26 Days 300hr Mystical Advanced YTT in Guatemala

  • Mystical Yoga Farm, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


Mystical Guatemala Yoga Teacher Training

  • 24 days with instruction
  • Welcome, welcome, welcome! Beloved sisters and brothers, are you inspired and called to respond to your inner longing to be united with your cosmic brothers and sisters? Together we will explore the cosmic unknown, download universal insights, reveal your own souls journey, and manifest beauty in life. Together we will step into the beauty and the ancient wisdom of yoga, claim the innate healing gifts of Shamanism, and embrace the role of becoming liberated soulful mystics in harmony and peace. This is the path of Mystic yoga, the path of the mystic shaman, and the pathless path of the enlightened mystic.

    The Mystic yoga path

    The Mystic yoga path takes you deep into the land of ancient Vedic wisdom where the mind, body, and life forces are engaged to probe the discoveries, meanings and teachings of the ancient mystic yogis, rishis and their sacred recordings in ancient texts, such as the yoga sutra, Bhagavagita, Upanishad, Vedanta, and the Vedas. Through these mystics' personal investigations and experimentations in the vast landscape of the sacred, they come to experience the wisdom and the truth via our personal verifications. The ancient discoveries are no longer just in the scriptures, but become living wisdoms that guide our actions in life.

    Shaman mystic YTT course

    During the course of studying and discovering, the wise yogis within are revealed and remembered. Learn and re-discover how to share the formless form of Mystic yoga with our beloved humanity, while continuously exploring different forms and names of ancient yoga and modern yoga practices. The path to Mystic yoga is the path of revealing and remembering who we are, the mystic yogi, and the enlightened mystic.


    • Daily Mystic and Shaman yoga
    • Daily meditation, asana, and sadhana
    • Daily art of teaching, art of sequencing, art of touch and alignment
    • Daily art of creating and co-creating and pranayama
    • Two main vegetarian meals everyday
    • 27 nights accommodation


      • Instruction language: English
      • Spoken languages: English
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    • The rest of the payment should be paid 90 days before arrival.

    Verified BookYogaRetreats.com reviews

    • Review by Marisol from Peru

      "I have respect and admiration for the school of yoga Yoga School institute, I think that is a school which tries to give the best education to their students, they are innovative, motivating and the work they have is to inspire students. They help and give the best to prepare the students to become good teachers. SYI use their knowledge to teach yoga that yoga is, more than postures of yoga, the school sees the yoga-based more spiritual and true, helping students find their happiness and connect them with themselves and with all. They teach with authenticity and creativity. At the same time help the student find their connection with the pachamama and divine also. I think this kind of original retreats transform people's lives. SYI help the students to what they really are or to find the purpose of they life and be happy. I recommend this school to all people who want to transform their lives and who want to become teachers with dedication, sensitive and conscious."

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Lisa

      "My experience at the yoga farm in Guatemala was such a blessing. It was something I had wanted to do for a very long time and I could not be happier with the place I chose, the facilitators (Goyo and Anita), and the friends that became family. The farm was so beautifully set up and every employee was full of compassion and joy. I really enjoyed the first hatha sequence that was taught but felt the vinyasa sequence needed much more time to thoroughly be taught and absorbed. The food was amazing as well as the cooks that prepared everything. It is hard to put my time at the lake into words still to this day 7 months later! It was a journey of reflection and transformation and I left with so much more than the ability to teach yoga. A lesson I still carry with me on a daily basis is to speak from my heart. I feel I truly understand what that means now. I hope to return to the farm one day and soak up the love that magical place brings! With love and gratitude,"

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Prema

      "The 300 YTT adds a depth to your spiritual practice so in turn your yoga. It unveils the uniqueness in the way you teach to share this ancient art, calling you to expand into the very essence of your soul, a journey into the mysteries of the magical mystic. Yep, I loved it"

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Michelle from USA

      "Introducing the self, from a story to an essence. Within time and space my name is Michelle and I spend most of my time in Portland, Oregon. I lived in a tent on Lago Atitlan this past year participating in a 500-hour teacher training through SYI. In the world I offer dynamic learning opportunities for students as I incorporate my experience as a bilingual yoga teacher in English and Spanish. I work as an international group facilitator, program development specialist, and owner of Enact Your Vision, supporting change-makers to make their dreams come true. I aim to help people learn how to listen in, meet their edge, and become more empowered to live fully with an open heart.My experience at the Mystical Yoga Farm traversing through the medicine wheel was transformational indeed. It was humbling to be in a student role, I chanted in the temascal, refreshed in the lago, nourished my body with fresh food, and let go in order to connect. The curriculum and program provided a tangible and accessible format for me to go within and beyond myself and connect to love. I shine the light and continue to inspire others to do so as well. It is magic, it is possible, aho!"

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Bthany from USA

      "Yoga Teacher Training with the SchoolYoga Institute was a heart-honouring, heart-opening experience. The course, designed around the shamanic medicine wheel, consciously guided us through a transformational experience. It seems the land, the lake, the volcanoes and the community were all there to support and nourish that experience.And of course there was yoga: I learned so much more about asana and pranayama, about teaching, adjusting poses, and anatomy. The classes that I offer now are multi-dimensional and heart-honouring as a result of the excellent teacher training I received at the Mountain Yoga Farm."

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited


    • Review by Hannah Donovan

      "My experience at the Mystical Yoga Farm was truly magical. The facilitators were amazing, the curriculum was fascinating, and the farm itself served as a sanctuary for me to rest, heal, deepen my practice, and learn to love myself once more. I’ve returned to the States with a new appreciation for my mind, body, and spirit, and a positivity and lightness that I will continue to carry with me and expand upon. Gracias para todo, Aho!"

      School Yoga Institute website, edited

    • Review by Marzia Ferraris

      "The universe has really been listening to all of my prayers, making my life one with a meaningful purpose, I feel truly blessed to be walking in my shoes, and hope that the journey continues along the same path that I am on. Planting seeds of consciousness around the globe through yoga practice, meditation and energy healing. My thirst to keep learning is immense, and even more so is my desire to share what I learn with the world."

      "The School Yoga institute 21 day program I attended, really opened up a door inside of me that contained so much more beauty than I imagined! Grateful!"

      School Yoga Institute website, edited

    • Review by Nina Kohlback

      "The Yoga Farm was a beautiful place to stay and practice Yoga. The peaceful and magical surroundings, the farm itself, the lake and the volcanoes are incredible."

      School Yoga Institute website, edited

    • Review by Anika Hudson

      "My experience at the Mystical Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours in Peru was very unique and special. The retreat center itself was beautiful and a perfect place to get away to reflect inwards, but also to come together with other like minded individuals to connect over something that was all calling to us for one reason or another. The group of people that showed up together those three weeks were all so special and beautiful. Each one was a teacher and a friend and brought their own gifts to the space and circle making our time together sweet and memorable. The teachings and classes were well rounded and the teachers very knowledgeable and passionate about what they teach. They don’t only teach yoga, but live it. The bridge between yoga, plant spirit medicine and shamanism this course offers really touched my heart and are so complimentary of each other. Each practice holds a special place in my heart, as they have each helped me grow into the soul I am today. The sacred ceremonies, such as the temezcal and sacred plant ceremonies offered the chance to stretch, grow and connect with Spirit and my truest self and to help me envision and create the life I desire. Overall, it was a lovely experience and I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it."

      "In Joy,"

      School Yoga Institute, edited

    • Review by Lauren Bauer

      "I vow to take these vibrant memories and lessons with me no matter where I end up in the world - sharing my SYI light. I left Bali, feeling immensely loved and supported, propelled in every instant of resonance and awakened to an abundance of possibilities. This transformational journey was really so much more than a yoga teacher training. It was an opening of the heart."

      School Yoga Institute, edited

    • Review by Hristina from Qatar / Bulgaria

      "I had an amazing YTT experience with School Yoga Institute. Every little bit of the training - the facilitators (Jiya & Chelan), the program, the group, location, hosts, accommodation, food and overall organization were simply perfect.I have learnt so much more beyond just yoga, and I would recommend this experience to any person who is looking for truth in life. I am sure that I will be able to grow and develop everything that I learnt during these 21 days and spread love and light along the way."

      School Yoga Institute's website, edited

    • Review by Laceyhickox from USA

      "The Mystical Yoga Farm is located on a beautiful secluded part of the lake that is only accessible by boat. It is quiet and serene, the perfect place to pause and reflect. Most of the rooms and yoga shala offer magnificent views of the volcano! The meditations, yoga classes, and evening gatherings are all inspired and authentic. They even offer kayaks, SUP boards, and a sauna! The staff is kind and open, inviting the opportunity to connect in community, with spirit, and with your ownself."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Polly Schmid from England

      "I came in looking for more spirituality and I found it, it was inside of me, I just wasnt looking. I am finding out all sorts of things about myself, and with these new findings I feel I am becoming much more authentic, much more at peace with who I am. I feel like my yoga classes are much more alive, have more energy, and it feels good!"

      School Yoga Institute's website, edited

    • Review by Ananda CJ Page from USA

      "I fell in love with this program because of its eclectic approach incorporating ancient teachings of yoga, spirituality, energetic healing, shamanism and meditation, as well as the beautiful sequencing from the traditions of Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Sivananda Yoga. I have taken many trainings over the years and consider this to be one of the most comprehensive and inspiring programs I have ever encountered."

      School Yoga Institute's website, edited

    • Review by Kayla Moon from USA

      "My name is Kayla Moon, Im from the United States and live in Tri-Cities, WA. I completed my 200hr YTT in Hawaii in September-October 2014 with the beautiful and amazing teachers Jed & Mindi. I am currently teaching 1hr yoga classes a few days a week here in my home town at an all women gym. My expereince so far has been wonderful and an evolution within itself. Ive gained beautiful relationships with the regular women I teach and get to witness their personal practices and their understanding of yoga blossom, which is one of my favorite things about teaching. My first expereince with SYI in Hawaii was a shock to the system!...to be perfectly honest. Thats what I loved most about the experience, I was forced to be fearless. I learned how to shed off the unnecessary layers to find the core of what makes me, me and you. My personal barriers and walls were broken down within minutes and there was nothing I could do but to just give into the whole experience. The experience was beauty, love, yoga and realness. I gained new awareness to shamanism along with the practice of yoga to find I can search deeper within myself the same way I can stretch deeper in a pose from actually experiencing the divine connection between the two. Theres something very sacred that happens at these teacher trainings with SYI that I think explaining it into human language would falsely represent the experience, because we did not communicate how humans normally do in day to day lives. We communicated with true expression through the most ancient form of practice called Yoga. The connections I've made with my fellow yogis are more sacred than any connection Ive made with another being. I was truly inspired 100% of the time during the training and truly experienced the divine beauty that is the same in each and every one of us. There is so much beauty to experience in this world, and so much to be learned, this is why I am going to continue my journey with SYI to complete my 500 YTT in Peru."

      School Yoga Institute's website, edited

    • Review by Ginger Calem from USA

      "My name is Ginger Calem and I live in Georgetown, TX. I experienced my YTT at Present Moment Retreat in Troncones, Mexico in October 2014. When I returned home, a changed person, I started teaching immediately. From the guidance and suggestion of my teacher/guru, CJ Ananda, I also obtained my level 1 and 2 Reiki practitioner credentials.It was my husbands idea that I go through the 200 YTT and that I do so at Present Moment. You see, we had been there in 2012 on a getaway, our first true vacation just the two of us in nearly 19 years of marriage. The place embedded in our hearts with its energy and vibration. I was concerned about being away from our family and business for nearly a month. We have 3 teenagers; one had just graduated high school and was headed off to his first year of college. We own a business that Im very involved in running and operating. How could I be gone?My husband read about the teacher training and said it would be truly a life changing experience and that I should go. (Yes, hes amazing!!)The yoga teacher training in and of itself was the highest quality I can imagine, and so thorough that when I returned home, I had no trepidation to jump right in and start teaching. I was prepared and confident and ready to embrace myself as a yoga teacher. For that alone, I am grateful for my experience but it was so much more than that.The journey of the Native American medicine wheel through which my tribe and I were led is what left me changed forever. I was at once opened and exposed, raw and newborn as well as put back together, strong and fierce. I was introduced to myself and loved the woman I am.My training opened a vault within me, one I had locked up tight. And now, Im absorbing every offering of enlightenment. Im sharing what I learned. And Im still learning myself! Im already planning for my next level of training.If I could go back and do this training all over again, I would. Part of me wishes I had done it sooner, but I recognize and accept that perhaps I wasnt ready earlier. The timing was exactly how it was meant to be so that I could embrace it and be changed.In light and love and abundant openness "

      School Yoga Institute's website, edited

    • Review by A traveler

      "Where I live, yoga studios are more accessible than cafes. Washington, D.C. is one of the fittest cities in the U.S., yet even so, it took me a year after relocating to the area to start my practice and three more to seek advancing my practice through School Yoga Institute in Mal Pais, Costa Rica January 2015. My first day on the mat, I knew yoga. I breathed yoga. Yoga connected with my spirit and purified my mind. Every practice was restorative spiritually and mentally while being exhilarating and strengthening physically.Despite having a variety of amazing and experienced teachers who offered abundant adjustments and modifications, I wanted to advance my physical practice and understanding of yoga for myself. Deciding where, when, and through whom was challenging. I was called to Costa Rica to couple my advancement with a deep spiritual cleanse and ran with it, only to find one of the best experiences I could have imagined -- far exceeding any expectation I set and more deeply purifying than I initially recognized I needed.In Mal Pais, we had several gurus lead us through our teacher training and understanding of yoga, a yogic lifestyle, our bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits. Each an expert in their own unique vocation, we learned yoga sequencing and how to instruct, along with anatomy and adjustments, yoga sutras and ways of life, yogic diet and Ayurveda, and had a twist of daily surf lessons. On our days off, we had the beautiful cityscape and countryside to explore.I am currently teaching small groups of friends and community groups, while doing yoga for trade at a studio in my home. I am continuously seeking direction through deepening my practice, spirituality, and appreciation of stillness and what is. I left with permanent connections with my fellow yogis and an experience that has shaped me which I will cherish forever."

      School Yoga Institute's website, edited

    • Review by A traveler

      "A year ago, I had never in my life been able to reach my toes in a forward fold, closing my eyes in a room full of people was an impossibility, and anything that even remotely smacked of esoterical to me made me highly uncomfortable.Having always been rooted in the world of intellectual pursuits and rigorous athleticism I had forever believed myself to be way too un-flexible and un-spiritual to even go near yoga. Yet here I am, a mere year later, a certified yoga teacher who even teaches in my current home base of Manila, Philippines.When we 17 students and two teachers (and not to forget: three dogs) first came together under the Bali full moon it quickly became clear that something special was about to happen here. SYIs are no ordinary run of the mill trainings. Being shamanic, they are very holistic in nature and we quickly got to experience that. In no time our -in so many ways very diverse- group had turned into family, living and breathing yoga together in a co-created safe space every day for 3 weeks straight. As we delved into the magic of yoga and personal development, shedding layers and riding the roller coaster that is teacher training, SYIs well thought through the structure (following the 4 directions) and curriculum steered us through it all. At the same time, we had the best guides one could ever wish for on such a journey in our teachers. They truly went above and beyond and poured their heart and soul into this process. It is incredible what a wealth of knowledge and wisdom they possess and so happily shared with us. Even more importantly, though, they were there for us always with unwavering love and support and inspired us all through their authenticity and their incredible ability to empower.By the end of the 3 weeks which were filled with a plethora of experiences, all of us had truly embarked on the path of yoga, and had what a wonderful feat of alchemy!- all transformed into teachers. Sure, we had learned to teach asanas like you probably do in any teacher training. We had however learned so much more than that, and had all started to change in profound and beautiful ways. This we have the unique concept of the School Yoga Institute training and our teachers to thank for. If youre looking for something a bit more than just learning the mere facts of yoga and teaching (although youll learn all that too and exceedingly well at that): then look no further!A training that turned someone like me into a yoga teacher and yogi must surely contain some degree of magic! I will forever be grateful for this experience which started so much for me and in fact proved to be a life changer. Oh, and as a fringe benefit I can even touch my toes now, yay ;-)"

      School Yoga Institute's website, edited

    • Review by Devon Martin from USA

      "Hello! My name is Devon Martin and I live in Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania. I have completed two 200 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings with SYI. My first in Nicaragua and my second in Bali, Indonesia as a student apprentice. My first Yoga Teacher training came at a critical time in my life where I was taking a radical leap of faith from my corporate job in Manhattan. My soul was crying out and I asked myself, What Makes you feel Alive? I dedicated 2013 as my Year of Transformation & Adventure, traveling through 6 countries with my YTT as my first stop! When I found SYI online, I really resonated with the balance of physical and spiritual focus. As a certified Reiki master, I loved that energy healing, shamanism and the medicine wheel were included in the training. I knew right away this was the perfect fit for my new chapter.I could say that my experience was one of the most profound experiences in my life. As a huge turning point, it opened my eyes to a whole new way of living, being and healing. It provided tools, discipline and soul family to support me in my journey. The location was absolutely stunning and it was a perfect place to enter into the healing arts. It helped me detox from the fast paced and stress packed corporate life style and taught me that there is so much more to life. I was challenged physically, mentally and emotionally and faced many fears, leaving me reborn with a new strength, inner direction and inspiration.While traveling throughout Southeast Asia, I used my certification to teach at a Mindfulness community in Chiang Rai, Thailand called New Life Foundation. The experience filled me with great purpose and passion sharing this sacred practice with people in recovery and focusing on personal development. Nine months after my first training in Nicaragua, I completed my second YTT in Bali, Indonesia. It helped build confidence in my practice and my teaching, recognizing how far my mind and body have come since my first training. I was truly grateful to revisit the training and hope to do another YTT with SYI in the future!Both of my trainings with SYI brought so much value to my life, from physical strength to mental clarity and spiritual bliss. The magic of these experiences will stay with me forever and my new yoga family will always be cherished. I would recommend SYI to anyone seeking profound shifts in their lives!Namaste :)"

      School Yoga Institute's website, edited

    • Review by a student

      "Introducing the self, from a story to an essence. Within time and space, my name is Michelle and I spend most of my time in Portland, Oregon. I lived in a tent on Lago Atitlan this past year participating in a 500-hour teacher training through SYI. In the world, I offer dynamic learning opportunities for students as I incorporate my experience as a bilingual yoga teacher in English and Spanish. I work as an international group facilitator, program development specialist, and owner of Enact Your Vision, supporting change-makers to make their dreams come true. I aim to help people learn how to listen in, meet their edge, and become more empowered to live fully with an open heart."

      School Yoga Institute's website, edited

    • Review by Rachel

      "A Limerick of TestimonyI was called to a faraway, Mystical landOn a beautiful lake,I was jolted awakeAnd realised that my life could be so much more grandSunrise meditations to the North, South, East, WestFlexibility. Strength. Activity. Rest.I learned how things flow,About letting them go,And that truth is our nature and nature knows bestAsana, Kirtan, Satsung, MeditationTemescal ceremonies and ManifestationA transformative placeTo Be and hold spaceFor Dreaming and Sharing, for Love and CreationWhen I think of this time from a few years awayIm reminded that lifes full of magic and playOf the paths that crossed hereLaughter, Harmony, CheerThe start of a journey. Om, Paz, Namaste."

      School Yoga Institute's website, edited

    • Review by A traveler from Cameron, North Carolina, USA

      "I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to stay at Present Moment for 7 days last month (thanks to Groupon!). When I arrived in the town of Trocones I was a bit worried as it is on a dirt road and seems to be like you are in the middle of nowhere but when I stepped through the doors of PM I was amazed at the beauty, peace and absolute ZEN-ness of this retreat. Being a solo traveler I was was not quite sure what I was going to do for the next 7 days alone but I quickly made friends which made the whole trip so much fun. We went on the horseback trip to the 'cave' which was a wonderful adventure but the hike up to the cave, after riding for an hour on our horses, was a challenge. I stayed at the top of the cave and let my friends hike down to the bottom of the cave with Jesus as I could see the stalagmites from my perch just fine ;). On our way back to PM, riding our horses on the beach we watched the sun set and it was beautiful.The sound of the ocean is constant and incredibly powerful and I think I miss that sound most of all. I got up several mornings to watch the sunrise on the beach and recorded the sound of the ocean on my I-phone so that I can transpot myself back there anytime.The food at PM is so fresh, the people who work there friendly and the bungalos were beautiful. The linens are high quality, the bed comfortable, the yoga instructors and massage therapists were great. I was able to experience yoga from 3 different instructors and massage from 3 different therapists which I was excited about as I wanted to experience everything possible in my 7 day adventure. Some days I just sat around the pool and walked the beach. It was all good!I was so impressed by how meticulous the grounds were kept. Every morning by 7am there were at least 5 groundsmen working to maintain the high standards that are a part of PM. The attention to detail is incredible. There is even incense in each room. The wood work and thatch work are amazing in detail.There are outlets for I-phones and hairdryers in each bungalo, a ceiling fan above each bed and shampoo/conditioner in each shower that was glorious. Room service made up my bed everyday and Bodi came by one night for a security check!We went Salsa dancing one night thanks to a couple who had rented a truck and was willing to take 4 of us on a wild ride down this crazy dirt road to one of the many hotels down from PM.On my last night a group of us walked up the beach to a restaurant on the beach where they rescue sea turtle eggs and release the newly hatched sea turtles. We got there at sunset and helped him (the sea turtle guy) release a whole washtub full of sea turtles.Would I go back? Yes, if Groupon runs another special, yes."

      School Yoga Institute's website, edited

    • Review by Emma Sefton

      "The teacher training course at the Mystical Yoga Farm was above and beyond my expectations, it is so much more than just yoga"

      School Yoga Institute's website, edited

    • Review by Maria Mihok

      "I came to learn how to teach yoga and I am leaving with so much more. The depth of what I have gotten: knowing who I am and who I am not, the opportunity to connect with beautiful people with beautiful souls and the knowledge that I am leaving with, which I can carry into my practice and share with others is beyond words. Yoga is so much more than asana and my experience at the farm has opened my eyes to all that it is-a holistic way of living and being. Im grateful for the opportunity Ive had to play, explore, learn and grow in this beautiful place, amidst mystical volcano and people."

      School Yoga Institute's website, edited

    • Review by Alison

      "I came to the Mystical Yoga Farm with the hopes of getting certified to teach yoga. What I got from the experience was so much more than a piece of paper stating eligibility. I learned that I am my own teacher, that I have more power over my mind than I thought. I am lucky to have been able to share my journey here with truly wonderful individuals and I feel like each has had an impact on my life in some way. I learned to be at peace with myself and the world around me and this is really the greatest gift. Thank you for everything."

      School Yoga Institute's website, edited

    • Review by Nicolle Cheeseman

      "My visit to the Mystical Yoga Farm has been amazing. It has been a place of peace, natural beauty, mind, body, spirit rejuvenation. The teacher training course has far exceeded my expectations, it has been challenging and interesting and I am truly amazed at how much I have learned and how far I have come in such a short amount of time. My yoga practice is much stronger, my heart is more open and my mind is at peace. I look forward to spending the rest of the summer here and visiting again in the future!"

      School Yoga Institute's website, edited

    • Review by Anna Couture

      "Not only have I come to know many beautiful people, but I have come to know myself."

      School Yoga Institute's website, edited

    • Review by Yesica Osuna

      "Taking this course has opened my eyes to see what I truly need to pursue in my life. The mystical yoga farm opened my third eye, which is something that I have been trying to do my whole life. To accomplish what I have wanted to do my whole life in just a matter of 3 weeks shows that this place is completely worth coming back to. Being at this training has helped me find what I want to do for the rest of my life. And that is to be in the spiritual world with my fellow brothers and sisters that share the same spiritual interest. For once I have felt completely comfortable in the place that I was at. To know that any religion and any believe is welcomed to the training just puts a big smile on my face. There are very limited places where ones spiritual walk is welcomed, and also encourage. This training doesnt force you to find a specific way to preach or a specific deity to follow. This training helps one find what they lack in their heart, what every person is determined to find. Which is who they truly are. I dont only want to go back to the training to retake the course, but also to help people find there spiritual path. It is a thrilling process to help someone find what they are lacking. I want to show them the blessing and magic of yoga. For whenever one finds yoga, one will never go back."

      School Yoga Institute's website, edited

    North Fork, California, United States

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