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5 Days Luxury Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Bangalore, India

  • Shreyas Retreat, Santoshima Farm, Gollahalli Gate, Nelamangala-Doddaballapur Road, Nelamangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562123, India


Shreyas Retreat

Shreyas is a superbly comfortable and stylish retreat on a par with some of the more exclusive small retreats in the world. Shreyas prides itself on its service, which is an attempt to apply the eternal Vedic instruction Athiti Devo Bhava or treat thy guest as an embodiment of the Divine.

The essence of Shreyas

The essence of Shreyas is the concept of wellness of body, mind and soul, for the purpose of self-mastery that manifests as excellence in all that we do. The principal medium through which guests are exposed to this is Yoga - which is non-denominational and open to people of all faiths.

Yoga at Shreyas Retreat

Traditional Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga are practised this includes simple posture classes for stress management and moves on to more advanced modules. The centre focuses on self-development workshops in a safe and comfortable environment.

Besides the physical postures, Shreyas also offers breathing exercises (Pranayama), visualization techniques (sakshi bhava), deep relaxation classes (yoga Nidra), yogic kriyas (jala neti, Vaman dhouti) and candle meditation (Trataka), etc. Classes are suitable for both male and females.


  • Twice daily yoga classes
  • Wellness consultation on arrival
  • Accommodation in a Garden/Poolside Cottage
  • Gourmet vegetarian meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) served in the dining area
  • Daily group chanting/sound meditation class
  • Use of all recreational activities

Skill level

  • Beginner

  • 5 days with instruction
  • English
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Shreyas is a boutique retreat situated about 35 km from the center of Bangalore. In design, aesthetics, service and comfort levels, we have modeled Shreyas on some of the more exclusive & luxurious small hotels in South East Asia. We have just 12 rooms spread across 25 acres of coconut plantation, gardens and paddy fields. A maximum of 25 people are unobtrusively tended to by our carefully trained staff as they go about their daily agendas in complete privacy and quiet.

At the same time, Shreyas is a place where you can come in touch with the rich and vibrant Indian spiritual tradition that encourages us to search for meaning and purpose of our existence by looking into the depths of our souls. Numerous processes derived from the tradition of Yoga and a range of self discovery modules allows guests to truly recharge their body and mind energies and set about resetting their priorities and goals.

This is all provided in a private, serene and spiritual environment which is greatly enhanced by our guests refraining from consuming alcohol during their stay with us. So perhaps we are a bold alternative to the modern achiever; stressed out from pushing their body and mind to the limit in the unrelenting, yet seemingly fleeting, pursuit of peace and happiness.

Spread over 25 acres of landscaped gardens, the architecture and interiors are a seamless confluence of traditional and the modern - tiled roofs, antique doorways and stone pillars give way to contemporary interiors and state of the art facilities. The principal architect is Pratap Malik & Associates, based in Delhi

3 en-suite Poolside cottages

The Poolside cottages with en-suite bathrooms overlook the signature Antique-Pillared entrance, Infinity Pool & Jacuzzi and the central courtyard of the retreat.

One 3-bedroom Garden cottage

The Garden cottage (each room with it's own en-suite bathroom) and a large living room is designed for a group of friends who wish to share the experience in close proximity of each other.

Shreyas Retreat is located in Bangalore. It is 50 minutes drive from Bangalore International airport, and approximately one and a half hours drive from Bangalore city. For more information on how to reach us, please read some info below.

  • Accommodation in a Garden / Poolside Cottage
  • Wellness consultation on arrival
  • Gourmet vegetarian meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) served in the dining area.
  • Twice daily group yoga classes
  • Daily group chanting / sound meditation class
  • Use of all recreational facilities Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Steam, Gym, Cricket nets, library and opportunity to watch one movie per day in Home theatre along with other guests.
  • Personalised Yoga Instructional sessions per cottage
  • Personalised Pranayama sessions per cottage
  • Personalised Meditation sessions per cottage
  • Personalised Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation)sessions per cottage
  • Personalised yogic kriya - Jala neti, Vaman Dhauti
  • Rejuvenation Massage per person (Balinese / Swedish / Thai / Aromatherapy / Abhyanga)
  • Round-trip Airport transfers

A day at Shreyas dawns with guests waking to the gentle rustling of the coconut trees, birdsong and the crisp cool breeze. Stepping out of your Garden Cottages with tented canopies or the Poolside Cottages, the curving pathways lead to the open-air yoga pavilion for your morning group Yoga session. The Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa sessions, deep relaxation, meditation and breathing processes practiced at Shreyas are customized to your level of experience, interest and competence, taking into account the physical ailments, if any. This session concludes with a Morning Meditation.

If you like to run or walk instead, we have a shady 3-kilometre pathway that meanders through Shreyas sprawling 25 acres.

After the morning session, head for the dining room by the pool for breakfast, which includes freshly squeezed juices and fruits, mostly hand-picked from our gardens. On cooler days, breakfast is served in the gardens. If you are on a diet recommended by our therapists or one of your own, please do let us know and we will be glad to be of service.

After breakfast, you are free to follow your own agenda. For those of you who have opted for one of our various packages and retreats, your personalized agenda will guide you to the next activity of the day.


  • Personalised Yoga Instructional sessions per cottage
  • Personalised Pranayama sessions per cottage
  • Personalised Meditation sessions per cottage
  • Personalised Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation)sessions per cottage
  • Personalised yogic kriya - Jala neti, Vaman Dhauti
  • Rejuvenation Massage per person (Balinese / Swedish / Thai / Aromatherapy / Abhyanga)

Benefits of yoga

According to Yoga, almost all psychosomatic disorders are caused by "stress" - an inability of the body/mind system to cope with the demands made on it - both professionally and in personal life. Whilst western medicine and psychiatry deals with stress with medicine that induces the release of "feel good" hormones, this does not eliminate the problem.

Yoga encourages us to deal with stress at the physical (with proper diet & Asanas -physical postures), physiological (with Pranayama-breathing practices), mental & intellectual level (with Meditation) - and is therefore referred to as a holistic healing science.

The root cause of stress lies in our inability to see the world as one unbroken stream of consciousness flowing through everything and everyone - Mistaking ourselves as being separate from the world, we compete with the world for our happiness. We feel that there is a limited pot of happiness and someone else's happiness limits ours and vice versa. Finding that so much of what we seek lies out of our control (since we want it from someone else or something outside of us), causes the system to suffer stress disorders.

At Shreyas, we aim to encourage guests to commune with nature (and experience its qualities of generosity, forbearance, patience and ability to nurture life), eat healthy vegetarian food, practice various Yoga processes, and also interact with local school children - all of this makes us connect with nature - both nature outside and within, also put our so called problems in perspective.

The massages at Shreyas are also designed to remove knots of stress out of your muscles. We do not claim that you will be cured of your ailments but can promise you that you will leave with a mindset well on its way to recovery. We have qualified yoga therapists at Shreyas who can tailor the yoga for you - but we do not claim to be healers - that is left to you. We simply aim to bring you in touch with your forgotten Self. There are also classes on yoga philosophy and sessions to see how this can be integrated into your life.

Insomnia can be tackled with Yoga Nidra or deep yogic sleep practices, light meals at night, avoiding intoxicants and meditation. Back pain can be helped with various yoga postures that help stretch, relax and strengthen the spine as well breathing and meditation practices.

Arrival by airplane

Flights to Bangalore are available from Europe, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Trivandrum, Vishakapatnam, Calcutta. Followed by a 1 hour drive. Shreyas is 35kms north-west of Bangalore. The newly opened Bengaluru International Airport is one hour away from Shreyas and is a beautiful drive through the countryside. The new route completely by-pases Bangalore city and and the busy traffic junctions.

Air France, British Airways, Gulf Air, Jetstar Asia Airways, KLM, Lufthansa, Malaysian Airlines, Royal Nepal Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Emirates & Sri Lankan Airlines etc.

Arrival by train

To Bangalore, followed by a 1 hour drive.

Itenerary information

At Shreyas, guests have an opportunity to spend time in the herb, agricultural and rice paddy fields. You are guided by our resident team of farmers to learn more about the various items that are grown in house and activities include harvesting, planting, weeding, watering the various food and herbs that go into their food and rejuvenation oils.

We recommend that you attend one of our daily yoga classes during your stay and you may want to make it a habit. Many of our students had never practiced yoga before, and now swear by it. However, attending the classes is not mandatory.

Course information

Yoga classes at Shreyas are based on classical Hatha yoga & Ashtanga Yoga, combined with Pranayama (breathing related) and Pratyahara (internalisation) processes drawn from the Yoga Sutras an ancient yogic doctrine that aims to integrate our body, mind, heart and souls for complete living. There is no dogmatic religion practiced at Shreyas and people of all faiths are welcome.

All programs & yoga classes are conducted by Inner Challenges, the life-coaching company dedicated to applying the wisdom of the Vedas and Indian spiritual tradition to enrich the professional and personal lives of our guests.

Seasonals information

Bangalore is blessed with very pleasant weather throughout the year. Feb March are the warmest time of the year. It is very pleasant during the day, and the nights are cool.

Responsible tourism

Community Service Exercises Preparing and serving meals to village school children or at the orphanage, Guests get an opportunity to interact with the chidren in the village school / orphanage, teach them some skills, and if they choose, contribute towards their requirements.

At Shreyas, guests have an opportunity to experience the real India as we take them to the local villages and provide them an opportunity to serve the local school children and their families in organized feeding exercises. Guests are encouraged to perform the entire gamut of activity required to organize the feed. For example, sourcing the vegetables and herbs, cutting and cooking the food (assisted and supervised by our team of chefs), transporting the food in tractors, cleaning and preparing the area where the school children are fed, and finally feeding them. This exercise which is known as Seva or Service is an alchemy for transmuting negative emotions such as arrogance into humility, sympathy & indifference into empathy & compassion, and anger into love.

If guests choose to, they can contribute to help meet their requirements such as stationery, uniforms etc. as well as provinding infrastructur needs like rain water harvesting, digging bore wells, boundary walls etc.

Beneath the layers of our selfish ego personality is a genuine desire to give for the sake of giving, and not for the sake of personal aggrandizement. This aspect of our personality will have to be harnessed and employed in our daily work and personal life.

Guests at Shreyas can see for themselves that serving others is possible without expecting anything from them a behaviour that can slowly be imbibed in their normal lives. Imagine a world where you can give to others without feeling the need to receive anything from them.

Shreyas is an environmentally friendly retreat and care has been taken to retain the original landscape and natural beauty of the place. Every effort has been made to preserve the precious natural resources with initiatives such as rain water harvesting, solar heating, and organic waste disposal. Throughout the project, we felt we had a greater responsibility as stewards of land to replenish and resurrect Nature, rather than just take from it to fulfill our dreams. The landscape architect is Akshay Kaul, based in Delhi.

Dressing information

Sweaters and shawls are required in the months November to January. Rest of the year the climate is pleasant; at night you would need a light wrap or jacket.The dress code at Shreyas is smart casual; you do not need to be formally dressed. Bring comfortable clothes for yoga classes (t-shirts and track pants). Walking shoes are required around the retreat. If you wish to use the gymnasium, please bring separate footwear for it. Slippers are provided in all cottages.

What to bring

A hat and sun block lotion. Mosquito repelleant is provided; however if you favor a particular one, please do carry it.

Extra activities

If you are looking to simply unwind and relax, you can browse, borrow and spend time reading one of the numerous books we have in our library.

If you like watching movies, you can step into your own private home theatre and watch one of over 500 movies available in our library.

If you like to swim, we invite you into our infinity pool for a few laps. If you prefer a less strenuous time, you can head straight for the heated outdoor Jacuzzi or the indoor steam room.

If your pleasure is to be massaged, then head straight for our rejuvenation center where expert masseurs will pamper you. A range of freshly prepared scrubs, masks and facials are also available.

A wide range of Ayurveda therapies are available at the Spa to detox and re-vitalize the system.

Cooking classes on local Indian cuisine with an introduction to the philosophy of cooking in Indian tradition, the use and benefits of various Indian spices. A copy of our cookbook, "Soul Food" is also available.

Village walks and tours to nearby villages to get a glimpse of the simple lives of the villagers.

Temple visits to nearby local temples. There is a Santoshima temple on our property and a private arati (prayer offering) can be arranged for guests.

Introduction to Indian culture and traditions (sari tying, rangoli drawing, henna application, private prayer offerings at a temple, etc) give guests a wonderful insight into Indian life and customs.

Visits to nearby places of interest (Mysore, Belur, Halebid, Shravanabelagola): Day trips with our own guide are available, departing early morning and returning by dinner-time

If you fancy a bit of cricket, please join us for a professional net training session. All necessary equipment is provided and you have the choice of batting against BOLA, our professional bowling machine or your friends.

If you are looking for a space to do your work in quiet, and yet remain connected with the world, bring your laptop along and we will connect you to complimentary Broadband Internet in your room or various access points across the Retreat. Wi-fi is also available around the pool area/

If you like to walk, then you have over 2 km of tracks that meander through the lush green landscape.

If you want to connect with the environment, you can join us in our agricultural and medicinal herb gardens for spot of farming.

Travel assistance

Yes, our travel agent can make all the ticket reservations for you, and provide any information that you need, should you so desire. Kindly inform your schedule to us well in advance to facilitate this process. Please note that all guests who do not hold an Indian passport need to get a visa in order to be able to visit India. Please contact Shreyas Retreat by clicking 'Contact Organizer' button for more details.

Additional information

For more information ask your questions directly to Shreyas Retreat who will be happy to assist you. Simply click on the Send Inquiry button to send a message.

Meals served at Shreyas are vegetarian, and thoughtfully planned to complement the lifestyle you will be experiencing at Shreyas. If you have any dietary restrictions or preferences please inform us prior to arrival and we will be glad to oblige. Shreyas is the only member of Relais and Chateaux in the world that serves a purely vegetarian menu and operates on a no-alcohol policy.

Guests at Shreyas get a unique opportunity to experience living a yogic lifestyle along with the Shreyas staff, who are all trained in every aspect of Yoga. If you choose to, you can learn to cook, work in our organic agricultural garden and interact with local village school children learning from, and teaching to them.

Shreyas offers a wonderful opportunity for guests to get a glimpse into the simple, hardworking lives of the local villagers. And, for those who are interested, exercises in Community Service and 'Volunterism' are arranged at the local village, schools and orphanages. This may include procuring or collecting vegetables from Shreyas farm, preparing and serving a meal to children at a local school or orphanage, planting saplings in the village, contributing towards the village school's requirements such as uniforms, stationery and infrastructure for villages needs like rain-water harvesting projects etc.

If you have booked a massage, scrub or any beauty treatment, head towards the Rejuvenation Massage Center for our range of Massages ( Ayurveda, Thai, Balinese, Swedish or Aromatherapy massages), exotic scrubs (made from ingredients like chocolate, coffee, spices, coconut & honey) or beauty treatments (like facial, pedicure or manicure) A qualified Naturopath is available to discuss and choose the massages and scrubs / masks that suit you. You can speak with our qualified therapists for cures for all kinds of physical battle scars you may have picked up over the years such as back and neck pain, losing or gaining weight, skin related problems etc. End your masage session with a visit to the steam room.

You can opt to swim in the infinity-edge 25 meter lap pool or simply sun-bathe around it with a book from our extensive library. The temperature of the pool varies from 20 - 30 degrees Celcius, depending on the weather. Those wanting to do something energetic can test your batting skills at our cricket nets against BOLA, our professional bowling machine.

Or, perhaps you would prefer to work out in our gymnasium and follow it up with a swim, outdoor Jacuzzi and steam. There are beautiful temples, lakes and forests not too far from the boutique retreat and we can direct/escort you to them. Picnic lunches can also be arranged on request.

An activity that our guests have really enjoyed is spending time on rice paddy, agricultural and herb gardens, where you get an opportunity to get your hands and feet dirty and truly commune with nature. Feel your stresses disappear as you become one with nature.

If you would like to learn the Sacred Chants from our scriptures and delve into the Indian philosophical tradition, you can join the classes at one of the traditional huts by the lawns.

If you are interested in deepening your knowledge and practice of Yoga, you are welcome to meet our Wellness Consultant who would then arrange for a private Yoga session for your specific requirement and level of expertise. Depending on your choice of sessions, they can explain the various therapeutic as well as spiritual benefits of all physical postures, breathing techniques and various meditations.

Some of you may prefer to visit the city of Bangalore and its chic shopping outlets to pick up gifts and other items for yourselves or your loved ones. We can provide the necessary transport with a guide, should you so require. We also offer a pick up service, should you have items sent for alterations etc. that have to be picked up.

For information about the booking conditions, please send Shreyas Retreat an inquiry.
  • Review by Barbara from UK

    "To all the wonderful people who make up Shreyas team, I want to say thank you once again for a perfect stay here – it has simply been divine, peaceful, restorative and even my great 1-2-1 sessions with Ramakant (nicknamed death by abdomen!) had their moments of complete bliss! I have been here so many times and I have never been disappointed. I am already looking forward to next year and being met at the airport by Ponnappa’s wonderful welcome smile! A very special thank you to the chef for creating such wonderful meals – all served with extreme care and respect by Santosh and his brilliant team – Neelkamal, Dinesh and Rabin, all looked after me so sensitively during my 5 days silence. With love to you all."

    February, 2016, Shreyas Retreat website, edited

  • Review by Seda from Istanbul, Turkey

    "Dear Shreyas, it was an amazing week for me; the food, the people, the nature ‘’everything’’ was perfect. I will definitely come back soon. I would like to share this magical place with my friends. Thank you. Stay with love."

    February, 2016, Shreyas Retreat website, edited

  • Review by Laura from USA

    "This is my second visit to Shreyas. I’ll be back again. As far as I am concerned that is all that needs to be said!:))"

    February, 2016, Shreyas Retreat website, edited

  • Review by Jane from London, UK

    "By luck I found Shreyas: the magazine article; the weekend of 13.2 googling; the e-visa sought on 14.2 and got on 15.2; Shreyas’ last week before it became full! I thank my luck. Shreyas and the people who work here have made it an Outstanding First Yoga Retreat in India. My goal is to be happy and healthy; Shreyas, its staff and its outstanding yoga teachers helped me achieve that. Many guests have been several times before. I understand why! Thank you Shreyas, yours."

    February, 2016, Shreyas Retreat website, edited

  • Review by Lisa H from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    "My 17 year old daughter and I love yoga, nature, and vegetarian cuisine. Shreyas provided all of that and more. The staff is friendly and professional and always available to meet our needs. We already look forward to returning."

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Jodie J from Broadbeach, Australia

    "After much research I was led to Shreyas for my first Indian experience - I was apprehensive and unsure of what to expect - like many others I arrived in darkness and left in darkness. I was transported to another world, greeted by the amazingly humble generous Mani - fed delicious food - massaged by the gorgeous Avidya and Shobha - Yoga'd and inspired by the wonderful Rita and Rumakan - Mediation with Bala a highlight - I cooked - I breathed - I did it all...City tour - Orphanage...Thank you Rushka and the doctors...I am back in Australia now feeling a little lighter for my experience - and I will return - absolutely!"

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Alash Y from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    "4 days in September. Beautiful property, very comfortable and large cottages, knowledgeable staff who are able to customize your daily schedule and a great kitchen...I'm a basic yoga level and was still able to take a lot of lessons in...the key is to take a bit of Shreyas back home with you and it helps that they gave me a yoga instruction book on the way back...highly recommended for those looking for some quiet and physical rejuvenation."

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveller from Sydney, Australia

    "I have to be honest here, my ideal holiday usually involves sipping cocktails poolside whilst soaking up the local culture, however, it is official, I can have a truly brilliant time without all of these trimmings.Shreyas is an experience to be savoured.The morning yoga sessions in the outdoor pavillion seemed to set the tone of my days (even though I was reluctant to rise at 6.30). So much has already been said about the gorgeous staff and delicious food yet I would also like to thank my fellow travellers for sharing their humour, their kindness and their genuine passion for learning new things. Initially I dreaded the idea of spending all meal times with strangers but conversation flowed naturally as we discussed our daily treatments and sessions.Shreyas is a beautiful cocoon that nourishes your spirit, your body and your mind. After your experience here you can venture into the brilliant, vibrant and chaotic India, renewed and refreshed. Thank you Shreyas.rdquo;"

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Pritty C from Luton, United Kingdom

    "I was quite apprehensive before arriving at Shreya's as I'd never been to a yoga retreat before. But I was treated like a princess from the moment arrived! 99The staff were really helpful, discreet and genuine and treated you as an individual and not just another guest. Many of them spent a lot of time with me which I'm sure was beyond what was expected of them. Staff pay a lot of attention to detail and the place is immaculately clean throughout.The yoga and meditation was very authentic and has had a profound effect on my life since Ive returned from there as I now practice it at home. The retreat provides the perfect atmosphere to be alone and self-reflect but there is always staff around should you need any support. I, personally, learnt a great deal on how to progress in life with a balanced approach. I also had yoga nidra, chakra meditation and candle meditation sessions which I felt helped my wellbeing and happiness. The massages and scrub that I had at the spa were also wonderful.The food was absolutely delicious and varied. The chefs would also cater to your individual needs and tastes. The chefs prepare the food in a very loving way and that comes through in the taste of the food.The retreat is unique in that its closely linked with the Santoshima temple and an orphanage which allows you to have the option of visiting and getting involved at any time.999After my time at Shreyas, I feel that I am a different, happier and healthier person. I feel that I should now go back every year to rejuvenate myself and get a spiritual and wellbeing boost.Thank you to everyone at Shreyas for such a beautiful experience.rdquo;"

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Williams from Blue Mountains, Canada

    "I could not be happier with this experience. Everything was perfect. From the staff to the meals served. The care that was taken into making us feel welcome was top notch. I look forward to getting back there one day.rdquo;"

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveller from Barcelona, Spain

    "What really makes this place so special, is not the swimming pool or the beautiful tents, but the people who works in it. Thank you for a wonderful stay. I am looking forward to coming back as soon as possible!rdquo;"

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from London UK

    "I have just returned from a week at Shreyas and cannot praise it highly enough. The stand out features are the warmth and efficiency of the staff. It is very rare to find staff so motivated and helpful -from the manager to the cleaners. Nothing was too much trouble. Everything was done with charm and a smile. Aside from that the place is beautiful, the food delicious and the yoga beautifully taught. It is a very special place indeed!"

    November 18. 2015. Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Prutha from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    "My husband and I stayed at Shreyas Retreat last month. We had booked 5 nights Ayurvedic package. It was 5 full days of serenity, peace and good health. The early morning yoga and meditation were so peaceful. The ayurvedic massages very heavenly. I have been to more than 15 countries but this place is the only unpretentious place I have come across. It offers such comfort and selfless service that I felt as if I am at home."

    November 2. 2015. Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Jayanthan, Lalitha, and Shivani from India

    "We decided to stay at Shreyas after a research from the net and the rave reviews it had received. I must say that we experienced all that we hoped for and more. The place is heavenly, the hospitality unparalleled, and the experience totally awesome with the body, mind, and soul being replenished, relaxed, and rejuvenated. I would specially like to thank all the staff for the attitude with which they attended on us. The attention to detail, like any particular preference had to be mentioned only once, the slippers at the doorstep kept in order so we could just conveniently slip on and leave, the beautiful and varied flower arrangements at the dinner table and so much more. Overall the most unique experience we ever had on any holiday this far. May the Lord always shower his choicest blessings on Shreyas and on everyone at Shreyas! God Bless! Thank you! Lots of good wishes, Namaste!"

    September 2013. Shreyas Retreat website, edited

  • Review by Meera and Manjoola from South Africa

    "This was our first visit to Shreyas and it certainly exceeded our expectations and even more. The service, the ambience and the people were the best. Beautiful and tranquil and peaceful as this place is, it is the kindness, loving service and the beautiful people of Shreyas that make this place so unique. Loved the yoga classes, they were very professional and felt the beauty of the environment more enhanced by the giving nature of the teachers. God bless them. The food was so nutritious, healthy and delicious. Loved every morsel and enjoyed the loving, kind service of Santosh Bhai. On the whole, loved our stay and hope and pray we can come back for a longer stay at this blessed place. May Gods richest loving blessings be upon you all. Love and warm regards."

    September 2013. Shreyas Retreat website, edited

  • Review by Julie from USA

    "This was my first stay at Shreyas and it was an absolutely wonderful experience. The grounds are beautiful, the ambience very peaceful, rooms especially comfortable, the staff was really excellent, very attentive, pleasant, accommodating, always making sure I was as comfortable as I could be. The food is delicious! It was nice to have such a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables with every meal. The yoga classes were very good and enabled me to strengthen my practice. I especially enjoyed the meditation sessions. Bala is really wonderful, patient, kind and always open for discussion and to share is wisdom and insight. He really helped me deepen my meditation practice. Thank you for a wonderful stay! The service is top notch and I wish I could stay longer. I will definitely recommend this place and hope to return soon!"

    September 2013. Shreyas Retreat website, edited

  • Review by Karine from France

    "When I arrived, I was sad. Now, when I go back, I am feeling so much better. Thanks for all kind people of Shreyas. Yoga teachers gave me the light to understand my body and my mind. Cooks gave me such delicious food. Waiters prepared for me such beautiful tables with fresh flowers. Masseurs made me so relaxed. Doctors have given me advice for my health. People working for this beautiful natural retreat, people working for the comfortable rooms, and all other people. I was received like a princess, a real dream. I hope I will come back soon. Merci beaucoup, as we say in French for Thanks a lot! With peace and love. Namaste."

    August 2013. Shreyas Retreat website, edited

  • Review by Jasmine from UAE

    "Absolutely loved every bit if this tranquil heaven. I wish it were more easily accessible (I am from Dubai). The food is marvelous, the place is gorgeous and the people add the saffron and the garnish to it all! I will come back sooner or later, but in the meantime I will keep sending friends and family :) The ashram is a wonderful cause, and its a great initiative by the management and staff who devote time and energy to keep those kids going. Thank you! See you soon!"

    July 2013. Shreyas Retreat website, edited

Bangalore, India

Shreyas is dedicated to promoting the authentic spiritual tradition of yoga in a holistic manner and is recognized as one of the finest yoga retreats.

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