Shambala Gatherings

Shambala Gatherings is a yoga retreat center in the Swedish forest, offering yoga and meditation retreats, yoga teacher training, and healing workshops.

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Izhak Helman

Itzhak was born in 1970 in Israel. From 1999, Itzhak was authorized by Asokananda to teach Thai yoga massage on a regular basis at the Sunshine Network in Chiangmai, Thailand. Since then, Itzhak has taught more than 200 courses, both for beginners and advanced practitioners.

Alexander Borovik

Alex was born in 1970 near Nuremberg in Germany. Via Vipassana meditation and Aikido, he came to Iyengar yoga in 2002. After completing his training as a certified yoga teacher in the tradition of BKS Iyengar in Sebastian Kneipp Academy, he went to India where he deepened his knowledge of Iyengar yoga at the Iyengar Institute in Pune and with Usha Devi in Rishikesh. In his classes, Alex uses knowledge of Iyengar yoga, biomechanics, and yoga therapy, which allows him to easily teach students of various levels, body types, and with different health problems.

Lila Whiting

Originally born in London, Lila spent half of her childhood in the East and half in the West. She has always loved movement, especially the creative arts of dance and trapeze which serendipitously lead her to yoga. Teaching since 2011, her classes imbibe the strong alignment focus of Iyengar, interplayed with the dynamic sequencing of Jivamukti. Lila likes to use physical assists to help the practitioner explore the full capacity of their anatomical and subtle body. She always encourages students to look within and remain compassionate to their needs.

Eleonora Ramsby

Eleonora is a senior yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals UK and an accredited yoga teacher training director - developing and running 200-hour YTT in London and Stockholm. Eleonora is also dedicated to integrating yoga into communities beyond the walls of studios. Hatha in foundation, her classes are slow-paced and incorporate the depth and breadth of technical and anatomical training, with attention on the breath being a vehicle whereby students are encouraged towards a steady focus on the internal experiences that unfold throughout the practice.

Talitha Gamaroff

Talitha is a Hatha yoga teacher who explores and celebrates interconnectivity in all things, in a large part inspired by her childhood in the diverse nature and culture of South Africa. This instinctively delivered her to the path of yoga and spiritual healing to which she now deeply commitment. Her style draws from a variety experiences and teachings having traveled and practiced extensively, and she is especially passionate in the creativity and abundance of vibrational healing - be it sound, essential oils, singing, movement, or human connection.

Jan Esmann

Jan Esmann is an enlightened Shaktipāt master living in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he teaches, transmits and gives Shaktipāt. The highest teachings are transmitted in silence during meditation or afterwards. Jan is not part of any tradition or represents a lineage. He has a MA in History of Modern Culture and a B.Sc in Art-restoration. He earns his living as an artist, a writer and a software developer. People from all around the world have been coming to Jan’s intensives and retreats: New Zealand, USA, Finland, Sweden, Canada, Denmark, Austria, UK, Serbia, France.

Tobias Strollo

Tobias is the founder of AcroYogaStockholm where he has been teaching regular classes since 2009. Tobias teaches workshops, events, and classes mainly in Sweden but also in Israel and Estonia. He has studied Thai massage with the renowned sunshine network and offers treatments in the Stockholm area. Tobias has a background in Hatha yoga, and has during the years specialized more in the acrobatic branch of AcroYoga with training and studies in USA, the Netherlands, India, and Israel.

Gabriella Bergbäck

Gabriella is a certified AcroYoga and Vinyasa yoga teacher and she is giving workshops, retreats, and courses worldwide since 2009 in Sweden, USA, Europe, and South East Asia. Gabriella’s style of teaching is encouraging every student to listen and find their own teacher within. In each moment, explore a balance of strength and flexibility, breath, and movement and always to be inspired to find playfulness in movement. Gabriella has studied Thai yoga massage with various leading TYMA teachers. She co-founded the AcroYoga community in Stockholm together with Tobias Strollo.

Rikke Brodin

A former ballet dancer from Norway, Rikke moved to London to pursue her passion for theatre and filmmaking. This journey led her from drama school to shamans in the jungle of Peru to eventually exploring yoga and tantric philosophy; a world where she found a strong creative stimulus whilst working a deeply transformational and spirit-igniting edge. Rikke is a soul-stirrer, creativity coach and truth speaker with a deep commitment to using the practices of yoga to feel more. She has her own personal experience become very skilled in helping her students to return home in their own body.

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Christine Charlotin

from United States, August 2017

J'ai particulièrement adoré la qualité de l'enseignement avec un professeur excellent, incroyable dans sa pédagogie, le meilleur que je n'ai jamais eu!!!! ainsi que sa compagne adorable qui traduisait en français quand je ne comprenais pas. Un grand bravo pour Alex et Celia!!! J'ai aimé le site et la gentillesse des participants. Mais je pense que des efforts pourraient être faits sur les installations (chambres et douches) et la variété de la nourriture.

Testimonials 1

Rowan Jaqueline

Shambala Gatherings website

The energy is so, so clear, deeply heart centred and the intent with which Shambala Gatherings is held is so beautiful it has become a massively important part of Spiderflower’s work and life. We have found nothing like it elsewhere.

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