Sat Nam Yoga Spa

Sat Nam Yoga Spa is a yoga studio, a private holistic wellness retreat or if you prefer, a great vacation getaway.

  • New York, United States

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from US$741
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  • Review by G.S. from Alabama

    "My boyfriend and I stayed at the Sat Nam Yoga Spa recently and our experience was lovely. The grounds are beautiful and so peaceful; our room was surrounded by a balcony with a view of the lush gardens. The floatarium is the ultimate in relaxation and bliss (it was my second time "floating" at Sat Nam). Marilyn is a kind and doting host - we had everything we needed and more. I wish we had more time to spend at the spa for kundalini classes but know from prior experience that Marilyn is an excellent teacher. Highly recommend!"

    Yelp website, edited

  • Review by Regine B. from NY

    "For those who want an immersion into yoga, meditation, peace and good food, this is the place to go. Marilyn is a Kundalini yogi master so be prepared to work hard (and gain a lot of benefit from it). She is also a lovely host who makes everyone feel at home. The floating tank is more like a large bath (than a tank) so for those who have ever been hesitant to try it (like me), it's not as scary as it might seem to be a tank and it was an amazing experience. Her grounds are very well kept and the accommodations clean and well kept too. We were never lacking for food, conversation and relaxation."

    Yelp website, edited

  • Review by Joseph Hyk.

    "The owner of Sat Nam Yoga Spa, Marilyn, Gitanjali Valant, stands above others with most positive personality, effective teaching and the one who truly transmits caring, directing and sharing her teaching of Yoga. Most unique and effective teacher that I have encountered. Namaste to all."

    Sat Nam Yoga Spa Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Barbara Rahm from USA

    "After taking classes with Marilyn for about four months, I was delighted to first find that my waist had shrunk substantially and second that I had developed really nice definition in my arms. My inner strength and stamina has increased steadily, and I leave every class feeling very proud of myself. Marilyn is a wonderful teacher."

    Sat Nam Yoga Spa website, edited