Shunyata Health Retreat & Day Spa

Christchurch, New Zealand

Shunyata Retreat & Day Spa is a peaceful, serene retreat based in a gorgeous ocean view home renovated with spa bathrooms.

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  • Rebecca M. New Zealand

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    My husband and I have 3 young children and farm at the bottom of the South Island. Things are always very 'full on' and I was desperate for a break away, a chance to wind down, an understanding of what I really need in my life and for someone to fuss over me for a bit. I found all of this and more at Shunyata! It really is bliss to have someone cook (beautiful meals) and do the dishes for you for a whole week.For a long time I had the feeling that events were happening in my life to help teach me my 'life lessons', but I felt like I was muddling through things. Paru helped me clarify ideas and re-ignite my passion for learning more about myself, life and the universe. She also helped me understand what an important thing unconditional love is! Thank you so much Paru for your love and respect, and for helping me find my sparkle.

  • Tankerette New Zealand

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    After a moving cities and after a couple of challenging years I found myself needing time and help to heal the soul and give my mind and body some much needed attention. The idea of a retreat seemed like a damn fine idea, however the thought of getting on a plane and spending time in a beauty spa in the Pacific wasn't quite what I was looking for. I required something more extensive than a deep tissue massage, more rejuvenating than a full body exfoliation. Which is how I discovered Shunyata Health Retreat and Day Spa, a mere 45 drive (or 10 minute ferry ride) from Christchurch via Lyttleton.Stepping through the door of Shunyata is an invitation into Paru Clark's, home and the embodiment of her vision and passion. Paru brings you energy and authenticity in an unpretentious, picturesque and nurturing environment. She offers a range of options and services depending on your requirements. Luckily I was not there for the detox/weight loss, so was able to appreciate Paru's love of food with her wonderful, healthy and flavoursome meals, often created with locally grown or produced ingredients.My time at Shunyata was a mix of emotional healing using The Journey technique, something I was unfamiliar with. Keeping an open mind, and trusting Paru to guide me, made this a transformative and successful experience. After this was an encounter with the Ozone Sauna, where my body was encased and steamed while my head remained outside, allowing me to enjoy a spectacular view of Purau Bay. Refreshed, I was free to roam the garden, sit on the deck or recline in the hammock the perfect place for an afternoon snooze.After dinner with the other resident guest, Paru organised a DVD and then it was time for a deep and restful sleep. The next day was a massage, canio-sacral work, reflexology, more relaxation, animated discussions with Paru about life experiences, developing options for better practices of personal wellbeing Shunyata is no quick fix, rather a place that can put you on a better path, should you choose to commit more delicious meals and a few special moments with the fluffy, friendly feline of the house.My final day was the opportunity for another Journey, a yoga session and a walk around Diamond Harbour, before it was time to return to my life beyond Banks Peninsula. It has been a month and a half since my visit. The issues that plagued and disrupted my life rarely affect me now. Friends comment at how well - and much younger - I look. The decision to book a few days at Shunyata has been very worthwhile, with ongoing positive results. A visit to Shunyata is well chosen investment of your time and money in return for ongoing personal wellbeing.

  • Auckland, New Zealand

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    I went to Shunyata feeling physically and emotionally burnt out with the stress of everyday life. I had been carrying baggage through my life that was just not helping me but was unsure of how to get rid of it and move forward in the next stage of my life (or what I was actually looking for!). As soon as I met Paru I knew I this would be a magical retreat and things would be shifted. Paru is so welcoming and truly passionate about healing and inspiring, guiding you through the work necessary to be your best self. The balance of both bodywork and emotional healing was the perfect combination of just what I needed.

    I was indulged in sauna treatments, massages and cranio-sacral work, and yoga, which were all amazing and helped relax my sore and tired body. The meditation sessions, amazing selection of books and DVDs, Journey work, conversations over cups of tea, and walks and drives around the area were all so fantastic and helped me switch off from the outside world and give myself a space to look at myself within, which is where the real miracles came for me at Shunyata.

    Paru gently guided me through the whole week, tailoring the pace and sessions to what I needed at that time. This one-on-one personalised treatment was exactly what my heart and body needed and like nothing I'd experienced at more expensive health spas elsewhere. The personalised service was especially evident when I was sent home with printouts, exercises, tips, and information to follow up on at home, which showed me that I wasn't just another number, and each visitor is treated with interest and care.

    I came away from this retreat feeling understood, healed, empowered and positive. My body (in particular my shoulders and back) and my heart have not felt this light and wonderful in over 10years! I will be forever grateful for an amazing 5 days that have set me up for the rest of my life, and will definitely be back!

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