Yoga. Meditation. Mindful Cooking. Wholesome Eating. Forest Bathing. Foraging. Writing. Cycling. Hiking. Breathing Deeply.

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JB Dulac

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Sarah Biron

from United States, February 2020

"This retreat went far above & beyond any expectations I had."

I was welcomed by JennyBess Dulac with such generosity and kindness. I appreciate all the wisdom she shared with me, she took the time to teach me the beginning principals and philosophy of yoga and meditation. JennyBess Dulac was a thoughtful and supportive listener to everything I said without any judgement. She gave me such positive feedback and encouragement on my writing, that I continued to write, where in the past I would have stopped at the very beginning. JennyBass Dulac provided delicious, nourishing home-cooked meals for me, three times a day, every day. She is an extraordinary and wonderful person, whom I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet. This retreat went far above and beyond any expectations I had. I arrived completely burnt-out, stressed out and exhausted. I left refreshed, peaceful and rejuvenated. JennyBess Dulac provided a place of restoration and healing.