Shivakali Yoga is a yoga school, instructing in this ancient science with 200-hour teacher trainings, retreats, workshops, classes, and private instruction.

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Serge Bandura

Gloria Baraquio

Pranathi Reddy

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from Italy, December 2019

"Enlighted experience "

All was fantastic . Excellent location and teachers.

Manuela Palamara

from Italy, October 2019

"Enlightened, amaizing experience to do in your life"

I have done the YTT 200 H in Bali with 4 great teachers: Oliwa, Nina, Rain and Serge.

I fully recommend making this excellent training not only for the great and unforgettable experience must have in your life, but because the training was so efficient, easy to understand and developped in a so advanced smart way from the teachers that you will learn: How to teach Vinyasa lessons from day one, awareness of your Talent and your internal Potential, posture clinic analysis, you will learn great modern and old sacred Matras to sing from the heart, Meditation ways and breath techniques and the key principales of Yoga philosophy. Finally how to become a smart teacher with an open mind set.

An experience that will guide you to know you better and in deep !

Teachers will bring you to the Holy Spring Water Temple for a great spiritual purification experience too, plus a half day off during the training.

I am graitfull for having done this training and to spread the ShivaKali Dodhicitta Enlightened intention and State of mind.


Maggie Power

from United States, June 2018

"Practice on and off the mat"

The container of space created by Serge and Gloria was sacred and authentic. The land was sacred. The food was amazing. I felt completely provided for, loved, safe and cared for in every way. The daily practice provided strength, gentleness and a space for me to love and honor myself in whatever way I needed.


from Japan,

I don't know where to start...but this retreat certainly changed my life and transformed me beyond expectation! (and believe me, I'm usually rather skeptical about comments like this...;D). It was way more than just a yoga teacher training, which was indeed very thorough, effective, informative and practical. I experienced a super kind and loving community created by the great teachers, staff and all the students. There was a unity and peace I've never experienced in my life (and imagine it's created by about 30 total strangers you'd never met before!) Through learning, sharing and living together, I deepened understanding about myself and others...and I was healed from deep within. I'm truly grateful for Serge and Gloria for leading such an amazing retreat and everybody joined this amazing journey with me...I couldn't recommend Shivakali experience more! Take this step and you won't regret!

Shivakali Yoga response

Thank you Momoko. You're a shining star.


My 200 hour YTT in Hawaii with Shivakali Yoga was an absolutely incredible experience. I am so glad that your website lead me to them. The KMEC location was rustic, off-grid and one of a kind. I would go back there on my own as a vacation destination.

As for the yoga; I'm not sure I have to words to describe what a beautiful gift and journey it was. Serge and Gloria from Shivakali are two of the most kind hearted, authentic and giving people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Their knowledge is extensive and includes so much more than asana practice. My own understanding of the history and philosophy of Yoga grew exponentially under their instruction. The curriculum included many aspects of yoga beyond the poses on the mat. In addition to growing more confident in myself as a practioner of yoga, I grew more confident in my ability to go out and teach yoga. The caring, safe and happy atmosphere promoted much joy and self reflection.

Additionally, the food was out of this world! Three meals a day, everyday were just incredible.

I would say that Shivakali offers so much more than Yoga teacher training instruction; they offer how to be a better, happier human instruction. I would recommend them to anyone. Mahalo,

Britt M.

from California,

I would rate the whole experience a 10. The location and accommodations were perfect. The structure of the days were very well set up. I never felt overwhelmed with the structure or classes. I was always excited to go to class. The amount of knowledge and everything I learned was more than I could have asked for or imagined. The teachers were phenomenal. The plant based meals were icing on the cake. It was life changing.