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Santhi Yoga International

International 200/300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Retreat programs in Kerala, India registered with Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance International.

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Nidhish Nidhiri

Nidhish is a professional yoga teacher of Ministry of AYUSH government of India, certified by the Quality Council of India (QCI). He is qualified as BA (Communicative English), TTC Yoga (Sivananda), YIC (S.Vyasa Yoga University ), M.Sc Yoga (S.Vyasa University), Professional Yoga Teacher of the AYUSH Department Govt of India certified by the Quality Council of India. Nidhish is also a skilled yoga therapist. Moreover, he is well experienced in the management of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, asthma, arthritis, obesity, back pain, migraine, depression.

Dr. M. R. Gopalakrishanan Nair

Dr. M. R. Gopalakrishanan Nair is an authority in Raja yoga and naturopathy. He is also a faculty member of MG University, Kottayam. He is a renowned yoga teacher, an orator, naturopath, counselor, and author of many books.

Dr. Chandasekharan Nair

Dr. GCS Nair is a faculty member of the MG University, Kottyam. He is a senior naturopath and advanced yoga therapist certified by Government of India. He is the guest faculty of naturopathy. His lectures and practical sessions on naturopathy (nature living) will be a distinct experience for the students.

Kaithapram Vasudevan Namboodiri (Visiting Instructor)

Kaithapram Vasudevan Namboodiri is the Director of PYTRC (Patanjali Yoga Training and Research Centre, Ernakulam) and a Rtd. BPO (SSA) (Block ProgrammeOfficer,SarvaShikshaAbhiyan). He has 32 years of teaching experience. He is a Social Worker and Sanskrit Scholar Publications. Written 3 books on Yoga (Siva Samhita, GeetayumYogavum, ShugarumYogayum). Also written 9 other books(Panchatantram- yatharoopam, SagnikamAtiraatram, Atirudram, Vishnuyagam, Agnihotram, Jagadeesh Chandra Bose, KuttikalEntuPthikkanam, BeerbalKathakalile Management Tatwangal, Narayaneeyam-commentary, SaastruPoojaRahasyam)

Jawahar Govindan

Sri. Jawahar Govind is our permanent faculty in Yoga, Philosophy and Vedanta. He is a post graduate diploma holder in Clinical Yoga and Naturopathy. He is a certified yoga teacher of the Yoga alliance international. He attended various courses in Yoga and Vedanta from Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh, Arsha Vidya Gurukulam under Swami Dayanandaji (Tamil Nadu). He has written a number of articles on Yoga and Vedanta propagating the universal message of Yoga to students from different parts of the world. Conscious living based on reality of Yoga and Vedanta is his core emphasis.

Dr. Kochuthresia Jose

Dr. Kochuthresia Jose is an expert Ayurveda Doctor and a teacher who is handling the classes on Ayurveda, Anatomy and Physiology. She is an eminent Panchakarma Therapist and a good counsellor. She is having proficient knowledge in yoga and her classes on Anatomy and Physiology would be more and more relevant and effective. And she is also our consultant of Ayurveda and Panchakarma.

Justin Thomas

Sri. Justin Thomas is our guest faculty and manages classes on Mind Power Training. He is an International Trainer and Counsellor, Advanced Life Coach, N.L.P. Master Practitioner and certified Hypnologist. He is acting as the national co-ordinator, National Training Programmes of the JCI India. He is also a certified trainer of the State Govt. Institutions such as employment exchange IMG and KILA. He has conducted over 2700 training sessions across the world. His one day workshop on Mind Power Training is a varied and amazing experience for the Yoga Students.

Reviews (22)

beatrice allegret

from United States, January 2019

"A priceless experience"

It was a big privilege to be at Santhi International, a priceless experience for which I will be forever grateful.There are so many yoga schools in kerala that it is not always easy to choose one when you are sitting in front of your computer back home. I was looking for a traditional way of learning yoga, authenticity in the teachings. A place where both local and foreign students would mingle and study together.

Staying in an ashram with a small number of students was my priority and I was very lucky because it is excactly what I got at santhi international. Because groups are kept small (we were 12 ) we get a lot of personal attention. Teachers here are very knowledgable and their calm demeanor make you feel totally at ease. They live at the ashram with us and are alway available for questions, support, but also for fun.

Weekly trips to differents parts of the area and occasional trips to the restaurant were nice treats. The teachers come with us which is good fun.

All my gratitude and love to Mohanji, Nidhishji, Jawaralji, Abilash , Dju and the canteen staff.

I will definitively try to deepen my knowledge of all the teachings I got from all of you..

Bless you

Konstantinos Georgiadis

from Greece, January 2019

"Thank you very much santhi yoga "

The early mornings in this magic scenery walking through a small forest in hosana mount for the morning meditation.the location of the centre is so calm and with good vibrations that get me to reach out the peacefulness of the body and mind. I was so pleased to see that not only young people attended the classes there was even a 73 years old guy !very good team from jawaharji thanks for the chanting sessions . Nidish is the best teacher ever and so passionated he has a vast experience in yoga and he really passes his own wisdom, clarity, clamness of the mind and knowledge . And mohandasji teached us so many asanas. Thank you all! The food was delicious and healthy . I liked the small trips especially back waters was wonderful ! The program was full but well organized and we had a day off per week . the classes of philosophy of yoga were amazing and so well structured .

Pierre Duchaine

from Canada, January 2019

"Excellent training"

Very dedicated group. Always trying to please the students for their needs.

Sorties were very good. Gave us an idea of the beautiful sceneries of Kerela.

The occasional visits to local restaurants were so welcome. And fruit juices and mid afternoon snack were nice.

The hard work outs made us feel good.

Emily Byrd

from United States, December 2018

"Over too soon! "

A month in Kerala has flown by and I'm reluctant to leave the Santhi family! The team's generosity, knowledge, and youthful spirits made the TTC experience unique, instructive, and fun. The teachers are committed to the health and happiness of all students and are quick to respond to any needs. I feel I was able to explore yoga theory, philosophy, and history with much more depth and nuance than I would have outside India. Plus, the focus on classic, foundational asanas greatly improved my practical skill and ability to serve students with specific needs. Though I've studied meditation and psychology before, I am still leaving this program with fresh tools to apply to my own life and share with future students––and I'm leaving with a tremendous sense of peace and clarity thanks to the teachings and friendships experienced here.

Some things I will especially miss:

-Niddish's eternal calm and deep knowledge, his sensitivity and attention to detail, and most of all, his ability to have deeper conversations about any topic in our curriculum.

-J.G.'s laughter and assistance in discovering our own capacity for joy (santosha!).

-Mohanji's smile, impressive flexibility, and confident leadership.

-Abilesh's sense of humor and great dynamic yoga classes.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend Santhi to anyone seeking a memorable month learning the foundations of yoga from experienced teachers.

Hedieh Heshmati

from Italy, September 2018

"Amazing experience"

Actually i am really greatful with this experience , i learned many things everything was new for me , teachers are really really kind and lovely , mohanji was caring about us like his family we had philosophy and asana class with him ,as well with nidhishji ,i enjoyed every classes with nidhishji he is really calm and his calmness will touch your soul , he is a experienced teacher and dynamic yoga with dear abhilashji was amazing he is full of positive energy and happiness and

Meditation classes with jawaher

And anatomy classes eith dr tracia she is a really nice teacher ,

I learned many things i was really interested to all topics , food was amazing

And tasty i already miss indian foods , accomodation is really comfortable we were in a big house with big rooms and private bathroom for each room , every saturday we had sight seeing plan i enjoyed the beauty of kerala there is no word to explain that beauty u will see ,

And every week we had guests with different topics

In total i spent great time with santhi yoga international team

I recommand 100%

Thank u for everything

Mohanji , nidhish, abhilash , javaher , tony

I miss u all ❤️

Tracey Close

from Great Britain, September 2018

"Santhi Yoga - A unique, fulfilling and amazing experience"

Arriving in India I felt completely at ease at the airport where Santhi's driver Jeemon was there to greet me. Such a warm and friendly guy. Introduced me to the Kerala way of life as we drove. A tender coconut and a masala dosa with chai along the way. At the Yoga Centre I met the rest of Team Santhi - Mohanji, Nidish, Jawahar and Abilash. Great teachers. Experts in their own fields. Passionate people with beautiful souls - always kind, happy and helpful. I was there in August during the devastating floods in Kerala and despite having worries about their own homes and families Team Santhi always went out of their way to ensure we were safe and happy. We were extremely well cared for. Santhi Yoga was not affected by the floods and the commute to and from the airport is good.

The house for international students is a 10min walk through a forest in a small residential area. It is very safe and peaceful. So many trees and plants to see along the way and amazing wildlife.

I really loved the food in the canteen. Celine and Indira looked after us really well. Samba with Indian breads or puttu for breakfast, salads, juice and fruit for lunch and rice with a range of vegetable curries for dinner. Over the weekend our teachers would take us out for dinner and we were invited to a festival feast at Chairman Mohanji's house - AMAZING!

Laura Mannila

from Germany, June 2018

"Wonderful experience! "

My 200 hour Yoga teacher training at Santhi Yoga was a wonderful experience! Mohanji, Abhilash an Nidhish are wonderful teachers and the most caring persons. They always want everybody to feel as good and happy as possible. You are in good hands here.

The classes were excellent. They invite lots of teachers to provide a wide variety of knowledge, from laughter yoga and meditation over anatomy and ayurveda to mind power training and dynamic Yoga. I especially enjoyed the theory and practical classes with nidhish though. He manages to explain the complex Indian philosophy in a way that is easily understandable for everyone and his calm way of teaching gives a great feeling during the Yoga practice. In just these 4 weeks I made a great progress. But all the other teachers are great as well!

The accommodation was really nice, we lived in a nice house with big rooms and everyone had his own bathroom. Also the location is super awesome!

The food prepared in the canteen was excellent! I was looking forward to every single meal.

On the Saturdays we were going on trips to the backwaters and the mountains and a martial arts center and we had lots of fun and saw beautiful landscapes.

Also the other students in my batch were just wonderful. I am so happy that I found so many new friends here.

All in all I can just say thank you Mohanji, Abhiji and Nidhiji for being my teachers and friends and giving me one of the best experiences in my life. I am so thankful for this time.

Ignas Cepulis

from Iceland, June 2018

"Thank you"

The experience here was amazing. I learned a lot about myself and yoga. I love the way that all the information you get, you can experience in the course. Good quality acommodation. There were a lot of interesting and inspiring teachers. I felt that organizers really care about you and they allways tried to do their best. I met a lot of amazing peoples here. These persons are creating a better world. Thank you for everything. Thank you for knowledge and good luck in the future.

David Steyn

from Tanzania, May 2018

"Keeping it real in Kerala"

Go to India to find yourself. Cliché yes. Having been to Rishekesh and India before I had an idea of kind of what to expect , or so I thought. I chose the course because of the syllabus and having a particular interest in Ayurveda it had everything I was looking for. The faculty of teachers and lectures was incredible the materials and content were in-depth and interesting. The accommodation very comfortable and new, its Kerala so its hot but once you make peace with its easy to survive. There are also a few mosquitos around but no malaria or dengue in the region so really nothing to worry about. Food is tasty and vegetarian if your are not a fan of curry you might struggle but I found it perfect and was never left hungry. Overall it is a very real experience and as authentic as I have seen in India, the hospitality of the people at Hosana Mount really will touch your heart. You will arrive there trying to touch your toes but leave having touched your soul.

Alyssa Dean

from United States, April 2018

"Life Changing Experience"

The staff at the Ashram were so kind and accommodating. Mohanji, Nedish, and Abilash (the main staff) make a great team and really helped provide me and my class mates with an authentic Kerala experience. The outings were fun and the food at local restaurants is amazing! The food was healthy and delicious at the Canteen as well. I learned so much about the philosophy of yoga and made some amazing friends along the way. I would recommend Santhi Yoga to anyone who is looking for an Authentic Yoga experience from India. “Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodah.” Thank you Santhi Yoga for helping me figure out who I am.

Rasheda Belhomme

from Sri Lanka, April 2018

"Very special place in beautiful Kerala! Amazing experience!"

I enjoyed all aspects of the course, yoga, meditation, pranayama, chanting and prayers. Each and every class is taught with passion and great positivity. The teachers are very kind, wise and bright spirits. I respect them very much for my amazing experiance with Santhi yoga and cherish all the knowledge I have gained . Great family feeling, delicious fresh food, yummy teas and juices between classes, comfy,clean and new accommodation. All very friendly and quiet place, no distractions, elephants bathing in the lake , nice walks, trips are great days out, overall had such a great time and will be back for future courses or visits would defiantly recommend to anyone that wants to get out of the external world and enjoy learning and growing each day in a natural healthy environment with amazing people. Peace love and light

Jasper Weinstein Sheffield

from India, April 2018

"Great course, embrace and believe "

The instructors are incredibly well informed and know their subjects inside and out. The course is geared to teach the whole sphere of yoga and this means a LOT of philosophy - This was something I didn’t quite grasp when signing up for the course, I was thinking of pure asana practice with some philosophy in the background, however I cannot stress how much I enjoyed the contextual history and philosophy once I embraced it, it has made me a more well-rounded graduate than some others I know. I may not teach these aspects in my classes, but it feels hugely beneficial to have. This also applies to the anatomy classes, I now see asanas as prescriptions for ailments as well as exercise for mind, body and soul.

A good split of international students and locals gives a great feel to the course, one of our fellow Indian students even invited us round for a Sunday night feast :)

Speaking of, the food is awesome and the canteen staff are constantly trying to help you - want more fruits? Here comes endless fresh papaya and pineapple. Paratha instead of chapatti? Here they come.

Accommodation is awesome, International’s are housed a five minute walk from the estate in a beautiful “yoga villa” with big rooms, individual bathrooms/en-suites and a sick rooftop for yoga in the morning/watching the sunrise/sunbathing.

Finally the trips are great, you get to bond with the tutors and students in a chilled fashion, building great relationships.


from Tunisia, February 2018

"Unforgettable TTC"

The most thing I loved is the people.

They are so kind and thoughtful also the place is just incredible


from Germany, January 2018

"Once in a lifetime experience"

The quality of the course was very good. I learnt a lot. Also the location was wonderful. Very peaceful and quiet. The people were very nice and helpful. I would love to come back for a second training.

Flavie Ameline

from Australia, January 2018

"My time at Santhi yoga international "

This experience was beautiful and positive. I learned so much about Yoga and teaching but not only! I learned about myself as well. I met great people, traveled to beautiful places and had magic experiences.

Frederic Keldi

from Indonesia, October 2018

"Amazing place to find your yoga practice"

I have choosen Shanti International for my 200 hours TTC based on places available via Bookretrat.com. the comments were really good, the information available about the programme and the pictures showing a peaceful place around nature convinced me to join.

All the above were right, even more than expected.

I really found a place where I learnt so much about yoga and basis to pursue and deepen my own way of practicing yoga. Shanti international does not only provide asana classes, but theory concepts  (philosophy, psychology, anatomy, Indian culture, Ayurveda, naturopathy..) which are key to understand what yoga really is about.

Teachers are really good, dedicated, with diversified profiles, which make the classes very interesting. Guest teachers also come to cover specific classes (vedanta, laughter, mind power...).

Overall the academic part is great.

Asanas classes are very good, not focused on alignment but on core hatha yoga Asanas. Ability to perform them, demonstrate and teach. Lot of focus also on stretching and flexibility.

Accommodation and food are really good. In addition, we have every weekend an excursion with the group in a place in Kerala (backwaters,...) which is a good opportunity to rest once in the week and visit the beautiful region of kerala. The teachers come with us and are generally all the day with us, which creates a family spirit. Do not hesitate, join Shanti international!!!!

Livia Lalita Zgraggen

from Switzerland, June 2018

"super-nice-experiance 🤩 in kerala santhi yoga internatioala"

yoga is taught with deep knowledge.

every teacher is great and has excellent deep knowledge in his subject.No matter

if you are beginner or advanced in yoga.. at the end all students will be arriving at a high level of knowledge in the theory and practicals of Yoga.

The classes are lead by yoga professionals . I was enjoing a family atmosphere as the teachers

espacially the daily team (mohanji, nidhish and abhilash) were caring their students with regard to food acommodation and safety.

the accommodation is beautiful & clean. the food is delicious & homely

the location is just wondefull surrounded by a beautiful garden nearby also a bamboo forest.

Dusan Radosavljevic

from Thailand, March 2018

"Schlechtes preisleistungs-verhältnis"

Ersten zwei wochen unterricht tägl. ~7h asanas und mindtraining, lehre über das mindsetting, platz wo der unterricht stattfand

Alexandra Konradova

from Slovak Republic, June 2018

"Lifechanging experience"

I did my 300 hours with Santhi Yoga and I have to say it was the best decision. The programme was excellent; I've learnt so many new things which were a great addition to what I already knew. All the teachers were wonderful, but I have to say I especially enjoyed philosophy classes with Nidhish, who is the most beautiful and inspiring person I've ever met. They also invited lots of interesting guest teachers to give lectures on naturopathy, positive thinking, meditation and many other things. Each day was different and it was never boring. All the staff were so caring and loving it really felt like a family. We were staying in a beautiful new house just a few minutes of peaceful forest walk from school. The food in the canteen was traditional and delicious. Every week they took us on different trips, so we had a chance to see the beautiful surroundings of Pala. I especially enjoyed trip to Backwaters and mountains :) I highly recommend Santhi Yoga to everyone. I got a new Indian family and for sure I'll be back :)


from United States, November 2018

"5 Day Yoga Retreat"

die Vor Ort Betreuung. Ich fühlte mich wie ein VIP.

Ich habe einen guten Einblick in die Yoga Lehrer Ausbildung erhalten (Anforderungen, Niveau, etc.)


from France, February 2018

"I sincerely recomended "

The center is on a beautiful place where we can learn or improve yoga without stress or discomfort. The teachers share their knowledge (and they have a lot). They always take care of us and do all they can to make the training an amazing experience.


Testimonials (2)

Nina Sivaram United States

Santhi Yoga International website

I fell very blessed to have chosen Santhi Yoga School for my yoga course. Had an amazing experience here. All the asanas were explained along with breathing, benefits & awareness. Both spiritual, physical and with contraindications etc. The classes were taught in detail and all instructors were more than willing to answer our questions. The visiting faculties were experts in their fields and that has given me a broader understanding of life principles. The food provided was of excellent quality and was very delicious. A special thanks to Mohandas sir, Nidhish, Zerin and Abhilash wish Santhi Yoga School, faculty and all the future students the very best.

Marin Sabrina Italy

Santhi Yoga International website

The experience in Santhi Yoga School was amazing, the way that everybody take care of you and make feel you like at home. Teachers are very friendly and ready to explain a topic any number of time with lot of patience. Food very nice! I enjoyed every breakfast, lunch and dinner!! Many teachers coming to talk about many topics: Meditation, Jnana Yoga, Naturopathy, all the classes were interesting.

Thanks to everybody, I will never forget these times!

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