Shakti Yoga

Buffalo, New York, United States

Shakti Yoga aspires to provide a nurturing environment in which to practice Shakti, yoga, asana, prana, bodhicitta, om, Bhakti, dharma, stay, karma, Jivanmukta, and Shanti.

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  • Alex L. New York

    Yelp website

    I found my favorite yoga class! In the hustle and bustle of life, sometimes we don't take the time we need to slow down our thoughts, minds, and movements. The slow Vinyasa class here accomplishes that!It's taught by Michelle on Thursdays and I believe a few other times. I went at 7:30 p.m. It was beautiful. Slow, but purposeful flow in a gorgeous venue on the west side. It was exactly what I needed and just writing this review I'm thinking about how much I need to go back to something like this right now.We all need to slow down a little. Shakti Yoga helped me accomplish that. I look forward to more trips back.

  • Kelly S. New York

    Yelp website

    I really enjoyed the live music class that we went to. The flow of the class was very good and I didn't have any pain from holding positions too long. The space and heated floor boards were great. The class was full but not too full. We all got several corrections during class as the instructor continuously was circulating around. There were people of all levels and it seemed that everyone had a positive experience. I will definitely come again when I'm in town and I highly recommend it.

  • a traveler

    November 5 2014. Yelp website

    This is a gorgeous, huge open space in a beautiful building on Grant Street.I haven't taken any yoga classes here yet, but they do offer donation-based kirtan every few Friday's of the month. Ever since practicing kirtan (yogic chanting basically with live music) for the first time back in Kripalu many years ago, I yearned for the experience again and Shakti hosted a great group of musicians to lead a kirtan session two weeks ago.My only piece of feedback would be to perhaps invest in some of those special seats that Kripalu has that would make being in a seated position for the duration of the meditation possible! Can't wait to come back and try a yoga class!

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