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Indonesia Yoga Retreat

This program is ideal for those who seek deeper spiritual insight and understanding of themselves, their yoga practice, and their divine life journey. Over 22 days, you will be guided through morning and evening yoga classes and be immersed in an abundance of teachings. You will participate in powerful workshops and reflective exercises and be introduced to new modalities and practices which you can integrate into your life.


  • Daily Kundalini and Hatha yoga and meditation
  • Various workshops, activities, and excursions daily
  • Practice Tantric meditations and learn energy anatomy
  • 3 meals and non-alcoholic beverages daily are included
  • Enjoy self-awareness games and aromatherapy
  • Experience energy and sound healing
  • 21 nights accommodation

Yoga styles

22 days with instruction
Airport transfer included: Ngurah Rai International Airport
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Check-in Time:
Check-out Time:


  • Sauna
  • Shopping
  • Spa
  • Swimming pool (outdoor)
  • Bar
  • Barbeque facilities
  • Café
  • Dining area
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Garden
  • Kitchen
  • Lounge
  • Luggage room / storage
  • Meditation garden
  • Multilingual staff
  • Restaurant
  • Special menu request
  • Terrace
  • Yoga shala
  • Beauty salon
  • Car rental
  • Free bicycle
  • Free parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Internet access
  • Laundry
  • Parking lot
  • Tour assistance
  • Wedding
  • Outdoor shower

Dream Hill Retreat Center - Jl. Kamboja, Lovina

Mostly yoga classes and cultural activities are conducted at the Dream Hill Retreat Center. The property stands on the top of the rock with 360-degrees views of the Bali Sea, mountains, rice fields, and Kaliasem village. To get to the top, you have to climb 98 steps, but it is definitely worth it! A quirky wooden hotel is the most extraordinary accommodation you have ever stayed in. It has an ashram construction type with small single cabins or twin/double rooms with shared bathrooms.

Yoga and meditation lessons take place daily at the treehouse, in the restaurant, you can indulge in culinary delights while looking out into the beautiful countryside, and in the spa center, you can enjoy different treatments. An infinity swimming pool with a sea view is located on the top of the rock!

Dream Hill Retreat Center is a magic place that will make you feel like you're in a fairytale, here you will find a lot of attention to detail in decoration and colors, and the fabulous sunsets will amaze you.

Accommodation facilities:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Rooms with fan
  • Shared bathrooms
  • Private bathrooms
  • Hot water
  • Garden
  • Swimming pool
  • Spa
  • Sauna
  • Restaurant
  • Gift shop

Santhiku Hotel, Villas, Yoga, and Spa - Jl. A.A. Panji Tisna, Kaliasem

Santhiku Hotel, Villas, Yoga, and Spa is the place where Santhika Retreat Center started its history in 2017. Nowadays, they conduct main activities at Dream Hill, but they still accommodate guests and sometimes make yoga classes at Santhiku.

This place is recommended for those who require air-conditioning and a private bathroom in their own room. There is a small lounge pool on the spot, a spa center, and a restaurant as well.

Santhiku has a meaning of “my peace”, and you will feel it once you enter the tropical paradise garden. Santhiku Hotel offers private rooms with air-conditioning, private bathrooms, and terraces. There is a lounge pool in the middle of the lush garden, where you can cool down during a hot busy day, and an open-air restaurant where you will enjoy your meals and have fun learning Indonesian cuisine in cooking classes.

They conduct some yoga sessions for some programs at Santhiku, where you will also enjoy different spa treatments for relaxation and healing. The atmosphere of the hotel is very calming and relaxing, which immediately brings peace into your mind and heart. Santhiku Hotel is a complex with private rooms and villas.

At the main spot of the hotel, there are 3 standard rooms and 2 superior rooms. All rooms have air-conditioning and private bathrooms with hot water. Free toiletries are provided (towels, pool towels, hand soap, body wash, and shampoo).

Three family villas are located within 5 minutes walking distance from the main Santhiku Hotel. Staying there, you will enjoy your privacy, bigger living space, private lounge pool, and an extra sports activity by walking to Santhiku Hotel for yoga, restaurant, spa, and other activities.

Accommodation facilities:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Rooms with fan
  • Rooms with A/C
  • Private bathrooms
  • Hot water
  • Garden
  • Lounge pool
  • Spa
  • Restaurant
  • Gift shop
  • Close to the center


This retreat program is designed with the intention to bring you into alignment with your highest self, shed outdated layers of being, challenge your beliefs, release your attachments, and welcome you back into your own authenticity. You will learn tools that help you understand where you stand in your own way, and feel inspired to adjust the direction of your life to honor your true self.

Morning yoga routine

During the morning yoga routine, classes will conduct different types of yoga: Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Pranayama, and Kundalini yoga.

Energy anatomy workshops

Energy anatomy plays a significant role in the yogic philosophy. During the program, you will attend a few workshops, where you will expand your knowledge about:

  • 10 energy bodies and Tantric numerology
  • Ayurveda basic knowledge
  • 7 energy centers - Chakras

By learning these topics, you will find answers to the following questions:

  • How to create a connection between the body, mind, and soul?
  • How to integrate knowledge about the human energy structure into yoga practice?
  • How to understand a holistic approach to yoga?
  • How to see the connection between your limits and difficulties during your practice and your lifestyle and emotions?
  • How to bring yourself to a deeper level by practicing yoga?
  • How to make your practice more transformative?

Asana geometry

During the program, you will attend 3 asana workshops. You will look at poses from the Ashtanga lineage, break them down and investigate:

  • Sitting, lying, standing, and inverted postures
  • The anatomical differences in them
  • The major muscles that are used
  • Alignment
  • How to use tools such as pads, belts, blankets to choose the right position
  • How to do asanas safely with some physical problems, old injuries, pain, and other disorders
  • Similarities between yoga asanas, finding strength and balance in them by looking at anatomy and alignment, so you can learn to use the same muscles in the same shapes but in different poses
  • How to utilize one pose to progress to another with the same foundation and the same strength
  • Assessment of body posture, capacity and flexibility and appropriate postures, position selection by adjusting asanas

Sound healing course

Sound healing is a powerful way to reduce stress and calm the mind, allowing practitioners to sink into deep states of relaxation, which sounds like something that would be amazing to add to your yoga class!

  • How sound changes the frequency of your brain
  • Different types of sound healing instruments
  • How to use them for deep relaxation and healing
  • How to use instruments in group and individual sessions
  • How to perform a sound massage for a person correctly
  • How to use your voice and combine voice, sound, words, and instruments to help a person deeply relax and recover, rejuvenate
  • How to integrate instruments into Nidra yoga and savasana
  • Chakras balancing with sounds, vowels, and bija mantras

Self-awareness practice

1. Outdoor yoga tour to Holy Santhipala Waterfall

During the time spent there, you will experience different techniques that can be conducted in the natural sports for:

  • Connection with 5 elements
  • Purification
  • Emotional release
  • Deep meditation.

2. Self-awareness Leela game​

Leela game has been used for many centuries for clearing up negative mental tendencies and developing a higher conscience. Playing this game opens the awareness of the mind patterns and due to this one can change his life and destiny. It is not a simple game but a transformative psychological and spiritual practice.

In a few hours of play, you may learn more than you would learn during a long period of spiritual or psychological practices. You will find out where and how you are limiting yourself, you will expand your perception, and your consciousness, and discover and eliminate stereotypes, thinking patterns, and subconscious programs that constrain you.

During this game, you will go into a deeper understanding of what's going on in your life "here and now"? Where and why are you stuck? What obstacles are preventing you from achieving your goals? How to change your life to have more clarity, awareness, and harmony? What exactly and how should you change? Who steals (takes away) energy for the journey of life? Where to find the strength to accumulate energy to achieve your goals?​

3. Osho Tarot cards

You will learn how to integrate these cards into your ordinary practice to create a space and state that allows you to go deeper into more than just the physical level.

4. Points of You coaching cards

During the program, you will attend a group play session with Points of You coaching cards and you will learn different techniques how to conduct a game.

Everything: people, objects, situations, music, taste; every little thing in life has countless points of view. The real challenge is to look at things from a new viewpoint, one that was previously out of your sight. Change almost always starts when you are open and ready to take a chance and look at things from new perspectives, new points of view.

Being aware and fully present is the first step toward shifting your point of view, and in effect, toward personal, professional, and even organizational development. A cornerstone of the Points of You® method is the interaction between the right brain, the intuitive and emotional half of the brain, and the left brain focused on logic and analysis.

The games are based on associative links between photograph, theme, and the issue you have chosen. This unique inner motion creates a new response, resulting in emotions and insights that are new to your mind and heart. Play helps to:

  • Find a clearer understanding of the approach to any life situation
  • Relieves stress
  • Improve brain function
  • Stimulate the mind and boost creativity
  • Improve relationships and your connection to others
  • Keep you feeling young and energetic
  • Develop and improve social skills
  • Learn cooperation with others
  • Heal emotional wounds

After completing a training workshop, you will be able to:

  • Help a person to understand his thoughts and points of view, using these or other associate cards
  • Provide personal and group guidance to help them understand themselves
  • See more clearly the situation in which they are trapped, because of their attitude
  • Help reduce tension and stress
  • Understand people’s emotions, from where they come, what to do with them, and how to solve the problem
  • Develop a broader, more conscious approach
  • Facilitate communication by adopting a different approach from each other
  • Facilitate self-expression, help unleash creativity
  • Bring more playfulness, lightness, and a simpler approach

Tantra yoga meditation workshop

Discover a deeper way of interconnection and conscious communication through Venus Kriya practice. A Venus Kriya scientifically and precisely combines male and female polarities with asanas, mudras, mantras, pranayama, and meditation to generate a strong psycho magnetic field, through which energy is drawn in and directed positively towards subconscious cleansing and the raising of consciousness, through the chakras to higher, divine consciousness.

Energy healing course

You will learn the energy healing technique Sat Nam Rasayan. Learning this technique will help you:

  • To feel and provide the energy flow in your classes
  • To feel other people and their energy state
  • To improve your intuition and open your third eye vision
  • To create safe healing space that can benefit your clients in any sphere of your work


Aromatherapy will give you the magic of essential keys that you can use in your daily life. Aromatherapy is a technique that allows you to determine the characteristics of a person's psychoemotional state. This is the answer to many questions related to you.

If most of the time you live in captivity of negative emotions, depression, irritability, you cannot find yourself and your purpose, you want to improve your life and open streams of abundance in all areas, then this diagnosis is for you. Your subconscious mind will choose exactly those essential oils that can destroy negative attitudes and open the way to harmonize your life.

Based on the results of Aromatherapy, individual fragrances will be created, which are important to use within 30-40 days. Essential oils have access to the limbic system of the brain, also called the "emotional brain." It is there that the feelings and emotions of difficult and traumatic situations that you cannot control and which you cannot put in order either with the help of self-control or with the help of reason are blocked and stuck. But they negatively affect your health, relationships, and destiny.

Essential oils are able to penetrate the limbic brain and break down the blocks that keep you from being happy. Fragrances have a subconscious or unconscious effect on your mental states, help to show more positive personality traits, and therefore make you happier.

This is an amazing tool of self-knowledge for talking with your subconscious and soul, thanks to which you will receive answers to exciting questions that are hidden in yourself. Aromatherapy will give you the magic of essential keys that you can use in your daily life and incorporate into your yoga practicing and teaching. During the course, you will learn:

  • How different essential oils can be used to work with particular emotional and mental blocks
  • How to conduct diagnostic to find out which exactly fragrant should be recommended to a person in the different life cases

Kundalini yoga

Kundalini yoga is the "Yoga of Awareness". It is a dynamic, powerful tool that is designed to give you an experience of your soul. Become aware of where your emotions are stored in your bodies. Learn different meditations and kriyas for emotional cleansing.


You will learn how to restore the energy flows in the entire energy system through the chakra balancing meditation techniques. Each of them is a separate powerful instrument to balance the entire human energy system. During the course, you will get an experience of some of these meditation techniques:

  • Ananda Mandala
  • Vowel meditation
  • Color meditation
  • Bija mantra meditation
  • Scent meditation

To help your physical body to relax during an intensive workout, they will provide relaxing massages and one long spa treatment for deep relaxation.

Arrival and departure

Check-in time is from 2 p.m. On the day of arrival, the retreat program starts at 5 p.m. with yoga practice. You can check in your accommodation according to your flight ticket at any time. Also, you can book an extra night before the retreat program starts if you arrive late and don’t want to miss activities on the first day.

On the day of departure, your program ends after morning yoga classes and breakfast. Your check-out time is before 12 p.m. If you need to spend more time before your transfer, you can leave your luggage in the common area.

Included excursions

During your retreat, Santhika will organize tours around North Bali to investigate the nature of Bali and its local culture. This program includes the best excursions:

  • Dolphins adventure tour with swimming with dolphins and snorkeling​
  • Outdoor yoga tour to Holy Santhipala Waterfall with purification ceremony and meditation at the waterfall
  • Trekking to the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali in Lemukih village/Pemuteran tour
  • Banjar tour to the biggest in Bali Buddhist temple, Brahma Vihara, and Holy hot springs
  • Night snorkeling and swimming with planktons

Retreat location

The main center of the retreat programs is at Dream Hill Retreat Center. During your stay, you can choose one of the accommodations that will better suit your requirements. Shuttle between all hotels is available and organized. The retreat center is nestled amongst the treetops, amid the beautiful surroundings of Lovina, North Bali.


Daily buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included; meals are vegetarian and/or pescetarian, if you have any allergies, please inform Santhika Retreat Center upon booking.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Vegetarian
  • Pescatarian
If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation

Spa treatments

To help your physical body to relax during an intensive workout, they will provide relaxing massages and one long spa treatment for deep relaxation. A total of 3 spa treatments are included in the package.

What's included

  • Daily yoga and meditation classes
  • 4 asana workshops
  • 2 gong meditations/sound healing
  • Tantra yoga meditation workshop
  • Energy anatomy workshops
  • Personal Osho Tarot cards reading and training
  • Points of You cards group game and training
  • Aromadiagnostic training
  • Personal numerology reading with methodology
  • Sound healing course
  • Energy healing course
  • 1 entry participation in Leela game
  • Aromatherapy game participation with the creation of individual essential oil blends accordingly to the results of the game
  • Outdoor yoga tour to Santhipala Waterfall
  • Dolphins adventure tour
  • Pemuteran tour or trekking to Sekumpul Waterfall
  • Hot springs tour
  • Night snorkeling and plankton watching
  • Balinese cultural activities in the evenings
  • 21 nights accommodation
  • 3 meals and non-alcoholic beverages daily
  • 3 spa treatments
  • Roundtrip airport transfers

What's not included

  • Airfare
  • Visa on arrival fee
  • PCR tests
  • Travel insurance
  • Medical treatment in case of a positive PCR test
  • Extra spa treatments
  • Extra tours
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Laundry
  • Personal expenses

How to get there

Recommended Airports

Airport: Ngurah Rai International Airport Airport transfer included: Ngurah Rai International Airport No additional charges. You can request this in the next step.

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 14% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid 21 days before arrival.

Value for money
Accommodation & facilities
Quality of activity
22 days / 21 nights
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This retreat is available all year until December 2023, with arrival every Sunday.

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