5 Days Yoga Retreat Sri Lanka

  • Sen Wellness, Rekawa beach, Netolipita, Tangalle 82200, Sri lanka

Rejuvenating Yoga Retreat Sri Lanka

This is the ultimate Sen Wellness experience, allowing you make the most of the team's extensive knowledge and experience in health and well-being. For five days, you will receive the very best medical advice and personal support, while enjoying the most ancient holistic traditions - Ayurveda and yoga - ensuring your body relaxes, is nourished, cleansed and rejuvenated. Once you've returned home its then that you will experience the real benefits of a Breath of Life retreat. You will feel fully refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to be inspired.


  • Dietary advice
  • 2 daily yoga sessions
  • 2 daily meditation practice
  • Cranial osteopathy sessions
  • Sri Lankan cultural adventures
  • Ayuverdic therapy classes
  • 4 nights accommodation
  • All Sri Lankan meals
  • 5 days with instruction
  • German, English
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You will be occupying hatched cabanas made by local artisans using traditional building methods that promise comfortable low-key luxury. Antique doors, chic wenge furniture, and lace bed runners representing the excellent craftsmanship of southern Sri Lanka are relaxed yet more refined than traditional eco-conscious retreats. Keeping up to 20 guests, each of the twin and king size double en-suites are carefully designed to allow natural ventilation so as to avoid the need for air-conditioning. Thanks to the beachside location, the resort is naturally cool.

Arrival day

13:30 A private coach will be waiting to pick guests up from Colombo Airport (please note there will only be one scheduled transit coach organized)

17:30 Arrival at Sen Wellness and time to relax and settle in

19:00 Dinner

Day to day retreat experience

  • 06:00 - 06:30 Wake up to a cup of herbal tea
  • 06:30 - 08:30 Kundalini yoga
  • 08:30 - 09:30 Breakfast
  • 10:00 - 13:00 Scheduled treatments and time to relax
  • 13:00 - 14:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 - 17:00 Scheduled treatments and time to relax
  • 17:00 - 19:00 Kundalini yoga and gong bath
  • 19:30 - 20:30 Dinner
  • 21:00 - 21:30 Evening meditation

Departure day

  • 06:30 A private coach will be arranged to take guests to Colombo Airport (please note there will only be one scheduled transit coach)
  • 10:30 Arrive at Colombo Airport

Sen Wellness is tucked away in Rekawa nature reserve coasting the Indian Ocean, is your peaceful Sri Lankan get away. Swap the hectic buzz of city traffic and interfering mod cons with chirps from neighboring feathered friends and the sea shingle being brushed by the rolling waves. With four beautifully designed cabanas accommodating a maximum of 16 guests, your stay will be quiet, peaceful and private.

  • Massage
  • Spa
  • Beach nearby
  • Dining area
  • Special menu request
  • Studio
  • Yoga deck
  • Yoga shala

Meal times, breakfast, lunch and dinner are especially beloved as its when you all come together to share and enjoy fresh Ayurvedic-based Sri Lankan food. The majority of the dishes are vegetarian with occasional fresh fish. The sanctuary chef is more than happy to teach you how to cook some of the delicious dishes so that you can enjoy them back home.

The Sen Wellness chefs will be more than happy to teach you how to cook some of the delicious dishes so that you can enjoy them back home. To keep you hydrated throughout the day, king coconuts, plucked straight from the tree, are on tap.

  • Bird-watching on the lagoon
  • Explore national parks and spicy food markets
  • Turtle-watching in Rekawa beach
  • Visits to ancient Buddhist sites
  • 4 nights accommodation
  • Airport transfers
  • Consultation with Ayurvedic doctor on arrival and departure
  • Daily Ayurvedic therapies
  • Daily sound healing and meditation
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Osteopathy treatments
  • Pre-care and after-care 30-minute skype sessions with Sam (Osteopath and Director of Sen Wellness)
  • Private one-on-one yoga sessions

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at the Colombo Airport (CMB).

Sen Wellness will arrange a pick up for you from the airport. The cost of pick-up is included in the price.

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 40% of the total price.
  • The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 30 days before the arrival date.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

Verified BookYogaRetreats.com reviews

  • H
    Review by Holly Moor from United Kingdom

    Very nice stay

    CONS Cons: - I didn't feel that enough thought was given to the three day programme I was attending. I had to ask for a consultation with the doctor and the programme wasn't explained very well until day 2

    PROS Pros: - great food - lovely bedrooms - kind staff - dr hashi is amazing - very kind and knowledgeable

    2017-Apr-16 05:56:32

  • Review by Xin Lily Tao from China
    10 out of 10

    "Absolutely amazing experience. As first Chineses guest, I am so impressed by the environment, staff, class & everything. Will come again, & recommend it to my friends. Please help to publish it online with my name. I wish everyone can come, very peaceful&calm after the treatments&yoga. Cheers, Lily."

    BookYogaRetreats.com Website, edited

  • Review by Anamaria Tivadar from Mexico
    3 out of 10

    " I am very unhappy to let you know that my 5 days stay at the sanctuary was a complete disappointment! "

    "The accommodation they offer is nowhere near the level of the price they ask for it. The bathroom was flooded the whole time I was there. The shower area was flooded, the sink area was flooded and the toilet area was flooded. Every time these facilities were used, they would flood. All the other guests were complaining about the same issues, some of them had to change rooms several time because they had no hot water!! "

    "The cabanas they offer are an embarrassment. Half of the windows have no actual windows in them, no glass, just bars. Which makes it very easy for all kinds of mosquitoes, bugs, and lizards to come into the room. I will send you a picture of a huge spider I encountered in my bathroom. Furthermore, what is supposed to be a kingsize bed is actually two twin beds put together, which makes it very uncomfortable to sleep in. Because there are no actual windows, the mosquitoes vaporizer can not work either. Al the repellent smell and vapor it generates goes right out the window and has no actual effect. Also, when I arrived, the telephone in my room was not working either. Had to wait some time for the staff to fix this problem. "

    "The staff is unable to speak decent English. They are unable to have a conversation. They are unable to respond or understand requests or requirements. And the manager was even rude and dismissive a couple of times. The only nice person was Dr. Harshi. But I had the misfortune of arriving there on her day off so I was very poorly attended. I didn't even get my treatments that day. "

    "The yoga was good and some of the treatments were nice, but most of them are very short. They are about 20 minutes or less. So even though they offer 3 treatments a day, the actual time it takes to receive them is about an hour or even less. Which is by far not enough. The facilities in which they offer the treatments are just awful! The steam bed has its top covered by mold. They offer no disposable underwear which led to my personal underwear being stained irreparably by the oils that are used for the treatments and the massages. The staff wasn't even able to warn about this so I could get my black underwear for the treatments. Furthermore, the massage rooms offer no privacy. I was in my underwear in the middle of a massage and another therapist came in, without knocking on the door! The same thing happened to a wonderful Srilankan Muslim woman that was a guest there while I was there. She complained about it a few times. But nobody did anything about it. This is unacceptable! "

    "We were promised that the Wi-Fi will work two times a day. But for the first two days I arrived it did not work at all. When I talked to the manager about it he was actually rude and kept telling me that someone is fixing it. "

    "The driver that took me to the sanctuary was ok. But the driver that took me to the airport on the 3rd of March was the worst, most unprofessional and rudest driver I have ever seen! He stopped to put gasoline in his car, without asking me if I mind stopping. He stopped to get his tires inflated, again without asking me if I mind stopping. He asked me for money to pay for his tires getting inflated. He wanted to take his sister in the car with us and give her a ride. He wanted to stop and eat, and buy water and do all kind of errands. I kept telling him that I don't want him to stop anymore but he wouldn't listen. I had to raise my voice at him to make him finally get back on the road. He kept talking on the phone the whole 4 hours time we were on the road. He asked me for money to pay the highway, when I had already paid my trip via bank transfer. He had no idea were he was going so I had to use a fortune in data to use google maps to get were I needed to go. He kept burping the entire time. He did not help me unload my luggage. It was a nightmare!"

    "They charge more then 400 USD / night!!!! And 175 USD for the drivers."

    "I am very disappointed and I sincerely hope you will not recommend this place anymore. Also, it might be a good idea to check the places you put on your website."

    BookYogaRetreats.com Website, edited

  • Review by Rikke Nielsen from Denmark

    "The Sen Wellness Sanctuary is a beautiful place and I was looking so much forward to stay there and rejuvenate. But unfortunately it didn’t live up to the beautiful atmosphere that surrounds the place and as the website expose. Be careful about this place!"

    "I had booked and payed total amount of the 14 days bespoke package, a certain room and airport pickup upon arrival in Sri Lanka - directly with Sam (the owner) before my travel."

    "1) When I landed there was no driver to pick me up in the airport. I waited 1,5 hour, trying desperately to contact him and the retreat in every possible way but without any answer. Later Sam told me that he was in a yoga class and that was why he didn’t see my calls. (!!) I think there should be a person AT THE PLACE to contact in these emergency situations so people won’t be left alone like this."

    "After a long time I decided to go by myself with a taxi. Sam apologized for this and promised to pay for the taxi, but never did."

    "2) When I finally arrived after almost 4 hours on the road, I got told that there wasn’t any Kundalini yoga anymore. (!!!) Apparently the teacher had left few days earlier. I didn’t know this about this and I didn’t receive any news about this from Sam. I booked this retreat especially for the kundalini. So it was really disappointing that they didn’t gave me any message about this before I took the flight!!!"

    "I had to travel from one part of the world to another to get to know this! If I at least had known this I would have had a chance to find another place or something like that which had kundalini.. It’s like cheating people to pay and go for something which they can’t have."

    "They managed to get a kundalini teacher 2 days before I left. So I had 2 days of kundalini which was supposed to be 14 !!!"

    "3) There were no sound healing as described in the package and the website."

    "4) I didn’t get all my osteopathy treatments and they were not lasting the time they were supposed to."

    "5) The osteopathy treatments was given by Sam, and it was not osteopathy but some kind of unknown healing. "

    "The healing was okay, but I didn’t understand what he was doing and there were no explanation even when I asked about it."

    "6) Everyone had to go and ask for Sam’s treatments. It was wired! And felt like there were no control about this and it felt like an interruption for him every time you would go and ask. If you didn’t ask yourself, there were no guarantee that you would get these treatments even though you payed for it."

    "7) They switched me around 3 times in different rooms while I was there. And Sam said to me that, I had booked the beach hut which was not true. And he only believed me after I could show him the proof from the text messages we had exchanged. It seems like there is no system and control about who payed for which rooms. It seems like they ask people to change the rooms, so they can accommodate more people and earn more money."

    "8) The communication from the top to the staff about the needs of the guests was so bad that people who was sick and couldn’t eat different types of food got it anyway! There were no secure dietary system for the special needs."

    "9) Sometimes the therapists did the Serodara treatment wrong. They were so afraid of getting fired and punished from the bosses if they did mistakes. It made me wonder, if they had education in these fields at all. And if the bosses knew about that. It was so heartbreaking to witness and they did everything they possible could under these unprofessional structures."

    "10) Sam left four days after I arrived. A woman named Maryam, which is supposed to be some kind of management consultant (I think) arrived from London in stead. And I had a talk with her about my experiences. She arranged an acupuncture treatment for me to cover up for the missing one of Sam treatments. But I told her that I still felt it was not fair, because of the kundalini, sound healing etc which I already payed for but didn’t get. She said I should ask Sam about this."

    "I decided to leave earlier from the place. And several people did the same. "

    "When I came back I wrote an e-mail to Sam and Maryam about this and I asked for some kind of refund for all this. I have never received any response. There is just dead silence."

    "I must say that I think they have a big responsibility because it’s a business but what is more important is that some people who go to this retreat have some serious illnesses or mental challenges and it’s so disrespectful to treat them like this and acting so unprofessional. "

    "Credit to the hardworking and kind staff who work under this incompetent management."

    "I was most happy about the brilliant Ayurvedic doctor, who really sees you and keep an eye on you and your emotions and state of mind. And the smiling therapists, and hardworking kitchen staff who works from early morning to late evening and the management staff who tries to keep you happy all the time and try to do their best under the instructional and spontaneous orders from the bosses. All the local people who work there have such beautiful hearts but the management of Sam and his brother is so critical!"

    "Unfortunately I can’t recommend this place to anyone and especially not people with illnesses and mental challenges. There is a risk that you would leave even more stressed and frustrated than when you came. People come to a place like this to relax and recover. So giving them a circus like this so just so wrong in a lot of ways. It seems like Sam don’t want to take responsibility for this, his mistakes, staff and guests and therefor it seems like it’s all about money for him"

    BookYogaRetreats.com Website, edited


  • Review by Jemma Mayo
    10 out of 10

    "Hey, I just finished my retreat with you guys last week in Sri Lanka was so life changing. I was hoping to come to your clinic in London for my back and start kundalini yoga with you guys. Sam mentioned there was a coca ritual happening soon? I may have got that completely wrong. I would love to attend. Would you be able to let me know when that is. "

    Sen Wellness website, edited

  • Review by Ann
    10 out of 10

    "Dear Sam, I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the retreat. I feel as though I have really benefited from the experience and come away with some skills to take forward and a change of attitude to some of the emotional things in my life that have held me back - thank you. I will look forward to seeing you at your clinic."

    Sen Wellness website, edited

  • Review by Dr Shashika Vethanayagam
    10 out of 10

    "I had the privileged of going to the sanctuary in Tangalle, Sri Lanka last August on the golden Summer retreat. My story started with fertility issues and a miscarriage last July. I was having lunch with a friend who is a life coach (Jayne Morris) and she had bumped into Sam kankanamge (the founder) on her way to meet me. They had worked together in the past at Sam's clinic in Harley St (Sen Wellness). When she heard my story and how I really needed to do some healing and felt drawn to go back to my country (Sri Lanka, I am a second generation immigrant). She gave me a flyer that Sam had by chance given her on their 2 minute catch up. I called Sam later that day and then visited his London clinc for osteopathy. We discussed my treatment plan and the retreat. So off I went to Sri Lanka in August to not only reunite with family, get some much needed sunshine but some TLC and healing! The sanctuary is just breathtaking, I'm a very fussy customer and am picky about hotels I stay at etc but the sanctuary was just prefect. Open, tranquil and sandwiched between a private beach and a lagoon in tropical nature. You couldn't ask for anything more idllic in Sri Lanka and I know my country! Totally off the beaten track with warm and friendly hospitality. Even the frogs are very friendly lol. I managed to find a friend who wanted to share the experience with me and we were both not disappointed. The high lights were the yoga by Marieke Kouwenhoven) - Yin yoga is her passion and it showed. I've never quite met such as inspiring yoga teacher with a play list to die for. This 6am yoga was intensified by the sunrise and open air/ in nature yoga Shala with had a lovely cooling breeze and butterflies dancing while you did your downward dog! At sunset kundalini yoga with Catherine page we were blessed with fireflies during out set. Just magical and you won't experience this anywhere else. The yoga teachers are world class!"

    "My other highlight was the food, being a foodie and a Sri Lankan - I love my food but this was something on a different level... Even my families cooking was surpassed. I've never gone for a vegetarian experience before but even when eggs and fish were offered I declined or preferred the vegetable options. Each dish made with love, balance and Ayurvedic principles."

    "I could go on and on but you would be bored! The Ayurvedic treatments were top class and on day 4, I finally came down from the London adrenal fatigue syndrome into a zen and calm that I've never experienced before. Do go on the trips Sam organizes - these thoughtful little extras aid not only healing but also off a glimpse of the cultural side of Sri Lanka."

    "This is probably the most affordable retreat in the world so go ... spoil yourself!"

    Sen Wellness, edited

  • Review by Louis Ko
    10 out of 10

    "What an amazing place and experience. Tired from busy city life, a week at the Sanctuary and in the care of the wonderful people there was the perfect remedy. We left with mind de cluttered and body purring. The space they have created is stunning and so tranquil. All of the treatments were fantastic and the food was some of the best we had in Sri Lanka - absolutely delicious! As others have mentioned, yoga on a deserted beach to welcome the morning sun every day was truly memorable. Highly recommend the Sanctuary experience and can't wait to go back."

    Sen Wellness website, edited

  • Review by Nathan Beckwith
    10 out of 10

    "We had an incredible 5 days at Sen Wellness in their beautifully designed cabana's after exploring the north of the island. The contrast of so much empty beach and lagoon was a perfect end to our Sri Lanka experience. Our days started with sunrise yoga, fresh coconut and traditional breakfast before beginning our ayurvedic treatments. The massage treatments were wonderful. We couldn't have felt any healthier or happier or more rested. The added bonus of seeing the giant green sea turtles making their journey up the beach to lay their precious eggs was really special! Definitely planning another trip."

    Sen Wellness website, edited

  • Review by Stephanie Kitchen
    10 out of 10

    "Beautiful place & people. The treatments have been wonderful and thanks to these and the inspirational yoga, after only a short time I feel reset and relaxed."

    Sen Wellness Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Camilla Emson
    10 out of 10

    "Sen Wellness in Sri Lanka offers the perfect revival on a mind, body and soul level. The natural medicines and explorative programmes set inside the immersive and natural setting makes it a unique and exciting place. At the moment it seems to be a hot bed for creative and progressive ideas."

    Sen Wellness website, edited

  • Review by Candace Blair
    10 out of 10

    "The Sen Wellness Sanctuary is an inspiration! Arriving to the gated entrance, this beautiful retreat is tucked under a plush green canopy, situated between a stunning lagoon and the wild sea. The main house is an architectural delight, open to nature and the perfect space for communal meals, reading a book or catching up on the days activities with your fellow travelers. The guest "huts" are a divine, spread out over the property, spacious and elegant with the most lovely open plan bathroom and your own balcony to listen to all of natures calls!"

    "I attended the Christmas holiday retreat and I can't rave enough about the wonderful sunrise Kundalini yoga classes. We even had a few surprise appearances from the stunning sea turtles who share the space with the Sanctuary, laying their eggs on the protected beach year after year. We shared beautiful cacao ceremonies, meditations and gong baths. The Ayurvedic doctors were a blessing, leading us through our own personalized meals (fresh and amazing) and treatments! Obviously, a big draw is a chance to have treatments with Sam Kankanamge, the founder of the Sanctuary and the Sen Wellness Clinic in London! He is brilliant!"

    "I arrived feeling weary, I left feeling rejuvenated with no sign of the stress related back problems I had arrived with. Sri Lanka is a natural wonder and at the Sanctuary you can truly come back nature, to find peace, to increase your awareness through yoga and just BE. Who doesn't want that? I am preparing my next visit already."

    Sen Wellness website, edited

  • Review by Serene Hamzawi
    10 out of 10

    "Thank you again for a wonderful time in Sri Lanka - far exceeded my expectations, hands down one of the best holidays I've had! I have just made a transfer to your account in London for all the wonderful staff at Sen Wellness. Please thank them all from the bottom of my heart for preparing wonderful food, taking such good care of us and generally just being so lovely."

    Sen Wellness website, edited

  • Review by Gill Dando
    10 out of 10

    "The most amazing retreat centre with beautiful people.and food in an amazing setting. Tranquil and calming with super caring staff who become great friends."

    "I lost loads of weight thanks to the magic of Dr Harshi and the fabulously healthy cooking that the team do. I can not say how much I love this place and to me now it's a new home from home and extended family. Tears were shed when I had to leave. It has changed my life massively for the better. "

    Sen Wellness Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Achala Senanayake from Sri Lanka
    10 out of 10

    "Really nice place , you could see all the turtles which come to lay eggs , which is a rare incident. Good Sri Lankan food were served as well, and with so friendly crew as well you could learn a lot about the Sri Lankan culture and rituals while on the stay there. I saw how the many tourists who seem to enjoy the place. I really enjoyed the place thanks to Mr. Sudeera."

    Breath of Life Sanctuary Facebook page, edited

  • Review by a traveler
    10 out of 10

    "I couldn’t recommend Breath of Life retreats more for anyone like (the former) me who felt frazzled, over-worked, and in need of some nurturing and healing. Fast forward five days later, following glorious Ibiza sunshine, delicious nutrient-rich food and the company of world-class healers and teachers, and I feel relaxed, revived, and inspired with a clear head and a spring in my step! Thank you Breath of Life team for your endless TLC. I can’t wait for my next retreat!"

    Breath of Life Sanctuary Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Cheryl

    "Thank you for a wonderful experience, you really gave me a gift of life and I am so grateful. It was the best experience of my life so far."

    Sen Wellness website, edited

  • Review by Connie Koenigkann

    "Sen Wellness Sanctuary is simply magical. So much of it was perfect: the food, the space, the nature, the yoga, the turtles, the Ayurvedic treatments, the rooms, but our favorite? The warm, genuine, and extremely gracious staff. What a wonderful experience, never to be forgotten. Many thanks!"

    Sen Wellness website, edited

  • Review by Ruby Warrington

    "I had a fantastic, enlightening time on the Breath of Life retreat. I experienced the energizing powers of Kundalini yoga for the first time, and benefited from wonderful treatments, the food and beautiful setting was rejuvenating itself. I met some lovely people, and came home feeling super-charged and ready to pick up the reigns of my busy life again."

    Sen Wellness website, edited

  • Review by Olivia Percival and Cosmo

    "Sen Wellness Sanctuary has surpassed all our expectations. A place of such beauty and full of soul. We found rest, health, incredible yoga and Ayurveda treatments, and the kindest people. We didn’t want to leave."

    Sen Wellness website, edited

  • Review by Maxine

    "I came to Sen Wellness Sanctuary as a single traveler and felt so welcomed. The communal atmosphere in the yoga classes was something I had never experienced before, and I feel like I have made lifelong friends. The atmosphere was freeing, not to mention completely gorgeous! And getting an extra treatment was just the icing on top of the cake. Loved it, loved it, loved it! Thank you!"

    Sen Wellness website, edited

  • Review by Milly Emson
    10 out of 10

    "Love everyone at Breath of Life and have received many really powerful healing treatments there as well as lifelong friendship."

    Breath of Life Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Daisy Bird
    10 out of 10

    "Highly recommend Breath of Life's healing nurturing retreats for anyone whose chakras need a re-boot and mind needs a rest! You will return smiling, singing, and dancing inside."

    Breath of Life Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Aylin Wilson
    10 out of 10

    "As soon as you enter the secluded and private Breath of Life Clinic, the atmosphere is a complete transformation from the whirlwind of Central London. The small practice cultivates a serene calm, which gives the mind and body a chance to meditate and rest. The practitioners themselves are professional, welcoming and friendly, balanced with a readiness to aid anyone in need of relief. They reflect the tranquility created within the practice. I have come here many times, usually during exam period which is very stressful for me, yet each time I have been helped by these lovely people and I am most grateful for it."

    Breath of Life Facebook page, edited

Tangalle , Sri Lanka

Sen Wellness Sanctuary is a place to self-heal and nourish. It offers retreats bringing together osteopaths, acupuncturists, teachers, and local therapists.

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