Shanti Yoga School's vision is for the world is to be filled with yogis. There are no wars. There is no dogma. There is no suffering. There is only peace.

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Tristan Cox

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Hayley Harrison

from Great Britain, February 2020

"Not a great experience "

Loved the I’m beach. Great content and very thorough course. The assistant Priyanka who was volunteering was a very high standard and professional teacher. Laid back even though it was long days.

Devesh Chandra

from India, November 2019

"Compact,comprnsive,excellent.Max.sharing/techng in min.time."

The Guru Tristan Cox is excellent in making the training program meaningful and developing us as future Yoga Teachers. We were given in depth knowledge as well as practice of Shatkarma, Astang yoga, Yoga theory, Pranayama, satsang and bhajan kirtan.

Alina Talos

from United States, March 2019

"One of my best life experiences"

The vibe of the group, the professionalism of the teachers, the perfect course for me like a start in teaching yoga. I really recommend this retreat, especially for begginers like me :)

Richard Cadman

from Great Britain, February 2019

"amazing teachers, Beautiful location & enjoyable course "

Very good Course all round, the layout and schedule Works well with a good balance of constant learning & practising throughout course but still with enough time to eat, sleep and enjoy the beautiful area around on breaks & Sundays off, instructors were amazing, with a very broad range of knowledge and information to share, which they taught in an interesting,fun & easy to understand way, this course gave me a great knowledge base of most the paths/ areas of yoga practise & knowledge, ceremonys really helping me to see my own path/preferences in personal yoga & instructing, also it helped me understand what is possible when in the hands of quality instructors, who want to share knowledge &teach you, I would recommend this Course to everyone especially for a first ttc course as it really opened many paths to explore, helped me prepare myself for the journey...really felt the instructors are there to help and happy assist you as much as being there as friends or ask advice/guidance, even enjoying full moon ceremony with..!

Couldn't of ask for more from this course, hope you enjoy as much as I did..!