Samyak Yoga is one of the best-rated Residential Yoga Training Ashrams located in Mysore, India offering traditional-professional Yoga Certification Courses

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Yogacharya Arvind

Yogacharya Rakesh

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Sam Shine

Samyak Yoga Facebook page

Samyak Family; Thank you for helping me find the way in. The Samyak team are there to support you every step of the way; delicious food, comfortable rooms and lots of smiles and laughter quickly make you feel part of this ever growing family. 2 months on from my Vinyasa yoga journey and I am still experiencing huge shifts in my way of being. My yoga practice continues to deepen as I embrace each moment with love, gratitude, patience and faith. I did not feel ready to join this course, but I left with the confidence to develop my teaching and yoga practice regularly. My heart feels very open thanks to all the people that I met.

Sarah Esnard

Samyak Yoga Facebook page

There are no words that could explain just how perfect everything was during this Hatha Teacher Training month here in Mysore. I would have never expected to be so blessed with such wonderful teachers, thanks from the bottom of my heart Arvind and Trupta, amazing classes, beautiful people, delicious food, peaceful place, comfortable rooms, unforgettable sharing experiences... I have learnt more about myself and others in a month than I would have ever dreamt of. If you have a chance to live this, go for it! Don't hesitate you can trust Samyak Yoga ❤

Lizzy Noelle

Samyak Yoga Facebook page

I can't begin to describe how deeply this experience has has touched my heart. Everyone at Samyak Yoga has given their heart and soul in teaching Yoga. Every one of the staff members have taken care of each student as if we were family. From the meals, to our room, to the classroom, traveling, and ensuring we felt support every step of the way. Every last detail has been taken care of. I feel blessed to be a part of the Samyak Yoga family.

Love. Light.


Hele Nita

Samyak Yoga Facebook page

Incredible spot to dive deep in Hatha Yoga teaching subtleties, surrounded by a green, peaceful and lush nature. The teachers, Trupta and Arvind, are amazing, precise and available for their students all the time.

The staff is great too, very helpful and kind. I would encourage anyone who really wants to follow a quality Hatha Yoga TTC to go there. Thank you soooo much Samyak!

Annabelle de Place - Demoustier

Samyak Yoga Facebook page

The energy flowing at Samyak was very good, powerful, and relaxing at the same time. Nice group, people with open mind and open heart. The teachers were great, the food delicious, the location charming near a lovely river... It was a timeless month... Coming here was the best present I could offer me!