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Caroline Brugot

from Indonesia, August 2020

"Wonderful retreat "

This place is aptly named "Dream Hill". A very colorful construction, respecting nature, which offers rooms on the hillside. Ideal for having your head in the clouds and admiring the sunset. The team is very kind and ensures that everything is for the best. The retreat program offers a perfect balance between yoga / meditation practice, massages / treatments and visits / discoveries. Delicious moments! I also had the chance to discover kundalini yoga and meditation with Anna, a wonderful teacher. The best is to go there to live it!

Lise Eskildsen

from Denmark, March 2020

It was a great mix of yoga, spa and experiences/tours. Exactly how I would prefer a vacation.

The dolphin adventure was better than I


So lovely surroundings, friendly staff and authentic accomadation.


from Indonesia, March 2020

Would recommend anyone to do this one week travel and kundalini yoga experience which was really interesting, challenging and fun. Dream Hill is a unique place and Anna is very knowledgeable and shared her experiences and stories with us. The day trips were better than expected and very well organized. I had some fantastic moments with the group with much fun and adventure, especially visiting the waterfalls. The staff at Dream Hill are so lovely and so so helpful - excellent service and delicious homemade Balinese food!

Tracy Sutherland

from Australia, March 2020


Relaxed and rustic.


from United States, March 2020

Our driver Gana was so friendly and so incredibly kind, we immediately felt comfortable talking with him and he answered whatever questions we had. Since it was our first time in Bali we had a lot of questions! Dream Hill is absolutely beautiful!! It felt like we were in a magical tree house. Very bohemian, eclectic, and peaceful. Every single one of the staff members were so warm and welcoming. Madde truly went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable and had everything we needed. The food was delicious,healthy, and fresh and our spa treatments were amazing.

Angela Erceg

from United States, February 2020

"Absolutely amazing experience!"

-I really loved everything, the accommodation was perfect as well as the food. They took such a good care of us; it was very family-like. The Kundalini and Vinyasa yoga teachers were very inspiring and I felt I have learnt a lot during this retreat. The people who were there at the same time as me, were absolutely fantastic and with them this whole experience rendered lots of good and happy vibes. I would definitely consider doing this one more time.

Gwen Fitzgibbon

from Ireland, February 2020

"Dream Hill Review"

Location was very special in the treehouse (steps up may be a challenge to some).Ana made the week very special,she taught kundalini yoga, I’m new to yoga and can honestly say it has opened up a personal journey for me , Ana can read people so well and adapt to what they really need from the class , also being so helpful in organizing travel and trips . Charis also made the Vinessa yoga personalised to each of us , the classes were rewarded in how I felt for the rest of day , relaxed and happy, I also had a Balinese massage there , strongly recommend this , it unlocked so much tension and relaxed my body, the food was delicious and freshly prepared each meal , smoothies yum too. If you are thinking of a yoga retreat in Bali , I would highly recommend Dream Hill and I hope to return next year.

Ruby Halabi

from Great Britain, February 2020

"Excellent Yoga and More !"

The location is incredible, yoga in a tree house up in the mountains is one of the most amazing experiences ! Even the fact that it was rainy season made this even more incredible as the thunder and lightening just added to the experience - so don't let the season put you off !

You receive a personalised schedule when you arrive, so the days are pretty much full, the excursions were incredible and you meet some really awesome people along the way. Even though I only spent one week, you build bonds very quickly in such a short space of time. The staff go a long way to give you an authentic experience, especially Alan if you are lucky enough to have him on any of the excursions. The experience also includes spa treatments galore, couldn't recommend this place enough !!

Robyn Crawford

from Canada, February 2020

"Great potential, but currently only “okay”"

beautiful location, beautiful yoga space, very nice local staff, good food, good quality beds, nice hot water showers. And great day trips that are part of the package. Northern Bali is gorgeous and it’s nice to explore it with your yoga buddies, and really get to know each other.

Paula Tavares

from Ireland, February 2020

"I loved my stay!!.I felt I was well looked after"

The staff was very pleasant an amiable. I like the way the food the outings the yoga sessions and spa treatment all complemented each other even the whole 98 steps contributes to this holistic approach

Christian Toft

from Thailand, February 2020

"Good atmosphere and talented yogainstructors"

The people working at this retreat are so pleassant to be arround.

Jordi Masdevall

from Great Britain, February 2020

"the program exceeded my expectations"

main focus on yoga with additional activities (excursions, Balinese cultural workshops and best-ever relax massages) that complete your day.

Anna Lea Smit

from Netherlands, January 2020

"I love this place"


Ann Beilby

from Great Britain, January 2020

"Simply amazing"

I had an incredible experience at dream hill, it was such an inspiration to me in so many ways. So happy I got to try Kundalini in such depth - it was really powerful and I now have so much inspiration to go further with embodying this style into my own practice. Both Anna and Charis gave really wonderful classes which fit the environment perfectly. I made some incredible friends who I will treasure for years to come and I hope I can return to this magical place (soon!). Thanks so much. ❤️

Clare Cameron

from Great Britain, January 2020

"Best end to 2019 and start to 2020 I could have imagined "

Accommodation is kitsch and has a great vibe. Miss my quiet little spot in the balcony area looking over the homes below, listening to the birds, insects and general life carrying on as you relax and unwind. The whole experience has helped change my mind-set on life, so if you're looking to kick start change this is a great place to do it.

Severine Diaz

from Great Britain, January 2020

"Everything was amazing highly recommend the retreat"

All the excursions, the scenery and that everything was included. Anna was great and super helpful.

Anne-marie Cullinan

from Australia, January 2020

"magical yoga retreat "

Caring and highly trained instructors. I feel my yoga practise has strengthened and deepened. Food was delicious and plentiful. The building is an unique Balinese design, very quirky with amazing views! I stayed in a Gazebo with sea views, really lovely. Caring and helpful staff. A variety of wonderful day trips, the waterfall yoga day and the dolphin trip were magical! Met a wonderful group of people and have many positive memories.

Jodie Huitema

from Australia, January 2020

"Amazing experience!"

My favourite part about this detox retreat was not having to open my wallet every 5 minutes. Everything is included and they don't trick you with any suprise/hidden costs. If you do want an extra spa treatment or to hire a scooter it is extremely cheap anyway. I went with my brother, neither of us had ever done yoga before. The instructor taylored the class to suit every individual. I found two yoga classes a day a bit overwhelming so I only attended the morning classes and took some free time out for myself in the afternoons. All the staff were so attentive and very friendly. Don't do this retreat if you have problems with stairs. It's very much worth the climb though :) the trip to the waterfalls & the dolphins were the highlight for me. Also I have gluten allergies and there were a few vegetarian guests so the kitchen tailored the food to everyones dietary requirements. Food was amazing!

Tatiana Panfilova

from Australia, January 2020

"Magical place!"

The retreat is on the top of a hill with an amazing view, and looks just awesome and magical! It has a true yoga & meditation vibe. The staff is very helpful and affable. The program is a great combination of yoga (kundalini and vinyasa flow), spa treatments, tours around the area and Balinese activities! You never get bored. Oh yes, and the food is delicious! Lots of local tropical fruit and smoothies, and local vegetarian dishes.

Julia C

from Germany, January 2020

"Overall - it was a very special experience "

I loved the variety of people I have met there. Everyone was very easy to talk to and to connect with. Range of activities was excellent and they tailor your schedule based on your requirements which is great. I really loved yoga at the waterfalls, - such a special thing to do. I thought that teachers were also wonderful, really passionate about yoga and they both had a very positive vibe. Massages in the spa center were also impressive. You can tell that therapists are trained and that they know what they are doing. Staff in in the retreat are just the sweetest! So attentive and helpful. I would especially like to mention Marina who was incredibly kind! Overall, it was a unique experience and I am glad I went along with it.


from Australia, January 2020

"Absolutely amazing! "

I came to Santhika Dreamhill to find self-healing and peace and I was not disappointed. The daily kundalini yoga practices, amazing trips with great drivers, cultural activities, home-cooked like food, smoothies, happy personel, spa and of course the cute treehouse stay were absolutely exceptional and I would highly recommend taking this yoga retreat to anyone! I will be returning customer for sure!

Janne Butterworth

from Australia, January 2020

"One of best holidays ever"

Everything really. The list includes the helpful, committed and highly experienced yoga teachers (in a range of practices). NB I hope I nominated the right Anna above - not sure I actually knew Anna’s surname.

Other highlights included high quality, friendly and helpful staff and the interesting and varied food and drinks (think tropical fruit smoothies made on the spot - never a problem - and tropical juices), the traditional Balinese decor and the very well structured itinerary. I went by myself and met a group who were a delight to be with. Icing on the cake - unexpected invite to a Balinese wedding and then to the opening of a bar in Lovina. I am soooo relaxed after my stay I just want to say thanks.

Elizabeth Belz

from Great Britain, December 2019

"Great retreat for rejuvenating the mind, body, and soul "

I loved this retreat. I was looking for somewhere where I could relax and reconnect with myself - I got exactly that!

I had never done Kundalini yoga before and I really enjoyed the meditative nature of the practice. It always left me feeling calm and was a great day to start and end my days. I would recommend that anyone that is not familiar with Kundalini to google it before signing up as it is different from many other forms of yoga and is very meditation focused! There is an optional vinyasa class you can take some days (your schedule permitting) but don’t show up expecting Kundalini to be similar to Vinyasa!

The daily optional activities were also superb and a massive added bonus, particularly the dolphin tour and waterfall trek. The food that is included is amazing and I loved that I could grab a snack or smoothie at any point of the day free of charge.

Re. The different accommodation locations - dream hill is good if you want to be in the middle of everything / are looking for a more social experience. Santhika is the ‘luxury’ option and the rooms are larger with air conditioners, ideal if you want your own space. You will not be inconvenienced by staying away from dream hill as the staff are happy to drive you between sites whenever you want in the day.

I absolutely loved my week at this retreat and would recommend it to anyone! Thank you Anna :)

Brian Dykes

from Great Britain, December 2019

"Dream Come True"

I really enjoyed the friendly environment. I was made to feel welcome and part of the family as soon as I arrived. I really liked the fresh cooked food (which you get the chance to learn how to cook) and the amazing accommodation. It was a tiny hut with awesome views and I thought it was brilliant. It was clean and had a fan which kept me cool enough to sleep.

The Yoga was well presented and well paced. Charis was patient and (in my case) sympathetic. :-)

The Kundalini Yoga was an eye opener for me. Ana uses this practice to shift deep seated emotional blocks. I found this a bit unexpected but most welcome as stuff came up that I was completely unaware of.

The tours were fun. A few Temples, a swim in the fabulous hot springs and some local waterfalls. On one such excursion our driver (Radek??) asked if we wanted kopi (coffee). We said yes so he took us to a Balanese Wedding!! There we posed for pictures with the beautiful Bride an ate all their cake. Another trip we were taken to a sacred, family owned place overlooked by a waterfall. We meditated in this spot blessed by Buddhist monks and swam in the pools nearby.

We got to see dolphins and snorkel amoungst the coral.

We learnt to cook, to dance and my yoga practice has been greatly improved and cemented into my daily routine. It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to returning one day.


from Australia, December 2019

Great spiritual experience in a unique place with like minded people, very well organized

Sarah Binnie

from Australia, December 2019


This was a beautiful experience. What has been created here is wonderful. All the staff were lovely and the food was healthy and a good variety (mostly vegetarian) will be back. Thankyou 💓

Mirelle Gun-fevang

from Norway, December 2019

"Not happy "

Amazing location, other than my room. Amazing colors, amazing food at times, amazing staff, amazing energy at times.


from Switzerland, December 2019

Great setting, vibe and atmosphere. Staff went out of their way to make you feel at home. Other guests were great, activities and yoga were great.

Tess Dixon

from Great Britain, December 2019

"Excellent trip thank you "

I liked the friendliness and helpfulness of all staff, the level of challenge within the yoga, the beautiful coloured carvings and wonderful atmosphere. It’s a top location, fresh yummy food and hard working staff. I loved the trips, views, meditations, visualizations and all the people. I loved my room, cosy and all the pictures around the bed like a story.

Thank you very much 😊 I had a brilliant holiday and felt stretched and revived. Fully recommend. A beautiful, special spot and treasured memories. Well done everyone who contributed to this experience.

Tess 🌟💫💫❤️

Sophie Longley

from Singapore, December 2019


Everything was expertly organized so there was an equal balance of physical outdoor activities and chill alone time during the day. Staff were friendly and approachable. I had an early flight at 4 am on the last day, and the staff woke up extra early to prepare breakfast and drive me 4 hours to the airport! Everyone goes above and beyond. The meditation and yoga sessions were very good.

Nadine Connock

from Indonesia, December 2019

"Highly recommended"

A profound and deep journey in a stunning setting. Great teachers, knowledgeable, passionate, experienced, grounded, warm and approachable. The organisation and itinerary was flexible and accommodating. Anything on request was provided for you. An authentic experience, a real local immersion, that felt very real and connected. Thank you so much for your dedication.

Man Chi Siu

from Hong Kong, December 2019

"A Hassle free Retreat"

A wonderful getaway with professional yoga instructors ~ Anna and Charis and an interesting first encounter of Kundalini yoga and meditation. It aroused my interest in looking into more information about it.

Staff were all friendly and always make things happen for you and make you feel calm and peaceful. Thanks for Made, Dave, Komang, Gede, Melina, Iluh to take care of us all and the wonderful surprise birthday celebration arrangement. You gotta meet people from around the world here as well to explore together.

I have been to Bali many times but never been to the north, love the package I chose as it also cover all excursions I need to know about the area and culture. A recommended retreat in Bali.

Ria Elisa

from Indonesia, November 2019

"I’m from Indonesia. And this retreat was the best so far ❤︎"

The people, the service, the FOOD, the teacher, and the positive people arround.

Mari Nitsar

from Indonesia, November 2019

"Life changing experience! "

There's many different packages you can choose, there's different places you can stay. But anything you choose it's the best! There's excellent teachers, most delicious food and amazing people around! So thankful for this experience!

Sophie Vaxelaire

from Great Britain, October 2019

"A week in heaven"

The place and energy are amazing. All the staff is adorable and here to make your retreat the best possible. I felt so much better after all the classes from Anna and Veronika. It was perfect, thank you so much !

Jennifer Andrews

from Australia, October 2019

"An amazing week doing yoga in paradise "

I couldn’t recommend this retreat enough. It was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on and I am so thankful to have had this experience. Anna is very kind and professional and I really enjoyed the challenge of Kundalini. Veronika is an amazing Vinyasa teacher and they both taught me so much over this week. The staff are amazing and so was the food. I will definitely be returning to Santhika. Thank you for an amazing experience Anna!

Julia Wildhaber

from Switzerland, October 2019

"An incredible experience! "

As someone who hasn't practiced much Kundalini Yoga it was quite tough in the beginning but it is definitely worth it! Everyday the classes get noticeably easier and you soon start to feel the benefits of this practice. Anna is a very patient and overall great teacher. If Vinyasa yoga is more your thing I can definitely recommend those classes as well. Veronika the Vinyasa teacher creates very varied lessons and makes sure the class is suitable for beginners and advanced yoga practitioners alike.

Apart from the Daily yoga classes there are many other fun and exciting activities included in the daily program. From visiting breathtaking waterfalls in the most scenic places to watching dolphins and snorkelling and let's not forget the relaxing Spa treatments. Also worth mentioning is the incredible Balinese food and the daily balinese cultural activities. It's a great way to learn a bit more about this wonderful place.


from Finland, October 2019

I liked everything. I felt so relaxed and healed after that retreat. Staff was very welcoming. I liked trips and started to like yoga again after a break.

Rachelle Lintag

from United States, October 2019

"Unsatisfied "

The spa services were OK


from New Zealand, October 2019

"A very fulfilling experience, instructors and staff excellen"

Yoga teachings, activities, food

Ang' Bolding

from Australia, October 2019

"Take time for yourself"

The retreat is a beautiful, relaxing place in which you have an itinerary in which everything is organised for you. The yoga is uplifting and the activities are varied and well planned. The massages and treatments are of excellent quality. The staff are friendly and helpful and the accomodation is lovely. Do not hesitate to book a retreat here. I'm sure you will love it.


from Great Britain, September 2019

"Really worth going there"

Everything! The service, the activities, the food, everything was just so great. I am so happy and thankful to have gone to Santhika for one week yoga detox retreat.

Scott R

from Australia, September 2019

"Wonderful experience"

The retreat was amazing. The instructors were very helpful and were more than willing to provide extra individual attention. The food was a treat. The accommodation was very nice and clean and the rural feel added to the experience (only 20 minute walk to Lovina). The team cater for all abilities with the yoga and meditation. I highly recommend.

Sarka Frycarova

from Australia, September 2019

"More then I expected!! Not just yoga practise."

Very personal and spiritual discovery of yoga practice and meditation.

Charissa Marwick

from Australia, September 2019

"Do yourself a favour and book it! "

I had such a lovely time on the yoga retreat! The tours were amazing, the yoga had such variety and I learnt so much. I wanted for nothing. It was the perfect break for a mum of three travelling alone! The staff were wonderful and so were all the people met who were diverse and so lovely. I’m not a full time yogi, but asanas were adjusted for me, and the meditation was beyond words.

Do yourself a favour and book it!

Thankyou so much for everything!

Molly Pragert

from New Zealand, September 2019

"Amazing experience "

Had a beautiful time at Santhika. Everything was amazing

Joane Tan

from Brunei, September 2019

"Beautiful experience yet!"

I specifically came for the yoga and meditation and at the end of my trip, I was positively calm and relaxed and realized how much this retreat has helped me to slow down with life and mostly work. Anna and Veronika both have impacted me with their teachings and I am really thankful I found them.

I appreciate the morning pranayama and evening kundalini yoga routine the most.

The tours and people I met were an additional bonus for me. The tours were exceptional and well organized. The outdoor yoga at Santhipala waterfalls was the highlight of my yoga experience. The place is beautiful and I felt a sense of spiritual calmness.

The staff were VERY helpful. The climb to dream hills was a daily struggle but enough to make me realized how strong minded the staff there when it comes to going to work daily!

Christina Biberger

from New Zealand, September 2019

"Way better experience than ever expected"

My room was beautiful, had my own bathroom and a comfortable bed. It was cleaned and colourful. Also dream hill where the yoga lessons and brekky and dinner was was really a dream. Up there an amazing view and delicious food. Our yoga teachers were amazing! I enhoued the lessons so much and I made many friends. It was of course sad to leave.

I recommend this yoga retreat to everybody.

Natália Silveira

from Great Britain, August 2019


I didn’t know what to expect and was positively surprised each day. As a city person, I’m usually a bit afraid of animals and wild, but Anna and her staff were very reassuring all times. It’s very “all included”, from meals to drinks and adventures, and any logistics needed, the staff is attentions and kind. They know people by the name and ensure your stay is perfect. The location is special: top of a hill after a pretty long set of stairs, with a view to the mountains and sea. The rooms are for any kind of wish: from very rustic like a tree house to comfortable and spacious like a hotel room. In the middle of my stay I requested a room change and it went smoothly.

It was always clean and with facilities for shower, relaxing and snacking at all times.

The food is organic and delicious, cultural activities are very fun.

The highest point was the spa sessions! Debi did my massage and she was phenomenal.

The retreat provides shuttle to the beach and town center at anytime, including shiny plancton at the beach at midnight!!!!

The yoga is amazing! Both Anna and Veronika are skilled and compassionate, and will tailor the yoga and meditation sessions according to the group.

Definitely a place to love.

Annie Tompkins

from United States, August 2019

"Incredible Experience "

A relaxing and rejuvenating week at Santhika and Dream hill. I don’t think you will find better quality for the price anywhere else. The food was excellent, including endless juices and tea. The 2-hour Spa treatments were awesome. There was a good range of included activities, treks to waterfalls, snorkeling with dolphins, hot springs, temple visits it was nice to have them all pre-arranged. The yoga space is beautiful at Dream Hill and the classes were difficult in a good way. It was nice to learn about different types of Yoga. It was all around a wonderful experience and I certainly hope to come back one day.

Julie Melchers

from Australia, August 2019

"Best experience ever"

Being the age of 58 and not a regular yogi I found it very challenging (especially the 99 steps up)and the meditation was unbelievable clearing a lot of old emotions

The gong medication was unreal experience to the day trips, night time activities

Most of all the beautiful group of girls from all over the world who included me in everything and made me laugh again and looked after me

to the amazing staff who looked after us for the week beautiful special people

Thank you Anna for what you gave created🙏🙏🙏🙏

Yi Kwan Tse

from Indonesia, August 2019

"Gd , nice location "

Very nice retreat , everyone friendly . Food is great . The place is clean . The tours were fun :) . Meditation & yoga was epic . Cultural activities were interesting and I like the Massage in here.

Isabelle Van Noort

from United States, July 2019

"Best of both worlds"

For anybody who is interested in vinyasa, kundalini, amazing views, great connections, fun activities, delicious foods and a never to forget experience, this is the place to be. I was in Dreamhill for seven days and six nights, which I could definately recommend to everybody. No day is the same here.

For me Kundalini yoga was a first and perfectly practiced by the extreme knowledgable Anna. It is perfect to mix in with the Vinyasa classes. Keeps body, soul & spirit in perfect balance.

I have enjoyed every moment of it and will definately return to this beautiful place

Greta Jee

from Indonesia, July 2019


Yoga and meditation at the waterfall is something I will never forget! And yoga /breakfast with the beautiful view at Dream Hill...amazing! My facial was also wonderful! I loved the yoga classes too, each one!

Virginia Puri

from Netherlands, July 2019

"Exceeded expectations "

Set in a quieter part of Bali, the Lovina hostal was very nice and more than what I expected. Dream Hill where the yoga classes are located was beautiful, and both teachers were excellent. Also the staff and the food was amazing as were all the extra cultural activities included. I couldn’t recommend this experience more, it was perfect.

Katharrine De Montalk

from New Zealand, July 2019

"Getting to know your authentic self in 7 days."

The retreat is organised with the care and awareness that I now want to practice in my life.

Anna’s teaching brings awareness to your inner world and during the 7 days I gained access to blocks I hadn’t understood I had. Each day of the tours (temple and waterfall visits etc) brought the evening classes into context in a beautiful and joyful way.

Kundalini yoga is challenging and really tests your determination. Each day is different because of what has been brought to your attention from the day before and freeing in the knowledge that it’s in your hands. I feel grateful and can’t wait to do more.

Tess Parker

from New Zealand, July 2019

"The masters of our own space "

I honestly find it hard to find the words to sum up this experience. I did the 7 day detox vinyasa and kundalini retreat, and I absolutely recommend it- 7 days gives you the chance to fully relax into the activities and space. For me, I was able to develop my yoga and meditation practice, but also self awareness and reflection. Anna and Veronika (and the warm staff from Dream Hill and Santhika) create a safe space to explore yourself outside normal life. I was often out of my comfort zone, but loved every moment. I recommend to go with an intention to say YES to every opportunity.

I booked a private single room, which was brilliant- its 'cozy' but with a phenomenal view. I do second the others who have said bring good earplugs- you can hear the whole city. It was only solo travels while I was there, coming and going at different times, so you get to make new bonds and connections as the time goes.

I also would encourage you to do a little reading about kundalini yoga and the chakra system before you come- I did this, and it allowed me to jump straight it. You can choose how much you want to delve into the experience, and I am glad I jumped straight in. I feel full of life.

Thank you for absolutely everything!

Alison Godfrey

from Australia, July 2019

"An amazing week"

Santhika and Dream Hill were a wonderful space to improve yoga practice, relax, rejuvenate and have an amazing time.

Anna and Veronika are great instructors who help guide and support your practice, they and the other staff are welcoming and kind and really do go above and beyond for you.

The inclusions on this retreat are impressive, not only 2 1/2 hours of yoga a day (4 if you complete Vinyasa too), but excursions to waterfalls, hot springs, temples, to swim with dolphins and about 6 hours of spa treatments, as well as delicious food and drink. The value for money was excellent considering so much was taken care of.

I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to explore Lovina, practice yoga with great teachers and relax their mind, strengthen their body and feed their soul.

Sue Etheirdge

from Australia, July 2019

"Amazing, challenging and fun!"

the people, the time table, lots to do, the yoga and excursions

Eraine Poon

from Hong Kong, July 2019

"lovely place, relax for yoga and meditation"

People and stuff are amazing, i can totally feel the love here.

Anna is very patient to teach me on the breathing and let me realize my heart center is blocked, she also teach me how can i improve and open the heart center. She also like a life coach - we share daily life/ experience and she could give me advice and guidance on my life journey.

after 7 days journey, i can feel my body totally lift up and light, i could do the yoga pose easily with correct breathing!

Also thanks a lot Veronika gave me lots of support as i wanted to do Crow pose, and at the end i literally make it under her help!

The staff there are nice, and the lady cooked amazing food. if you ask them for help, they immediately to come support you.

the environment is up on hill without any blocking where you could see very far to the seaside, the place is very relaxing and a hidden gem.

everyday i wake up with the animals together! totally a nice place for meditation.

the schedule they arranged for me is good and well planning which include local tour, culture experience and also good massage!

Catherine Marshall

from United States, July 2019

I enjoyed the mix of both kundalini and vinyasa yoga that were offered as part of my retreat, and while there was not a specific retreat theme, the classes were tailored to the individuals attending. Both instructors had meals with attendees after classes which really personnalized the experience. The entire staff at Santhika were welcoming and made one feel like part of the family. The included retreat sight seeing activities kept the days busy; by the time I was ready for down time the day arrived with a free afternoon.

Christine Falson

from Australia, June 2019

"Dream Hill was a dream come true"

From the moment I arrived, I felt like I had entered this magical place. The rustic accommodation, sumptuous meals, expert instruction and general authentic care shown by Anna, Veronika and staff made it one of the best (if not the best) experiences of my life. Anna and Veronika have a sixth sense when it comes to guiding people through the practice of Yoga and Kundalini meditation exercises. So much came up in such a good way in a supportive judge free environment, I have never dreamt so much and recalled my dreams vividly, as guide posts. I experienced many unbelievable moments of clarity and synchronicity, and had many breakthrough "wow" moments. I also met the most amazing two people I got to laugh and share the journey with that I now class as life long friends. I also had the pleasure of showering and bathing under a sea of stars in an outdoor bathroom. I purchased a wooden timber soup bowl with handle, which we used in the dining area and I now use this bowl daily to remind me to eat in moderation and to appreciate what I am putting into my body. Thank you Anna and Veronika for your words of wisdom and acts of kindness. This is an unforgettable experience if you surrender and let go. I am still in search of a local yoga teacher back in Australia. I can't recommend this program highly enough....whether you've left a job, a broken relationship, need nurturing time out, or need to regroup or find yourself. And it includes exercise, mental stimulation & culture.

Emma Pham

from Japan, June 2019

"Perfect week :)"

Dream hill is exactly as its named. Throughout my one week there i was able to see waterfalls and temples while still relaxing and deepening my practice. Veronica is a beautiful soul who took such good care of us. The staff were so incredibly sweet and always eagger to share their culture with us. Anna is an extremly hard worker and i am so greatful to her for introducing kundulini to me! This meditation is seriously life changing... Anyone and everyone who wants to enjoy a week of original yoga, great food, all with a perfect view should join this journey. I hope to be back up those steep stairs one day!

Margarita Arnaudova

from Indonesia, June 2019

"The best moments I didn’t steal from myself!"

Now being back in London I realise that Santhika in Lovina was the best gift I gave to myself! Dream Hill is really beautiful and the stairs will break your barriers. Anna and Veronika really listen to everything you say and will help you, do not doubt they have the kindest intentions at heart! Putu, Ilu, Made, Dewi and the guys who work there really cared for me always with a smile and the food they prepare was delicious! Best time in Bali.

Ricki Mccarroll

from United States, May 2019

"There are not enough words..."

It has taken me a few weeks to sort out how I wanted to write this review because there are truly no words that are sufficient enough to describe my time with Anna and the entire staff at Santhika/Dream Hill. The 7 day detox program is the hardest thing that I have ever done: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You are surrounded by so much amazing energy in Bali and combine that with Pranayama classes at sunrise and Kundalini classes in the evening, you become part of that energy encircling the vastness of possibilities in your own body and your own mind. If you chose this program - of which I whole heartedly endorse - invest in yourself and surrender to the process. It won't be easy, but you will be so happy that you did. Anna is a great leader and you can trust her to push you beyond what you think that your limits might be in a safe environment. Come with an open mind, let go of your expectations, and give in to the process. Santhika/Dream Hill is a very special place that I will be returning to again and again. As for the trekking, food, and adventures, you definitely won't be disappointed. The staff feel like family, and you run into some pretty colorful travelers. As a single, female traveler, I felt completely secure. So what are you waiting for? Just book it already. I promise, you'll fall in love.

Takara Bond

from Canada, May 2019

Retreat was wonderful and just what I needed. Food was good, beds were comfy, hot showers (not that you need a "hot" shower). It was really just a lovely experience. Would go back in a heartbeat. Anna is very accommodating and helpful. I loved that everything was planned and ready to go, but I never felt rushed. and the scenery was next level amazing for me.


from Indonesia, May 2019

"Absolutely Amazing!"

We had a magical time at the Santhinka Dream Hill couples retreat! My boyfriend and I were treated as if we were on our Honeymoon! The dolphin experience was particularly amazing. The captain was very friendly and laid back. On the boat he provided us with breakfast, romantic music, hammocks, and close up views of the spinner dolphins! We also enjoyed the King and Queen massages. I’ve never felt more relaxed than after the part with the full-body scrub, then romantic bath with flower petals to rinse off.

Veronika did a fabulous job guiding us through the couples yoga session. She helped us to feel comfortable and open throughout it. Last part I want to highlight was the romantic dinner! Candles and flower petals guided our way to the delicious traditional feast!

There were many more experiences that were wonderful during our trip, but I don’t want to give it all away!... I rarely recommend places, but felt I absolutely had to after this spectacular trip! 10 out 10.

Tom Mckay

from Canada, May 2019

"This Retreat is a Gem"

For the price this retreat offers a lot. My stay at Dream Hill, a "quirky unique wooden hotel", was one of many the highlights. The 3 possible yoga classes, Pranayama and Kundalini with Anna and Vinyasa with Veronica were customized for my experience level and deepened as the week progressed. The food deliciously prepared on request by warm and friendly staff and the touring and spa program organized by Anna were amazing. I felt at home and well cared for here on my first introduction to Bali. An added bonus were the roosters and dogs in the village below which really supported an early start to every beautiful day. This was the perfect retreat for me. I left feeling empowered and refreshed. And sad to leave such beautiful people.

Chiam Vivian

from Singapore, May 2019

"Best decision ever!"

I’m not a person who usually writes reviews, but Santhika/Dream Hill provided me with one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had, in fact it was pretty life-changing for me. I’ve never tried Kundalini or meditation before, but Anna was patient to explain in detail on why we’re doing certain poses or mudras, and the purpose of them. She has definitely sparked my interest to learn more about Kundalini yoga. During my stay, Veronika has been an inspiring teacher to me, I attended her restorative and vinyasa flow sessions and truly enjoyed and learnt. Food was awesome, all the staff were friendly and treated us like families. The environment is great and not too commercialized. Great for solo travelers who want to meet like-minded people to share more about traveling and yoga experiences.


from Australia, May 2019


I loved my tree house at Dream hill, the view, the staff, the crazy steep stairs, the day trips with Kadek to his village, the waterfalls and swimming with dolphins. I love the open minded lovely people i met. I loved the massages and how helpful and kind the staff were. The vinyasa yoga really made my mornings and Veronika was really helpful supportive and a great instructor.

Angela Siatta

from United States, April 2019

"Amazing and beautiful "

This retreat was so enlightening. I really enjoyed getting to know the host and instructor. They made you feel like family. The staff goes above and beyond to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. Beautiful accommodations and amazing retreat. It’s all in how open you are willing to be.

Naaz Kerin

from Australia, April 2019

"Absolutely loved it! "

This retreat was amazing! Definitely would recommend my photos etc. are on Instagram nk_journeys go have a look at some of what you will get to experience.

Col Dixon

from Great Britain, April 2019

"A piece of heaven on earth. "

I didn't like this place... I loved this place. From Ana, Veronika, all the staff... My darling Ketut and my little Nana Ninja (you must give her traditional Balinese healing massages ago).

This place has so much heart and soul. I went there looking for something, not knowing what, but I came back with something so important to my growth, I got my smile from my heart back.

I couldn't do much yoga and meditation because on the first day I developed a massive knot in my calves due to the stairs in Dream Hill, but because the way the trip is organized I got to see so much of north Bali and truly fell in love with North Bali.

Danica Milord

from Canada, March 2019

"A spiritual experience"

The food and service provided by Anna and her staff was amazing. Anna and Veronika genuinely care about your reasons for coming to do this retreat and care about your journey and want to help you. I didn’t know what exactly to expect but was pleasantly surprised by how much I got to see and do. The staff provide excellent food and spa services and are very accommodating. I really recommenced the extra day tour to the water temple.

Claudia Maldonado

from Canada, March 2019

"An Amazing Experience "

Being surrounded by nature and it’s sounds was meditative. Great, tasty menu options for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Staff was super friendly and welcoming. Anna was my amazing Kundalini Yoga and Meditation instructor. She felt like a loving sister. Veronica and her Hatha yoga was so positive and memorable. The spa!!!! The messages and flower bath was by far the best experience I’ve ever had!

Lynn Murray

from Great Britain, February 2019


Fabulous welcome, I am solo traveller and arrived late in the evening and a meal was delivered to my accomodation which was a few hundred yards from the retreat. Everyone was so happy and helpful yet not overbearing. It was home from home with added peace and tranquillity.

The Yoga was excellent I am a beginner aged 55 with creaky joints, Anna pitched it perfectly, I am continuing with Kundalini yoga at home, it delivered all I hoped for, mindfulness and wellbeing. I had a strong spiritual experience during a meditation from which I felt so lifted, a mind opening experience. Anna is an amazing lady and has great intuition for tailoring your experience. I am not a big review writer but strongly recommend coming here. The relaxation and spa alone are worth it and the yoga is the icing in the cake. Anna also arranges local trips, thermal spa, dolphin watching and bathing in local waterfall, stunning scenery and visit to paddy fields. In summary a total joy 😍

Brittany Miller

from United States, February 2019

"Uniquely tailored retreat"

Leading up to this trip the staff at Santhinka were very quick to respond to any questions we had. My cousin and I missed our connecting flight leaving the states due to bad weather. We contacted Santhinka retreat and asked to shift our retreat one day later. They were happy to accomodate this request. When we arrived in Depasar we easily found our driver who was holding a sign with our name on it. After a two or so hour ride in a very nice van we arrived at the retreat. Anna, our host, met us with a delicious fresh iced tea, fruit plate and fabulous itinerary for the next three days.

The excursions Anna planned for us were unique and local and the guides top notch! Our first day we went to a temple and hot springs. Our guide waited for us while we enjoyed both and gave us no time restraints. We literally could have stayed hours at each location.

The spa treatments were very relaxing and thorough.

Our room was clean, nicely decorated and air conditioned. The bathroom was a fun nature inspired experience with living plants that tied the outdoors with the indoors.

The staff and hosts were kind and fun to be around and extremely accommodating.

The food was delicious!

Wendy Gordon

from Australia, February 2019

"A slice of Paradise"

From the moment I walked in, I felt like I had come to Paradise. Anna and her staff are just awesome.

As a 55+ year old woman who has never really done any yoga, Anna was superb at accommodating me. I was blown away by the power of the meditation and where it took me, I was able to reach deep into my soul.

The organised activities were great, I loved them all and they were flexible with changing them if requested.

The food was lovely, traditional Bali fare, freshly made as needed. Loved the Kombucha! .

The accommodation was clean and comfortable and I loved my little private Haven.

The spa treatment was to die for, absolutely divine.

All the staff there were just lovely, Agung took care of any minor request I had.

Anna has done an amazing job of ensuring you get what you need on so many levels.

I will definately be back and I already have a pile of friends who want to come as well to experience all that Santhika has to offer.

Thank you Anna and your team

Lavanya Boon

from Malaysia, January 2019

"Excellent yoga and a little haven to relax."

Anna is an excellent gifted yoga teacher who can offer deep healing through the practice. I totally recommend it. The centre itself is idyllic and in a lovely location very quiet if you are looking for a place to relax. It’s also great for solo travellers. I recommend the 7 day yoga and wellness. It’s really good value for money with three tours involved in the package.

Also all food is included and some incredible spar treatments each day which leave you very relaxed. The place is situated in the north of Bali so beware that it’s a 4 hour transfer from the airport. You can book a taxi or a shuttle bus and to be honest the drive is quite relaxing if you happy to do it. The north of Bali is very beautiful so worth going. Anna and her staff organised all the transfers for me and anything I needed. The staff are lovely and happy to do things for you. I stayed in a private room that was unique and cleaned every day. It is quieter in a private room so if you want more peace I would go for that also they come with air con so it you struggle with heat it’s good to have. Other forms of accommodation are available but because the centre is small it can be noisy in certain areas depending on how full it is. I had a friend stay in a tent and she felt it was very noisy. I personally didn’t hear much in my room.

I recommend this centre totally


from Australia, December 2018

"Magical place"

A true little paradise. So glad i decided to try something different from the usual when going to Bali. Anna and her staff are very warm and welcoming. The Yoga was fabulous. The massages amazing. Thank you to all for making my stay a truly memorable experience.

Lena Cervin

from Malaysia, October 2018

"Amazing stay! "

Had a fantastic stay at Santhika! I was so good taken care of since the day I arrived. Got my own shedule of activities, yoga and massages. (Had the 7 days wellness, meditation and yogaretreat). The yogainstruktor and owner of the place, Anna, was great. She showed us and challenged us to go further and challenge our self, both physical and mentally.

The staff is amazing. They are all so kind and do whatever they can in order to give you a plesant stay. The food is excellent and healthy. The chef made me som special lunch/dinner from my request. The massage you get is really good. The ”queen treatment” was just amazing - you really felt like a Queen.

And then, above all, I had three tours in my package. Together with other guests, but always in a small group, we where taken out to see the best of North Bali.

To sum up - an amazing stay at a wonderful place! Highly recommended!

Patricia Leal

from Great Britain, December 2019

"My best holidays ever "

La gente, las clases, el ambiente, la comida, las actividades, no podia creer que tanto estuviese incluido en el paquete por ese precio.

Las cascadas impresionantes, y los delfines magicos. Un viaje que jamás olvidaré.

Xavier Calonne

from Vietnam, December 2019

"Tres complémentaires"

Tout dans l’ensemble, la gentillesse du personnel, l’approche d’Anna sur sa discipline, l’attention de Charis, ma chambre était parfaite ainsi que la nourriture et les sorties où on en a pris plein les yeux !! Et pour celui où celle qui ne connaît pas le kundalini yoga et qui veut sortir de sa zone de confort, ce stage est parfait !!

Même le bruit des animaux faisait parti du décor !! Il faut juste savoir lâcher prise.

Anne-helene Cavasa

from France, November 2019

"Paradis et Eveil"

I'm writing in french:

J'attendais ce séjour avec impatience! Quel bonheur!

Entre les visites & excursions proposées (cascades incroyables, temples, sources chaudes, dauphins & corails,...), les cours de yoga kundalini avec Anna, les méditations (une avec le gong, une autre à coté d'une cascade et toutes les autres à Dream Hill), les repas, l'accueil d'Anna et des locaux de Dream Hill, les palmiers, les bananiers, le café, le chocolat, les mangues, les plantations de riz, etc. Je me suis cru dans le Livre De La Jungle!

Essayez d'arriver à l'aéroport le matin car il y a 3h de route, et d'avoir un vol le soir pour votre retour. A l'aller, mon chauffeur m'a arrêtée dans une plantation de café et chocolat. C'est pour les touristes, mais j'étais la seule. Du coup j'ai pu apprécier les explications de l'hôte et déguster cafés, chocolats et thés. Ce petit arrêt finalement était bien sympa.

En bas de Dream Hill, il y a un petit village. Je n'ai pas été gênée par le aboiements des chiens (nombreux), ni par les chants des coqs (nombreux aussi). En fait, j'ai trouvé ça dépaysant. Si vous pensez être gêné, vous pouvez demander à être logé à Santhika, l'autre hotel qui fait parti de la retraite. Anna vous amenera en voiture pour chaque session de yoga.

Dream Hill: j'adore le recyclage/détournement des matériaux, la zenitude, les couleurs.

J'y retournerai <3

Merci Anna et ton équipe pour tout!

Kerstin Trautmann

from Switzerland, November 2019

Es stimmt einfach alles. Es ist eine Oase zum erholen, Ruhe finden. Ich bin überwältigt. Die Kombination , Yoga und unterschiedliche Aktivitäten über den Tag, ist super abgestimmt. Es ist alles sehr ordentlich, super freundliches Personal. Dream Hill ist ein Geheimtipp, absolut. Ein grosses Danke schön, dass ich so tolle Ferien hier hatte. LG Kerstin

Christopher Weidenbach

from Indonesia, October 2019

"beste zeit für ruhe, abstand, lernen, besinnen und wachstum"

Das Angebot, der Service und die Menschen waren einfach genial. Ich habe mich sofort unglaublich wohl gefühlt und einen platz zum entspannen gefunden. Die Aussicht ist wunderschön, die Unterkunft bietet platz zur entfaltung und der service ist der beste den ke erlebt habe.

Anna ist eine sehr besonderer Lehrerin. Anfangs habe ich gedacht, dass das angebot nicht umfangreich genug ist für mich. Später stellte sich heraus dass es genau das richtige gewesen ist. Ich wurde auch mit persönlichen problemen, ängsten konfrontiert und anna hat mir gute hilfestellung gegeben mich zu besinnen. Ich würde jederzeit wieder hingehen und kann es nur jedem empfehlen die energien dieses schönen ortes und der Menschen mitzunehmen.

Danke für die tolle zeit!


from Germany, August 2019

I loved my stay at Lovina Loca! The yoga classes were amazing and the teachers very friendly and inspiring. It was nice to try out Kundalini yoga and the experiences I had with the meditations were great!

Dafna Poiesz

from Netherlands, August 2019

"Would recommend this to anybody"

The Yoga/wellness/detox program is setup well. From the moment you arrive, there is a pick up from om the airport until the second you check-out they are looking after you. The yoga is amazing, really a nice way to start&end the day. The location is beautiful, with the spa being on the Santhika (different location from the retreat center) you will also enjoy spending time at Santhika, Dreamhill itself completely deserves her name. Up on a hill, about 99 steps up and the location looks like a dream, te view, the way the rooms are, a lot of the Dreamhill is open which gives such a nice feeling to the place. The day activities are amazing and the variety is perfect! every evening after dinner there is still something going on, Balinees dance, massage workshop always something. The spa treatments are amazing as well. Than meeting so many new people from all over the world made this trip extra special not forget to mention the staff, both at Dreamhill and Santhika, they are so nice completely looking after you. The fresh food, smoothies and drinks are really nice. If you would like to go the town or the beach, just let the staff know and they will arrange a ride same if you wanna go back. Also if you would like to change/add something on your program, its always possible. This week was beyond my expectations, thanks to Anna and all of the staff!

Charis Mazzolini

from Indonesia, July 2019

"A place for inspiration and deep experiences"

What I especially appreciated about the yoga retreat is the Kundalini yoga teacher Anna, who is excellent in my eyes. I already had experience in Kundalini Yoga but not very intensive. The yoga lessons with Anna touched me on a deep level and awakened a lot in me and showed me how I have to work on my development, where blockages lie and how I can deepen my yoga practice especially on the level of consciousness. The combination with Vinyasa Yoga with the very warm-hearted second yoga teacher Veronika, was very good – she offers yoga lessons that are suitable for every yoga level. I am not at all interested in guided tours or organized activities for tourists – for this reason I did not participate in the day trips (which were anyway not included in my package but can be booked separately). But I have heard very good from those who took part. I took part in the Balinese evening activities (which were included) and was very positively surprised. On a small scale every evening you learn something new about Balinese culture like cooking, handicrafts, dancing, etc. I also booked a healing massage and can only say that this was also an excellent experience. The older Balinese woman knows exactly what she is doing. I also remember the employees very positively – very courteous, friendly and there for every wish. The different places which belong to the whole organization are very stylish and special and have met my taste in any case.

Chantal Olde Hanhof

from Indonesia, June 2019

"Zeer bijzondere week "

Ik heb genoten van deze week, van alle ritjes achterop de scooter naar Dreamhill, de leuke en goedverzorgde avondactiviteiten, de overheerlijke maaltijden en kombucha’s, vriendelijke en gastvrije personeel van Dreamhill en Lovina Loca, zelfs van de enorme klim van Dreamhill. De yogalessen waren fijn, stevig, zacht, krachtig, confronterend en openend, Dank Anna en Veronika, so much love.

Dit alles, samen met de meiden van de retraite maakte het een magische week. Ik kom zeker terug!

Delahaye Emma

from France, June 2019

"Très bon séjour"

Les deux lieux sont agréables et conviviaux en architecture traditionnelles et colorées (Santhika Bed et Breakfeast avec petite piscine dans le jardin et clim. où je logeais à 1 KM du centre et de la mer et Dream Hill -la bien nommée- sur son extraordinaire promontoire avec ses structures perchées dans les arbres dominant la baie à 2 KM du centre et de la mer). J'ai été très bien accueillie avec une écoute et des cours adaptés à mon cas (femme 61 ans n'ayant jamais pratiqué le yoga et sans activité physique antérieure) qui m'ont permis de retrouver de la flexibilité et refaire travailler certains muscles pendant ma semaine de retraite. Anna et Véronika sont très agréables et de bon conseil pour la suite, merci beaucoup pour tout (et le transfert aussi à mon autre hôtel à Lovina avant de reprendre l'avion).

Alexandra Dupont

from Indonesia, April 2019

"Wonderful "

What a retreat !!!

I still can feel the bliss of being there.

The place is absolutely amazing and beautiful.

You can feel secure, extraordinary yourself and well guided through this retreat.

I discovered Vinyasa yoga with Veronika and couldn’t dream of a better teacher to begin, very attentive and very professional. Every day was different so I could experience so many different ways of considering yoga (postures, breathing, meditation, magic words ...) and body.

Also, Kundalini on the evening with Anna was such a experiment ! Challenging and inner, I’ve never thought I could go so deep into meditation. The gong session was the cherry on the cake, incredibly inward ! Thank you so much Anna for this moments of connexion and what you put in your classes.

Finally, excursions are beautiful, food is delightful, women and men working there are so kind and attentive and the spa was whaou ... wonderful... !

Vera Thallinger

from Germany, March 2019

"Amazing spiritual retreat"

My stay was a very spiritual and healing experience. The yoga practices is mostly Kundalini Yoga which I haven't tried before. It was very focussed on the breath and on controlling the energies in your body through pranayamas. I can say that it definitely stirred my inner energies and I will continue to practice Kundalini Yoga from now onwards. Thank you Anna for that. The additional Vinyasa sessions with Veronika were magical and helped to release the tensions from the body. I felt full of emotion and energy after those practices. Thank you Veronika for this beautiful energy of yours. The spa treatments were amazing and I enjoyed the trips to waterfalls, temples and to see dolphins. The food was always freshly prepared by the lovely staff and they were open to adjust the dishes to my vegan diet.

The accommodation was clean and open to nature. You basically slept in tune with nature and could hear the animals in the morning. I really enjoyed that :)