we read inspirational quotes, Andrea asked the right questions and put thoughts in my mind to re-inspire me to find the right balance in my new life in Abu Dhabi.

Her way is gentle, rooted, long-lasting. She also introduced me to many healthy eating alternatives I did not know of. Nowadays my morning starts with warm water and lemon juice and I love my quinoa salad as well as my wheatgrass juice with Chia seeds. I end my days with a piece of very dark chocolate and am energized. I’ve lost weight and feel much much better about myself, my life and things in general. I look forward to my sessions with Andrea and am truly grateful for her presence.

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