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Hana Kosuga

from Japan, February 2020

"Life changing time !"

First of all, thank you for everything ! I took 200hrs in Jan and It was definitely life changing experiences as yoga and life perceptions.

I have been practicing yoga for a few years and I was mainly focusing on Asana. However, Nidhish changed my way of thinking completely that how yoga philosophy is deep, wide and interesting... The school is more focusing on mind (of course we will have lots of time for asana !), and now I understood why it is in that way. He is like a walking library. He has so deep knowledge and understanding and I really loved how he teaches us with some interesting stories ! He is the best philosophy and also asana teacher for sure... You will be amazed by his lessons !

And also, Mohanji and Abhilash lessons were also great and interesting ! Every lessons have different character and I was looking forward to take classes every time.

I learned so many things for this one month that yoga is more than phisical exercise, philosophy, mediation and so on. It is all combined for how you live your life.

It was so nice to meet people who have different but also the kind of same vibrations inside. We shared every moment together. The ashram was the place to have all these experiences and feel these vibrations within you.

Bernice Alvins

from Malaysia, June 2019

"Always a special place in my heart"

I went to Santhi Yoga International with no expectations, bearing in mind that it was going to be humid, with mosquitoes, insects, snakes and other creepy crawlies. The fact that Santhi Yoga was part of a research foundation and charity society gave credence to by decision in choosing them. I spent a month here doing my 200 hours TTC. It was tough on so many levels - not just the intensity of the programme itself but also the community living without any space or time for yourself.

As i grew accustomed to the environment, the schedule and living in close proximity with the other participants and teachers, it taught me how to surrender myself and be free of fear and negative energies. Each teacher brought something special to the table. Mohanji, for his selflessness. Prakash taught me about detachment. Nidhish's calm and focussed demeanour. Abhilash for his humility and Jeo who taught me not to take life so seriously. Thank you. I went with no expectations but returned home with invaluable learning insights and experiences and friendships!

Alice Avaldi

from Nepal, May 2019

"A place called home "

I spent one month in Santhi yoga for the 200h ttc and then I decided to stay for another month for the advanced course. There is nothing I didn't like and so many things I loved that is impossible to describe. I just want to say I felt as a part of a family, strongly bounded by the same purpose to go deeply into ourselves. I have a new indian family now to come back to. Food was amazing and helping Mohanji Sir in the kitchen the most funny time. Thanks to Nidhish and to his amazing practice and philosophy classes, everything starts to make sense now. Thanks to Prakash for our deep conversations and thanks to Abhilash for our thoughtless laughs and for letting me play carram with you. Thanks to Jeo for have been always there. You guys are just making the world a better place. Thanks to all the students I met during these two months, I have learned something new and surprising from each one of you. With loads of love from Italy and... see you soon. Ali


from Canada, April 2019

"Santhi yoga was amazing "

I had a great month at santhi yoga!

Teachers are very knowledgeable and friendly, classes were very good.

We were all family and outings on weekends were really fun!!

I didn’t want to leave and I am sure I’ll go back at some point. 💚👌🏽

Yoga fam🌴🌴❤️

Pravinsing Sooklall

from Mauritius, January 2019

"The best gift I offered to myself"

I joined this training to become a certified yoga teacher, but this training was beyond my expectation, it was about physical, mental and spiritual transformation.

The yoga practice was very intensive but the results were amazing. I was able to very challenging postures. The morning and evening meditation made the mind very peaceful although the daily schedules were packed with activities for 12 hours. The pranayama improved my stamina.

It was a life changing program thanks expert teachers, the beautiful environment at Hossana Mount, the people, the tasty food and the lovely participants.

The training was very well coneived and also included outings to visit beautiful places.

I gained so much knowledge about my physical body, my soul but I also lost several pounds.

This is the best gift I have given to myself and I am looking forward to go back for the 300hrs Yoga Teacher Training.

Clara Franceschini

from Australia, January 2019

"This retreat for perfect for me"

I am so happy because I have learned so much, and the atmosphere in which I learned was great. We were a really nice group, the instructors and staff were always in good mood, smiling, answering every questions, helping out the best way they could each time we need, making sure everybody is happy. The accomodation and center are simple but that was great this way for me. The food was really good, every single day I was eating so much, once again, simple, maybe a bit repetitive, some people were getting bored of it, but I didn't mind at all :D

Once a week there were day trips organised in beautiful places, in the evening we were eating in another canteen outside the yoga center, the food was amazing. I have seen and touched an elephant, it is one of my best memory, it was a mesmerising experience, the temple with the elephant is maybe 10 minutes walk away from the yoga center.

Coming back to the most important thing, the yoga practice was great, 2h in the morning and in the evening, I would end the day in such a good mood and a lot of energy actually, Nidhish, the instructor was so great, calm, would demonstrate and explain perfectly, it was really impressive. I could really feel the change in my body and my progress throughout the month.

beatrice allegret

from United States, January 2019

"A priceless experience"

It was a big privilege to be at Santhi International, a priceless experience for which I will be forever grateful.There are so many yoga schools in kerala that it is not always easy to choose one when you are sitting in front of your computer back home. I was looking for a traditional way of learning yoga, authenticity in the teachings. A place where both local and foreign students would mingle and study together.

Staying in an ashram with a small number of students was my priority and I was very lucky because it is excactly what I got at santhi international. Because groups are kept small (we were 12 ) we get a lot of personal attention. Teachers here are very knowledgable and their calm demeanor make you feel totally at ease. They live at the ashram with us and are alway available for questions, support, but also for fun.

Weekly trips to differents parts of the area and occasional trips to the restaurant were nice treats. The teachers come with us which is good fun.

All my gratitude and love to Mohanji, Nidhishji, Jawaralji, Abilash , Dju and the canteen staff.

I will definitively try to deepen my knowledge of all the teachings I got from all of you..

Bless you

Konstantinos Georgiadis

from Greece, January 2019

"Thank you very much santhi yoga "

The early mornings in this magic scenery walking through a small forest in hosana mount for the morning meditation.the location of the centre is so calm and with good vibrations that get me to reach out the peacefulness of the body and mind. I was so pleased to see that not only young people attended the classes there was even a 73 years old guy !very good team from jawaharji thanks for the chanting sessions . Nidish is the best teacher ever and so passionated he has a vast experience in yoga and he really passes his own wisdom, clarity, clamness of the mind and knowledge . And mohandasji teached us so many asanas. Thank you all! The food was delicious and healthy . I liked the small trips especially back waters was wonderful ! The program was full but well organized and we had a day off per week . the classes of philosophy of yoga were amazing and so well structured .

Pierre Duchaine

from Canada, January 2019

"Excellent training"

Very dedicated group. Always trying to please the students for their needs.

Sorties were very good. Gave us an idea of the beautiful sceneries of Kerela.

The occasional visits to local restaurants were so welcome. And fruit juices and mid afternoon snack were nice.

The hard work outs made us feel good.

Emily Byrd

from United States, December 2018

"Over too soon! "

A month in Kerala has flown by and I'm reluctant to leave the Santhi family! The team's generosity, knowledge, and youthful spirits made the TTC experience unique, instructive, and fun. The teachers are committed to the health and happiness of all students and are quick to respond to any needs. I feel I was able to explore yoga theory, philosophy, and history with much more depth and nuance than I would have outside India. Plus, the focus on classic, foundational asanas greatly improved my practical skill and ability to serve students with specific needs. Though I've studied meditation and psychology before, I am still leaving this program with fresh tools to apply to my own life and share with future students––and I'm leaving with a tremendous sense of peace and clarity thanks to the teachings and friendships experienced here.

Some things I will especially miss:

-Niddish's eternal calm and deep knowledge, his sensitivity and attention to detail, and most of all, his ability to have deeper conversations about any topic in our curriculum.

-J.G.'s laughter and assistance in discovering our own capacity for joy (santosha!).

-Mohanji's smile, impressive flexibility, and confident leadership.

-Abilesh's sense of humor and great dynamic yoga classes.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend Santhi to anyone seeking a memorable month learning the foundations of yoga from experienced teachers.


from Guatemala, June 2019

"Great experience "

From the first moment, you feel part of the Santhi yoga family. It’s the perfect place to imerse yourself in yoga and the philosophy. The teachings are high in quality and will change your life. No superficialities, but yoga how it is meant.

Insaf Amor

from Tunisia, April 2019

"Insaf Tunisia"

My experience with Santhi yoga International School was a challenging one, where I had to overcome emotional and physical challenges.

I had experienced a switch of mind at many occasions and I had to catch up a second Breath to evolve each single day. Overcoming fear, ego and physical challenges are a daily practice and daily freedom grasp❤️ Many thanks to : the experienced and caring Yogacharya K. P MOHANDAS 🙏, the calm, patient and knowledgeable Nidhish who was of a great support and an amazing & deep knowledge exchange ❤️🙏The dynamic yoga sessions with Abhilash where full of energy💪🙏

I appreciate the free personality of Joe, I see him as an open mind, ready to grasp new knowledge and new life🙏.

I liked the pranayama breathing techniques especially the Bhastrika pranayama which made me feel as in a fulfilling trance state and energy renewal.

I did appreciate a lot the way we train to teach and learn from each other ❤️

I also liked each student in the group, the dynamism and energy power of Moncee, the devotion of Geetha, the Ego of Angelo 💪😉😁, The determination of Vijji, the sweetness and reconciliating personality of Sona and the thirst of Life of Sharou❤️

It is a great and life time experience ❤️❤️❤️ I'm so happy and glad being through this amazing Yoga training program ❤️

Frederic Keldi

from Indonesia, October 2018

"Amazing place to find your yoga practice"

I have choosen Shanti International for my 200 hours TTC based on places available via the comments were really good, the information available about the programme and the pictures showing a peaceful place around nature convinced me to join.

All the above were right, even more than expected.

I really found a place where I learnt so much about yoga and basis to pursue and deepen my own way of practicing yoga. Shanti international does not only provide asana classes, but theory concepts  (philosophy, psychology, anatomy, Indian culture, Ayurveda, naturopathy..) which are key to understand what yoga really is about.

Teachers are really good, dedicated, with diversified profiles, which make the classes very interesting. Guest teachers also come to cover specific classes (vedanta, laughter, mind power...).

Overall the academic part is great.

Asanas classes are very good, not focused on alignment but on core hatha yoga Asanas. Ability to perform them, demonstrate and teach. Lot of focus also on stretching and flexibility.

Accommodation and food are really good. In addition, we have every weekend an excursion with the group in a place in Kerala (backwaters,...) which is a good opportunity to rest once in the week and visit the beautiful region of kerala. The teachers come with us and are generally all the day with us, which creates a family spirit. Do not hesitate, join Shanti international!!!!

Elodie Barthes

from France, February 2020

"Lot of things to improve"

-Peacefull, quiet, green and safe place

-I had a private room

-Nice people

-Some instructor are very good and Professional

-My Yoga level has improved in few days

-Nice massage

-Very very nice sightseeing!

Miriam Indries

from Greece, February 2020

"A great 300 hour YTT experience with amazing knowledge "

BIG thank you to Mohangi, Abilash, Nidhish and Arun for this unique experience.

Before my arrival, I had emailed the Santhi team with questions and Mohangi always replied super promptly. Their driver picked me up from the airport and when I got there, Mohangi and Abilash welcomed me so kindly, which was lovely after a long haul flight.

I came to Santhi with a curious urge to learn and deepen my knowledge of the yoga philosophy and my asana practice through the 300 hour YTT. I definitely got this here. Nidhish is the best teacher I have had so far, he is like a bright light, bringing so much warmth and tranquility to his surroundings. His humble nature and extensive knowledge on the subject and passion for teaching is inspiring. His philosophy classes are in depth and profound and his asana classes are perfect, the highlight of my time here. Abilash's dynamic yoga class was intense and a great challenge. He is so positive and knowledgeable, always there for a chat with everyone. Arun's meditation classes were beautifully structured, he is such a kind soul; and Mohangi is a great teacher with a lot of experience.

Santhi is a unique place. Simple but with an abundance of peaceful energy. The course is intense, with almost no time off, but this is perfect. I learned so much. Thank you for the lovely boat trip, for the full moon mountain experience, for your kindness, for sharing your knowledge and wisdom, for everything. I left Santhi feeling inspired and humbled.

Greta Toso

from Italy, February 2020

Is definitely true that Santhi Yoga becomes your family. After a month there, I was completely feeling at home, safe and loved all the time. (We were a really cool group of people and we got so close).

The best part of this YTT is definitely Nidish’s teaching. He’s the closest definition to a yogui that I ever met. Such a wonderful human being, you can really get inspired from him. He’s knowledge is simply amazing and his way to spread it works so good! I loved every philosophy class he gave and I’ve leaned so much in one month. His Asana class are as great as his lecture ones. He gets to know each students body and help them to improve in a very targeted way. I always felt really safe and comfortable in his lessons and I went so much deeper in my practice!

Mohanji is a lovely human being, always taking care of us. He was so kind to me all the time and he’s knowledge is also great. He has a very clear way to teach and you can learn so much from him! Plus, he and Abhilash are so funny that you’re sure you’ll never get bored, and if you’re a little sad, just listen to Abhilash’s laugh and everything will disappear.

I’m so glad I’ve chosen this course, my personal opinion is that is perfect for a 300 hours Ytt, it added so much to what I already knew.

Priyanka Shah

from United Kingdom, April 2019

"5 day retreat at Saanthi International"

I had the most incredible week at Santhi Yoga. I've been interested in yoga and meditation for some time now, but felt like I didn't have the knowledge and skills to practice it to the level i would like to until I came to this retreat.The instructors went completely out of their way to provide one on one sessions where needed, and the lectures gave me a great insight on the importance of these practices, which I've been able to incorporate into my daily routine. Everyone including the instructors were so friendly, it was so great meeting so many like-minded people. The whole experience felt so authentic, including the food <3 The teachers really inspired me, and so I would definitely come back to do the full 30 day certification course!

Paule Filion

from India, March 2019

"Que de beaux souvenirs"

La formule Yoga et visites permet vraiment de vivre une expérience unique


from United States, November 2018

"5 Day Yoga Retreat"

die Vor Ort Betreuung. Ich fühlte mich wie ein VIP.

Ich habe einen guten Einblick in die Yoga Lehrer Ausbildung erhalten (Anforderungen, Niveau, etc.)