7 Days Intensive Yoga Retreat in Goa, India

  • The Farm House India, NH 4A, Mollem Forest, Mollem, Goa 403410, India


Goa Yoga Retreat in India

  • 7 days with instruction
  • Sanda's intensive yoga retreat or the yoga foundation course aims to teach not just the practical application of yoga but teach you about the theoretical basis behind this physical, mental and spiritual discipline. The word yoga originates from the Sanskrit word yuj which means to unite or integrate. Ancient yogis believed that in order for man to be in harmony with himself and his environment, he has to integrate the body, the mind and the spirit. For these three to be integrated his emotion, action and intelligence must be in balance. The yogis formulated a way to achieve and maintain this balance and it is done through exercise, breathing and meditation.


    • Two daily yoga lectures
    • Daily morning yoga practical sessions
    • Daily evening posture correction sessions
    • Personalized nutritionally balanced ayurvedic vegetarian meals
    • Daily wellness relaxing spa treatment
    • Daily pranayama session


      • Instruction language: English
      • Spoken languages: English
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    Sanda Retreats, an international brand known for customized all inclusive wellness programs is proud to present “The Farm House India” in Goa, a new signature wellness boutique resort in the midst of nature. The Farm House India is situated in the forests of Mollem, near the famous Dudhsagar water falls. The Farm House offers a range of innovative and all-inclusive wellness programmes as well as special Yoga training courses.

    Combining ancient traditions with cutting edge technology, The Farm House India offers a mixture of medical and holistic therapies, providing all the means necessary for a complete body and mind overhaul whilst relaxing in stunning surroundings.

    Boasting 15 beautifully designed rooms and tents, The Farm House’s maxim is to provide warm service in a luxurious environment whilst simultaneously endorsing your well being.

    In yoga, the body is treated with care and respect. Exercises improve circulation, stimulate the abdominal organs and work on the body’s glandular system all resulting in better health.

    With daily physical tuition, theoretical classes, posture correction, pranayam and meditation sessions along with a freshly prepared wholesome vegetarian yogic diet, you will leave the retreat not only with a better knowledge of yoga but also rejuvenated, refreshed and energized both physically and mentally.

    Who should retreat

    This retreat is designed for people who are beginner to intermediate level in yoga and want to learn more about the origins and benefits of this discipline. You will leave the program well equipped to develop your own practice as well as being able to advise those close to you. This is also a perfect foundation course for anyone considering going on to become a yoga instructor.

    How you benefit

    • Increased energy, vitality and stamina
    • Increased knowledge of yogic philosophy
    • Increased knowledge of benefits of various yoga poses
    • Better flexibility and mobility of joints & muscles
    • Feeling happier& healthier
    • Huge reduction in stress
    • Anti aging benefits
    • Increased productivity at home and at work
    • Improvement in business and personal relationships
    • Heightened mental clarity , focus, concentration and memory
    • Improved sleep patterns and deeper sleep
    • A sense of peace and inner calm
    • Stability of moods and emotional balance
    • Increased self awareness

    The Farm House India is located at Mollem in Goa, India which is 30 km from the capital of Panjim, 5 km from the Mollem railway station and 65 km from the Dabolim International Airport. The Farm House is located on the National Highway 4A, near the Mollem Checkpost and 5 km away from the famous Dudhsagar waterfalls. The Farm House India is located in the midst of nature and provides all the ingredients for natural rejuvenation.

    • Luxury accommodation
    • Two daily yoga lectures, presentations, and workshops
    • Daily morning yoga practical session followed by guided meditation
    • Daily pranayama session or workshop
    • Daily evening posture correction session
    • Personalized nutritionally balanced ayurvedic vegetarian meals according to your constitution.
    • Daily 01 wellness relaxing spa treatment
    • Welcome drink
    • Welcome meal (breakfast/lunch/dinner depending on arrival time)
    • Packed snack for departure journey
    • Access to a library of books and DVD’s on health and wellness
    • Sanda retreats intensive yoga retreat workbook
    • Personalized retreat diary
    For information about the booking conditions, please send Sanda Retreats an inquiry.

    Verified BookYogaRetreats.com reviews

    • Review by Diana Mclaren Kennedy

      "The instructors were all excellent and I feel that I really was able to deepen my yoga practice, both in terms of mastering new Asanas as well as in gaining a better understanding of yoga philosophy. The accommodation was very comfortable and the food was both healthy and delicious. The location on the beach, surrounded by well-tended gardens, added to the atmosphere of serenity at The Beach House. I hope one day to return!"

      July 2016. BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Tanja from Finland

      "The place is gorgeous, a beautful and peaceful nest in the middle of the otherwise rather active - but not too crowded - beach. I really appreciated the calmness of the place and the premises, as it was an essential part of what i had come looking for. The rooms were quiet, impeccably clean and confortable. All the staff was extremely helpfull and nice. I had come for the intensive yoga - detox program so i had two yoga sessions and one ayurvedic treatment per day. The yoga was very good, and I particlarly appreciated the professionalism and commitment of the instructor, Naveen, who was able to adapt his teaching according to different people's level and needs, keeping every one motivated. I realized I learned a lot by the end of the week and were really able to bring things with me back home. The ayrvedic massages were fantastic. I had opted for a program with solid food and so had three meals a day. The quality of the meals was generally good - some of them a bit less tasty though. As i was doing rather intensive yoga - i did some extra sessions as well, I was feeling a bit hungry but was provided with some extra food upon request, thank's to the front desk personnels kind understanding! And still, I lost nearly 2 kg's in a week. The nutritional advice, the different talks and meditation sessions were very interesting and useful. The only slightly negative comment I would have is regarding the general organisation of the daily schedules which was sometimes a bit messy. I understand that it is challenging to organize individual tailor made programs for many people who come and go every day but in the end, this is what the retreat is about. Usually things did work out in the end but most of the days, there were some contradictions in the Schedule or misunderstandings regarding the food or something that needed to be sorted out with the front desks, who, i must say, were always available and quick to respond. A better organisation would make the retreat perfect. However, I would definitely recommend the Beach House to all my friends and family and will very probably be back soon, likely for the Yoga Teacher certificate training. Thank you very much for the lovely retreat."

      March 2016, Bookyogaretreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Monica from Italia

      "My review for Sanda Retreats is good, accomodation, hospitality and great relax! Great experience! Massages and SPA treatments are all great and professional. Yoga with Vinaj is simply great!"

      Bookyogaretreats website, edited

    • Review by Isabelle

      "A l’arrivée, on découvre que les chambres sont réparties entre le rdc et un premier niveau. Première mauvaise surprise, celles du rdc donnent sur un espace où sont installés des tables et chaises où les clients viennent se détendre ou s’entretenir avec un membre du staff de l’hôtel. Résultat, LA baie vitrée de votre chambre et sa porte sont en verre teinté pour éviter que vos faits et gestes à l’intérieur de la chambre soient visibles par tous. Oui, sauf que si vous allumez la lumière, ce qui est nécessaire même en plein jour, compte tenu de la couleur marron du vitrage, eh bien tout le monde voit ce qui se passe dans votre chambre. Résultat, on garde le store opaque baissé. Ambiance lugubre donc, alors qu’on est en bord de mer…"

      "Ensuite, les cours de yoga. Si, vous faites partie des chanceux en cure détox, pas de souci, vous avez droit à la terrasse surplombant la plage, vue magnifique sur la mer avec un toit au-dessus de la tête, assurant de l’ombre. J’étais malheureusement en retraite YOGA, donc, petit barnum de 2,5 m sur 2, 5m en contrebas, avec tentures empesées encadrant la structure métallique. Résultat, pour ne pas donner encore plus une impression d’espace confiné, les tentures ne sont pas tirées complètement ce qui vous amène à régulièrement tourner votre tapis, la soleil tapant fort et à vous prendre régulièrement les tentures dans le visage, grâce à la brise. Particulièrement agréable, surtout lorsque l’on est en shavasana. Et on y est souvent en shavasana pendant la session, le prof que j’ai eu étant manifestement saoulé d’être là. Pour le sourire, la gentillesse, on repassera aussi. Je me suis faite agresser par celui-ci qui, regardant mon ventre (plat je précise) a cru utile de balancer en me fixant en plein cours : « Le fitness, ça ne fait pas de vrais abdos !». Eh bien, à le regarder, on pourrait penser que le yoga non plus."

      "Passons aux traitements : 1er jour, massage pour se remettre du jetlag. 40 minutes au lieu d’1 heure. Le lendemain, je devais avoir un massage ayurvédique spécifique. Ben, finalement, exactement le même massage que la veille, mais en seulement 35 minutes, toujours au lieu d’une heure, Si encore le massage avait été de qualité, mais la jeune-femme originaire du Bhoutan, n’avait pas l’air de maîtriser l’art du massage (sans même parler de l'Ayurvéda) plus que moi et son manque d’enthousiasme se ressentait dans ses gestes du bout des doigts. Il faut lui reconnaître une certaine générosité dans l’application de l’huile des pieds à la tête au point d’avoir eu toutes les peines du monde à récupérer mes cheveux (une semaine de shampoings intensifs après 2 massages)."

      "Passons à la nourriture : bonne, mais les repas étaient limités à un plat : pas de dessert, pas d’entrée, même pour ceux qui n’étaient pas en cure détox."

      "Pour la partie médicale : une consultation avec le médecin qui ne m’a pas dit un mot de mon résultat de test de pH, pourtant à 6,2, ce qui aurait mérité qu’elle s’y intéresse un peu et à tout le moins me donne quelques explications à défaut de solutions. Non, elle s’est intéressée à ma situation martiale et après avoir noté qu’à mon âge, je n’étais pas mariée et n’avais pas d’enfant, m’a demandé si cela s’expliquait parce que j’étais contre les mariages arrangés…J’ai dû lui expliquer que dans mon pays, les mariages arrangés, ben, il y avait longtemps que ça ne se faisait plus, ce qui a eu l’air de l’étonner."

      " Enfin, cerise sur le gâteau, je me suis fait voler de l’argent dans ma chambre, le voleur ayant pris soin de laisser dans mon coffre quelques euros et quelques roupies, n’emportant avec lui que 100 euros et 2.000 roupies…réaction de l’hôtel : zéro. On m’a d’abord demandé de repasser le lendemain, puis le lendemain matin de revenir plus tard, et encore plus tard, jusqu’à ce que je demande à aller au poste de police le plus proche pour porter plainte. On a continué à me dire qu’on ne pouvait rien faire et après le passage de la police, les regards noirs du personnel ne m’ont guère laissé d’autre possibilité que d’envisager de partir. Il était alors clair que pour la détente et le zen, c’était définitivement loupé. J’ai annoncé mon départ, pas de réaction de l’hôtel. Ce n’est que lorsque je suis venue rendre la clé, bagages à la main qu’on m’a indiqué qu’après réflexion, on voulait bien me proposer de me créditer la somme dérobée sur mon compte et qu’elle serait déduite en fin de séjour des extras que j’allais prendre (pilules «magiques » et autres prestations proposées à la carte à un prix évidemment modeste). Quand on considère que je n’avais payé que 1.740 USD pour la semaine (sans transport) on pouvait bien attendre de moi que je dépense encore en extras… Ce prix est donc celui que j’ai payé pour 2 jours très désagréables incluant le passage au commissariat local. Seul geste de l’hôtel : la prise en charge de mon taxi pour me permettre de partir. Depuis, alors que j’ai dû improviser mes 5 jours restants à Goa, je n’ai pas eu ne serait-ce qu’un mail de la Direction pour m’exprimer ses regrets. Lamentable.."

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited


    • Review by Steve A

      "I visited the Beach House last month and find it difficult to put into words the impact this place this has had on me both physically and mentally.The experience is engaging and immersive, the environment is perfectly matched with the experience and the staff are professional, friendly, supportive and so well informed.In the month I have been back, my attitude to health, fitness and diet has completely changed for the positive, and I feel a younger fitter person. It is so easy to keep things going after the visit.A wonderful experience. If you are looking for a health break, I really don't think you could do better."

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Christopher Harrison from NYC, New York, USA

      "The Beach House Goa is a rare gem. If you are seeking to recuperate from the fast pace of modern life and to detox your body and mind, this is the place to go! Their highly competent and professional staff personalize your detox program according to your needs and then monitor your progress with accuracy. The facilities are lovely and clean. The internet is somewhat steady (for India). The beach is lovely. The yoga classes are done by well-learned professionals (my terrific instructor has a Masters degree in yoga healing). The treatments are very reasonably priced and divine (especially Vyasan and Anil massages). The health coaching is terrific and concise. The food is uber healthy and delicious! Once you've been there you become a part of their family and they continue to help you choose health even after you depart. I was there during monsoon season, but I never once got bored. Best of all, I was super pleased with my results. I travel the world over and stay in the top resorts. This humble, authentic gem now goes on my list of places I will most definitely return to."

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Megan B from Truro, United Kingdom

      "I visited the Beach House for a 10 night detox fasting program. When I arrived the staff instantly made me feel very welcome and had booked me in for a welcome massage which after travelling for 28 hours was just what I needed!This wellness clinic feels more like a home than a clinic and all staff go out for their way to ensure you have everything that you need throughout your stay and nothing is any trouble for them. Doctors, consultants and instructors provide you with support, motivation, education and awareness throughout your stay and guide you through different therapies and techniques and empower you to achieve personal goals and outcomes.Educational workshops on nutrition, wellness, self-hypnosis, meditation and emotional freedom techniques are enlightening and beneficial. Tests are carried out before and after to determine vital signs, body measurements, bone density, biological age etc and blood tests are available to check hemoglobin levels, kidney and liver function, allergy markers as well as other vital statistics. After completing the Ayurveda detox program I lost almost a stone in weight, my body shape changed dramatically and my entire body based on the 3 chakras felt cleansed and healthy for the first time in a long time.The yoga was twice daily and without a doubt the most exhilarating yoga I have practiced. Having practiced yoga for some years back in England, I developed and progressed quicker in the time I was at the Beach House that I ever have back home. The yoga instructor is fantastic, will correct your breathing and postures and push you to your limits giving you a massive feeling of excitement and satisfaction.The massages and treatments are relaxing and rejuvenating, all therapists are experts at what they do making you feel completely revitalised. All this under the watchful eyes of doctors and consultants to provide you with the best possible care to achieve the best outcomes.Learning about Ayurvedic medicine and how it can prevent and treat ailments and chronic illnesses has enabled me to start comparing this to modern western medicine and advocating the benefits of Ayurveda. The end results are more than I ever imagined they would be and have empowered me to continue my journey that I have started at the Beach House.Highly recommended and I cant wait to go again!"

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Laura A

      "Just visited the Beach House for 7 days weight loss detox and I can honestly say it was truly life changing - not only do you get to detox in an amazing atmosphere with full support of experienced doctors but you get to do yoga in the most amazing setting every day.The difference between this detox and others is the support you get from the staff and the education about YOUR body including blood tests, bone density, fat count etc.. This made a big difference to me as I can now truly understand what I need to do to make myself happy and healthy.I also took hypnotherapy sessions which were very worthwhile to do with the detox as it really works!!!I would recommend the beach house to anyone who needs are boot or to lose weight.THANK YOU BEACH HOUSE xxxx!"

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Abu Dhabi, UAE

      "I did a seven-day detox at the Farmhouse in June. It was an amazing experience! The staff was professional and very supportive. The consultants were really helpful. The spa treatments were really relaxing - a different one each day. I attended with a friend who did a different retreat. Each experience was tailored to our individual needs. Dr. Mahesh provided a wonderful one-on-one experience every step of the way. The juices and broths were delicious. I never felt hungry. The schedule was well planned out and kept me busy all day.The overall schedule and the daily schedule were well planned and all the elements worked really well together - nutritionist, hypnotherapist, yoga, meditation and daily treatments. Dr. Mahesh was really supportive. He even arranged a trip for us to spend an afternoon at the Beach House, their sister retreat in Colva. The yoga instructors Sharad and Joseph were really helpful. They really helped me stretch and were extremely encouraging. They worked with me based on my needs. The nutritionist, Andrea was really good. She even emailed me everything we discussed and some recipes after I got home. The thing I really appreciated was that she started with what I like to eat and my schedule instead of giving me a program and telling me to follow it. The hypnotherapists, Aldrina and Leona, were both very professional and offered some great relaxation techniques and Navanya's spa treatments were like icing on the cake.This property sits on the edge of a national forest. It is rustic - quiet and peaceful. The accommodations are clean. There is a choice of the tents or cabins. I stayed in a cabin, but would be willing to try a tent next time. The retreat areas are designated which really helped me. I didn't even smell coffee the entire week! They were waiting for us when we landed at the airport and took us back to the airport in plenty of time for our flights. It was a very relaxing experience.Great place to recharge, refocus, reflect, and rejuvenate. Both my friend and I are making plans to return."

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Mamijaka

      "Great professionals. Gave a personal service. Calm & relaxed location within nature. Discovered the great benefits of yoga. Will return soon. Excellent Dr, yoga instructor. Nutritionist, hypnotherapist massage lady was amazing."

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Liz from Amsterdam, Netherlands

      "An effective wellness package. Reasonably priced. Wonderful team of doctors, other wellness professionals. Cute location including yoga sessions, fitness and psychological sessions.Highly recommended. Will visit next year for one of their detox programs."

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Paul from London, UK

      "It was a wonderful decision to undertake a juice detox retreat at The Farm House India in Goa.The whole retreat elements were well planned and the wellness team provided a wholesome holistic view about my health and areas to improve.The combination of juicing, spa sessions, yoga, talks and psychological elements along with a customised routine helped me to exceed my expectations.A ideal location to rejuvenate one's body and go refreshed to day to day life.Will be back next year!!"

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from London, UK

      "I am just about to finish my RTYC 200hr yoga instructor course with Vimoksha Yoga at the Farm House.The level of expertise, professionalism and genuine interest in my well being shown by the yoga team has been incredible. The yoga team could not do enough to make my stay more comfortable. The course is fantastic, with a comprehensive, classical approach that is open to new ideas. I am coming away from this feeling like I have learnt a lot more than just yoga.The resort has lovely, clean accommodation. The sizeable rooms have air cons, fans and fridges. It is situated in the middle of a jungle and is quite rural, which makes it a good place to focus on studies, or to just relax. There are on site massage and beauty treatments. It has a well maintained pool and a restaurant. The food is excellent. If you are going for yoga, keep in mind that you will be eating vegetarian for a month and it may be an idea to prepare your body for that beforehand!The resort is not far from Dudhasagar Waterfall, which is well worth a visit, as is the Sakahar spice plantation. If you like elephants, you can spot a few here or pay a nominal fee to wash or ride one. There is a small, local town within ten minutes walking distance. You can pick up a few basic essentials, but for shopping you will need to travel a bit. It is about an hour and a half away from town and the airport, I would recommend the resort's services for a pick up. I would pack a lot of mosquito spray if you are coming before the rainy season. Also worth mentioning, there are lots of monkeys, water buffalo, herons and fireflies to enjoy."

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Kelly from Dublin, Ireland

      "I arrived in Goa to complete my 200 hour TTC and experienced so much more from this experience than what I was expecting!The preparation before arrival was made very simple thanks to Dr. Anjali, who was always quick to respond to all my questions.The school is located in the beautiful and peaceful jungle away from the hustle and bustle. Every day our monkey friends would come to observe the yoga class. Our instructors Dr. Mahesh and Vinay were absolutely sensational, I don't know of many schools where you can have such personable and inspiring instructors. We were always encouraged to achieve our best efforts and were even welcomed into the local temple!Weekend trips to the beach house were organised for us, and other activities nearby, such as elephant rides in the jungle, tours of the local spice plantation and swimming under the Dudhsagar waterfall were all easily accessible. The food was strictly Sattvic for our yoga course but if we felt the need for alteration this was also easily granted to us.The small class size allowed for plenty of one on one time, and I felt I gained much more guidance because of this. I now feel I have such a broad knowledge of yoga, not just the physical practice but the history, philosophy and therapeutic sides also.A good choice for any budding yoga instructor!"

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Alupia from Dubai, UAE

      "I had an amazing 5 days with the Farm House! The setting is beautiful in the middle of the jungle. I woke up to the sound of birds and monkeys outside of my tent. True Nature!! The juice fast itself went by so quickly. They carefully plan the timetable so that you are always having juice or broth and supplements... you don't feel hungry! Dr. Mahesh and Vinay were both amazing! They were always available and very caring throughout my time here. The yoga, nutritional talks, medical consultation and hypnotherapy sessions were great! I would highly recommend the Farm House to anyone who is looking to escape a fast pace environment and find some inner peace! Thank you Farm House!"

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Paula J from USA

      "Personal consultations which was aligned to what I have practicing in yoga till now, very good yoga sessions better that others I have done elsewhere. The diet is strict and helps you get off any addictions. A great experience."

      The FarmHouse India website, edited

    • Review by George T from UAE

      "Being in the midst of nature was a great experience, away from the routine of city life and its noise. A fantastic retreat."

      The FarmHouse India website, edited

    • Review by Kate W from Qatar

      "I had a wonderful experience doing the Juice detox retreat at the farm house. The massages and treatments were excellent. The Farm House is a very special place because of its location in the midst of nature and near the waterfalls."

      The FarmHouse India website, edited

    • Review by Bela Dalal from India

      "The experience at The Beach House was totally transformative for me. It has snapped me into another place, in terms of my overall health... physical & psychological. You gave me very specific tools to deal with troublesome issues. The results were surprisingly quick and I managed to heal areas of my life that were producing a lot of negativity within me. In fact I would say the effects were literally mind-blowing! The skills & exercises you taught me are central to improving all close & intimate relationships and I know they will help me solve relationship problems in a caring and constructive way. Thank you!"

      Sanda Retreats website, edited

    • Review by Lalit Mishra from India

      "The week at the Beach House was a unique experience. A truly holistic experience is the only way to describe it. I started off with a certain element of doubt, not knowing what to expect. But by the end of it, I was feeling truly fantastic; the extent being difficult to describe. It was I believe a combination of relaxation, rejuvenation and bold reminders and new knowledge. All directed towards living a better and fuller live. Happiness I guess just follows. I will definitely return!!"

      Sanda Retreats website, edited

    • Review by Cheryl Tyler from USA

      " To all at The Beach House, first I want to tell you how very grateful I am to you for everything you all did for me during my stay.My first impression was just how beautiful the gardens and the surroundings were. The rooms were luxurious, spacious, tastefully decorated, furnished and maintained to a very high standard with every need catered for.The staff at the Beach House was all professional and supportive during my whole retreat week, providing education on health diet and fitness and always somebody on hand to chat with about any psychological problems which may arise and to answer any questions. Also scattered around the communal areas were health magazines and very interesting and helpful books. I found the enemas not only cleansing but very simple to do.During the body rebalance you received 2 treatments from qualified therapists which ranged from reflexology, full body massage, Indian head massage and many more which I found extremely relaxing.The juices, broths and supplements which were given really did hold back any hunger and my mind was not constantly thinking about food, but instead focused on the how good I was starting to feel and that was just after 3 days.At the end of the seven days I had many unexpected results, I had lost 4 kgs, my hair and skin felt fantastic and I was glowing. My body measurements fell and I felt the best I have felt for years and years.Since leaving The Beach House with the education I received I have continued eating a healthy diet, taking more time to eat so that my body recognises when it is full and have lost a further 2.5kgs.I would recommend a visit to the beach house for a rebalance to everybody and do.Thanks again, you have changed my life."

      Sanda Retreats website, edited

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