Sarah Slyne Yoga

London, United Kingdom

Sarah Slyne is an international yoga instructor and body worker.

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  • Evelina

    Sarah Slyne Yoga website

    Thank you so much, lovely memories :) So in love with yoga now, can't wait to learn more!!

  • Florence France

    Sarah Slyne Yoga website

    Thank you for your message. I hope you are fine. It was a wonderful week full of nice meetings. Another big thank you for your good humor, your kindness and your very nice course.

  • Christian

    Sarah Slyne Yoga website

    Thank you so much for a wonderful week and for introducing me to yoga! I am very glad to have met you and been inspired by you. My body now loves me. I can't remember last time I felt this well. It is strange to think that I can feel the difference after only a week of yoga. I used to think this was some silly form of house wife gymnastics ;-) but I could not have been more wrong! I have always tried to keep active, even when working hard but I have hitherto always focused on running and basic exercises that I remember from my brief military career (burpees, press-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, etc). However, I am now a converted yogi and will try to make the Hatha intro classes in virgin active in the mornings during the week! Shoulder openers, hip openers and twists shall now become part of my daily routine! My spine is my new best friend!

  • Helen

    Sarah Slyne Yoga website

    A huge THANK YOU to you for an amazing and unforgettable holiday! I feel absolutely great now I'm home, full of energy, enthusiasm and inspiration - the week was everything I hoped for and more!

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