Barcelona, Spain

Sansyoga is a multidisciplinary team of nature, yoga, and healthy eating lover. Sansyoga organizes retreats around Catalonia and Menorca in charming houses.

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  • Nuria

    Sansyoga website

    An opportunity, a space, to clarify this wave of emotions and restrictions, a course to reconnect and repair the body little by little! There were many moments to share experiences, moments where my heart experience complete tranquility, where I could let myself go completely without hurry. During Yoga classes I discovered the pause of time, patience and tact to be readjusting my body feeling how little by little my body was getting stronger and relaxed. The amazing, tasting and refreshing flavors of the juices that were prepared were my personal gifts, riquiiiisimos! I absolutely admire your work! Thanks.

  • John

    Sansyoga website

    We had an amazing time with you this weekend. everything was perfect for us. You are wonderful people and very good at treating people. I hope to attend another of your retreats in future.

  • Adriana and Tere

    Sansyoga website

    Thank you for this fantastic weekend. We love the company, the place, the food and the limited group.

  • Nathalie

    Sansyoga website

    Many thanks for organizing the retreat. A perfect weekend of yoga, nature and delicious food.

  • Alex and Olive

    Sansyoga website

    We love to enjoy this weekend so relaxing and source of comfort. Impeccable organization, the house perfectly adapted; super healthy cooking; Sandra classes, always demanding but enjoyable.

  • Bruno

    Sansyoga website

    I was introduced to Sandra on the street one day, but had not practiced yoga with her yet. Her light and harmony at that brief encounter was more than enough to want to try. And I did. I signed up for the Cassa de la Selva Yoga Retreat with which, for me, ended the winter. 3 days and 2 nights of living, yoga, meditation and delicious vegetarian food in a spectacular farmhouse. The warmth of the house and the group of people we met made the presences of rain insignificant, even we couldt use the pool or the bikes that were parked in. We read and talked in the lounge before the fireplace and enjoy a weekend full of life and peace, the kind that one does not forget. Since then I havent stopped going to classes with Sandra, and, of course, the next retreat they organized, I signed up. It was in Menorca. And it was even better!

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