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Shiva Yoga Peeth

Shiva Yoga Peeth is involved in the promotion and betterment of Yoga and Spiritual healing in India and the world. All the courses offered are certified by the Yoga Alliance.

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Priya Ahuja

Shiva Yoga Peeth Facebook page

Shiva Yoga Peeth has been an exceptional and a life changing experience - mentally, physically, and spiritually. I did my 200 hours course with a bunch of beautiful people from all over the globe. Rishikesh is magical, but what makes the experience even more beautiful is the talented teachers, staff, and the aura in the ashram. To cap it all, it's been transformational. Even after the course, life is different all together. Surrendering at every moment is the core of learning. Remembering words from our teacher, 'Everyone is potentially divine. Hari Om Tat Sat.'

Christin Buttel

Shiva Yoga Peeth Facebook page

People from every country seem to view India as the spiritual center of the world, but you never really know why until you get here yourself. From the second you step off the plane into a sea of smiling faces, people eager to teach you about their culture and learn about yours, rich natural beauty, mystical ancient temples and the Holy Ganga, it's something you FEEL. It's beyond words. With tolerance and openness to every religion, spirituality is a way of daily life in India. As ingrained and natural as blinking your eyes. Rishikesh, nestled in the foothills of the magical Himalayan Mountains on the banks of the Ganges, is a special hub and spiritual center for Babas, Rishis, Swamis, and students alike. The soothing flow of Mother Ganga cools your mind and nourishes your spirit enabling you to take away the most from your studies here. At Shiva Yoga Peeth, you are given the best opportunity to reach your full potential. The instructors are among the best in the world and highly skilled to train future teachers in a way that is as fun as it is educational. The yogic diet served is delicious and calming to the body, so as to eliminate bodily distractions. It becomes joyous to live the Yogic Path here. All the beautiful attractions Rishikesh has to offer don't leave you much free time, you are busy living! From white water rafting down Ganga, Vashishta Cave, shopping for beautiful textiles at the local market, taking a cooking lesson, tabla or sitar lesson, visiting temples, having palmistry, astrology or going to a cafe with your newly made lifelong friends - you're certainly never bored! Every moment becomes filled with joyous lessons, deeper glimpses into your spirituality and memories that will truly last a lifetime.

Vien Le Wood

Shiva Yoga Peeth Facebook

A truly heart warming place with excellent teachers. I had a beautiful room in the Shiva Yoga Peeth family ashram with stunning views of the River Ganga, beautiful mountains, and Laxshman Jhula Bridge. I'm already planning when I can come back to do my 300 hrs here.

Lili Vior

Shiva Yoga Peeth Facebook

I highly recommend this school. It is easy to get drowned in the multitude of yoga school options in Rishikesh. After looking around for a month for a school I decided on this one. The caliber of the teachers is excellent. The location is beautiful. The atmosphere created by Swami, teachers, and staff facilitates learning and self-growth. The ashram location is a great spot to be, very close to the beach. One of my fondest memories is sitting next to Ganga beach right next to ashram on a full moon night with friends from Shiva Yog Peeth. The food is also very good if you enjoy Indian food with little salt. If not, there are countless restaurant options, nearby. The education offered here is all encompassing, there are many schools in Rishikesh but this one is building a good reputation due to its hard work. Be open to all that is, accept and know that you are in good hands.

Shaivya Pandey

Shiva Yoga Peeth Facebook

I completed 200 hours from here and I found it to be a wonderful experience. The teachers are well trained and the entire staff works with excellence in their respected field.

It's a well-suited place for accommodation as well and the with a friendly atmosphere. The view right next to the accommodation and ashram adds an extra delight.

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