Our vision is to encourage a healthy lifestyle and promote yoga. We assure to provide a safe and healthy environment for all our yoga aspirants.

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Mayank Sharma

Tarun Mahayech

Prashant Shanker

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Susanne Lemaire

from Italy, March 2019

"Excellent experience! Step out of your comfort zone!"

The friendliness and hospitality of the yoga instructors and the Kanota Camp staff were first rate! Every need was anticipated and taken care of quickly and thoroughly. The fresh vegetarian meals were so delicious and included quite a variety of Indian foods. This is my first yoga retreat as I’m a yoga novice. I enjoyed the workshops as well as the daily/twice-daily yoga pose practices that stress the yoga philosophy.

Nicole Reese

from Italy, March 2019

"Beyond Magical "

We had an absolutely wonderful experience with Shivoham Yoga Retreats. Mayank and Tarun truly went above and beyond to ensure that our retreat was everything we wanted and more.

First, the Kanota Camp property was a lovely oasis that afforded quite the contrast from the hustle of the cities. In addition, the staff at Kanata Camp was dedicated, diligent, and incredibly kind. We also felt that the property was perfectly situated for yoga and meditation. The food was simply fabulous, and the staff was sure to ask what we liked and would include more of our favorites upon request.

The entire week was a joyful experience, but toward the end of our journey, we really received extra special treatment. After Tarun discovered that we wanted to visit the Taj Mahal, he actually took us from Jaipur to Agra! Visiting this historical landmark wasn't originally in our plan, but Tarun made it happen.

I'm still gloating from this surreal experience, and I can't wait to visit India again. Most importantly, I will definitely use Shivoham Yoga Retreats in the future.