Sanctuary for Yoga, Body & Spirit

Tennessee, United States

Sanctuary for Yoga, Body & Spirit was co-founded by Daphne and Tom Larkin in 2004. They have something for everyone - from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Testimonials 3

  • Lori Bradford Miles United States


    Appreciation and gratitude sanctuary for yoga! The students, the teachers, friends! Love and light to all, peace to all.

  • Max Otterland Tennessee


    I'm not even spiritual, I'm an empirical hard man who understands the power of meditative discipline. These guys are super real and great at what they do. If you need woo with your yoga, it's welcome. I felt welcome as a non woo person.

  • Parrish Paul Louisiana


    I cannot say enough good things about Sanctuary! Thanks to Daphne, Tom, and the entire community!

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