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10 Days Yoga & Holistic Health Retreat in Kerala, India

  • Saptrashmi Yoga , Mavelloor, Kochi, kerla

Yoga, Detox and Meditation Retreat in Kerala, India

Saptrashmi offers you a yoga healing program in Goa, India. Saptrashmis main goal is to cure or prevent diseases without medicines. The program provides a holistic healing experience without side effects. This program is an excellent combination of yoga and naturopathy which have power to cure and prevent diseases of modern lifestyle disorders. Focusing more on body detox program, Saptrashmi helps body and mind to gain its natural strength and energy.


  • Daily detox program
  • Daily meditation session
  • Daily morning and evening yoga sessions
  • Two full body honey Massage for glowing skin
  • Four full body steam of herbs
  • Five rejuvenation massages
  • All meals, drinks and fruits
  • 9 nights accommodation
  • 10 days with instruction
  • English
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A home away from home, an experience like no other, nestled in the rustic lush greens of the village along Muvattupuzha river, just 30 kilometers away from Kochi. Thankfully it is one of those villages in Kerala that is still stuck in time, and we don’t intend to change that characteristic feature of this tranquil haven. Accommodation is old Indian style cottages with attached Western style toilet and shower. It is double sharing cottages. Single cottages can also be arranged on extra charges. The property is on the bank of river, you can swim or learn boating. You can also enjoy boat riding in the evening. Come experience true Indian Heritage.

This 10 days exclusive wellbeing yoga retreat helps to manage weight and health with Saptrashmi's finest nature therapies, where it is easy to do and is very effective. The therapy works on body and mind. Losing weight and disease is more mentally than doing physical exercises. Through this retreat, you will learn and gain natural health and wellness. The therapy will have no side effects, as there is no use of chemical and medicine. There would also be yoga, detox and meditation sessions in this retreat. This retreat is a powerful and energetic way to remove harmful toxins of modern lifestyle from body, for healthy people to maintain their health. Most beneficial for those who eat out regularly, do not work out, someone with low immunity, gaining extra fat, feels sluggish, works late at nights, drinks alcohol, or smoke occasionally or regularly. It is beautifully designed to clean and revive digestion and respiratory system, open sweat glands, relax body and mind, purify blood, and channelize positive energy. This is the best combination of Ayurvedic massages, herbal steams, Ayurvedic colon cleansing, and yogic diet planning.

Daily schedule

  • 07:30 - Detox Therapy
  • 09:00 - Yoga & Pranayama (Breathing)
  • 10:30 - Fruits Breakfast
  • 11:00 - Meditation
  • 12:00 - Relaxation
  • 13:00 - Lunch
  • 16:00 - Massage and Steam / Detox therapy
  • 17:30 - Fruits
  • 17:45 - Walk in Village Tour
  • 19:00 - Yoga
  • 20:30 - Dinner

Mevelloor is a beautiful town in Ernakulam district of Kerala, which is a land with great natural beauty and known as "God's Own Country". From the majestic heights of the Western Ghats this land undulates westward presenting a vista of silent valleys clothed in the richest green. Among the many rivers that glide across the plains to merge their waters with the Arabian sea.

Muvattupuzha is so called because the term means "the land where three rivers merge" The mighty of Muvattupuzha is mainly depending on the Muvattupuzha river which is formed from three rivers viz. Thodaupuzha river, Kothamangalam river and Kaliyar river. These three rivers join together at Muvattupuzha and is flowing down south-west as a single river to Vaikkam lake and finally joins the Arabian sea. Since Muvattupuzha town has formed on the bank of rivers it has got a significant place among the northern regions of Tranvancore.

Argriculture is the main lively hood of the people here and it forms a major influencing factor of the economy. Muvattupuzha has got a good place in the agricultural integration in Kerala from the very long back. Even though it could not develop much in industrial area it has made a revolution in many other areas of human life. An enormous quantity of coconut, cane sugar, rice, pine apple, banana, coffee etc. are seen all over the Muvattupuzha Taluk. Now the cane sugar cultivation is reduced. Rice cultivation has gone down. Farmers are more concentrating on Rubber and Pine apple.


  • Cochin International Airport (COK) - 45 kilometers
  • Enakulam Railway Station - 30 kilometers
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Garden

You will be served organic vegetarian meals prepared with emotions of love, with mantra chanting. Saptrashmi offers a variety delicious and healthy Indian cuisine, using mainly local and organic ingredients. Dinner daily is included in your package, with teas, herbal teas, and juices available.

Boat Riding

Swimming in River

Indian Classical Dance

Please note that massages, steam, detox sessions and nasal treatments are included in the package. If you wish to have an extra treatment or an ayurveda doctor consultation, please note that it can be arranged on request.

  • 2 full body honey Massage for glowing skin
  • 4 full body steam of herbs
  • 5 rejuvenation massages
  • 9 nights accommodation
  • All daily meals, drinks and fruits
  • Daily meditation and yoga sessions
  • Daily detox sessions
  • Airfare
  • Additional meals and activities
  • Personal expenses

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Cochin International Airport (COK).

Arrival by Railway

Please book your tickets to arrive at Ernakulam Junction Railway Station (ERS), also known as Ernakulam south.

Please note that Airport/Railway transfers can be arranged by Saptrashmi.

  • The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 30 days before the arrival date.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

Verified reviews

  • Review by Daria Pilipajc from Dubai
    7 out of 10

    "9- yoga- Tarun is very thorough and devoted to his practice, I only didn't like that he pushed me to the point that it was painful. Apart from it he was great teacher."

    "9- relaxation / body scan was great."

    "8- food was very tasty"

    "5- accommodation- bed was really uncomfortable, and I had two tiny mattresses that would spread with every move, so I needed to keep fixing it during the night. My towel was full of stains and very old, I'd suggest you to bring your own. Also the yoga studio wasn't clean properly for the last two days.. apart from it it's beautiful area, very green, just by the river which is a huge plus. Bathroom /shower was fine. "

    "Also I didn't like the fact that they have animals in the cages in the yard. Rabbits, birds, sausage dog. I guess it is to 'decorate' the yard, which was heartbreaking for me to watch... they don't look well cared of..."


    "Overall it was good experience. They provide great Yoga and meditation plus colonic plus Ayurvedic massages which is great combo for cleanse. It's quiet neighborhood and you can hear all the lovely birds singing around and the river is stunning and peaceful. And Tarun is doing just amazing job." website, edited

  • Review by Daria from Dubai
    7 out of 10

    "Overall it was good experience. They provide great "

    "Yoga and meditation plus colonic plus Ayurvedic "

    "massages which is great combo for cleanse."

    "It's quiet neighborhood and you can hear all the "

    "lovely birds singing around and the river is stunning "

    "and peaceful. And Tarun is doing just amazing job.", edited

  • Review by Karelin from Canada
    10 out of 10

    "Saptrashmi felt comfortable, like being with family. Tarun is a kind teacher with great wisdom. It was a blessing to learn yoga from him. The location was peaceful and surrounded by lovely people. You will not regret going!" website, edited

  • Review by Isabel Soden from UK
    9 out of 10

    "It was a fantastic experience. The food was outstanding, the yoga and meditation were both superbly led by Tarun, he guided us with great sensitivity. The accommodation ranged from basic to good. The Ayurvedic treatments we received were great; those seeking an intensive Ayurvedic experience, based on rigorous consultation would get less from the place. Big thumbs up from me." Website, edited

  • Review by Valentina Martufi from Nigeria

    "You don't often hear of whole families going to Yoga retreats, but we did, and had a wonderful time! "

    "The atmosphere, from the silent river, to the ever-smiling Tarun (the host) was wonderful, the site and location were very nice, and the food was amazing! The yoga and meditation classes with Tarun were at the same time appropriate for all (people in their 20s and up to 60!) and demanding for all! Tarun has a great eye for understanding each individual's needs, and how to best help them. We would have liked more Ayurvedic care (in the end, we were not able to get a visit, for diagnosis and recommendations, with an Ayurvedic doctor), but Tarun certainly provided a lot of useful tips and advice on healthy living. And the Ayurvedic massages with Sanjeed were fantastic! Having left feeling cleansed, happy, and recharged, we highly recommend the Saptrashmi retreat in Kerala! " website, edited

  • Review by Elena from Tokyo, Japan
    10 out of 10

    "I spend 10 amazing days in the Saptrashmi yoga retreat. The professional therapist I met there helped me to fix my digestive, sleeping ,hormonal and well being problem that I had years ago. Everyday yoga, meditation, the healthy food, nature and all the other therapy was nourishment to my body and soul and brought back the happiness in my life. I highly recommend this place and I will go back for sure one day. Namaste."

    April 2016, website, edited

  • Review by Jess from England
    10 out of 10

    "Thank you for your beautiful hospitality. I feel like quite a different person from the one who arrived here a week ago! I loved the Yoga practice, the food and the Massage. It's wonderful to have rested and relaxed here with you. Also we have laughed so much. I love your sense of humor and lightness! All the best of wishes for you and health, happiness and peace." website, edited

  • Review by Nadia from England
    10 out of 10

    "This week has been so much than I had expected. I laughed, I cried and feel like me again. You are such a wonderful host and an exceptional Yoga instructor. I feel that I have improved in my Yoga practice and would know now how to improve even further." website, edited

  • Review by Nikki Kershaw from England
    10 out of 10

    "Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful experience. It has been everything , I could have wished for: relaxing, fun, healing, challenging (Yoga!) and in such a beautiful location. I have felt very safe and looked after the whole time. Thank you for your teaching and guidance and lovely presence and thank you to Prashant for all his lovely food, gentle presence and strong yet gentle healing massages." website, edited

  • Review by Nadine from Jamaica
    10 out of 10

    "I came here with no expectations other than to rest, release and do a bit of "Sexy Yoga". The Yoga was not 'Sexy' like on TV! It was rooted in all the correct principles. It taught me to unclear bad practice. It taught me how to focus and be in "happy thoughts ". It helped me understand what was wrong with my body but more importantly how to correct it! I leave Saptrashmi happier, more focused on the abundance in my life and very much of the path I am on." website, edited

  • Review by Kate England from Madagascar
    10 out of 10

    "What a ride! This week has been a real turning point for me. I arrived gripped by "burn out" from over thinking, negative thinking and just plain not thinking properly! Now I am starting to see the happiness and light I can build into and grow in my life. This has been a MEGA-TRANSLATION! I loved your yoga instructions, never thought I could progress so much in one week. Thank you, this changed my life! " website, edited

  • Review by Charlotte from Switzerland
    10 out of 10

    "I came here a week ago as not relaxed, not happy, not balanced girl. I was always thinking about my past and future and what could I have done better. I always had the impression that I am not good enough. You changed so much inside me! You showed me that I am a happy, healthy, strong, person who can do a lot. You showed me to accept the situation and see the positive things in it. You learnt me so much about happiness, health, yoga, food, life and positive thinking. Thank you for this! I am still 19 years old and I am really happy that I have learnt this now, because I have so many years to practice it." website, edited

  • Review by Michelle from Newcastle
    7 out of 10

    "I enjoyed my trip to Saptrashmi in Goa. Tarun was a good host who tried to ensure that I got to experience Goa when not doing Yoga. Tarun was also helpful with providing wifi and arranging transport when I was due to leave. The Yoga was challenging and Tarun pushed me. I'm not convinced I am as flexible as he thought but it was a good challenge! My door to my room did not initially lock, this was rectified the next day and the property felt safe! "

    March 2016, website, edited

  • Review by Olivia from Sydney, Australia
    10 out of 10

    "Tarun and Aarti were so welcoming! I went to the retreat by myself and was nervous, but the nerves left as soon as I arrived! The structure of the day was wonderful, including lots of different activities but also with enough free time. The location was beautiful and lovely to walk around. I really learnt a lot and had a wonderful time. Thank you Tarun and Aarti!"

    March 2016, website, edited

  • Review by Michelle Luke from England
    10 out of 10

    "Thank you for your hospitality and generosity while I have been on my retreat. I feel so much better and stress free after my Yoga and Massages. I will continue to practice! Good luck and best wishes for your future."

    March 2016, website, edited

  • Review by Sharan Sunner from Dubai, UAE
    10 out of 10

    "Thank you for all your help and support. My Yoga has improved so much and I feel so much healthier, happier and more positive. It has been such a relaxing and enlightening experience and I really appreciate your support and guidance. Hopefully we will meet again."

    March 2016, website, edited

  • Review by Juliet from England
    10 out of 10

    "Thank you for a wonderful 6 days. I now feel much more relaxed and rested. Thank you also for being so accommodating & looking after my needs. Apologies if I wasn't the easiest of people when it came to the colonic but you dealt with me well. I can't remember the last time I had six days without a glass of wine but I have to say I didn't miss it at all. Thank you for making me realize that life is fine without drinking every day. I hope we will meet again."

    March 2016, website, edited

  • Review by Natasha from UK
    10 out of 10

    "Tarun and Aarti, thank you so much for such a truly wonderful week that has brought me so much inner peace, happiness and health. All the treatment that I have had has been fantastic, but what has made it even more, is the two of you. Your calming and positive energies are such a pleasure to be around and you have made me feel so welcome and relaxed and at home. I feel so great and healthy and I cannot thank you enough. I have really enjoyed the whole experience, the yoga has been particularly inspiring and I hope to keep it up. All my best wishes for your success and happiness and I hope that we will meet again. I would love to come back next year! And bring some friends too. Thank you again." website, edited

  • Review by Meghan Cannon from USA
    9 out of 10

    "First, you two are wonderful people. I felt like I was being welcomed into the home of old friends. The food was AMAZING. I wish I could have Aarti cook for me every meal! I really enjoyed the guidance during the Yoga sessions. It really helped me push my body further than I imagined. Thank you. The detox were a bit of surprise, but after getting over my nervousness, I actually began to look forward to then. Overall, I had a wonderful experience. I think this location has the potential to be AMAZING. Best wishes." website, edited

  • Review by Alex Schwanborg from USA
    9 out of 10

    "Thank you for making this experience so amazing. You both make it very easy for everyone to feel at home and relaxed. It's very easy to leave all tensions and worries behind in your presence. This has been one of the most amazing experiences that I have ever had and I will never forget how I felt here. Thank you so much." website, edited

  • Review by Denise McKenzie from USA
    9 out of 10

    "Dear Tarun & Aarti, thank you for being part of my healing process. Even though I fussed and wanted to give it up (especially Yoga time) you smiled and ignored me. Thank you for recognising that healing me was more important than my fussing. The food was excellent. I ate to live, not live to eat! This put a lot of things in perspective for my journey. I am glad I met with both of you. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Much love." website, edited

  • Review by Iman from Egypt
    10 out of 10

    "Thank you so much for your great hospitality, kindness and all your efforts to make me feel comfortable and at home. It is true, I really felt at home. Doing your best with a positive smiling face and very welcoming made me feel at ease. The detox program was very good, and made me feel at the end of those 3 days, very healthy. I liked very much the yoga and the way you insisted upon correcting the different postures and pushing me to my limits and a little more. Wishing you both all the best of success, joy and happy thoughts."

    January 2016. website, edited

  • Review by Olivia from Australia
    10 out of 10

    "I thank you both for the kindness you have shown to me, as well as the knowledge you have shared with me. The overall experience was absolutely amazing & now I feel relaxed, happy and healthy. I arrived at Saptrashmi feeling a little bloated, sore throat & blocked lungs from dust. By now, last day I felt less blocked than I had in long time, my throat was no longer sore & my lungs felt fresh! My skin was also the best I had never seen it. These benefits were just made better by my uplifted & happy mood, aa well as the pleasure of spending time with such a lovely couple."

    January 2016. website, edited

  • Review by Kerstin from Germany
    10 out of 10

    "Thank you very much for your efforts and kindness. We chose your Retreat in the first place because we didn't want to go to a commercial retreat, but instead of that to have a Indian experience, which we definitely got. We loved the Yoga and Meditation classes and are very thankful for everything we learned the last 4 days. Detoxification and food/cooking and the attention of both of you are much appreciated."

    January 2016. website, edited

  • Review by Manuela from Switzerland
    10 out of 10

    "Thank you so much for these amazing days here. You are both so friendly & I feel really homy. These 4 days helped me to relax more and more and to feel more comfortable in my body. I would love to stay longer at you place and in looking forward to another great Retreat. The Yoga sessions were great! I learned more about breathing and how to open my lungs better to go deeper in the asanas. I will miss the massage, the food and last but not least your faces smiling all the time! Thank you very much for everything you shared with me."

    December 2015. website, edited


  • Review by Anton Simanowitz from England
    10 out of 10

    "The three days was just what I need - space in a busy life to reforms and detox my body, my mind and my spirit. 3 days is short, but I am confidant the time with you will make an impact. Every experience is an experience of a life time. Many thanks!"

    Saptrashmi website, edited

  • Review by Brenda Wajswol from USA
    10 out of 10

    "It was an interesting experience. We enjoyed meeting with Tarun and Aarti. Thanking you for bringing us here and keep smiling. Hopefully will meet in Chicago."

    Saptrashmi website, edited

  • Review by Eimear Dolan from Ireland
    10 out of 10

    "Thank you so much for a really great week. I have never done anything like this before and was quite nervous. Particularly, as I was on my own, I felt welcome as soon as I met you though. The mountain location is really beautiful and getting to stay and know a local family has been a fantastic experience. It was also nice to be in such a remote location and to take a complete break from daily life. The detox was tough at times, particularly at the beginning, but I feel great now and am so glad that I did it. The individual attention was fantastic, as Tarun and Aarti seemed to really care about how I was getting on and to make sure I was comfortable and progressing. Thanks again - it has been a great experience."

    Saptrashmi website, edited

  • Review by Mark Wajswol from USA
    10 out of 10

    "We enjoyed every day experience and your company. You are very accommodating, attending to our wishes. I am very impressed with your deep beliefs and dedication to your work. Your experience and teachings will assist in making me a more calm and relaxed individual and live a healthy lifestyle. Best regards and best wishes on your future endeavors."

    Saptrashmi website, edited

  • Review by Sarah Naomi Dawson from USA
    10 out of 10

    "I cannot express my joy and gratefulness to the powers that exist for guiding me here to the Himalayas to grow, detox, learn, and finally breathe. My lifestyle in the USA includes many demanding sources that drain my energy and I often feel without peace or any privacy even in my home. In the short week, I have been here my mind and body has grown stronger. I cannot thank Tarun enough for the continued support and lessons, Aarti for the extensive and thorough detailing of my body and spirit and for the wonderful food they gave for my body and soul. I had this weird rash on my back, I took American treatments and it persisted. After one week here, it is gone along with many other unwanted things I was carrying on my back also. Thank you. I truly love you. Hari om tat sat."

    Saptrashmi website, edited

  • Review by Matiha Buhumaid from Dubai
    10 out of 10

    "To the welcoming Tarun & Aarti, thank you for the hospitality, love and experience. Its been wonderful three days with extensive amount of body-mind - & soul connection. Thank you for the beautiful time, energy and experience from all three of us."

    July 2015. Saptrashmi website, edited

  • Review by Lucy Megginson from Australia
    10 out of 10

    "The Detox was challenging yet rewarding. I have been truly amazed at the individual attention, variety of treatments and care shown by Aarti all the way through. The Yoga had taught me so much not only about myself, but again the individual attention was really enabled me to grow and move forward in my practice. Tarun, the words that you offer are so focussed and spot on, that I will forever carry them with me. The setting for the retreat is totally breathtaking and such a wonderful surprise to wake up to on the first morning. Again thank you for the most relaxed, fun, amazing break of a lifetime. I feel re-energised, clear, focussed and happy. I hope to visit again next year!"

    November 2014. Saptrashmi website, edited

  • Review by Jurko Van Veenendaal, Zanger - Vocal coach, Holland
    10 out of 10

    "I had an amazing time in India!!! Dr. Tarun and Dr. Arti took me to the most amazing village in Uttarakhand to do my 8 day Detox program. Not only did they take amazing care of me with fantastic treatments and great organic food, I also had the possibility to be part of the village life which was a life altering experience!! The treatments, the Himalayan scenery but most of all the kindness of the people including Dr. Tarun and Dr. Arti gave me an experience that I will never forget and that I will treasure for the rest of my life!"

    September 2014. Saptrashmi website, edited

  • Review by Dr. Manik Singh
    10 out of 10

    "I am learning yoga from Tarunji for the past 4 months and would say that the knowledge and skill in teaching yoga is far beyond expectation I am suffering from lot of health problems but his understanding and diagnosing the health problems on an individual basis is quite commendable. I have had lot of experience with other famous yoga instructors but now I understand what the difference is. I would definitely recommend Tarunji as a yoga master whom I have full faith in his skills and knowledge."

    August 2013. Saptrashmi website, edited

  • Review by Suchita Sahni
    10 out of 10

    "Arti's knowledge of all the asana's and their impact on your health & body is very creditable. She understands her subject and gently, yet firmly teaches how you can improve your body and health. I have seen learning from her for two years and am so grateful that I found her. I am 75 years old & have legs problem. My legs move much better & I am able to walk better when I am regular with her classes. She is a wonderful & very knowledgeable yoga teacher."

    June 2013. Saptrashmi website, edited

  • Review by Anupama Dasgupta
    10 out of 10

    "I had an opportunity to take yoga sessions from Miss Aarti Nautiyal as I happen to stay in the same place with her. She is an amazing teacher with amazing yoga skills. I really appreciate her knowledge and dedication in this field."

    May 2013. Saptrashmi website, edited