Saptrashmi aims to create an environment of natural health and happiness where guests can heal and prevent disease and worries, using natural elements.

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Tarun Sharma

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Abhimanyu Kukreja

from United Kingdom, September 2019

"Excellent 5 day detox!"

Everything about this place was amazing! I had attempted to do a detox for the first time and came out with flying colors thanks to Tarun's yoga and meditation classes and the excellent detox treatment and personal care. The vibe in the place is very positive and I look forward to a healthy life now and follow the routine that I learnt in Saptrashmi. Thank You Tarun & team.

Sonam Kumar

from China, August 2019

"Peace in the hills of Dharamshala :)"


This was my first retreat and I really enjoyed it. The location is a quiet village in Dharamshala which was perfect to focus on myself, mind and body for the days I was there. I arrived very late at night and the staff were so helpful in my arrival. The room is basic (you are getting the value for what you pay for). The food is simple yet tasty and a real good balance of meals. The yoga classes are a good mixture of breathing techniques, postures and stretching - it has really helped me in learning more about yoga and my ability. Tarun is so softly spoken that his voice can guide you through the classes so well. I really liked the meditation classes as I was able to learn other ways of meditating than what I already know. And the massages are a plus. The setting is so simple and that was my favourite part of it. The view from the yoga room is so nice and I would just sit there in my free time to read or relax. You are left with a lot of time to do what you wish. It is a good balance if you want to explore outside the retreat and enjoy your own time too. I would love to come and again some time.

Charley Newel

from United States, July 2019

"Illuminating Experience! "

Loved the yoga sequences, the detox methods, the meditation, the food. The accommodations were always very clean, and the staff are very kind!

Akerke Dakher

from Kazakhstan, July 2019

"i like retreat"

My purpouse was to understand yoga philosophy, meditation, detox my body ,loose weight! i got all my points! i am very happy that i choosed saptrashmi and Tarun! i am very appriciate all team of saptrashmi and Tarun for changing my life style for better! and finaly i understand how to breath! thank you Lurny and Sanny! they were very helpful for everything!i wish you health and happiness guys!

<removed on user request>

from India, June 2019

"Poor yoga environment"

they boy and girl who were in the kitchen were very nice.


from Australia, March 2019

"Not good experience at all"

The food was prepared lovingly everyday and it was very delicious. We also had quite a bit of free time.

Isabel Salzmann

from United States, January 2019

"wonderful stay"

tarun has been a very good yoga teacher and i feel much more flexible now.also thw breathing teqniques helped me yo stop was home made and delicious.Thank you for your generosity and kindness!

Rachael Donovan

from India, December 2018

I had a very relaxing 4 days at the yoga retreat. Tarun's instruction helped me deepen my own practice and correct my alignment. The retreat consists of yoga (asanas), pranayama (breathing), detox treatments and massage with a lot of free time for reflection, reading or walking in the village.

There is no theory or philosophy component which would have enhanced the understanding behind each of the practises or treatment.


from India, December 2018

Most Positive was the Instructor Tarun Sharma.

Snehal Trilokekar

from India, December 2018

"Mixed experience !!"

The Instructor Tarun has excellent knowledge of yoga and breathing techniques and tries to impart the same to all the attendees. He is also soft spoken and kind.


from United Kingdom, December 2018

I liked the small groups.


from United Kingdom, September 2018

"A great experience"

The Yoga was hard and great and Tarun help me feel at ease and challenged me. That was what i expected him to do.

Philippe Quemeneur

from Hong Kong, September 2018

" As Tarun often say "silence is the best ""

The yoga instruction

Irina Gurevskaia

from India, June 2018

"Excellent yoga and pranayama experience!"

Yoga and pranayama practice was amazing! Thanks Tarun for this great experience. I have upgraded my yoga practice and have learned a lot of breathing. And thanks Nisha for detox - it helps me to lose some weigh.

Erin Rapacki

from India, April 2018

"Brilliant Yoga in a Modest Homestay"

I had private daily sessions with Tarun, and his focused attention helped me detox, heal, and begin my yoga practice again. The food was excellent with many second, and third, helpings available for lunch and dinner.

Abi Ackner

from India, April 2018

Saptrashmi detox yoga was a great experience. I went alone and was apprehensive at first but Tarun and Nishu were very welcoming and hospitable. The yoga and meditation exercises were good. I also enjoyed learning about naturopathy and talking with Tarun. It was great to have the opportunity to detox and focus on your body. The food was delicious, the atmosphere was very calm and the accommodation was simple but comfortable. I have learnt things about my lifestyle that I plan to improve on. I would recommend the retreat!!

Martha Larkin

from India, April 2018

"Most Suitable for Vegetarians"

Tarun...a very kind, gentle and upbeat person. He gently but firmly pushed me to do more than I thought possible. The staff of women is very friendly and courteous.

Maria Fernanda Gonzalez Magana

from United States, March 2018

"A life changing experience! "

I couldn’t ask for a better experience. I came with no expectations at all and what an amazing surprise it was.

Tarun it’s an amazing instructor that loves what he does. He will adapt to everybody’s needs and will make sure everyone is comfortable and happy, living our own personal experience and journey. He makes you meditate about true meaning of yoga and how to go with flow and live in the present moment.

Food it’s amazing!! I felt a real difference in my body.

I came to learn how to listen and take care of my body in a more conscious way.

Efsun Ilhan

from Turkey, March 2018

"A life time experience"

Amazing teacher. Amazing environment. Delicious, healthy food. Detox treatments.

Douglas Baquetti

from Japan, February 2018

"Best Retreat with high qualified instructor"

Maximum 5 or 6 person class and the instructor real gave precise orientation, taught accordingly each participant level.

It was my very first Yoga experience and the instructor was simply amazing teaching and guiding in all doubts and difficulties.

Mailys Pauletto

from Australia, January 2018


Really great to be with a small and intimate group

Tarun is an excellent Hatha teacher, really soothing voice - I really enjoyed the Pranayama and the Yoga Nidra. He also pushed us to our limits

Tarun is really generous in sharing is passion, and is a really beautiful huma.

I liked the detox and ayurvedic treatments, gets you out of your comfort zone but you feel amazing afterwards.

The view on the Himalayas are beautiful


from India, November 2017

"This really got me into yoga!"

Although I never tried yoga before in my life Tarun was very motivating to challenge myself to go further than I imagined! The combination of yoga, meditation and detox paired with wonderful hosts and great food made this stay perfect!

Claire Powell

from United Kingdom, November 2017

"Great experience, with friendly, talented host"

Tarun was lovely, very caring, very knowledgeable and very generous with his time and facilities

Natalia Kovalski

from United States, October 2017

"Deep experience "

Tarun has such a deep yogic wisdom and knowledge and endless positivity. He let us explore and widen our limits and dive into more pure world. Himalayan mountains and rice terraces views are amazing. Food is delicious and healthy. Me and my parner really enjoyed the retreat and wish to come back for longer period

Reetu Durga

from India, October 2017

"amazing experience,Wonderful nstructor"

Liked the quality of yoga,food,detox

Daisy Chacko

from India, August 2017

" "

Saptrashmi ashram is simple and has a rustic rural charm about itself . It's beauty is in its simplicity. Tarun and his team of helpers are very warm and generous . I came a night before my 8 day detox session and he welcomed me without any iffs n buts . I loved how this place gives you personalised attention as he only takes max 5 ppl at a time.

Corine Kraemer

from Réunion, July 2019

"très bonne expérience "

les cours de yoga :variés, adaptés mais exigeants. beaux moments de partage avec tarun.

les repas gouteux servis avec attention par ludmila et Sony.

Estefania Lama

from Spain, May 2019

"excelente experiencia "

el retiro estuvo increíble, supero mis expectativas, fue ideal para escaparse de la rutina y volver al centro, fue una experiencia enriquecedora en todos sentido, Tarun es un gran profesor , lo recomiendo 10000% . happy thoughts

Alexia Fouquet

from France, February 2019

"A wonderful and life changing experience!"

The program is complete and allowed me to fully integrate the benefits of Yoga. The food is very good. The teacher is competent and pays attention to each student and his/her specific needs. The surroundings are beautiful: at the foot of the Himalayan mountains, we could walk in rice fields, or along rivers and visite nice monuments such as Tibetan temples.

Irene Sarrion

from Nepal, October 2018

"Disappointed "

The food was ok, the point is even telling them I am celiac and lactose intolerant... they gave me products with gluten.. and I told them (I don’t know how many times) I can’t it, but they promised me they products have not any it was so unbelievable when I found out it has.... you can’t trust them

Emily Galiana

from United States, March 2018

"A wonderful exprerience !"

Everything during my retreat was fantastic!

The location is amazing and the view on the Himalayas immediately sets the peaceful atmosphere I found although my stay ! The spirits, the deep practice, the dialogue and advices I found with Tarun were all far more than I expected. I have been delighted and can’t wait to go back!

And on top of it all, the food was a delight!


from Germany, November 2017

"Kann ich nicht weiterempfehlen "

Er hat Jugendliche eingestellt,die kochen und den Haushalt machen.Dadurch entsteht eine besondere Stimmung.

Leider sind die Mädchen für Massage noch nicht ausgebildet.

Das Essen ist gut zubereitet.

Dass es immer das gleiche ist und praktisch keine Auswahl gibt,dafür können die nichts.

Daria Pilipajc

from Dubai,

9- yoga- Tarun is very thorough and devoted to his practice, I only didn't like that he pushed me to the point that it was painful. Apart from it he was great teacher.

9- relaxation / body scan was great.

8- food was very tasty

5- accommodation- bed was really uncomfortable, and I had two tiny mattresses that would spread with every move, so I needed to keep fixing it during the night. My towel was full of stains and very old, I'd suggest you to bring your own. Also the yoga studio wasn't clean properly for the last two days.. apart from it it's beautiful area, very green, just by the river which is a huge plus. Bathroom /shower was fine.

Also I didn't like the fact that they have animals in the cages in the yard. Rabbits, birds, sausage dog. I guess it is to 'decorate' the yard, which was heartbreaking for me to watch... they don't look well cared of...

Overall it was good experience. They provide great Yoga and meditation plus colonic plus Ayurvedic massages which is great combo for cleanse. It's quiet neighborhood and you can hear all the lovely birds singing around and the river is stunning and peaceful. And Tarun is doing just amazing job.


from Dubai,

"Overall it was good experience"

Overall it was good experience. They provide great

Yoga and meditation plus colonic plus Ayurvedic

massages which is great combo for cleanse.

It's quiet neighborhood and you can hear all the

lovely birds singing around and the river is stunning

and peaceful. And Tarun is doing just amazing job.


from Canada,

Saptrashmi felt comfortable, like being with family. Tarun is a kind teacher with great wisdom. It was a blessing to learn yoga from him. The location was peaceful and surrounded by lovely people. You will not regret going!

Isabel Soden

from United Kingdom,

It was a fantastic experience. The food was outstanding, the yoga and meditation were both superbly led by Tarun, he guided us with great sensitivity. The accommodation ranged from basic to good. The Ayurvedic treatments we received were great; those seeking an intensive Ayurvedic experience, based on rigorous consultation would get less from the place. Big thumbs up from me.

Valentina Martufi

from Nigeria,

You don't often hear of whole families going to Yoga retreats, but we did, and had a wonderful time!

The atmosphere, from the silent river, to the ever-smiling Tarun (the host) was wonderful, the site and location were very nice, and the food was amazing! The yoga and meditation classes with Tarun were at the same time appropriate for all (people in their 20s and up to 60!) and demanding for all! Tarun has a great eye for understanding each individual's needs, and how to best help them. We would have liked more Ayurvedic care (in the end, we were not able to get a visit, for diagnosis and recommendations, with an Ayurvedic doctor), but Tarun certainly provided a lot of useful tips and advice on healthy living. And the Ayurvedic massages with Sanjeed were fantastic! Having left feeling cleansed, happy, and recharged, we highly recommend the Saptrashmi retreat in Kerala!