Shayna Hiller Yoga & Wellness, a yoga and lifestyle company based in Los Angeles, California, offers yoga, meditation, and nutrition retreats worldwide.

Testimonials (4)

Daniel Housman California, USA

Shayna Hiller Yoga & Wellness website

Shayna and Diego are the real thing. Wonderful guide-companions on the journey, they are wise but growing themselves; disciplined but open-minded and open about their own odysseys. They are warm, light, approachable and unpretentious, but do not mistake that for any lack of commitment, depth, seriousness or integrity, as it’s all there, and they are the whole package — encouraging, inclusive, expansive, and able to laugh at themselves too. I feel lucky to have them as teachers.

Ashley Weissberg Canada

Shayna Hiller Yoga & Wellness website

The energy of this group is highly contagious & limitless! I’m in awe and glowing with the energy, newfound openness, fearlessness, memories and shifts we experienced.

Paul Oran Arizona, USA

Shayna Hiller Yoga & Wellness website

Thank you for putting your heart and soul into creating this experience for the group and for yourself. You guys clearly meditated on this and designed this from the Heart and it was obvious to everyone. I’m very grateful I participated and for the dozen or so personal insights and inner realizations that resulted from it all.

Kristina D. Ohio, USA

Shayna Hiller Yoga & Wellness website

I came here with an open heart not sure what to expect but looking for a more intimate connection with my husband. I’m leaving renewed, rebirthed, and more in love with myself and my worth. My life is forever changed and transformed.