Shara Ogin

San Francisco, California, United States

Shara Ogin provides intuitive coaching services, one-on-one Feldenkrais healing sessions, and hosts amazing and rejuvenating Feldenkrais or yoga retreats.

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4 Days Yoga Retreat in California

February 16-19, 2018

Instruction language: English

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Based on 2 reviews
from US$490
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4 days / 3 nights

Excellent 10/10

Based on 2 reviews

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Shara Ogin

Shara Ogin started her profession as an occupational therapist in 1994. Since then, she has focused on a career with a holistic approach integrating Feldenkrais, clairvoyance, and life coaching, helping thousands of people over the past decade to free their bodies of pain and live happier healthier lives. Shara is the author of four videos on fitness and pain management techniques and one soon-to-be released book about the mind and body connection and its relationship to the human's pain states.

Jordan Blake

Jordan Blake creates multidimensional sound journeys with sacred instruments, such as crystal singing bowls, handpan, and Native American flute. His voice and presence open portals to unknown dimensions within the self. He regularly performs sound medicine ceremonies in the Bay Area with the Human Light Ship, a sound healing collective. He is also the founder and caretaker of the Orion Sound Healing Center, San Francisco's premier Crystal Tones® singing bowl temple.

Reviews 2

  • Susan Wilkinson United States

    July 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Friendly upbeat instructor, amazing. made from. scratch meals, great massage on premises .

    it exceeded my exspectations.

  • Meaghan Ryan United States

    June 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Shara's retreat is perfect for anyone wanting to unplug and unwind. She offers a nice mixture of Feldenkrais, sound healing, hiking in the Redwoods, yoga and free time (choice of alone time, hot tubbing or massage). The food was amazing; both delicious and healthy. The facilities were beautifully situated in the oak tree laden hills above Ukiah, with a picture perfect view.

    If Shara has another retreat in Ukiah, perhaps during cooler months would be better. The facility has no air-conditioning and second story bedrooms and the yoga studio heat up too much.

    Testimonials 13

    • Dan San Jose

      Shara Ogin website

      A really magical, beautiful weekend. Great overall concept with great people and an intentional healing setting. I'm already noticing the physical differences from the Feldenkrais.

    • Wendy Seattle

      Shara Ogin website

      Shara is a skilled and inspiring teacher. The overall experience is inspiring and you leave with a fresh outlook.

    • Dr. Aymee Coget

      Shara Ogin website

      Shara has helped me countless times with relieving physical discomfort from my body. I was born with triple scoliosis which is a condition where my spine twists and curves in three places. Because of this condition, I suffer from migraines, difficulty breathing, posture issues, and my ribs frequently go out of place. Shara has helped my spine align and my ribs go back into place. She has also helped me recover from a concussion that I suffered from a car accident. She has the ability to help most everyone become pain free and live happily and healthy. She is my first go to when something or anything is off in my physical body. Shara also is a Reiki Master so she combines her reiki energy ability with her knowledge of the Feldenkrais method so this turns her healing sessions into a energetic reprogramming of the nervous system.

    • Danielle

      Shara Ogin website

      Right from the beginning, I knew I was in good hands. Shara did a thorough assessment of how I was holding and using my body. Everything she said was in total alignment with where I had been feeling pain and discomfort. She then began the treatment which was tremendously relaxing and healing. After I felt like million bucks! I felt like I was moving in a balenced and aligned way for weeks after! Nothing short of amazing!

    • Vadih

      Shara Ogin website

      Shara's approach to sexual health is outstanding. She really cares about the well-being of her clients. Also, she is so much fan and very easy to talk to. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to conquer their shortcomings. I'm certain because of her delightful personality, all her clients love her deeply.

    • Kat Figuaro

      Shara Ogin website

      I'm telling you, you are great at the Feldenkrais. When you worked on me I was mesmerized, and sort of hypnotized. To me it felt like if you continued for another couple hours I could leave my physical body and go floating out the window. My body felt so wonderful after.

    • Michael Toshi

      Shara Ogin website

      Thank you for your wonderful healing today. Your magic was received. After 4 days of not being able to walk (even to the bathroom) due to a slipped disc, I can now walk upright again after your 1 session. My neck pain is gone as well.

    • Valerie D. San Francisco

      Shara Ogin website

      Shara had been recommended to me as I was seeking help for a pinched nerve in my neck which was leaving me with a less than optimum left arm and numb fingers. I was immediately put at ease by her calm hands and touch which was at the same time very loving and precisely knowledgeable and which seemed to rejuvenate all the places she was working on.

    • Ali G. San Francisco

      Shara Ogin website

      Shara’s touch is amazing. Throughout my life I have never enjoyed massage much but this is different. Shara asked me to walk forward across the room and pointed out inconsistencies in my gait. Then she touched me for an hour. It felt unbelievable and afterwards my gait was even and my whole body felt lighter. Sign me up again. All the pain in my lower back is gone.

    • Nivcole H. San Francisco

      Shara Ogin website

      I went to Shara because I had experienced a neurological condition in my face a few weeks before that was still present for me. She did some exercises with me, some feldenkrais and some massage. I was really impressed by how I left feeling more relaxed, specifically in the area where I still had symptoms and how she was able to make the connection from tightness around my mouth to my stomach and left me with some exercises to practice.

    • Autumn R. San Francisco

      Shara Ogin website

      Shara is great! She does amazing bodywork that really helped me with my carpal tunnel arm pain. I’ve never been to a one-on-one treatment like this before.

    • Harry Mills Virginia

      Shara Ogin website

      With no Feldenkrais Method teachers in West Virginia, I got a couple of books and your DVD to continue to improve from my lower back surgery to repair a herniated disc. Your DVD Part 2 has been a real treat… relaxing and energizing at the same time. My body feels free and relaxed immediately after your session.

    • Randall Baird

      Shara Ogin website

      You should know that I feel transformed by even one hour and a half session with you. I felt pain in my heart that I didn't know was there, and you transformed that pain into a deep understanding of my life. In the few days since your reading of me, I am feeling/thinking/knowing reverberations of your words into self-understandings that are gigantic and fast moving.

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