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Shakti Yoga Peeth is Yoga Alliance-certified yoga school, offering 200-hour yoga teacher training course in India along with yoga retreats.

Reviews (24)

Hana Hwang

from Republic of Korea, July 2018

"Not a life-changing journey ..."

The Hatha and Ashtanga classes were the best.

Jesse Neff

from Ecuador, July 2018

"A great month spent"

I appreciated the space that Vivian

Valeri Jadov

from Canada, June 2018

"Perfect journey"

Very positive atmosphere, professional teaching, proper attitude, good food, nice accommodation.

Jillian Thompson

from Canada, June 2018

"Leave your ego at the door"

What makes me excited is that I get to reunite with my teachers in many lifetimes to come. I'm not sure if the teachers realize how absolutely incredible they are. Happy to share invaluable information about life. The most important lesson was , "Leave your ego at the door". What did I like? The while authentic experience. The knowledge coming right from the horses mouth. The philosophy of life and yoga. I can't quite describe the feeling that they've given me, I can't be describe in words.


Jana Neumann

from Germany, May 2018

"Very inspiring YTT in Nepal"

First of all: Our teachers Rahul, Avi, Sandeep and Elli were great!! The classes were interesting and from day one we learnt many things not only for our Yoga carreer but also for life. The days were challenging - but thats what I expected. The area around Pokhara and the Hotel is beautiful.. only a few steps to the lake, many small coffees and shops around. Weather was warm and nice (in april). The goup of people I took the training with was very international and we became all close friends. I can highly recommend the training for everybody who's looking for a real, traditional and inspiring Yoga teacher training...

Liesbeth Dolstra

from Nepal, May 2018

"It was a very good course. "

The teachers had so much knowledge.The staf was most helpful.

Vania Esteves

from Saudi Arabia, March 2018

"Enlightening journey "

Everything and everyone was a blessing. Not just the teachers but every single soul who made this experience a once in a life time experience. The accommodation had everything we needed. On our break while studying or resting in the balcony of our room, and recharging with sun and the forest view.

The excitement of love food that we were blessed 3 times a day!

The daily amazing tea that kept us warm in the cold mornings, the month was spend not with strangers, but with people who genuinely care about us, who always had a word to say in the right moment. They were family.

Iveta Pilipaityte

from Norway, February 2018

"Good quality course "

The teachers are knowledgeable and inspiring, the schedule is intense but manageable- you do not come for holidays. The food was great, on the other hand- after 4 weeks you get tired og it. Accommodation was good for the price, some minor electricity shortages (as well as wifi) but you can't control those. People at the school are helpful and friendly. Teachers were motivating you to learn (both practical and theoretical skills) but in the end it's up to you how much you desire to study or how hard do you wanna push yourself.

Cheryl Briscoe

from United Kingdom, January 2018

"Money well spent"

Loved The teachers staff site managers rishikesh was beautiful had a wonderful journey really enjoyed our days off the excursions were great learnt so much about yoga a yet there's so much more to learn the whole experience was amazing The staff always brought a cake and celebrated birthdays and put on a little music for us to dance to they even made us a Xmas tree for those that celebrate that holiday they made it home away from home especially for those of us that hadn't spent Xmas away from home before. The teaching staff were amazing especially Sandeep the pranayama teacher very spiritual man enjoyed our meditation evening classes really helped after a long day of learning and practicing yoga twice daily. Big thank you to everyone at shakti yoga Peeth Ashram you made this journey of a lifetime full of moments and memories that will last a lifetime I'm a full of gratitude forever😚 I'm grateful and happy to say I am a fully qualified insured registered yoga teacher thanks to hard work and great teachers the opening fire ceremony was amazing chanting and singing was awesome felt magical and the graduation ceremony was wonderful the feeling of acknowledgment for work well done made everything complete. I made some lifetime friends and got some amazing photos and footage of india Nameste 😍😍😍


from South Africa, January 2018

"You get what you pay for"

Acceptable accommodation and food for the money. Food was good and not to spicy, but we got a bit tired of it at the end. There are many small restaurants to visit nearby if you get bored of the school's food. Take warm clothes for night-time if you visit during winter, because the buildings are not insulated against cold weather.

Friendly and helpful management staff and teachers. All teachers had great knowledge and experience, and were willing to share with students. I found great value in the asana classes, anatomy and adjustment and alignment classes, where great knowledge was shared about how the body works, which muscles are relaxed or activated in different poses, and how to modify for different conditions like scoliosis, flat feet, etc.


from Japan, January 2018

"Need self discipline."

The food. I miss papaya and chapaty.

Kerry Ross

from United Kingdom, October 2017

The staff were very friendly and helpful, Abi our instructor was good and did well to teach a mixed bunch of students. We visited the Beatles ashram, Himalayan sunrise and went rafting all which were lots of fun. The food was always very good and lots of it. The other, non asana lessons were all very interesting and we learned a lot.

Christine Lewis

from United Kingdom, October 2017

"An authentic yoga Teacher Training experience "

I wanted an authentic yoga TT experience and Akshi definitely delivered on that. I chose to do the course in Pokhara, Nepal as this was the place that reignited my passion for yoga 3 years ago. The Annapurna mountains provide an awe inspiring backdrop to focus on developing your yoga practice.

The twice daily asana (Hatha and Ashtanga) practice was fantastic - Rahul Bhatt is a very talented yet humble yoga instructor and a great motivator encouraging his students to stretch and grow within their limits.

I absolutely loved Mantra classes with Vikas - understanding the significance of the mantras brought a completely unexpected dimension to the course and was so uplifting. The Philosophy classes taught by Rahul K were thought provoking and enabled me to understand the more holistic aspects of yoga that tend to be overshadowed by a focus solely on asana practice in the Western world! Pranyama and Ayurveda lessons with Miter were really valuable in giving us practical techniques to take away after the course.

If you are looking for an authentic and quality yoga TT experience look no further. What are you waiting for?

Ellen Chamberlin

from New Zealand, August 2017

"Unforgettable and life changing experience"

The groups were small and got very close! Teachers were talented and devoted to yoga.


from Serbia, June 2017


Lauren Soucey

from Thailand, June 2017


Most authentic experience I could have ever asked for. Teachers were amazing, inspiring and knowledgable.

Elie Der Torossian

from Lebanon, June 2017

The exoerience overall was a pleasent and mindfull.


from New Zealand, June 2017

"A Yogik Trip"

Especially the philosophy and ashtanga classes. The amount of information and physical activities. The teachers are all lovely people.

Manon Pietri

from United States, June 2018

The Hatha teacher is an amazing teacher, sweet, calm, patient. Same for the Mantra teacher, very lovely. I also loved the Philosophy class with Vivek.

The staff is really nice, a special big up for Uma Shankar.

Aida Merabet

from Algeria, September 2017

"Life changing experience "

It was uplifting experience the program is well design for a self discovery journey as well as takeaway the yoga , Ayurveda life style spirit in proper way

Testimonials (5)

Tana Reidy United States

Shakti Yoga Peeth's written paper

I just completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher program at Shakti Yoga Peeth and believe me my life has changed - my personality, my outlook towards life and my soul, heart and mind. And not only me, but all my batch mates who have passed through narrate the same, such is the magic created by the teachers and the staff of the School. The best part was teachers would go the extra mile to solve our problems and make classes highly interesting through their teaching styles. They made us understand that teaching and learning yoga, both, is a gift of god and it is our privilege that we got it and now it is our duty to spread this knowledge to the world.

Nova United States

Shakti Yoga Peeth's written paper

Before, I was feeling the yoga classes would be very tiring and exhaustive, yet sometimes rigorous yoga schedule would make us tired, with cramps on the thighs and pains on legs. But everything went very well, as when we would follow the planned curriculum, we would feel flowing like a river in different poses. Moreover, we learned philosophies, history of yoga, human anatomy and all basics from highly experienced yoga teachers, who would go out of the way to make us understand and feel yoga. Overall these teaching made us wear the robe of a yogi with conviction and full confidence.

Carolina Brazil

Shakti Yoga Peeth's written paper

It is a general perception that yoga classes would be boring, but when I joined Shakti Yoga Peeth, my whole perception about yoga was changed. I felt yoga to be highly interesting and invigorating, and this was due to our teachers. Whether it was the philosophical class or theoretical, each class was made interesting by adding anecdotes and humor in it. This would make all of us enjoy theories. What I liked the most in the class was the genuine efforts of the teachers who would go the extra mile to help us. Without a doubt, my experience with the school was great, as there was training, relaxing and fun. I made many friends and learned a lot from the School.

Paola Italy

Shakti Yoga Peeth's written paper

During the course, we learned many different types of yoga asanas, philosophy, and the science behind it all, but more than this, we understood our inner self, and learned to appreciate it, and it is not a one or two days occupation, but a life long journey and a way of living. Besides, the whole curriculum was structured in the way that we get time to go beyond the schedule classes to understand our own inhibitions and overcome the same with honesty and pride. I humbly would like to thank all my teachers for showing me the path of true knowledge of yoga, and enlighten me to move on it.

Carole France

Shakti Yoga Peeth's written paper

All the days of my stay in the Shakti Yoga Peeth had been days full of excitement, fun, entertainment and emotion. All the teachers, students and crew-members stayed like a family, helping and making each other comfortable. The level of education that I got is giving me a good head start as a yoga teacher. Now I am myself teaching yoga in my city among many family and friends and comprehending myself as the best yoga teacher. Thanks to Shakti Yoga Peeth.

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