Sarah Louisa Yoga

Uki, Australia

Sarah Louisa yoga classes are a combination of dynamic and meditative postures that will make you physically and mentally fit and flexible.

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  • Jo Kerr Queensland

    Sarah Louisa Yoga website

    As an athlete in a contact sport I need to look after my body. Sarah always takes the time to check in on any injuries I have and modifies any poses that may be troublesome. She has a thorough understanding of the body and how to strengthen each and every muscle. I’m very competitive and like a challenge. Sarah knows when to challenge me and when to remind me I’m not ready to take the next step. I live in a fast paced world and it’s nice to know I can turn up to a class, after going missing for a few weeks, to a smile. I leave every class feeling glad I chose to get up and complete my practice.

  • Clare Staines

    Sarah Louisa Yoga website

    I have been attending Sarah’s yoga classes for about four years and thoroughly recommend her as a teacher. She teaches from a solid knowledge of yoga and the human body and caters for everyone no matter what their level. The mix of people at the classes is comforting, I feel particularly inspired by the people who don’t find yoga easy, but roll out their mats anyway. Sarah is very clever at understanding when you are ready to advance in a pose, and encouraging you to go a little further just when you are ready.

  • Jodie Kimberg

    Sarah Louisa Yoga website

    Sarah has been my yoga teacher for the past three years. Sarah’s classes are challenging, relaxing, energizing, sometimes frustrating, but above all make a real, positive difference to my physical and emotional well being. Sarah’s knowledge, passion and love of yoga motivate me to integrate yoga into my daily life. As a teacher she is a perfect combination of gentle, firm, caring, funny, humble and challenging. Whether it is a restorative or high energy ashtanga class, I always walk out of yoga happy and grateful that I have invested my time wisely. I am so grateful that Sarah is my yoga teacher and could not recommend her more highly.

  • Lisa Queensland

    Sarah Louisa Yoga website

    I have been attending Sarah’s yoga classes for many years now, starting with basic general classes and then expanding into Ashtanga under her guidance. Recently after developing RA, her support and guidance has played an integral part in keeping me active and centred. Her ability to be flexible in her approach and her willingness to search out alternatives to enable me to participate in her classes is commendable. As a result, I have learned so much more and become stronger in ways I had never imagined possible. I recommend Sarah to anyone wishing to embark on their yoga journey and to those continuing on in theirs.

    ‘Yoga is so much more than the poses performed in class and our individual ability to do those poses’

    Thanks Sarah!

  • Lee Duffy

    Sarah Louisa Yoga website

    Sarah, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to participate in the recent yoga challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed discovering how different my body would feel from one day to the next. One day I would feel light as a feather while on another day I felt I was carrying the weight of two people! On the last (30th) day of the challenge I felt amazing. I look forward to more challenges.

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