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4 Days Rejuvenating Yoga Retreat in Maldives

  • Secret Paradise Maldives, Hanimaadhoo, North of Maldives, Male, Maldives


Relaxing Yoga Retreat Maldives

This yoga holiday takes place in one of the most beautiful northern local islands in Maldives and is designed for anyone who wishes to escape their daily routines, stress, and worries of modern day life. Enjoy the yoga sessions and plenty of activities to participate in, or just lie back and relax on the white sandy beach and listen to the gentle lapping of the Indian Ocean waves.


  • 6 yoga sessions
  • Meditation sessions
  • Experience untouched nature
  • Complimentary snorkeling tours
  • Relax on the white sandy beach
  • Buffet breakfasts and dinners
  • 3 nights accommodation

Good to know

  • All ages are welcome as participants.

  • 3 days with instruction
  • English
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The accommodation options are on private room and double room basis. The seaside rooms which are 44 square meters are affordable and comfortable. These rooms are nicely furnished, with a modern and elegant double sink bathroom. The rooms have a wide patio door looking onto a cozy wooden veranda just beside the endless white beach.

The rooms are part of the same complex with a sandy inner courtyard. Ideal for groups wishing to share a unique experience. The facilities include air-conditioners with individual temperature control, ceiling fans, fully stocked mini bars, safe boxes, hair dryers, beach towels, telephone with direct external lines, twice daily housekeeping services, and complimentary wireless internet access.

The hotel offers 40 high standard and fully furnished rooms, in two-story blocks of four rooms each. There are 20 beach-front rooms which are on the ground floor, with direct access to the white beach. They are large rooms, about 50 square meters including the veranda, and have double or twin beds.

Besides that, there are also 20 ocean-view rooms which are on the upper floor with a spectacular sea view. They are also large rooms, about 50 square meters including the balcony and have double or twin beds with the possibility of an extra bed. Each room is spacious, creatively designed, comfortable, and has an en-suite elegant natural stone bathroom with shower.

All these rooms have solar panels, a private veranda or terrace with seating, independently controlled air-conditioning, ceiling fans, desalted hot and cold water, safe boxes, hairdryers, telephones with direct external line, minibars, and tea and coffee making facilities.

The retreat will be held in Male, Maldives. The hotel is located within an almost untouched forest in Hanimadhoo. The dense vegetation allows not only privacy but the opportunity to experience untouched nature and the genuine and natural Maldives along with all the amenities expected from a modern day accommodation option. A half mile private sandy beach and a turquoise lagoon frame the hotel and invite you to experience an authentic and relaxing holiday at outstanding value.

  • 3 nights accommodation
  • 6 yoga sessions
  • Return domestic flight transfer from Male to Hanimadhoo
  • Daily breakfasts and dinners

Secret Paradise Maldives is committed to providing affordable Maldives holiday options. All yoga lessons are conducted by an international yoga master and can be performed by a yogi of any level. Aside from the two yoga classes daily, additional afternoon yoga classes which can include various yoga styles, diver's breathing techniques, and meditation are available upon request during your stay.

Yoga schedule

  • 08:00 Introduction, breathing practice, warm up, standing and seating meditation
  • 17:30 Introduction, breathing practice, warm up, standing and seating meditation

Sunset yoga

Sunset yoga is designed to acclimate your body and soul to the setting sun.

Partner yoga

Partner yoga offers a unique sequence for partners by fortifying trust and communication while building strength, flexibility in a fun intimate way.

Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is a unique sequence that trains the body, mind, and breath. This is an excellent yoga workout for developing flexibility while creating a sense of inner calm.

Yoga balance

Yoga balance is a powerful sequence for practitioners looking for more challenging postures.

Gentle yoga

Gentle yoga offers very useful sequences for beginners. This is suitable for all ages.

Yoga flow

Yoga flow is a series of yogic postures practiced one after another with proper coordination of breath and body movement.

Yoga stretch

Yoga stretch is a unique practice to loosen up muscles.

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Male International Airport (MLE). Transfer from and to the airport is included. Secret Paradise Maldives will pick you up from the airport.

Seasonal information

With a tropical climate, plenty of sunshine, and temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year, there is never a bad time to visit the Maldives. Maldives has two distinct seasons, dry season or the northeast monsoon and wet season or the southwest monsoon, with the former extending from January to March and the latter from mid-May to November.

The rare thunderstorms in Maldives, especially around the southwest monsoon months, can be a welcome respite from the sun. Cloudy skies and slate grey seas, and crashing thunder makes a lovely reading weather. The warm temperatures will allow you to go for a walk in the rain, a verdant, wet, and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

For extra exhilaration, take a swim in the rain, the sea will be extra warm. There can be heavy rain showers pretty much any time of the year, but they tend to be short and cannot be accurately predicted seasonally. Diving is good all year-round, although a basic rule is that reef life is more varied and visibility is better on the western side from May to November and on the eastern side from December to April.

Note as the Maldives is situated so close to the equator it is possible to burn even on a cloudy day and sun screen should be applied as a matter of course.

Mobile / communication information

The telecommunications services are provided by Ooredoo or Dhiraagu, a joint-venture between the government of the Maldives and Cable and Wireless PLC of United Kingdom. International direct dialing, telephone, telex, telegram, facsimile, and internet services are available.

A mobile phone network is accessible within Male and atolls. If you are anticipating on keeping in regular contact with friends or family at home, it is advisable to purchase a Maldivian SIM card together with re-charge cards available in various denominations of local currency. This can be done very easily at either the airport or in Male or Hulhumale.

Card phones are set up in most of the islands. In addition, Dhiraagu provides a paging service, maritime radio service, telephone, and telex Immarset services to ships and oilrigs. Internet cafés are set up in Male’ and in Addu Atoll.

Electricity information

Most sockets are three-pronged, British style, and 220 volts. Adaptors are available in most airport shops if you do not have one. All electrical devices running on 110 or 120 volts must have power converters or step-up transformers. All hotel rooms have electrical sockets where you can recharge cameras, phones, etc.

Dressing information

Visiting Maldives is the chance for you to break out the brightly colored summer clothes that are so often out of place in colder climates. The higher temperatures and ever-present sunshine means that locals and visitors alike prefer dressing in lightweight materials. T-shirts, cotton clothing, skirts, and shorts would be the best option to stay cool.

The ideal footwear would be sandals and flip-flops. Whether to pack only the more casual options like shorts and khakis or the newest Gucci number depends on what you plan to do, or where you plan to stay. Casual clothing is fine on the local islands and in guesthouses, smart casual clothing is usually enough for Male or resorts, but the more up-market resorts may require that you dress up for dinner.

Sunscreen, insect repellent, and hats are all necessary for a comfortable holiday, but they are available widely for purchase in resorts and around Male. The Maldives is a Muslim country and care needs to be taken in relation to the dress code on local islands.

While it is acceptable for men to wear t-shirts and shorts or swim shorts females should avoid causing offence by maintaining a more conservative approach to clothes by wearing t-shirts, loose shorts or sarongs. While the islands to be visited are more tolerant of guests wearing traditional beach wear, females should avoid wearing bikinis and swimwear unless on an un-inhabited island, picnic island, sandbank, screened off local beach, dive boat, or resort island.

While the law restricts the wearing of bikinis on local islands, some guesthouses do provide a private sunbathing area on the beach or on the terrace of the guesthouse, the local representative will advise when and where this is possible. It is common practice by both locals and visitors for females to swim from local beaches wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

When visiting the home of a local family or during the island tours where they may have access to mosques and family homes, shoulders and thighs should be covered out of respect of local customs.

What to bring

The Maldives is a place where you do not require much in order to be comfortable. It is tropical, sunny, and very relaxed, so you only really need to bring a few essentials.

A valid passport, with at least 6 months left before expiry, light weight, casual, non-synthetic clothing, and cottons and natural fibers are best, which appropriately cover the body, when in company of the local communities (please understand local customs and religious requirements relating to dress codes, it does not have to be fancy, but it needs to be respectful).

Please also bring cool footwear, sandals are best, if you are interested in exploring the reefs, a pair of reef shoes is recommended to avoid injuries, swimming costumes like rash or t-shirts are recommended for snorkeling to avoid sunburn, sunscreens, after sun lotions and personal hygiene products.

Keep in mind to adhere to the 100 milliliters restrictions for anything you wish to carry on hand-luggage on flights, bring insect repellent, prescription medications, if required (please bring supporting documents), power adapter for phones, laptops, etc., underwater camera, sunglasses and hats, and dive certification card and log book if you intend to participate in scuba diving.

Responsible tourism

The following are a few simple tips that require very little effort on your part but which will help ensure that any effect you have on the locations you visit is positive rather than negative.

Do not expect locals to speak your language. Take the trouble to learn a few words or phrases of the local language. Do not worry about sounding silly, most locals are patient and accommodating, and appreciate you making the effort to communicate in their language.

Be careful not to waste valuable resources. Use local resources sparingly. Switch off lights, air-conditioning, and fans when you leave the hotel room and do not waste water. Remove superfluous packaging, many countries have far less efficient waste disposal systems than in Maldives. Remove packaging from newly acquired items before leaving. By using environmentally friendly or biodegradable sun creams, shampoos, and detergents you can help reduce pollution.

As you are a guest in these countries, you should also comply with the local customs. If you are friendly and well mannered, the locals will reciprocate and it will only enhance your experience. It is important to follow dress and behavior guidelines especially when visiting religious or sacred sites (your tour leader will advise you how best to do this).

Do not litter, no matter how untidy or dirty the country you are travelling may look to you, avoid littering, as there is no need to add to the environment. As an island state, Maldives has a tough challenge dealing with rubbish and waste. Please consider taking home as much plastic waste as you can and refuse plastic bags when shopping.

Local islands are not always as pristine as resort islands. Though they are catching up and are still beautiful, be forewarned that there are still some growing pains and room for improvement. The Maldivians would historically have thrown their waste into the ocean, however, that was in the days when waste would have been predominantly food waste and all biodegradable, then came along plastic, and then came over one million visitors.

Add all this together and the country that has a significant challenge regarding waste removal. Over time a more environmentally friendly waste management process will come into being, as guests to the Maldives, you can play your part by taking home plastic waste wherever possible and by leading by example.

Passport / visa

No prior visa arrangements are required. Tourists are issued a 30-day visa upon arrival. A passport valid for six months and travel documents like flight tickets are necessary. You will need to present a landing card which should be distributed by the crew of your flight. Alternatively you can find cards immediately before the immigration booths.

To obtain an immigration clearance, it is a requirement to indicate on the landing card an address or provide proof that you have a booking at a resort, guest house, or safari boat. Importing goods such as alcohol, pork, pornography, which is very broadly defined, religious materials offensive to Islam, idols of worship, narcotics, and psychotropic substances, explosives, and weapons into the Maldives is strictly forbidden.

Alcohol and pork products under a special license are available in resort islands. On the way out, note that exporting sand, turtle shells, seashells, and a range of marine products is also forbidden. All baggage, including hand baggage, are screened as part of the custom’s process before you leave the airports baggage collection area.


Recommended vaccinations and other health protection measures vary according to the country you are visiting and where you are travelling from. You are recommended to contact a travel clinic for current information on vaccinations needed for your destination. If you are arriving from an infected area, then you must have an international certificate of inoculation against yellow fever or cholera. Normal recommendations for Maldives are tetanus, typhoid, hepatitis A and hepatitis B, and Diphtheria.

Medical information

Sensible precautions should be taken to avoid sunburn and dehydration. On arrival and when travelling to Maldives, stick to bottled mineral water. Please ensure you have appropriate travel insurance, which includes health coverage. If you require prescription medicines, please bring them with you, and include the appropriate documentation.

There are two hospitals on the main island, Male. The Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) is the biggest hospital in the country providing sophisticated medical care. Some resorts have in-house doctors. A decompression chamber is within easy reach of most resorts in case of emergency.

Local expenses / money information

Maldives has a non-convertible currency, Maldivian Rufiyaa, this cannot be purchased beforehand. One MVR is 100 Laari and is available in 500, 100, 50, 20, 10 and five MVR. One USD is equivalent to 15.42 MVR. Major international currencies can be changed easily at the airport upon arrival.

It is advised not to exchange currency in Male where bank queues are common and the waiting time is lengthy. USD is accepted as legal tender. All major credit cards can be used and are preferred at resorts, hotels, shops, etc., however, on local islands only guesthouses that accept credit cards and cash are generally preferred.

The national bank, Bank of Maldives, has several branches in Male as well as other major population hubs such as the Male International Airport. Several other regional banks also operate in the Male, including the State Bank of India, Bank of Ceylon, and HSBC. There are no banks on resort islands or on local islands visited in the tours.

Most banks represented in Male provide automatic teller machine services and credit card services at several key points in Male and Hulhumale. Only the local currency will be dispensed. While there is an ATM at the Male branch of the Bank of Maldives dispensing USD, it only dispenses to Bank of Maldives cardholders.

There are no ATMs on resort islands or on the local islands visited on the tours. All major credit cards can be used at resorts, hotels, and many shops in Male. Most restaurants and shops in Male will accept USD in payment providing change in local currency. The banks in Maldives are very particular about the condition of bank notes and will refuse deposits of old USD.

Even though still an active currency, damaged notes, badly creased, or well-worn notes will also be rejected. Therefore, if presenting such a note as form of payment you may be requested to change to a note of better condition. Please do not take offense, it is purely that the note will have no worth to the individual to whom you are paying.

Also, note that small bills like 1 USD and 5 USD have a lower exchange value, as the Bank of Maldives charges for small notes to be deposited. It is impossible to say exactly what you will need during your local island visit as this varies depending on personal preferences, the number of extra optional activities, and souvenirs you may like to purchase.

Important information

Maldivians, as Muslims, are prohibited by law from consuming alcohol, hence there is a total restriction on alcohol being available on inhabited local islands, this includes the capital Male. Alcohol is available at Hulhule Island Hotel which is located at the airport. All tourist resorts, safari yachts, and hotels stock alcohol for guest consumption.

Traditional beverages include toddy, an aged coconut sap and plain coconut sap. Please do not bring alcohol through the airport as it will be confiscated. The traditional food of the Maldivians is based around fish, tuna to be more specific, chili, and coconuts. White rice and roshi, a flour based flat-bread, are staple items. Fish is normally smoked, fired, barbequed, or roasted.

Pork products are strictly prohibited. When eating on local islands it is worth noting that Maldivians traditionally eat with their fingers and therefore food is not always served piping hot. Tap water is perfectly safe for brushing teeth, however, you are advises to drink bottled or boiled water. All meals on local islands are halal.

Additional information

For more information, ask your questions directly to Secret Paradise Maldives, who will be happy to assist you. Simply click on the Send Inquiry button to send a message.

Sarah Bartlett

She is a certified YTT 200-hour Santosha yoga teacher with 9 years of practice and 1 year of actual yoga teaching experience. She teaches beginner and intermediate yoga classes. She is also well versed in different yoga styles such as: Hatha, Kriya, Men's & Women's yoga, Thai Massage, and Vinyasa yoga.

  • Airfare
  • One-on-one yoga sessions
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel insurance

All breakfasts and dinners are included in the package. The Barefoot Bar Boat is anchored in the lagoon with complimentary speedboat transfers available. Buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served in the main sea view restaurant. Guests can enjoy typical Mediterranean cuisine as well as international and oriental recipes.

The hotel also has a vegetarian corner. The panoramic bar next to the main restaurant and the ice cream parlor looking directly out over the sea are ideal gathering places to sip soft drinks, fresh juices, and healthy cocktails.

The hotel spa offers a natural health retreat, holistic treatments, and classic massages services. Detox programs are research-based and combine medical science with holistic therapies. Guests can choose to add additional personal yoga classes or therapies to personalize the program alongside the scheduled yoga classes.

There is a saltwater swimming pool available and a dive center providing the highest level of quality and professionalism which offers rental equipment including dive computers and underwater digital cameras as well as customized dive packages suitable for both adults and children including free try dives.

There are 20 to 30 dive spots at a boat distance of 20 to 40 minutes, all of them can be reached by traditional dhoni and/or speed boat. Diving and snorkeling excursions, and manta and dolphin research trips are offered according to the season.

For guests wishing for a more active holiday the hotel offers a fully equipped gym, canoes, windsurfing, kite surfing, snorkeling trips, night and fluorescent snorkeling, natural and cultural escorted bike tours, guided star watching, big game and light game sport fishing, and guided kayak trips.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Diving
  • Fitness center
  • Gym
  • Kayak
  • Massage
  • Snorkeling
  • Spa
  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Bicycle rental
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Tour assistance
For information about the booking conditions, please send Secret Paradise Maldives an inquiry.
  • Review by Nikki Pearson

    "Absolutely fabulous! The hotel was great and the staff really friendly and helpful. My yoga instructor was wonderful and I really enjoyed all my sessions. While I was there I also did my PADI open water diving course as well. From the minute I landed in Male, the secret Paradise team were there to smooth the process of getting to Barefoot and I had the same experience in the way back, would highly recommend both them and the barefoot."

    Secret Paradise Maldives, edited

  • Review by Traveler

    "It was amazing experience with Secret Paradise. Very professional people, Thank you Ruth and Kamey for making this trip wonderful!"

    Trip Advisor, edited

  • Review by Traveler from Perth, Australia

    "Very much enjoyed out tour of Male and Villigilli. Kamey was very friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable. Felt more like time spent with a friend exploring rather than going on a tour. Thanks Kamey."

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Hazel Bernadette

    "Service is 100% from start to finish! If you have no idea what to do, just tell them the activities you enjoy and they'll recommend an excursion for you, complete with all the prices, inclusions, and details -- you only need to choose. They reply also to emails very fast, so even when you're not yet in Maldives, you already feel the excellent service that they provide. For the tours and excursions, they pick you up from your hotel, take care of you very well during the entire excursion, and bring you back to the hotel safe, happy, and satisfied! The guides are very friendly and they really walk you through everything Maldivian (I was asking them the whole time about almost everything -- history, politics, culture -- they can answer everything!). If you're a first timer in water activities like snorkeling (like me), their guides also are very knowledgeable in handling such guests, so you do not have to worry. Very highly recommended if you're going to the Maldives, even on a solo trip."

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Ray Soumyadip from Bengaluru (Bangalore), India

    "Secret Paradise offers a number of options to the travelers from cruises to city walks to diving trips to sand bank visits. We did the Sunset cruise had a wonderful experience. We got the see some dolphins as well. The crew was great and it was well managed. If you are in Hulhumale, please ensure you go for some of the trips. You will not regret it."

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Chuzev from Zurich, Switzerland

    "We contacted Ruth about a 4 hour tour during our wait for our international flight. I was so impressed by the way Ruth handled our request. She answered back promptly and professionally every time. She was super helpful and very reasonably priced. We had a great time on our catamaran boat with our amazing and fun guide Kamey, whose knowledge was extensive. Highly recommended!"

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by A.Fakeereh

    "The location couldn't have been more perfect, and it was a beautiful environment to wake up in everyday and practice yoga. For me, the whole retreat experience was a very welcome pause from the crazy pace of modern day life, leaving me renewed and inspired, and able to reconnect with myself. I visited as part of the Yorkshire Centre for Well-being retreat and the joint expertise of Anne-Marie and James meant that the twice daily sessions were wonderfully varied and balanced."

    Secret Paradise Maldives website, edited

  • Review by M. Richardson

    "I have just returned from the Yorkshire Centre for Well-being's yoga retreat in the Maldives in conjunction with Secret Paradise. There could not have been a more idyllic environment in which to practice yoga and meditation looking out over the white sandy beach and the turquoise sea! I really experienced the benefit of twice daily classes and personal meditation and although I am not the most flexible person I definitely felt a marked improvement in my asanas. I took the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful facilities at the Barefoot Resort for an extra few days after the retreat and can honestly say that I can’t remember the last time I felt so relaxed and refreshed after a holiday. "

    Secret Paradise Maldives website, edited

  • Review by Danielle Cargill from Melbourne, Australia

    "As you no doubt heard, apart from not seeing Mantas, my holiday was perfect! I'll just have to come back to Maldives again.From the friendly face of Shaffaf upon my arrival two weeks ago, the informative local tour and another smiling member of the Secret Paradise team meeting me when I landed back in Male today, everything has gone beautifully. The quick and comprehensive communication during the lead up to my vacation helped me prepare well, and for once. I didn't over pack or bring anything inappropriate. I would definitely recommend your team to anyone looking to travel to Maldives, and will certainly be in touch if I am fortunate enough to come back again. I'll give you a 9/10, as we all need something to continue to aspire too. With warmest regards to you, Ruth and all the team!"

    Book Yoga Retreats website, edited

  • Review by Blessie

    "We had a truly relaxing holiday in Maldives with the help of Secret Paradise. We booked for 8 days Yoga Retreat and we are very happy with the service and did not regret choosing Secret Paradise to help us organize the vacation. Thank you for your service and prompt communication. More power and definitely a high recommendation! "

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Samantha from Singapore

    "This yoga retreat is booked with secret paradise and I thank Soba & Ruth for being responsive to my emails and helped arranged for my solo retreat at such short notice. It was unfortunate that my flight to Male was delayed due to closed airspace (as informed by the pilot) and I missed the onward domestic flight to Hanimaadhoo but Soba and her team were there to assist and stayed with me till I boarded the next flight.I stayed at the Barefoot Eco Hotel in a ground floor beach front room. Rooms were large and had a veranda with bean bags for chilling. I particularly enjoyed and applaud the hotel's efforts to promote ecotourism. There is a conservation centre with in-house marine biologists who make snorkelling activities more than just snorkelling. I learnt a lot about dolphins & turtles through them. The hotel has a strip of private beach with clear waters but not many fishes. More marine life is found at their house reef which is a free boat ride away.While the staff at Barefoot were friendly, I wished the transfer from Hanimaadhoo airport to the hotel was communicated better. The hotel staff failed to pick me up when I arrived (even though I was told they were informed of the change in timing) and I was left alone at the airport.That being said, this yoga retreat package is still value for money as it includes 3 sessions of spa, (Hot stone, scrub & massage) as well as half board meals (Breakfast & Dinner). A good deal if you'll like to spend a few days in paradise." website, edited

  • Review by Rosaria

    "I would like to thank Secret Paradise for the support and the organization of my holiday on my way to and at Barefoot. I enjoyed a lot my staying at the hotel, I found the property very beautiful, super comfortable and well organized. The staff was professional, kind, extremely friendly and made me feel really at home. I appreciated particularly their underwater conservation efforts and I believe they deserve to be advertised more widely. Many thanks and all the very best again."

    Secret Paradise Maldives, edited

  • Review by Karen S

    "In such a short notice, Ruth helped us arrange our itinerary so that we can do the activities that we want to do in Maldives. Amazingly, Secret Paradise made our experience worthwhile and Superb. I highly recommend that you book with Secret Paradise. I appreciate their transparency and integrity in their service. Thank you so much Secret Paradise for a wonderful experience."

    Secret Paradise Maldives, edited

  • Review by a Phil Bailey

    "Ruth and her team are simply fantastic having assembled a 12 day package of Yoga for me. This turned out to be the best Yoga experience ever for me as the teachers and setting was amazing. All the staff I met at Secret Paradise were charming and really loved what they did and were vocal about this. Their hospitality and efficiency on arrival was superb and when BA announced a 24 hour delay on the return flight, everything was done to ensure I enjoyed the extra time I had - doubly challenging as it was Christmas day!"

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Marsha

    "We were very happy with our yoga retreat holiday, which was booked and organized with Ruth's help from Secret Paradise. The company was extremely efficient with the booking and communication. The eco concept of the hotel added a unique and engaging touch to the general exotic holiday experience you can find in other Maldives' hotels, as the hotel has a group of marine biologists who work there and organize guided snorkeling and diving tours with the detailed presentation on marine life and their work to preserve it. The chef in The Barefoot prepared delicious food every dinner and although the choice of food in the buffet is not huge, there was always a good selection of meals worthy a five star restaurant. The beach in The Barefoot is sandy and beautiful, however, there is no abundance of sea life right near the beach and the richer riffs are about 10-15 min away of swimming (or 5 mins on the boat). But it gives you an ability to swim freely is you just want to swim instead of snorkeling. The service at the hotel is good and the rooms are cleaned twice a day. The bar at the boat is worth visiting, as the boat itself has an exciting exterior of a pirate boat, while watching the sunset from it having a cocktail or star gazing at night is definitely a memorable experience."

    Secret Paradise Maldives, edited

Male, Maldives

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