Shanti Dom offers yoga retreat as well as volunteering and selfless service with open hearts and open minds. They create a unique world far away from habitual social and material life.

Yoga Retreats (3)

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Alena Hluskina

Reviews (4)

Rebecca St

from Austria, August 2017

"Shanti Dom - a place where you really want to be"

I loved the location. It's the best thing to do a teacher training in nature. I really enjoyed the camping life, the simple life. The food tasted so good. Every day was with the same shedule, but still different. In those 22 days you can learn so much for your life, that I can just recommend it to everyone, who's looking for a deeper Yoga understanding.

Thanks for this amazing experience and beloved atmosphere!


from Germany, September 2018

"Get out of your comfort zone - and deal with it"

I believe it is important to understand the concept of this place: It is not supposed to be a lush, comfy vacation with yoga for fun. Instead, you will step out of your comfort zone in almost every way. This can be a huge relief - but it can also be a challenge. It is an exceptional situation for most of us and it can be an opportunity to learn more about yourself and how you are doing when the activities and distractions of everyday life are not there. The accomodation, the food, etc. are exactly in place to support this concept, which is what makes them great. The same applies to the spiritual atmosphere of the place, its quietness and the yoga classes, independent of whether you agree with every element of the philosophy.

How you will like this retreat will eventually depend much on you. Just don't expect it to be easy-peasy. I recommend simply accepting and opening up to everything; then there is lots to learn and to enjoy in ways that we seldomly explore.

Kate Rebecca Pearson

I had the most fantastic YTT 200 experience here in Belarus. The place being so secluded, quiet and tranquil made it an incredibly raw and natural experience for me. I enjoyed being in touch with nature and with myself, without distractions of normal daily life. Belarus is a beautiful country!

I felt that the training was well prepared and that I was sufficiently prepared to become a teacher by the end of it. Elena has years of experience, training and teaching and she was a wonderful mentor and guide for us. I created close bonds and very special memories in Shanti Dom. This is a place full of peace and light, and the experience has been life changing. I started teaching the moment I arrived back to my country, and my life has transformed. Thank you!!! I enjoyed every single second, and would go back and do it all again in a heartbeat.