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Tammy Le

from United States, September 2019

"Calling all Spiritual Souls"

I was looking for a retreat to focus not only on my body, but on my heart and soul. As I learned the poses in Hatha and Yin Yoga everyday, I could feel my physical body grow stronger. Additionally I could feel my emotional and mental awareness become more heightened. The workshops then focused on uncovering any emotional baggage I had been carrying and putting me more in touch with my heart. There was Inner Dance- very similar to an Ayahuascua experience in which music vibrations tap into buried emotions. The Self Love and Re-Birth Workshop to connect with your True Self, the one hidden away by societal expectations. Kirtan Community Singing to help you discover your inner and singing voice, such a beautiful expansion from your fears. This combination of physical and emotional work was exactly what I needed to Grow. This retreat will go so much deeper if you let it. Come with an open mind and an open heart. They will support you every step, tear and moment of joy along the way. It was truly incredible and life changing. Every morning I walked over from the resort to the yoga studio, passing a Buddhist Temple along the way and feeling the grounding of the earth under my feet. It taught me to be in the moment. The moment you step into Shakti Yoga Koh Phangan you will feel the Love for yourself. Give yourself this Gift. It called to me all the way from San Francisco and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Shani Usoskin

from Israel, December 2021

"Once in a lifetime experience "

A place of bliss. I did not know what to expect coming to the retreat but it definitely went beyond my expectations. This retreat is so special it’s hard to put it into words. Satya and Nadiia are like a mother and father that created a beautiful, strong program for a newborn soul. I would never imagined the peace the week had given me. The retreat is build in a special way that its guest experience a personal journey of there own. Throw out the week I had given more realizations then an entire year, surrounded by a loving support system from Nadiia and Satya. special souls that figured out a way to make you see reality in the most positive way. The resort is great and the food as well, creating a comfortable environment for you to focus on yourself. I wish every person would experience this week and maybe we’ll be living in a better world.

Thank you for everything

Anja Lewendel

from Germany, December 2021

"Truly transforming"

Hands down the most beautiful experience in my life! I had just quit my office job to find myself during a retreat again but what I got in return was so much more profound than I could possibly put into language. Everyone you get to know and work with during your journey creates a calm, safe but also creative space in which you have all the time to explore your inner self. The more you open your mind the deeper this experience will enable you to see yourself from completely different angles. Be prepared that you won't be returning to your old life and embrace it! 🤍 At this place you'll get the best of the best in every aspect. Also apart from the retreat program everyone is helping you out with whatever you might need. Oh I haven't even mentioned the heavenly Thai cuisine at the beach resort...!

Kirsti Honningsøy

from Norway, March 2020

"Transforming experience"

I have been to a few yoga retreats before, but this one stood out and will have a special place in my heart<3 I have done yoga for a few years, and the classes at Shakti yoga reminded me to take a step back and remember what yoga is all about. The Hatha and Yin yoga instructors were all amazing in their own unique way, giving suggestions for my body and there was a lot of focus on breathwork. In the start, the workshops took me out of my comfort zone, in a good way. The inner dance really worked for me and helped me release something stuck from the past. Singing the Sanskrit Mantra of gratitude every morning really gave me a lot of good energy and I am thankful for being introduced to it. It is a part of my morning practice now. The combination of yoga and emotional work was what I needed to go forward on my path. And I am filled with new inspiration and new tools after these days with Shakti in Koh Phangan. Nadia and Satyaprem are open and good hearted people, and they were helpful and supportive the whole time. There is something really special about Koh Phangan, you have to go there to understand 😉 I can’t wait to go back.

Thank you for everything and see you soon Shakti😊

Lea Warner

from New Zealand, January 2020

"Beautiful retreat "

Wow such a beautiful retreat, I had such an amazing experience during my time at Shakti Yoga, so much healing took place deep within and still continues as I take away what I have learnt in my time there, I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to learn so much about myself and also the new practices I now bring into my day to day life.

Amar Sa

from Mongolia, January 2020

"Heal your mind, body and soul - a true life-time investment!"

If you are reading this you are probably comparing a few options of detox retreats on the internet and trying to decide which one to select or whether you should book this meditation retreat or not. I was exactly in your shoes about a month ago and now I am thinking 1500 words to write a review about "what I liked" is simply not enough. It is not as simple as trying out a new dish and comment on whether I liked it or not. This Meditation Retreat was truly a personal journey and once-in-a-lifetime unique experience that will stay with me for life. I have never thought that taking a timeout from this busy life filled with desire, expectation, suffering, stress and occasional happiness and investing in myself to help heal my mind, body and soul would bring me such a different, new perspective about myself and the way I see and perceive things in life. Everything from waking up right next to the beach, having a healthy selection of vegetarian meals for breakfast and lunch, a convenient 7-10 minutes of walk to the beautiful Shakti Shalla that sits in the middle of a jungle where you feel nothing but vibrant energy, soft breeze and birds chirping, a unique 7-day program laid out for you some of which you will never forget in your life for having experienced them, and most importantly, a perfect team of instructors who go above and beyond to make sure you have a good experience -- make the perfect recipe for a magic!

Shakti Yoga Meditation Retreat is a true life-long investment!

Anoury Houang

from Hong Kong, January 2020

"An insightful retreat"

For my first yoga retreat, Shakti Centre has offered a well-balanced program. It has given me insights to reflect on myself. All the instructors were open hearted and provided a safe environment to do so.

Surrounded by the jungle, the yoga hall has a special energy. What a nice way to start the day with meditation and asanas amidst the singing birds!

I recommend the Leela game and the healing massage, they were eye-opening for me.

I had a good experience in the resort I stayed, my bungalow has a nice terrace where I could chill out and the beach is just a step away.

Coming back home, I now want to carry on practicing more meditation.

I am thankful to Satya and Anadi for the warm welcoming, the hugs and their kindness. It was a beautiful experience.

Martyna Weresniak

from France, December 2019

"Magical place that makes you dig deep inside your soul"

Going on Shakti retreat was best decision I've made in 2019. Thoroughly magical and spiritually opening experience. All instructors were absolutely wonderful people with open hearts and provided me with an opportunity to become a better version of myself and learn how to work out my issues. All classes and workshops thought me a lot about myself and let me connect with people on different level. There is no hiding and pretending, just honesty and warm hugs. Everyday meditation and different styles of yoga were a great start of each day and evenings at sauna were the great end to it. I completely fell in love with koh phanghan. it's hard to describe the vibe of this island but there is something magical about it that make you wanna stay or come back very soon. It is now my favourite place on the planet and I cannot wait to come back. I'll be forever grateful to all my instructors for showing me everything I've learnt over the week at Shakti. Namaste 🙏🏼

Chloe Or

from Hong Kong, December 2019

"A place for healing and tranforming"

I love his place with the nice envirnoment and heart-warming facilitators. Sessions here would definitely bring you self-connecting experience. Highly recommend to join the LEELA - a game of self-realisation - to understand more of your own engergy. If you are looking for self-transformation, you will get the insight you need from here!

Jeff Beckett

from Thailand, November 2019

"The art of letting go"

Clean room, good food, just a step from the beach. Yoga hall with amazing energy, surrounded by jungle forest. Beautiful buddhist temple on the side. Morning walk from the resort to the yoga hall, listening to the birds sing. But most important of all, the work inside and the self-healing process.

Really, this has been a valuable experience that has changed the way I think of life. I became the best friend of me and learned how important it is to have self-acceptance and love all sides of me. Letting go of old beliefs about how my life is supposed to be. What a gift.

My appreciation to the facilitators of this special place. I really hope that we will meet again soon. Preparing for my return trip to the US, the real journey is the one I contemplate inside..

Laura Cannon

from Thailand, October 2019

"Yoga in paradise "

I feel so blessed and so grateful to be part of the yoga retreat in Shakti Yoga. It was such an amazing journey into myself and I had so many insights about my life and things that I have to do to improve it. The yoga instructor was very experienced and the classes were focused on alignment and breath awareness. The yoga Shala holds a special energy , feels very cozy and everyone is very friendly. I also love the two cats :-))) Thank you so much for the experience!!!!!Flying back to France tomorrow and thinking of all of you :-)

Anthony Bennet

from Thailand, October 2019

"It really makes a difference"

My overall experience at Shakti yoga has been superb. The resort and restaurant are very well organised and the overall setup of the program is very balanced. What impressed me most, is the emotional integrity of all the facilitators. Thank you for holding the space for the self-healing process. This is definitely a retreat to be repeated. Waiting for my flight back to California, all I think is that next time I will arrange to stay longer.


from Thailand, October 2019

"I want to come back again!"

That was my final destination on my trip around Thailand. I wanted to set up on a remote island, integrate my experience and at the same time continue my spiritual journey. I've got more than I could even imagine for myself.

l liked the resort, very authentic bungalows at the beach front, great food and friendly thai service. I also enjoyed having a 10 minute walk to the jungle hall, passing by local habitats, school, Buddhist temple, see the real life of the island.

The retreat program was quite intense, but so good! The owners and facilitators know their job, I could really feel that the space was designed for deep transformations. It was a powerful experience all together!

Perfect schedule! I had my morning swim after a yoga class and then explored the island on my own. It all worked great for me.

Thank you! My brother is coming in December, sending you big hugs with him!

Luisa Marina

from Thailand, October 2019

"Transformative vacation, absolutely worth it!"

I really wanted to combine my vacation with some guided healing journey, but I didn't want to sign up for any secluded retreat places and put myself on a strict schedule. Shakti Yoga Emotional Detox program was a perfect match! I was waking up at a beach front bungalow, had a nice 10 min walk to the jungle hall, morning awakening yoga and then just my private time on the beach till afternoon. Then we had a special retreat program focused on dealing with emotions, through life coaching techniques, sacred ceremonies, private healing sessions and evening community gatherings. That was amazing!

Sunset time on the beach, fireplace, drums and so much love and support around!

I wish i could stay longer with you guys! I miss you and I hope to come back soon!

Marco Villarina

from Thailand, October 2019

"Holistic emotional approach"

I am really impressed by the structure of this program, that connected me to my power of self-healing. I feel strong again and my energy levels keep rising as I extended the program for a week more than originally booked. Perfect balance between practice and relaxation, experience and integration. The food is really good, and the resort privately located on a quiet beach at the edge of the village. The yoga hall in the jungle has a very special feeling and sometimes you can hear the buddhist monks chanting in the nearby temple. All this, has a significant and positive impact on my mental and emotional state. Last but not least, I feel gratitude for all the instructors, they are very special and dedicated persons. This retreat is really a great choice overall.

Samantha Reiner

from Thailand, October 2019

"Postponed my return to Europe for a while.."

Such an amazing time, full of heart opening moments. This was - and is - a really healing process. There is something really special about this island, about the Shakti retreat location and about the facilitators. Something that cannot be described in words but needs to be experienced. Even though the retreat is over, I am still in a place of inner calmness and I postponed my going back to Switzerland for a while. I guess that I need to spend some more time here, as the self-healing process continues. Luckily I was able to prolong my stay in the lovely resort and I continue to enjoy their nourishing delicious food. From my heart, I wish that everybody could have the chance to be a part of this retreat. Thank you Ria, Anadi, Satya and Web, for your authenticity.


from Thailand, October 2019

"A place where I found my peace"

My good friend recommended me this place and I can't thank her enough for this. I was a bit hesitant as it was forecasted a week of rain, but I decided to go anyway.

This place is magic! The beach front resort, delicious thai food and plenty of fresh fruits and organic shops. Crystal clear water and an amazing stormy sea-view.

The program and facilitators just blew my mind! The deepest experiences I ever had. So much love and support. Yoga practice, chanting, voice activation, sacred Vedic techniques and guidance, healing sessions and sunsets in the company of a local island community!

My heart is shining. My body found its balance. My mind is calm and peaceful.

Thank you for your great work and your open hearts! I wish to be back to your little paradise again!

Klaus Hofmann

from Thailand, October 2019

"I received precious insights "

I could really make this long. And this is because I experienced something rare. Something you don't find easily, even if you have been looking for it. Gifted people, in a special place. The Jungle Shala, I can only say it is a sacred space. Combined with a beautiful beach resort and nourishing amazing food, this retreat was a highly spiritual experience that revealed to me, my own possibilities. I specially thank the Yin yoga teacher, Ria, for showing me what is the real purpose of asana practice. To Satyaprem and Anadi, thank you for leading me to my inner-guidance.

Carl Sanders

from Thailand, October 2019

"Feeling of deep connection"

The facilitators involved in the retreat, amazed me with their true and clear standing. I experienced the high quality of human nature. Of course the resort, the food, the yoga shala, the classes, the workshops... all amazing. But the people, most of all. Thank you Satya, Ria and Anadi, for this very deep understanding of what is happening inside. Heading back to Australia, I realize that you helped me open a new door in my life.

Mark Rozenberg

from Thailand, October 2019


I don’t know how I even ended up doing this retreat. I think that is the first time in my life that I’m practicing real yoga and getting a deeper understanding of how yoga can be so healing for the body, mind and spirit. I will definitely come back to spend more time with all the beautiful teachers and facilitators. It has been amazing and very unique experience. I enjoyed every single person in our group and I learned so much from everyone’s stories and sharing. So grateful for the whole experience. Thank you so much.


from Thailand, October 2019

"Real inspiration and empowerment "

No surprise they call this a 'healing island', it is a tropical paradise, with a special vibration to do the inner 'work.' The beach resort is quiet and private and the morning walk to the jungle shala, so inspiring. I was looking for peace and in this retreat I learned how to love myself again. The roots of my inner turbulence were revealed to me. Now I am more aware of what is happening to me and I thank the facilitators of Shakti for the way they helped me. I really need more of this support. See you again soon beautiful beings!

Pavel Martinov

from Thailand, October 2019

"Absolutely worth it!"

What an experience! I could never imagined that my whole being can be changed in such a short time. The program of the retreat was a real journey into the depth of emotional issues. It was all about pure experience with a professional guidance. The facilitators were knowledgable and always supportive. At the Yoga classes I learnt so much about my body limits and my false understanding of what am I capable of. Thank you for this.

I also liked the idea that we had to have a 10 min walk every day to get to the yoga shala in the jungles. That was exactly what I needed. My body appreciated it so much. Thank you for everything! You are doing a great job for people like me, stuck in the offices and lost our true path. Surprisingly I still feel peaceful and inspired! I hope to come back very soon! All the best, guys!


from Thailand, October 2019

"Connected to my inner truth"

What a wonderful experience! The resort is right on the beach and in the morning that I walked to the jungle hall I had amazing insights.

I came to this Island to seek guidance for my next steps in life and I got it. I was really embraced by the facilitators and felt so safe to open my heart and see my truth. Now I clearly see my path for this stage in life. Thank you Shakti. I really got more than I expected.

Tara Milten

from Thailand, October 2019

"Unexpectedly deep experience"

This retreat was above my expectations in all aspects. The facilitators gave me valuable insights that I needed so much. The beach resort amazing and the food very good. The energy in the jungle Hall so purifying. I met wonderful people that are in the same state of mind and shared so much. I am grateful to the Universe that gave me this experience. I will surely return to Shakti for another retreat, I received the energy to make the changes I want in my life.

Maria Jones

from Thailand, October 2019

"Beyond any expectation.."

I didn’t know what to expect when I decided to book this retreat just for my short stay in Koh Phangan island. I have been travelling for 1 year non stop and that has been one of the most life changing experience from all my travels. I was impressed by the knowledge and the authentic caring of all the facilitators. I felt like being in a huge mother hug all the time. The yoga classes with Ria were just exactly what I needed and very accessible even to me that I’m pretty new to yoga. The retreat space is so beautiful located in the heart of the stitanu village and is walking distance to the beach. On my way home to Norway, can’t wait to go back!!! So see you soon Shakti, I will be back very soon :-) Thank you for everything!

Natalie Villon

from Thailand, September 2019

"My best vacation ever!"

That was my last week of my vacation in Thailand and I am so grateful for having a chance to meeting Shakti Yoga family on my way!

These yoga classes were incredible! I am quite an experienced practitioner, but I learned so many new things and tips to progress further and incorporate into my practice.

Then, emotional detox program has completely changed the way of my understanding of what I really want in my life, who am I and what is next.

I felt like every day I was going deeper into myself and healing the wounds one after another.

The location and ambience of the resort and the yoga hall are authentic, natural and beautiful, the energy of the place is really powerful and healing on its own.

The owners and facilitators are creating and holding a safe space for self expression and transformation. So much experience and insights were shared, so much love and support was provided.

I can’t wait to be back again and continue my journey with you guys.

Thank you for this unforgettable experience!


from Germany, January 2022

"Die Privaten Stunden "

Das Studio ist großartig und hat eine kraftvolle Energie und die Musik und die Klänge dadrin haben mich täglich überwältigt.