Sampoorna Yoga Belgium

Sampoorna Yoga Belgium offers daily vigorous Hatha yoga classes in the Sivananda tradition and yoga retreats in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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Hanna Summanen

Hanna is a certified Sampoorna yoga teacher (RYT500) who's practiced yoga for 15 years and love to share the treasure of yoga and healthy food. She first discovered yoga in 2001 during a burn-out after many years of corporate career. She personally experienced the amazing healing and transformation that yoga can bring on all levels. Hanna followed the Sampoorna yoga teacher training with Yogi Hari in 2008. Hanna is a co-founder of the Sampoorna Yoga Studio in Brussels. She also continues to work as consultant and trainer, sometimes introducing yoga tools in business challenges.

Yoga Alliance RYT 500 (Yoga)

Gauri Ameeuw

Gauri is from Belgium and is a certified Sampoorna yoga teacher (RYT500) who's practiced yoga for 18 years and love to share the treasure of yoga and healthy food. In 2004 and 2005, she did the yoga training courses at Yogi Hari’s Ashram in Florida where she met also her husband Vyasa.Today, she combines raising 3 kids with working as a yoga teacher. She joyfully and consciously accepts the challenge to apply yogic principles in her daily life.

Yoga Alliance RYT 500 (Yoga)

Vyasa Ameeuw

Vyasa has been practicing meditation and yoga since 2000. After meeting Shri Yogi Hari in 2003, Vyasa left his hometown and his engineering job in Germany to study yoga intensively in the traditional way, living in close contact with the Guru. He spent two years at Yogi Hari’s ashram in Florida, studying all paths of yoga, including nada yoga (voice, harmonium, and tabla). He assisted teaching many teacher training. Currently, Vyasa lives with his wife Gauri and their children in Bruges and works as an engineer, shiatsu therapist, and yoga teacher.

Yoga Alliance RYT 500 (Yoga)


Eknath decided to lower the volume and slow down the tempo after 25 years as a professional musician (Erwin Vann). He has been practicing tai chi, Aïkido, yoga, and chi kung for many years. Already in his teens, while practicing the saxophone, he learned yogic breathing techniques. Eknath started practicing yoga in 1994 and followed workshops and retreats with several teachers until finally taking the Sampoorna Yoga Teacher Training with Yogi Hari in 2008–2009. In May 2010, Eknath co-founded the Sampoorna Yoga Studio in Brussels. Father of two, Eknath is also a certified YogaKids teacher.

Yoga Alliance RYT 500 (Yoga)

Reviews 2

alizee jouffroy

from Belgium, March 2018

"Resourcing yoga retreat!"

The place is beautiful, apeasing, food is great, all was very well organized and we could feel good from the moment we arrive. Very good discovery of yoga practice, and meditation, as well as satsang. Looking forward to the next time!

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