Shiva Shakti Yoga

London, United Kingdom

Shiva Shakti Yoga offers yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, and Shakti Sadhana practices for all levels to develop health, intuition, and focused direction.

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  • Vesna

    Shiva Shakti Yoga website

    I love Marianne's yoga and meditation classes. The meditation class is always different, allowing people to find their own way into this art of knowing oneself. I have benefited tremendously through more than one difficult period - be it tough times at work, at home, or simply being physically tired. And continuing the yoga class after the meditation on Sunday mornings is really a bliss if one can afford the time.

  • Rachel United Kingdom

    Shiva Shakti Yoga website

    I had the most wonderful weekend with Shiva Shakti Yoga! Being new to yoga, it was an amazingly eye-opening as well as soul awakening experience that has not only progressed my practice of yoga, but also taught me a lot spiritually. Marianne is a lovely teacher whose knowledge of yoga is incredibly vast and truly inspiring. Furthermore, Fairfield House was beautifully styled and comfortable and the vegetarian food was of restaurant standard! I would definitely recommend this retreat!

  • Amy United Kingdom

    Shiva Shakti Yoga website

    I really enjoyed the retreat on many levels. It was the first time I had done something like that and the first time I had been away on my own to join a group of people I didn't know. I loved the feeling of energy I got from getting up every morning early and meditating... I really enjoyed the very holistic nature of your teaching and drawing it in with nature. My body really enjoyed doing the yoga every day - I felt stronger and looser at the end of it. Thank you so much for such a wonderful time.

  • Catherine United Kingdom

    Shiva Shakti Yoga website

    I have been telling people that the yoga retreat is the best "real" holiday I have ever had! It was a good opportunity to understand your teaching and approach better and to get back to my own everyday practice, which I have been doing every day.

  • Ayisha United Kingdom

    Shiva Shakti Yoga website

    Everything was perfect, teaching, group, food, place. I found it a very profound and calm experience. I liked the balance of 'work' and rest time, and yoga philosophy. I came home with a clearer understanding of what youve been teaching and sharing us on many levels.

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