Sewall House Yoga Retreat has been offering personalized yoga retreats since 1997. They were chosen top 10 worldwide by Gayot and featured in many magazines.

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Instructors (2)

Donna Davidge

Maria Massei-Rosato

Reviews (3)


from United States, June 2021

"A Great Refresher"

I was just at peace with myself and the world throughout the trip. I had never eaten strictly vegetarian, but the food was amazing and left me feeling great!

Ernie Borchini

from United States, August 2019

"Early Morning SUP-ing"

All aspects of this yoga retreat were great. Getting there was very easy to do from flying into and then driving up from Bangor. Seeing a 75 MPH posted speed limit for the first time as I was driving was even an experience. Upon arrival I found my accommodations to be very satisfying. The vegetarian meals were tasty and nutritious. The yoga instruction both in-studio given by Donna and the on-the-water-SUP taught by Tina were informative, challenging and inspiring. Myself and the other participants felt comfortable in our own yoga ability levels and were able to learn some new things from each other as well. I am very thankful also to Donna for offering a well rounded program by giving us the opportunity to experience something new for me, kundalini, as well as the ashtanga which I love. As for relaxing you could not beat Ajeet's special yoga program. It was a real treat. I didn't expect to, but did truly enjoy the blueberry picking excursion with everyone. And going out on the lake to SUP early in the morning was a great way for me to meditate. All in all this 4 day get-away was a wonderful experience that I will always remember and recommend. I hope someday to return again.