Shri Raam Institute

Shri Raam Institute of Meditation is dedicated to providing authentic, demanding, and transformative training in the spiritual science of meditation.

Instructors 2

Pandit Tejomaya

Pandit lives a simple life of sadhana off the Pacific coast of Canada in the Salish Sea. Tejomaya has more than 20 years experience in intensive yoga practices including therapeutic asana and pranayama as well as the internal cleansing practices of Hatha yoga. His research has been published in the International Association of Yoga Therapists. He was deeply trained in Christian meditation and contemplative practices during his years as Brother Timothy, a Dominican monk. He became a Pandit in the Himalayan Tradition of Yoga in 2012 and took the vows of a Vanaprastha (Forest Dweller) in 2017.

Bhola Shanker Dabral

Bhola Shanker Dabral was born into the study of yoga, philosophy, Sanskrit, and Ayurveda. Bhola Shanker was initiated into the Himalayan yoga tradition at an early age. He holds a master degree in yoga science from Haridwar, and is working on his PhD in yoga philosophy. He also holds a master's in business administration from United Kingdom.

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