Shanti Dom offers yoga retreat as well as volunteering and selfless service with open hearts and open minds. They create a unique world far away from habitual social and material life.

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Alena Hluskina

Reviews (2)

Piotr Juziuk

from Great Britain, September 2020

"Full immersion in yoga experience in rural Belarus"

If you're looking for a place to party and do some yoga as added value DON'T go to Shanti Dom. If you're looking for a holiday to record on your insta, selfies and the rest of them again it's probably not the place. BUT if you want to learn about yoga, about yourself, be able to hear fly walking next to you, have amazing spiritual experiences that can't be recorded and shared on social medias so easily then YES, go to Shanti Dom. I think in one month I learnt more than in previous 20 years of irregular practise. Alena is a fountain of knowledge, a very inspiring person to learn from. She talks the talk and walks the walk. She showed us that yoga is so much more than asanas and pranayama, that it's a lifestyle, life.

For me Shanti Dom felt like a tolstoyan commune, philosophical questions mix with dilemmas about what to cook for lunch today. Work to improve oneself takes a form of staying in headstand for 5 minutes or in chopping firewood and stacking it aesthetically. The whole month is both physical and mental. And it is demanding at times- day starts at 5am with pouring warm, salty water through your nose as cleansing exercise and continues with a variety of activities till 10:30pm. It gives you a full experience of living yoga for a month.

Vik Stark

from Germany, September 2020

"Spiritualität, Authentizität, Tiefsinnigkeit, Liebe"

Es ist ein wundervoller Ort, an dem man zur Ruhe kommen kann, sich finden kann, über sich hinauswachsen kann, sich den äußeren Einflüssen entziehen kann.

Wer ein all inclusive Hotel sucht, darf weitersuchen. Wer eine tiefere, spirituelle Erfahrung und die Philosophie des Yoga kennenlernen und leben möchte, wird einen wundervollen Ort finden.

Inmitten der Natur darf man wundervolle Erfahrungen sammeln, eine offene, herzliche Lebensform erfahren und einer authentischen und liebenswerten Lehrerin begegnen.

Ich bin ShantiDom sehr dankbar für all das, was ich lernen durfte -über Yoga, das Zwischenmenschliche und über mich Selbst- und für jeden Tag, den ich dort verbringen dufte.