Sarvaguna Yoga organizes professional yoga and meditation teacher training and retreats in Agonda Beach in Goa and Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh, India.

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28 Day 200-Hour Dual style Yoga Teacher Training in Agonda Beach, Goa

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    28 Day 300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

    Feb 20-Mar 19 | Feb 19-Mar 18 , 2022–2023
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      Dr. Keshava Murthy, PhD, E-RYT-200, RYT 500+

      Kimber Wigley, E-RYT-200, RYT 500+

      Chetan Kumar, M.A(Yoga & Ayurveda),E-RYT-200, RYT 500+

      Reviews (22)

      Tibor Schlenka

      from Australia, February 2020

      "Awesomene yoga school"

      Loved the challenging schedule great yoga and gaining new experiences awesome teacher especially Praveen such a good teacher i learnt so much and was able to push myself further with his guidance

      Natasha Harris

      from United Kingdom, December 2019

      "If you want traditional Then this is the one to choose"

      I liked the realness of the place and the tradition of the practice


      from Sweden, February 2019

      "Really good for the traditional yoga experience"

      This was such a great yoga teacher training experience, I'll definitely recommend it if you want to experience the true Indian yoga tradition in a safe and friendly setting. I really appreciated the included pickup and drop-off at the airport, India is quite full on if you are not used to it and the yoga school made all of this much easier.

      The teachers were knowledgeable and very kind. The focus was mainly on the yoga philosophy and the spiritual part of the yoga tradition, but we had of course anatomy lessons as well. I did the Hatha & Vinyasa 200h YTT, it was quite different from the Yoga practice I'm used to in Europe, very traditional Hatha and Vinyasa (which is what we would call "Astanga yoga" here). We had 2 asana classes per day + several hours alignment/teaching so it is quite physically demanding, especially the Vinyasa. We were a small group and had the possibility to practice teaching a lot which really boosted my confidence as a new yoga teacher. I think this is a great choice if you want to learn more about the yoga tradition and learn "Mysore style" adjustment etc. If your main goal is to teach asana practice in the West I would be a bit careful to not only rely on this course before teaching, I think it would be wise to do some additional studies or watch/attend classes with western yoga teachers as well. However if you are in for the personal development/spiritual journey/deepen your understanding for yoga and its practices I say go for it!


      from United States, February 2019

      There was no pressure to be the best at yoga. It was a very supportive and encouraging environment. All teachers were very informative, patient and full of knowledge. Being here enabled me to realise how much strength and confidence I had in myself and how much I had grown. Praveen was amazing at how many ways he showed us different alignment techniques, as well as teaching the yoga classes. His energy was brilliant and he's one of the nicest people I have ever met. Dr Keshava is also lovely and holds so much information in his head - he is very passionate about his subjects and this comes across very clearly during philosophy teaching.


      from United States, January 2019


      I loved the fact that they conduct everything in the SACRED tradition of the Yoga and principle, guidelines/everything.

      Dr. Keshava’s Philosophy class was always full of life, light (SWITCH ON THE BRAIN), joy, truth, humor, meanings, irony, Wit, wisdom, intuition, tales... . It was overall beyond amazing that I found my dear guru!

      The words cannot simply describe this learning and spiritually joyful and magically uplifting experience you get from his class. He is one of the RARE, humblest and awakened people on earth.

      Ear and eye opening! ....he is very knowledgeable and truly compassionate!

      Dr. Keshava is beyond a yogi, he is a pure love and light, a person of universal knowledge and depth and, is sharing this knowledge and help people awaken and find mindfulness, meaning full life and happiness! I WAS SOOOO HAPPY and energized after each time attending HIS CLASS.

      I learnt a great deal about yogic life, diet, principles, meaning of yoga/union, asanas and on!! I enjoyed learning the Hatha style with some vinyasa of yoga directly from the Authentic Classical Indian masters and teachers like Dr. KESHAVA and Praveen.

      The location was breathtakingly beautiful with the MAJESTIC ocean, beach, lush green palm trees, amazingly delicious vegan meal and teas and honey! Plentiful!!

      People SEARCHING FOR the authentic Yoga teacher training in India, LOOK NO FURTHER!!!

      THE SARVAGUNA YOGA SCHOOL IS A VERY PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL and cares for the students and their well being!!


      from Netherlands, December 2018

      "Highly recommended Sarvaguna Yoga! Excellent choice for YTT!"

      Yoga asana’s with Praveen Reddy - highly professional, motivating, helping and always facilitating with deepening the practice - which caution to own body limits. Praveen is a gentleman and professional. I could never imagine having developed so well in 28 days.

      Philosophy with Keshava - highly intelligent, dedicated, polite professional, knowledgeable and wise. He enjoys sharing his deep understanding of philosophy and he does with with great humor!

      Anatomy with Kaia (Carolina) - excellent content, knowledge with a medical and yoga background. Tough topic to teach as it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Kaia radiates positivity and is always willing to spend time explaining to individuals and she is fun, energetic and open to creative ways to teach the subject!

      Briana Haywood

      from Portugal, December 2019

      "Immer wieder gerne! :) "

      Ich habe nach einer traditionellen und authentischen Yoga Schule gesucht und in Sarvaguna gefunden! Essen war vegetarisch und/ oder vegan zudem super lecker, mein Zimmer und der Yoga Shala waren sauber und groß. Theorie und praktischer Unterricht waren überraschend umfangreich - nach zwei Wochen leider auch sehr anstrengend, aber es war ja fast zu erwarten! ;) Dr. Keshava und der Yogaleherer waren sehr professionell und authentisch in dem was sie lehrten. Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit der Schule und würde es jedem empfehlen, der traditionelles Yoga lernen möchte - fernab vom westlichen Yoga-Bild! ;)

      Markus Rossi

      from United States, January 2019

      "200 Std Yoga Teachertraining"

      Sehr kompetente Kursleitungen im Fach Philosophie und Yoga Besten Dank

      Jacqueline Senn

      from Switzerland, December 2018

      "Yoga Teacher Training Agonda Beach"

      Die Atmosphäre unter den Teilnehmern und den Lehrern war sehr herzlich,freundlich und respektvoll. Der Humor von Yogi Keshava war mitreissend und sehr hilfreich.

      Die Asanas wurden sehr präzise und mit grossem Wachwissen erklärt und vorgeführt.

      Die wundervolle Natur rundherum war atemberaubend. Die vielen Tiere, (Affen mit ihren Babies, Hunde, Katzen, Schweinchen und das fröhliche getzwitscher der vielen Vögel bilden ein unvergessliches Erlebnis. ❤️❤️❤️

      Myriam Chausson

      from France, December 2018

      "Professeurs adorables et professionnels "

      La ponctualité, discipline... le niveau des cours de yoga très complets, la philosophie, l’histoire, l’anatomie... enrichissants, très intéressant...l’attention des professeurs, l’environnement ....

      Marie Lord

      from United Kingdom, December 2019

      "A perfect Teacher, location, food, accommodation,itinary.,"

      The teachings from Dr Keshave were absolutely perfect in every way. I gained not only the knowledge and understanding but the confidence that It has given me I could not ask for anymore.

      I just want to say from the bottom of my heart THANKYOU! I will never forget my experience and I will be highly recommending this course to everyone that is interested.

      Thank you Dr Keshava

      Kind regards



      November 2019

      Bit of background first for context: I did 100hr MTT in Nov '19, I work in fin markets and thus was looking for the course to learn about whats/whys/hows of meditation and also turn the meditation into a habit that would stick after the course and would help to perceive stress differently and deal with it better.

      Schedule: Intense and with a very good mix of meditation practice, Pranayama, philosophy/theory and yoga (as we understand it here in the West). There is just enough time for some beach time every day after lunch which worked out perfectly for me. Also, you have a free half-Sat and whole Sunday which again is great for some holiday activities after mentally intense week.


      Dr. Keshava - I was impressed on many levels. First, he 100pct lives the values / lifestyle of Yoga (I don't mean here the narrow part of physical asanas that we call yoga in the west) and can talk/discuss any part of it from his experience living in Ashrams for years. At the same time, the scientific knowledge (check out his CV) is immense and thus equips him with ability to unite both worlds and explain many aspects from a scientific angle which appealed to a methodical/rational person like me a lot.

      Praveen Reddy - he led our daily Asana classes and can't think of any negatives: knowledgable, encouraging/attentive and positive attitude.

      Food: Loved it!! I'll just say I used to drink alco + eat meat pretty much every day and haven't touched both since the course. #winning

      Michelle Lellouche

      from Israel, November 2019

      "Fantastic Meditation Training in Agonda"

      I just finished my 100h meditation teacher training in Sarvaguna school and it was simply fantastic and a wonderful experience.

      The location is stunning as the vibe of Agonda is perfect to already be in a meditative state.

      Our master, Keshava is simply amazing!

      Knowledgeable, a huge heart, always ready to help and make you feel comfortable.

      His sense of humor is as big as is knowledge of what he's teaching.

      Praveen the yoga teacher is also great and has such a good vibe.

      The food was super tasty, fresh and cooked with love.

      If you're looking for a real Indian experience and to be introduced to Meditation properly, Sarvaguna school is the place you should definitely go! Thank you Keshava, Praveen and the kitchen team for so much love and sharing!

      Ytamar Faybish

      from Belgium, July 2019

      "A lovely training in an amazing location"

      This was a lovely training, with very knowledgable, kind and compassionate teachers. They were also very open-minded, for example if a schedule needed to be changed for one reason or another, they did not hesitate to do what is best for all, I was quite impressed by that. We all enjoyed very much to learn from them and be in their company. The location was amazing with lovely views, not far from hiking trails. There is also a beautiful waterfall not far away from the house where we all went together once a week in the morning, to meditate there, I loved it. The 3 times a day mostly vegan food (one can ask for vegan only, they will tell if there are non-vegan ingredients in a dish, I do not remember seeing any cheese for example in any of the served dishes) was very tasty and enjoyable, many thanks to the chefs and helpers there. The accomodation was very good as well, with private room, bathroom and shower. And last but not least all the participants were just lovely souls with great hearts. Thanks again to all the teachers, it was a great privilege and honor meeting and getting to know you there, thanks to all the participants for a lovely time, to all the chefs, helpers, and those who took care of the accomodations, with best wishes.


      from Turkey, July 2019

      The course was well-planned, structured and full of enlightening knowledge. Dr. Keshava is the best, disciplined and kind soul and teacher whom you can ever meet.

      Axelle Covemacker

      from France, May 2019

      "2 intenses weeks! "

      Great hatha yoga class with praveen, we learn also 10 différents kinds of meditation. The room was great, the food excellent.

      Alba Van Der Velden

      from Netherlands, May 2019

      "Great experience "

      I loved it very much. Good quality of classes. Teachers are great! I learned alot from them. Plus they serve very good food for lunch and diner at the guesthouse. Everyone is very helpful, you can ask anything. I would recommend this experience to my friends. Thanks Sarvaguna Yoga!


      from United States, November 2018

      "Nice TTC with some ups and downs"

      Location is great, nice and calm in the mountains. Main instructor Praveen is doing a great job and keeps students motivated.

      Dr. Keshava always helps out when possible, but isn't very often around. His philosophy lessons are very inspiring.