Ana Lusia has 28 years of practice in yoga and knowledge acquired in Canada, France and India. Promotes Ashtanga Yoga workshops, Functional Food and Dance. "

Reviews (3)

Madeline Raynolds

from Brazil, April 2019

This yoga retreat is unique. The warmth and generosity of the people to share options for living was truly special.

Michelle Gilmore

from United Kingdom, April 2018

Ana is a very good yoga teacher. Ashtanga is not a practice which I am familiar with, so if you are interested in learning more, you can learn a lot from Ana.

Ana also has a lot of knowledge about raw foods and vegan cooking, so you can really learn a lot about how to prepare healthy meals from scratch.

Monica Homma

from Netherlands, September 2018

"Wonderful and unique ayahuasca experience "

This yoga and ayahuasca retreat is a very unique experience as you stay in the house of the shaman and his wife, so there is a very personal and close contact which brings added value during the ceremony. Chey is a very knowledgeable shaman and is very eager in getting to know you before the ceremony starts.

I choose this retreat as it was my first ayahuasca experience and I wanted to be in a small group and safe environment and I am very happy with the choice I made as it was very safe. Besides that the ceremony was accompanied by live music played by the shaman, his wife, Ana (the yoga instructor) and her husband which made the ceremony even more special.

Ana is a very experienced yoga instructor and she also gave guided chakra meditation accompanied by the Tibet bowls.

Accommodation is simple but ok, food is great and much available, pancakes, fresh juices, fresh fruits and delicious veggie meals.

So if you want a very unique, personal and safe ayahuasca ceremony than this is the place to be.