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Veerle Germonprez

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Again thank you for the very intense and lovely week in Pellenberg. I came home feeling wonderful. Like a weight had been lifted off me. I have been able to put certain things into perspective, give them their place, and I have been able to bring closure to certain things from my past. Friends also notice that something about me has changed. I was told quite a few times last week that I’m looking radiant. I have already advised several of my women friends to take part in this women’s week. Hopefully many more women get the opportunity to take part in this retreat in future years.

Viktoriya Bakthina

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In the women’s retreat you learn countless important and essential things as a woman. The knowledge you gain eventually becomes so self-evident that I’m surprised these insights are not part of the standard education or official course materials in our schools. You’ll e.g. learn that women have moon points that determine and influence their mood, and how Kundalini Yoga offers several exercises and meditations so that a woman can stay strong and gracious amongst these moon point changes. You’ll also learn a lot about how differently men think and reason compared to us women, and how these differences manifest in our everyday lives.

During the retreat all women are seated in a circle which offers a unique experience. It enhances the female energy and you feel much more deeply that you belong in a group, that you have the right to be, to be seen, and to be understood. This sense of belonging and the freedom to share one’s story with others all takes place in an environment without any prejudices.

I was so impressed that I immediately wanted to share everything I learned with all the women in my surroundings (my mother, friends, ..). I can only recommend this retreat to every woman.

Sadhan Kaur

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"Women's Retreat: Excel and Celebrate" sounded like a mystical journey to me since the first time I heard about it… I had an idea of what to expect because I am quite known with the formula of kundalini yoga workshops and women workshops but in no way was I prepared for the profoundness of what we experienced during this week!

What amazes me most is the depth of connection of women who gather, even if they don’t know each other, they See and Hear each other… Everyone has their own insecurities, issues, deep secrets, vibrant unique personality and despite all this, it so well matches and blends in one radiant group space… A space where everything is allowed to be shared, a space where you feel held, whether you are just starting out in yoga, life, your path, or whether you are already quite aware of who you are and really want to dive in and go deep…

A big part of this depends on the group, though to me it is very clear too, that a lot of this space is created by the fine example of the Teacher Japjeet Rajbir Kaur Khalsa - and also Prabhu Anand Kaur (Ingrid Klabbers), who lovingly holds the space in the house and nourishes us with deliciously healthy food.

The firmness and confronting aspect of the Yogic Teachings (and Sikh Dharma - from which a lot of the Teachings originate) are amazingly impressive and a real forte to Japjeet Rajbir’s approach. Their combination with the motherly, sisterly warmth and radiance of both Japjeet Rajbir and Ingrid is quite transformative… And because they both really ‘are’ from their Being, you feel almost automatically drawn into Yours. You go in deep right away, though every person gets to do so in their own pace and rhythm.

And I must say (being a Kundalini Yoga Instructor myself) this combination of teaching and also Being yourself (which is normally not done in Kundalini Yoga - but in this case because you are with Women, it would feel unnatural if you don't, you put yourself out of the circle thus creating a missing link), really requires balancing on a very thin line: you really have to know and feel what you are sharing, and when (not)... And for me, Japjeet Rajbir mastered it, we could See her All, her beautiful naked Woman Soul and at the same time, she knew when to poke, provoke, confront and elevate as a true Teacher needs to do!

I could go on about the program, the Love, the comfort, the ‘at home’ness, the beautiful surroundings and pure nature at the location, the extra sacred ‘Closing the Bones’ sessions Japjeet Rajbir offers, the food, the healing effect,… but I would just say, come and experience this for yourself, because that was the best part! For always engraved in Soul and Heart!

Sat Naam Sri Wahe Guru _/\_

Caro Vanlerberghe

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I look back on a very interesting yoga week!

I planned a lot the same evening at the following weekend but I canceled everything, just to give myself the time I needed to sit back and relax after such an impact.

Emotionally, it was a tough week but that feeling did not last very long, it changed in a feeling of calmness, insight and clarity.

I am so glad I asked you to organize this week and I am so grateful you did! I really need this!!

The way you teach is so exciting, you teach with so much wisdom and respect, so devotedly!

I cannot say enough how much I respect you ... I am just so lucky to be able to feel your energy and listen to your wise words. The value of your presence is so great! Wahe Guru!

The week flew by so quickly… 7 days passed by so fast… but what a week!

A week that indeed needs to be a week. Every day had its own need and value. Not one day could have been left out!

Although I already learned and read a lot about everything, it felt so good to hear it again and to be confronted with it again… and it hit me big time!

Lots of emotions came out… again… but calmness followed and gave me a nice feeling, a feeling of gratitude and surrender to what is.

For many years I have doubted myself, I doubt being a good teacher because somewhere I always have the feeling that someone is judging me.

Bit by bit I have gained the feeling again that the teachings I gave a few months ago were good, the students liked it, liked my teachings… so the idea of teaching again is growing ;-) Wahe Guru !

My emotional rollercoaster… well that is a tough one of course but again it gave me much clarity. […]

The Closing the Bones ceremony… well that was something so beautiful… that hit me really hard… that went so deep… such a intimate and venerable moment, from both sides (both when being the woman receiving the ceremony and when being the sister guiding it with the group)

I just loved it!

How gracefully you guide this ceremony… so beautiful to see and feel… you are so kind and so in the moment that one feels really taken care of… a feeling I have not experienced for a long time! Again… Thank you!

I also read that other women want a follow-up on this week, a sequel… we talked about it in group, during one of our last days at Pellenberg… well that would be a great thing… coming back together and see how we are… and enjoy your teachings, be nurtured again ;-)

Receiving a wake-up call! ;-)

Thank you so much for being who you are!

Thank you so much for spreading the teachings!

Thank you so much for bringing women together, so they can open up and express how they really feel in this life!

Thank you so much!

Wahe Guru!

Hilde Overbergh

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Every day small miracles happen when I use the tips I learned during the women’s retreat. I’m incredibly happy that I gave myself the time to follow this very special retreat with such a wonderful group of women. It was so unique, eye opening!