Santosa Detox and Wellness Center represents a culmination of years of research into the world’s best detox and wellness programs.

Yoga Retreats (5)

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5 Day Yoga Retreat in Karon, Phuket

May | Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct, 2020
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5 Day Active Cleanse Retreat in Phuket

May | Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct, 2020
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7 Day Juice Fast Detox Retreat in Phuket

May | Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct, 2020
    from US$1,326
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    7 Days Yoga Retreat in Phuket, Thailand

    May | Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct, 2020
      from US$1,160
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      Instructors (1)

      Paula Krol

      Reviews (11)

      Mei Jan (miranda) Kao

      from China, October 2017

      "Great vacation I ever have "

      People I met there are so friendly and treat me in hospitality which made me feel so released.

      The sessions including various yoga and lots of wellness program such as HIIT, boxing and zumba are so organized and full of excitement. and every day I can enjoy different SPA and healthy vegan meals. Overall experience in Santosa Detox and Wellness Center provided me with extreme relaxation and brought me a refreshness after intense working life.


      from Netherlands, August 2019

      "Eye opener"

      I got a very good understanding of Yoga and the impact of food on your body. Didn't expect I would learn this much. It exceeded my expectations big time! I really would recommend anyone to go to this retreat.

      Tamara Campbell

      from Great Britain, January 2020

      "Santosa is warm, welcoming and full of very kind people. "

      As a person new to detox and fasting. They were very knowledgeable in these areas. I learnt so much and was made very comfortable when asking questions. They were also very accommodating with my needs and flexible with my schedule.

      The fitness instructors (especially Pimmy) have a very good energy and provides a program suitable for all.

      Their range of juices were delicious. Their main meals looked very healthy and nutritious too.

      My room was very clean (as was the rest of the centre) and quiet with good facilities and amazing views of the sea in a distance.

      There was no time I found myself wondering what to do next as the program was clear and the small detox activities didn’t leave me overwhelmed, I still has time for myself. Night time was quiet with opportunities to watch a film.

      Location was perfect, quiet with clean air. More activities are a close car ride away or with the free transport.

      Lin Chua

      from Australia, December 2019

      "5day Juice fast "

      The resort is quite new and we got an apartment 2 rooms very near the Wellness Centre so that was good. It’s not elderly friendly as there are steps and stairs to climb . The program was ok and was free and easy as you are not forced to do any of the program if you don’t feel up to it .

      The girl in charge of Colema Røom , May , is really wonderful . Always helpful and cheerful.

      The yoga classes were good and Stas was a good teacher and there’s yoga ( sometimes three classes ) daily besides other activities .

      The juices were mainly vegetable plus fruit juices all mainly green plus one smoothie daily . Broth is served at night .

      Overall I find this program good but not excellent compared to the one I went to in Koh Samui.

      Jodie Drayson

      from Australia, November 2019


      All staff were caring and friendly and helpful at all times. The room was spacious and well equipped. We had a great view over kata beach and a balcony to enjoy it from. The activities are great (yoga classes, boxing, aerial yoga, trx, circuit class, and more!). I was on a full water fast retreat and so didn't get to try much food, but what i did get to have was amazing! Such a great, and healthy way to treat yourself. Im so glad i went.... Can't wait to go back!

      Joanna Heil

      from Philippines, August 2019

      "Very good time"

      Maria and Adelaida did a really good job. Great follow up. Very good approach and a lot of activities. Especially liked acroyoga activity, as was new to me. All you need to achieve your detox objectives is there.


      from Italy, March 2020

      "Hatte mir mehr erwartet"

      Das Essen war hervorragend und das Kursangebot gut.