Sarana Yoga

Alaska, United States

Sarana's a yoga teacher & she leads retreats throughout the year at Wilbur Hot Springs, Esalen, in Mexico & at the Sarana Yoga Retreat Center in Haines, Alaska.

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  • Amy

    Wilbur Hot Springs

    My personal favorite is Wilbur. My friend and rocking yoga teacher, Sarana Miller was born on the property itself and her father still owns it. On a recent getaway to Wilbur, I quickly remembered how to relax and forget my stresses (or perhaps boiled them away in hot water!?). The special sauce was the combination of country sun and warm, healing water. Their motto, In all the World, No Waters Like These, holds true for me. Not only does that environment relax my body nearly immediately, but it relaxes my knotted mind.

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