Sarah Eve Cardell

New York, United States

Sarah Eve Cardell offers gourmet chef services, yoga instructions, and transformational healing workshops in New York City and abroad.

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  • Marc Forgione New York City

    Sarah Eve Cardell Website

    In the short time that I've known Sarah, she cooks the same way she lives, with honesty, love, passion, and creativity.

  • Mallary S. New York City

    Sarah Eve Cardell website

    Sarah Eve was fantastic. She was very accommodating about when and where to meet and provided excellent readings for all the girls at our bachelorette party. Many of the girls were surprised at how spot on the readings were! She had a very calm and positive energy and was very nice to be around. I would definitely book her again for another party and would recommend her to friends.

  • Melody K.

    Sarah Eve Cardell website

    Sarah's ability to listen compassionately, tune in to what is going on under the surface, and create a safe space for healing allowed me to go deep into my journey without judgment or fear if what I would find. My session with her did not just bring insights as to how I was getting in my way, but also gave me access to love myself in this space instead of making myself wrong. It left me at peace and with clarity about how to fulfill my needs and desires in the future so I can feel supported in everything I do. I trust her and her healing gifts wholeheartedly!

  • Shalom M. United States

    Sarah Eve Cardell website

    Sarah Cardell is a modern day master, loaded with tons of love, light, healing, and chocolate! She is traditionally and culturally connected and yet progressively appealing. Her sacred gatherings are powerful, her food full of high vibrations, and you can bet on love, laughter, and magnificent people.

  • Lisa Sobolewski United States

    Sarah Eve Cardell website

    Sarah Eve's sacred circles create a unified heart space where minds are freed and spirits are lifted up. She is an incredibly gifted facilitator bridging hearts with love and raw chocolate - the perfect complement to her ceremonies and the ultimate expression of love.

  • Nathan W. United States

    Sarah Eve Cardell website

    I first met Sarah at a healing camp at a festival. I wasn't openly seeking any spiritual guidance, but it turned out that I was closed off and needed someone to help guide me to my inner potential. I was able to open up to her immediately, and she met me with grace and insight in a unique way that brought me to a better understanding of myself and my position in life. She is intelligent, insightful, and inspiring, and I am thankful for the opportunity to have met her.

  • Jana G. United States

    Sarah Eve Cardell website

    Ive been to a raw food potluck and yoga class of Sarah Eves. We started with the yoga and I really enjoyed her calm being. She led us through the different poses, making sure that everyone is just doing what their own bodies allowed them. She also passed through us and corrected each of us individually. After the practice, we set up a table with the vegan dishes everyone brought. In the next couple hours, we just munched happily away and talked about whatever we could think of. Thank you Sarah Eve for doing so much for the raw and vegan community, it always is a pleasure to attend, meeting new people, and learn new things.

  • Joyce G. United States

    Sarah Eve Cardell website

    I attended one of Sarah Eve Cardells gourmet raw food dinners. The food was delicious, creative, and abundant. It was held in a lovely New York Citys apartment and she was a gracious host, generously lavishing us with fabulous food and drink. Limiting the dinner to fifteen guests allowed for a warmth and intimacy that you might feel at a family meal and made it easy and comfortable to establish communication and friendship with perfect strangers. I will definitely attend one or more of her small dinners again.

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