Meditation: Anytime, Anywhere, Anyway. The School 4 Meditation is for anyone who wants to go within and learn how to meditate or deepen their current practice.

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6 Day Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Juzcar, Malaga

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    Instructors (2)

    Rose Tol

    Ian Tolmay

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    from Germany, August 2021

    The retreat was an amazing experience. It's a nice, perfect place to find yourself and disconnect from the crazy world. This is not yoga gym-style. This is a retreat to see yoga more from the soul's and healing perspective. Meditation is also very moving. I had a very nice time and go back to home fully recharged and with a new perspective. Ian and Rose also put a lot of dedication to the small details, that make you feel at home. The food is amazing and organic. The place itself also invites to relaxation and reflection. Even the small dogs make you feel at home! I also highly recommend the massage, it leaves you brand new. I loved it!


    from Spain, April 2021

    "wonderfull weekend, time to bring me back to myself"

    The sessions of yoga, meditation. All the tips to take with you home to remember who you are . The food was also very nice with fresh fruits and veggies! Rose and Ian are beautifull people. The location of the retreat is in the middle of nature, the route to get there is also scenic.

    Barbara Pastori

    from Spain, September 2020

    "Amazing experience "

    Everything! Such a pleasure and honour to have met Ian and Rose... I really felt taken care of, and the week has been truly nourishing for me, physically, mentally but most importantly emotionally. Beautiful location, weather and locally grown food cooked with all the love in this world. Thanks guys! I hope I’ll be able to go back soon.

    Zara Adams

    from Great Britain, February 2020

    "Serenity and Simplicity"

    I loved my whole experience at the School 4 Meditation Retreat. It really made me go inwards and connect with my inner self. It made me aware and self conscious about everything I was doing and do from waking up in the morning to going back to bed at night. There is so much more to learn and I will definitely go back to keep me guided and be shown the right path.

    Doris Fassler

    from Austria, March 2020

    "zu Hause angekommen"

    Ich fühlte mich sofort wohl mit Rose und Ian an diesem magischen Ort des Rückzugs. Die beiden machen ihre Arbeit mir großer Liebe und Hingabe - sie geben sooo viel! Ich habe es sehr geschätzt, dass sie aufgrund ihres großen Erfahrungsschatzes sehr individuell und intuitiv unterrichten. Ihre Begleitung geht sehr in die Tiefe und ist sehr persönlich! Ich bin sehr dankbar, dass ich in diesem Retreat viele alte (Denk)muster und Hindernisse, die einem freien und glücklichen Leben im Weg stehen, loslassen konnte und tiefe spirituelle Erfahrungen machen durfte. Danke an Ian für die vielen spirituellen Inspirationen während dem Yoga praktizieren! Danke an Rose für das Schaffen einer Atmosphäre des Vertrauens, das Halten des Raumes und der weisen Ratschläge!

    Es ist ein kleines Paradies, das sie sich hier geschaffen haben und es mit anderen gerne teilen: die Terrasse mit Blick über die Berge, der Garten...die Stille und das gute, gesunde Essen. Einfach herrlich! Ich bin in diesem Retreat wirklich bei mir innerlich zu Hause angekommen und als anderer Mensch wieder rausgegangen: mit viel Vertrauen, mit der Gewissheit, dass ich immer verbunden bin mit mir und etwas größerem und mit offenem Herzen mit viel Liebe!

    Dies ist unbezahlbar! Ich danke euch von ganzem Herzen dafür und komme sicher wieder!!!! love, Doris

    Marinka Oostveen

    from Netherlands, June 2019

    "Best experience - exactly what I needed "

    Really personal retreat, with focus on why you decided to go on a retreat. It was really helpful for me and I got a lot of new ideas.. Besides the food was amazing and I really like the nature that is around the place we stayed. And the mediation-lessons are so one of a kind!! Want to go back soon!’

    Jill Wood

    from Germany, March 2020


    Every space at this retreat is beautiful. Rose and Ian go out of their way to accommodate each guest. Their attention to detail was supreme. Rose has an incredible resume of the work she has done in the meditation world. Ian's yoga and meditation classes each morning were gentle and led for all levels. Every meal Rose made was with the intention to nourish and heal, as well as taste delicious.

    They are true beacons, showing us how to live with desire to make the world a better place; and it showed all 11 days days I stayed with them.

    I am looking forward to the next time I am able to study with them again.

    Karolina Pospischil

    from Poland, March 2020

    "Heart warming, perfect experience "

    Rose and Ian put all their heart into the course supporting you on your meditation journey, overlooking each detail from comfy and cosy casita where you stay, delicious food and above all their wisdom about meditation. This was a ground breaking experience for me, giving way more than I expected from a meditation teacher training. They made sure we were well prepared before coming to Juzcar, passing well prepared materials and having skype call consultations. On site it was a perfect balance of meditation, yoga, wisdom and relax time to ground well what we were learning. The location is magical, full of nature, space and beautiful views. I highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to dive deep into meditation no matter what experience with it you had so far. If you feel like you are missing a part of yourself and want to change your life for better, however it may seem these are big words, but this is THE PLACE to do it. I am very grateful to both Rose and Ian for how they run the course with passion and giving their all for my growth, as well as my friends - co-participants with whom we created a bond for life.

    Barbara Kipfer

    from Switzerland, March 2020

    "11 Days 100-Hour Meditation Teacher Training"

    The teacher training started already 6 weeks before we actually went down to Andalusia. We got superb Material to prepare ourselves and had Skypecalls every two weeks with everyone joining the teacher training,which was so nice and which i am sure is very unique for a retreat!

    From the moment we arrived at they're beautiful place I felt welcomed and home! Every detail is thought through carefully and everything is done with so much love- from the amazing food (Rose is a nutritionist), to the wonderful cosy casitas, the lush garden with an astonishing view and I sooo many more things throughout the whole day. There are always some little gifts awaiting you:)

    The mornings startet with a meditation followed by yoga in the beautiful yurt lead by Ian who gave us so many inspiring inputs on the way! He knows so much about the body and is also an excellent masseur too;)

    After breakfast was a second longer Meditation lead by Rose. She put all her heart in and was there for everyone. We learned so much more than I expected or could have ever asked was a whole transformal experience, it is hard to describe-it has to be experienced! With all they shared with us I feel now ready to guide people through a meditation!

    Rose and Ian really want to share everything they know-they give way more than you could ever expect! 

    I couldn't have asked for a better training retreat! Thank you both so much-I feel very lucky to have found you and will come back for sure! :))

    Simone Heide

    from Netherlands, November 2019

    The retreat was overall amazing. Rose and Ian are lovely people who care a lot for the attendees. The surroundings are beautifull and quiet.