Shiva Rishi is offering 200hr, 300hr training, Ayurveda, Meditation, and yoga retreats with the objectives of spreading the message of yoga philosophy.

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Prutha Bhatt

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Elyssa Roux

from France, March 2020

"The start of a journey"

Siva's incredible energy makes this place special, you'll get a good grasp of the philosophy of yoga and of yoga alignment in this really cool place that is Varkala.

The surroundings are super chill for india and you quickly get into the rythm of the classes and the short dips in the sea inbetween classes

I had a great time thank you again!

Geneva Shepherd

from United States, March 2020

"Beyond grateful "

This experience shared at Shiva Rishi Yoga school will forever be imprinted on my being. Every part of everything was beautiful, cosmically aligned, and extraordinarily educational. The teachers genuinely care about your process and understanding of the material, they care about your wellbeing. The environment is perfect for a TTC, so many juice places and kind people nearby. Everything is a walk away. The rooms are great and every thing is kept very clean and tidy. The yoga space up top is cool and breezy with a lovely view of swaying palm trees and the sounds of crashing waves. The cliff itself feels like home now, I already miss it and intend to return. The connections of the other classmates are bonded for life. There is no question that this school is the best option. Thanks for everything shiva!!

Sophie Weeks

from Great Britain, February 2020

"Truly amazing experience "

I loved the small friendly feel. The teachers were all excellent, the classes varied and fun. Two day trips were a nice added bonus. Lots of free time was given to relax and have a dip in the sea as well as a much needed yoga Nidra session before dinner.

Thomas Warner

from Great Britain, February 2020

"Everything I could have hoped for and more... "

I liked everything. The school, the food, the location, the accommodation all excellent. The teaching stood out for me however and was the most important factor.

Shiva himself is a brilliant teacher. He really loves yoga. He really understands yoga. His enthusiasm and insight is inspiring. His passion is infectious. I could not have asked for a better teacher. I really felt that the fundamentals were excellently taught and the emphasis on accuracy, alignment and using props have given me a very strong foundation. I feel that after learning with Shiva, there is no limit for where my journey can take me and I am safely and securely grounded in the practise. Shiva is also lovely and has a great sense of humour - we found ourselves laughing quite a lot which was therapeutic.

I felt enchanted and enamoured with the town, the school, the ceremonies and rituals, the nature, with Shiva and the practise, the other teachers, the trips to Golden Island and Kappil Beach and the energy of support and care I felt among the students and teachers. Now having completed my TTC, I am much deeper into yoga and have realised how much deeper I can go. I feel like I have undergone a transformation and that I am firmly on my path. I have learned how much more there is to yoga than just asanas and I am excited for the future.

Myriam Conroy

from France, February 2020

"Great yoga teacher training in Varkala"

I loved the completeness of this training and the dedication of our teachers.

Our Yoga teacher Siva guided the classes with passion and joyfulness.

Our pranayama teachings, mantra chantings and yoga nidra sessions with Swami ji were also amazing.

I am grateful for all the wonderful teachings.

I felt completely at ease at this place.

Thank you so much Shiva Rishi Yoga.

I highly recommand this Yoga school.

Mari Eriksson

from Sweden, February 2020

Great location close to the beautiful beach. Good, nice, friendly teachers. Shiva, the yoga teacher, will really make your body work!

So happy to have done this TTC. Recomend it to anyone wanting to go deeper into yoga.

Claire Boucher

from Great Britain, February 2020

"Unforgettable and life changing experience"

Highly recommend taking your TTC at Shiva Rishi school - I had an amazing time, with an amazing group of people and with teachers who not only taught us well but touched our hearts also. You come away with so much more than a teaching certificate - the personal growth and development that you go through while on the course is huge, and your physical strength is impacted so much. It was lovely seeing myself progress on a physical level while being pushed and taught by Shiva but of course it isn’t just about that. It’s such a beautiful, powerful and impacting spiritual journey. Shiva is a great teacher with a beautiful heart, he has an amazing sense of humour which I loved seeing each day. Swami G and Svetlanna were also great in their respective fields at Shiva School, and both so supportive when times got tough. Big up to Salina and Dr Anish also - both amazing teachers.

It’s a tough course, but so so worth it. Thank you, team!

Louise Lemaire

from France, February 2020

"Wonderful teacher training experience"

Very good teachers, beautiful location, delicious food, very good atmosphere, so many things learnt :)


from Sweden, January 2020

"Very nice place"

Teachers with a lot of knowledges, very good location, safe area, good food.


from Germany, January 2020

"Amazing, love full & holistic yoga experience "

I can’t think of a better school to have attended my first yoga teacher training than the Shiva Rishi Yoga school in Varkala. From the location being in a very safe, touristy, happy beach town (5 min walk away from the beach), to the accommodation, the amazing local veggie food, the intense & holistic practice and learnings of the course, the facilities ... it was simply very very good. Most important though for me is the love, dedication and knowledge Shiva and his team put into the teaching, sharing and simply living with every single one of us. I felt welcomed from the first moment and even after leaving I still do. Referring to the content of the course it seems to be especially valuable to point out the flexibility Shiva showed in adapting the schedule to the needs of us students. The experience of teaching oneself makes it very valuable for further teaching practices in daily life. The fact that the school supports local social projects like an orphanage with part of the income through the course made me even more happy about having attended the YTT there. I feel my heart full of gratitude and joy thinking about the school, its people, my time there ... simply 100% recommendable.

Antonia Weisen

from Germany, December 2019

" 100% happy. "

The team is supporting, helpful and friendly. The other guests were from all over the world, and I enjoyed the time a lot. The food is made with love, the rooms are 100% clean. In the breaks, we sometimes went for a swim in the ocean, sometimes even for a surf. The waves are quiet nice as well. Varkala is a nice, little, safe town, close to the ocean.

For me, this TTC was a really emotional experience. We all learned a lot about yoga, but I didn't expected learning so much about myself. This personal experience was only possible because of the amazing support and the open, understanding mind of the team and the group.

Thank you so much.

Mirko Coleschi

from Italy, November 2019

"A yoga school for life"

My yoga teacher training with Siva further opened my eyes on what yoga truly is. It had a tremendous impact on my spiritual path and helped me develop a sincere intention to spread the wisdom of yoga. Siva took great care of all of us, always listening to our needs and open to make adjustments to make our stay enjoyable. He's very talented in prompting everyone's reflections on how to bring yoga teaching into everyday life. He has fully dedicated his life to yoga and his passion will amaze you! All teachers at Siva Rich Yoga School are great masters in all aspects of yoga. I can only recommend this school for your professional and personal development!

Olivia Ma

from Hong Kong, November 2019

"An authentic yoga school truly living with yoga "

This group of very high quality teacher team is what makes my choice without regret! They are not only full of knowledge, but also teach with lots of love, care and compassion. Trust them and you are on a good hand. The leading teacher Siva and yoga philosophy teacher Salini are remarkable. Not only their knowledge and wisdom they shown us, but also they cared us like a family. And they are both honest and serious yoga practitioners and live according to Yoga lifestyle in the modern life. This is where they inspired me the most.

For the schedule, I appreciate many breaks in between so that we could have some private time, do some study, have a walk, or even chill out for a drink in the restaurant on the cliff. A reference book tailor-made by Shiva and his team is very inspiring and useful like a capsule.

I like the arrangement of letting our body to take more rest on Saturday evening asana class and whole Sunday. Either some trips to places around or free time will be arranged according to the situation. For us was golden island and Diwali celebration with firework!

The accommodation is very clean and safe, so do the neighbourhoods; food is simple but nice and perfectly fit for yogi’s diet. The lady helpers are super helpful, friendly and funny. There are a lot of dogs around us. One of them is specially cute, lovely and act like a pet (Miss her smile a lot!).

Megumi Tsukahara

from Japan, November 2019

"From Japan!! Yeah!!! "

I have had the best experience ever. I was just starting yoga, but with the help of my teachers, I finally completed the teacher training. Shiva knows everything about yoga. The other teachers are also professional. And thank the staff who always made me smile. I recommend this yoga school! I'll come back to you all again!

Patricia Rebull

from Spain, November 2019

"Why you should do your YTT at Shiva Rishi Yoga"

It was an amazing experience altogether. Shiva is very welcoming and warm, he will do anything in his power to help you out.

Yoga classes are good. The ones in the morning focused a lot on alignment and using props, which helps you develop flexibility and then you feel comfortable during asana sessions. I actually didn’t have sore muscles at all and I think it’s because of that!

Then in the afternoon you do hatha vinyasa which is amazing to do in the beautiful rooftop.

The teachers are very educated and nice.

Oh the food is a big highlight!! It is sooo good! You don’t get bored because they manage to change it and it’s delicious. No one got sick at all from the food!

The rooms are nice, you have your own space to calm down and the fan is a marvel when you lie in your bed reading or sleeping.

The school is like 2 mins from the cliff and you’ve have very nice restaurants along the cliff, and the beach is beautiful!

I absolutely recommend to do your TTC here, you will feel very safe and supported all the time.

Thank you Shiva and all the teachers, it was a beautiful experience!

Annie Grace

from Spain, November 2019

"Overwhelmingly perfect stay"

I could not have dreamt it better and would not have changed anything for the world!

I’ve never felt more at home or more accepted by all teachers and staff. You’re joining a family atmosphere of people ready to show you how to embrace their culture and I can’t believe how much I learnt during my 1 month journey.

I was so sad to say goodbye to my beautiful accommodation, my friends I made along the way, the fabulous food and the forever supportive teachers.

Siva I will never forget you and I will see you again! I couldn’t thank everyone at the Siva Rishi school enough for being such a beautiful impact on my life.

Beatrice Edwards

from Great Britain, November 2019

"Choose this course!!! "

This course was fantastic! Shiva, the instructor, was amazing! He is so knowledgeable, but more importantly he really practices what he preaches-he treats us all as one and cares so much about his students. It would be nice if there were more people like him in the world! Salini, the philosophy teacher, also goes above and beyond for her students and her wisdom and love for her subject shines through. Dr Anish was incredible too-the Ayurvedic massage technique classes were brilliant!

The food was perfect! Cooked for us each day of the course by Suja and her team-a lovely veggie (mostly vegan) combination of at least five dishes each meal!

The location of the school is ideal, Varkala is a special place and has everything you need whilst you’re here.

Overall, the teachers, food, accommodation and course structure all well exceeded the standard I expected. Everyone should do this course-even if you’re not planning on teaching in the future-it’s just about learning a better way of life!

One point - please listen to your body! If you’re not used to 4+ hours of asana practice each day take it easy and go at your own pace.

María Agudo

from Great Britain, November 2019

"Life changing experience"

I had a great time during the whole stay, learned new things from passionate and highly qualified teachers every day. Very thankful to Shiva for taking care of every detail, he is a extremely gifted man with a huge heart who will go beyond the mile to make you feel at home and happy. The location is beautiful, surrounded by coconut trees and 2 min from the beautiful Varkala cliff. Grateful and happy for all the memories that I will cherish forever.

Anna Engström

from Sweden, October 2019

"Wonderful place!!"

I did my teacher training here in September and it was such a great experience. We started off using a lot of props which made our alignments right from scratch. You could tell that all the teachers were so passionate and wanted us to learn as much as possible. The yoga teacher Shiva is kind and loving man that will do anything for you to feel comfortable and happy with your stay. Going to the cliff ad the beach is just a 5-minute walk. I really recommend doing your TTC here!!

Johanna Calissi

from Sweden, October 2019

"Life changing experience "

Just finished a month of teacher training and it was an amazing experience. Shiva rishi school was the absolutely best place for me and I am so grateful and happy to have done my TTC together with Siva and the rest of the teachers. Siva is a wonderful and enthusiastic person and a great teacher. He is truly extraordinary, I really enjoyed the teaching style and how the program is built up during the month.

The atmosphere is very open and accepting. To do a TTC is a challenging experience and many different topics to cover about yoga. The course is intense with several classes and also discussions how to interpret and use the knowledge in your every day life.

We were 7 student in the group which was great and we really got close to each other and learned from each other.

Varkala cliff where the school is located is a beautiful place. It only take 2 min from the school to the cliff where you find a lot of different restaurants, stores and the beautiful beach. It’s a safe area and I was never afraid walking around.

Rooms was spacious and clean, each room had its own balcony or small terrace. Food was delicious and vegan, always several options to chose from. The good was prepared by the local staff that always did their best to make us happy.

Thank you Shiva Rishi Yoga for a life changing experience, it was truly amazing!

Beatrix Dobrescu

from Germany, October 2019

"Best YOGA TTC - great place, lovely people, highclass course"

The school is located just a few steps away from the sea; Varkala is a small village with an awesome cliff and view, lots of restaurants and souvenir shops and a nice beach.

The house and Yogahall on the rooftop are very clean, pretty and nicely decorated. The food is super delicious and healthy.

Everybody has been really caring and ambitious to make our training a wonderful experience. I learned a lot and really recommend the training to everybody interested in doing a Yoga Teacher Training in India.

Thanks a lot!

An-sofie Rombouts

from Belgium, October 2019

"Wonderful authentic TTC"

I was in varkala for the TTC of september 2019. It was my first time visiting India. I arrived a day prior to the start of the course. I would recommend coming a bit earlier just so you can rest from your travel. The course is pretty intense and your days will be busy from 6.15am to 7pm. However Siva is a wonderful teacher and takes genuinely good care of his students. I personally had some difficulty adjusting to the diet, climate, increase of physical exercise, etc...but in the end I felt so energized. Our group was only 7 people so we learned a lot and got personal feedback on our alignments. During the course you use a lot of props which is so nice for your own practice and if you are interested in teaching afterwards. The classes are a good combination of healing and energizing sequences. The accommodation is wonderful. The staff cleans the rooms every week and the ladies or so wonderful and kind. The atmosphere is super positive and even if you are having a day of, you will feel at home. I would recommend Shiva Rishi school to anyone who is looking for an all round and authentic TTC.

Jordan Ganz

from United States, October 2019

"Truly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made"

I couldn’t be happier that I chose this school. All of the teachers are very knowledgeable, friendly and genuinely want you to learn and succeed in your yoga path. I have such a deeper understanding of yoga and the philosophy around it.

As a vegan, they were always accommodating and the food was SO SO good. It is different every day and it’s basically a buffet of 5+ different food options.

Varkala is a cute little beach town with a lot of restaurants and shops. The weather is amazing (I was there during monsoon season and i would still recommend it then as it’s more quiet).

The yoga studio was great! I’ve heard stories of other people having sweaty enclosed rooms to practice in but shiva has the rooftop of the main hotel which is amazing to practice in (especially as the sun sets).

If you’re trying to get a good value, this is the place. I honestly feel that shiva would be willing to run this school even if it only broke even. He is truly in it for the students. There are so many times he took us on trips or took us to dinner on his own dime because he thinks of us like his own children. It’s an incredible value considering all food and accommodation is included and I couldn’t recommend this place enough.

I just finished the school and I hope to come back next year and do my 300h ytt.

Vladislav Mantic Lugo

from Switzerland, June 2019

"Best experience ever, if you are hesitating, go for it!"

Amazing experience that I will keep in my heart and memory for life. If you are thinking to become a Yoga teacher or just to improve or learn Yoga.

Shiva is a great teacher, serious and professional but funny, very close and friendly, few times in my life I met such inspiring people. I have a serious shoulder injury and was not sure I would be able to do Yoga properly. But Shiva helped me to improve my posture and taught me how to use Yoga to feel better about my injury. I was very happy to really understand that Yoga is not just postures and exercise but much more, is also mental and spiritual, a way of thinking, feeling and living, a philosophy. I was surprised how much one can change, learn and improve in one month of hard work! :) But, don’t get me wrong, there is not only work here, you will have plenty of time to go around, see things, visit places, spend time talking with the amazing people you will meet, take some fruit juices, go to cafes, and beach… I managed to even go to the Amma ashram for a visit. This course is a totally disconnecting experience, you wont even remember what was your life when you came here.. Hahaha

I really loved the way the course was balanced, with hours of Asanas improving postures and breathing, but also with theory, philosophy, history medicine, yoga Nidra and Meditation with amazing good professors.

As we learned that breathing is key to a happy life, I will never forget what Shiva always says: "Smile to breath better" :)


Emily Brake

from United States, April 2019

The list of what I liked about this yoga retreat would be endless and I would highly recommend it to any friends or family. Firstly you are welcomed, supported and truly cared for in the most genuine way. Shiva is a phenomenal teacher who has the ability to share his devotion and skills with the whole class so that each individual can strive to reach their goals. This yoga retreat is a real authentic experience, that not only teaches you the meaning of yoga but helps you to live and gain a better understanding of the lifestyle. The location of the school is fabulous, you soon become part of a local community, where the people are kind and friendly. The food was sensational and quality was the best in India. The 200hours TTC was well organised and the itinerary worked well, again feedback was always welcomed to ensure you had the best experience. The teachers that came where brilliant and worked through an extensive syllabus.

It really is a wonderful yoga retreat and one that will give you experiences and memories that you will treasure forever.

Sofia Louka

from Greece, April 2019


The Shiva Rishi Yoga School at Varkala Cliff is a great place to start practicing yoga or deepening your knowledge.

Τhe school is in a very good spot, just 5 minutes away from the sea, shops etc. Is so beautiful and colorful. The rooms are clean and comfortable. Varkala is so beautiful place, looks like heaven, people are friendly and they always smile.

About the teachers, I can say only positive words. They are ready to spread their knowledge, to help you and to give the right answers.

About Shiva, he is an amazing teacher, so positive, sweet and motivated person. Always close to his students, to help them and to give the right advice.

I learnt so much. I'm sure that i took the right knowledge about the asanas, anatomy, alignments and philosophy.

For sure I recommend this school because it will be an amazing experience.

Thank you Shiva!

Πραγματικά είναι ένα ήρεμο και φιλικό μέρος, νιώθεις ασφάλεια σε κάθε σου βήμα. Οι ντόποιοι πάντα φιλικοί, πρόσχαροι και χαίρονται τόσο πολύ όταν βλέπουν έλληνες.

Η σχολή είναι απίθανη, νιώθεις ζεστασιά, λες και δεν είσαι σε ξενοδοχείο.Απο την πρώτη κιόλας εβδομάδα θα νιώσεις άνετα και οικεία με τη σχολή αλλά και με τους συμμαθητές σου. Θα είστε σαν μια μεγάλη οικογένεια.

Οι καθηγητές έχουν τις κατάλληλες γνώσεις και είναι εκεί για να σου εξηγήσουν ότι δεν καταλαβαίνεις. Σχετικά με τον αξιαγάπητο Σίβα, τα λόγια είναι περιττά. Είναι πάντα θετικός, χαμογελαστός, δυνατός, πάντα δίπλα σου να σε βοηθήσει. :)

Shinobu Nakamura

from Thailand, April 2019

"Experience! "

I really enjoyed overall this course. Shiva was so sweet and funny teacher! Full power to give us everything.

Other teacher were also very nice and good teacher.

It's not easy to learn, but they suport. And I had very good team to learn together. It was hard to learn sometimes but we did it. Such a good experience.

I love the food, room, location so near to get everything. I miss the time in Shiva Rishi Yoga. Look forword to come back.

Thank you so much!

Angela Quantrell

from Great Britain, April 2019

"An amazing spiritual journey"

I loved everything. This experience was everything I had hoped for an more. Siva is the best yoga teacher I have ever met. He is so passionate about yoga, so spiritual. His energy is beautiful, positive, kind and full of love and joy. He had us laughing constantly and his teaching was perfect. Thank you Shiva i will be forever grateful. The other teachers were also amazing. Thank you to Shalini, Swami Je, Dr Anish and Santosh and not forgetting the beautiful Cook. You will all be in my heart always and forever. The location was a dream. Healthy Juices in every cafe, a beautiful beach two minutes away and friendly locals. I really will miss this place. You won’t be disappointed if you choose here for your YTTC.

Margarida Carvalho

from Portugal, April 2019

"Beyond expectations!"

Shiva was an amazing teacher! Always smiling and always caring for the well-being of his students. All the other teachers, Salini for philosophy, Anish for Ayurveda, Santosh for Anatomy and Theory, SwamiJi for meditation and Rich for alignments were the very best teachers I could have asked for. All very precise and knowledgeable, masters in their area. The classes were great and the shala is a beautiful place to be.

The food was super tasty, prepared fresh by the nicest lovely ladies that worked so hard everyday to make sure we were eating with joy in our smiles.

Truly a precious corner in Varkala.


Heather Mcmillan

from Australia, March 2019

"Highly recommended"

Siva is a wonderful teacher and mentor. He has boundless energy and enthusiasm . He encourages his students to strive and learn the Yogic path. He also tells fab stories !!! The combination of Siva energy and the positivity of other instructors made this course so special and I would highly recommend everyone one to take this journey. And Sivas smile is one that radiates to all and sundry.

Shelley Stel

from Great Britain, February 2019


The training, location and food were all amazing.

Kati Winther Heimen

from Norway, February 2019

"Amazing place to get your TTC"

Siva is amazing. He is a very good teacher and always positive and loving. You will learn a lot from him and all the other teachers. I didn’t expect to learn as much as I did and have so much theory, which is a little hard in the beginning, but when you start to understand you will see so many opportunities in front of you. The food is really good and the place you stay is clean and nice. Of course there is going to be a spider or a lizard 🦎 in your room at some point, but nothing dangerous! I felt really safe. Bring your own soap and an extra towel for the beach🏖 You will also get to see Varkala as you go on two trips. Really nice!! I will miss this place, and hopefully be back soon! So greatful for this experience 🙏🏻

Petra Fábián

from United States, February 2019

"Something real and amazing! "

I would recommend this school for everyone who wish to deep their knowledge in the philosophy of yoga. You can experience something real there! I learned so much about myself, about others and this is something which will be with me for the rest of my life.

The sunset is a MUST! :)

I loved the food! Always fresh, good quality and very healthy.

The beach and the quality of the ocean is amazing!

The staff always very friendly and helpful! They did everything for us.

Only 1 minutes away from the school there are quite few juice bar, using always fresh ingredients. The local people are very nice. I had only good memories with them. Well, one tiny advice - learn how to bargain ;)

Highly recommended school!

Fabienne Bomio

from Switzerland, March 2020

"unvergessliches Erlebnis"

Die 4 Wochen, die ich hier verbracht habe, waren einfach fantastisch und unbeschreiblich wertvoll für meine persönliche Entwicklung und als zukünftige Yogalehrerin. Ich hätte mir nie erträumen lassen, dass der Unterricht so fundiert und professionell gestaltet wird wie hier. Da ich als Physiotherapeutin bereits ein fundiertes Wissen bezüglich Anatomie und Alignment besitze, kann ich mit bestem Gewissen behaupten, dass die Lehrer alle wissen was sie tun! Jeder der Lehrer war eine Koryphäe auf ihrem/seinem Gebiet und das Wissen, welches sie uns weitergaben war absolut hilfreich und kostbar. Das Essen war köstlich und wurde jeden Tag von den liebreizenden Frauen aus der Küche vorbereitet, die Zimmer waren sauber und wurden wöchentlich gereinigt und alle an der Schule sind äusserst hilfsbereit und zuvorkommend. Da der Strand nur 10 Gehminuten entfernt war, haben wir jede Pause genutzt um uns im Meer zu erfrischen, was ich jedem empfehlen kann. Kurz; es war eine fantastische Erfahrung, die ich jedem weiterempfehlen kann und jederzeit wiederholen würde!

Thierry Guimbert

from France, February 2020

"Stage intensif et belle aventure"

Passer ce certificat de yoga en Inde est formidable. On est au coeur de cette pratique. Tous les professeurs sont au top, les cours sont complets et beaucoup de pratique. Endroit magique. Siva est un vrai yogi. Intensif mais sérieux et rigoureux.

Maja Malewski

from Germany, July 2019

"Beautiful experience right next to Varkala North Cliff"

The accommodation was wonderful located, the food and the way we were pampered by the house staff was amazing. The teaching classes were challenging, but in a good way. You go beyond your personal limits, but are in a perfect surrounding and company for it. We were lucky to have Swamiji Taponidhi with us which made the experience even more special. Felt very home and welcome in the family for one month :)

Jeanne-nora Bennouar

from France, June 2019


This is more than a yoga course, it is a so rich human and spiritual experience! Siva is passionate and knows surrounding himself by amazing people. The high quality of teaching, welcoming and food allow students to go deep into the practice and journey.. I had a wonderful month in the Shiva Rishi Yoga School and can't wait to come back! All the best to all the team, until the next time! 🙏🧡🏵

Farnaz Razm-sefat

from Germany, June 2019

"Best experience!!!"

This place feels like a second home. The environment around, the beautiful Ganesha Palace with its beautiful energy and beautiful people and teacher made my trip more than perfect. Thank you for the best time of my life!

Pauline Gautier

from France, April 2019

Thank you Shiva!! This experience was so amazing that it's hard to express my gratefulness with words.

Everything was beyond what I could have expected: teachings, nature around us, accomodation, food, group energy...

Shiva is a person you would never forget. He is passionate about yoga and teaching and always happy to share and to help. He was really attentive about our needs. I will definitely come back to Varkala to practice and learn more with him.

Thanks to Swamiji, Santhosh, Shalini and Dr Annish, we also had great quality lessons about meditation, theory, philosophy, sanskrit, anatomy and ayurveda. They are really interesting, as teachers and persons.

Nature around the place is so beautiful, perfect to practice yoga and meditation.

The location is amazing: 5mn to the beach by walk. I loved to go for a swim everyday and to enjoy the peacefulness of Varkala in march-april.

The food was really good, even better than in any restaurant on the cliff.

The room was clean and spacious, with its own bathroom.

On the day off, you can spend the day on the beach, go to Amma ashram, explore around with a bike...

I have learned so much in only 28 days even if I have been practicing yoga for 7 years and read about theory and philosophy. It is an excellent introduction of yoga, both practice and theory, for beginners and an amazing way to deepen practice and knowledge if you are already into yoga.

I would recommend this yoga teacher training to anyone!

Peter Oehme

from United States, April 2019


Shiva rishi yoga school made me one of the most beautiful time in my life. I did 200h TTC in february 2019 and I learned so much about yoga, philosophy and ayurveda. We had 6 different teachers and learned every aspect of yoga (lessons by different yoga teachers, monk, philosophy teacher...) and we had two beautiful putcha(ceremony). The rooms were perfect and the location is near the cliff. If you like local food, then you will love it. Shiva made us within 4 weeks to a family and I am grateful to met this man.

Om nama shivaya,


Caroline Bailloud

from France, March 2019

"wonderful experience"

this 200 TTC was one the most wonderful experience of my life. I met so beautiful, nice, generous people. during this month we were a family and everybody took care of each other. teachers are so inspiring. I had a very warm welcom. i will never forget this place and this people.


from Spain, March 2019

"Life changing experience"

I can highly recommend this place, I liked everything, the place Kerala is beautiful with lovely people. The location of the school is very good, near the beach, restaurants and shops. The Teachers are all professional, you get a lot of knowledge. I liked the most, the experience, that I will never forget and the fact, that I felt at home.

Thank you!