Samma Karuna is an Internation School of awakening and healing and one of the spiritual hearts of South East Asia.

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12 Day Awakening Detox and Yoga Holiday in Surat Thani

Nov | Dec | Jan | Feb | Mar, 2020–2021
    from US$1,330
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    6 Day Pre-Vipassana Course in Koh Phangan, Surat Thani

    Nov | Dec | Jan | Feb | Mar, 2020–2021
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    Ishi Thamnopoulos



    Reviews (48)

    Therese Kristiansen

    from Norway, January 2018

    "Amazing week ♥️ "

    I’ll be back 😍


    from United States, October 2018

    "Nicht für Anfänger geeignet!"

    Ruhe am Strand:-)


    from Thailand, December 2017

    "Tres bel endroit pour pratiquer le yoga"

    La diversité des cours de yoga

    L'ambiance calme et paisible sur le site

    La vue sur la mer pendant les cours

    Le materiel disponible pour la pratique du yoga


    from Germany, March 2020

    "Love and joy"

    The program called awakening and healing truly owns its name. Even if you were looking ‚only‘ for a yoga holiday, you may get swept and safely carried away by all the unexpected surplus that is offered along the way. You may just open up a little bit and have trust in the transformational need to take things or yourself too serious, because everything is going to be okay. That is what I‘ve learned from those beautiful people in that wonderful place. Deepest gratitude.


    from Great Britain, February 2020

    I liked the variety of courses on offer and the opportunity to train in new areas like Reki or Gi gong. The health and awakening course was good and meeting with a course instructor once a week was helpful.


    from Austria, February 2020

    It changed my life. The awaking programm is amazing, the combination of breathing classes, OSHO meditation and mindfulness and intimacy class is perfect to deal with your emotional stuff.

    Thiago Albuquerque

    from Brazil, June 2019

    "A place to heal and grow! Perfect"

    Classes, people, location... I had the best week. Already missing it so much. It's a magical place full of good vibes and good people. Amazing. I would recommend it for everyone, and I will definitely come back. I'm so grateful for all the love and attention i've got from the staff, teachers and from the good friends I've made.


    from Vietnam, April 2019

    "Best decision I made whilst travelling!!"

    I hadn’t inended on doing a retreat whilst travelling but I’m so pleased I did and extra pleased I chose Samma Karuna.

    Beautifully located, great dorms, amazing classes and experiences and the most special people. I felt at home here, there is such a calming and peaceful vibe.

    I particularly loved ‘breathe of love’ ‘re-birthing’ and ‘OSHO dynamic’.

    The whole experience blew my mind and left me feeling like a new person! It was just what I needed and I’m extremely grateful.

    I would highly recommend this place.


    from United States, February 2019

    "Great place for expansion, healing and inner practice"

    Samma Karuna school offers a variety of different classes, all of which strive to connect the individual with his inner self. I would recommend to come here for 10-14 days if you can to experience different programs and teachers and take what serves you best.

    The place is located in a nice area, the halls for yoga are amazing and everything is kept nice and tidy. The only issue for me was that the water on this part of the island is quite shallow so you might need to consider renting a scooter to get around.

    Staff and management are really organized and know their responsibilities.


    from Great Britain, February 2019

    "Magical and life changing!"

    I loved the friendly and caring community vibe all around SK. The accommodation on site was clean and perfect. The mix of meditation, yoga and healing sessions were perfect. There’s definitely a wide variety of quality sessions for everyone.I learned a lot about myself in a calm peaceful environment. I loved my time so much at SK, I plan to return very soon. SK is a beautiful hub for self love, enlightenment and healing. Thank you to everyone who made my time at SK a magical one which I’ll never forget.


    from Sweden, January 2019

    "Detox okej... The place 👍🏻"

    I liked the food that they gave me, it was well prepared. That you could change some parts of the diet if you didn't like some dishes and so on. The staff were really friendly. That I got one coconut per day.

    I also liked to stay there and to meet all the interesting and open people. It's just a really good atmosphere!

    The awakening classes! I am thinking of maby coming back for the awakening classes👍🏻

    Darryl Morgan

    from Great Britain, December 2018

    "Excellent experience,I’m definitely going back "

    I liked being with like minded people and the location was fantastic


    from Thailand, November 2018


    I loved everything there! The people, the location, the classes, thr island. The rebirthing class, the osho dynamics, the biodevelopment and vinyasa yoga were my highlights during my stay :).

    The restaurant opened when I left, i got to try their food nonetheless, super delicious!

    Recommend the place to everyone!

    Andy Cavell

    from Great Britain, October 2018


    I loved everything about it! The whole place has a very positive, warm and welcoming vibe.. The location is dreamy, a green slice of heaven next to the sea, the classes were nothing like I had experienced before, the staff really friendly and kind, I honestly cannot find a single thing I didn't like. My next mission is to find active mediation classes in the UK. Koh Phangan is also an island worth the visit, don't let the main town by the port disappoint you, the island is full of golden sand beaches and green.

    Sonja Berglind Hauksdóttir

    from Iceland, February 2018

    "Beautiful place with many good teachers"

    Keith is awsome teacher and Ishi is do loveble, caring and wise ❤️


    from Italy, February 2018

    "Overestimated for the price "

    The people who work there are super nice , the location is good and the bungalow was always cleaned .

    Kim Ang

    from Malaysia, December 2017


    The participants and facilitators are both warm and welcoming. Feels like a family with them.

    Taylor Bell

    from United States, December 2017

    "An abundance of love, light, and magic!"

    So much better than I could've wished. It was such an open, loving, supportive community! I was welcomed with open arms and made relationships that I'll never forget! I absolutely loved all the classes and instructors; so much variety! I took more from Samma Karuna than i ever could've imagined, I hope to have the chance the revisit.

    Roland Jermann

    from Switzerland, September 2019

    "War eine sehr bereichernde Erfahrung!"

    12 Tage Detox war neu und es hat mir sehr gut getan, habe ein tolles Körpergefühl! Auch die Kombination mit Yoga und all den anderen Angeboten im meditiven Bereich waren ein super Ausgleich und Ergänzung!! Der Strand gleich im Retreat drin war genial!! Das Küchenteam war super nett und die Detox- Malzeiten schmeckten sehr gut!

    Maud Garnier

    from France, August 2019

    "A perfect place, staff, lessons and food"

    Thanks to all the staff and teachers for their knowledge and their love. The detox program helped me to be more open minded; to feel better in my body and mind; the amount of food was sufficient and really good. I started to take care of myself, taking very good massages and reiki sessions. Samma Karuna is a really great and peaceful place, there are a lot of activities if you choose to take them, for the body, the mind and the breath - sharing the space and experience with other people. Thank you again for all.

    Susan Sparbrod

    from Thailand, July 2019

    "A place to stay... "

    ... to relax and take time for yourself, getting warm hugs, lots of positive energy and amazing food. For me the stay was like an oasis with very different and great people. Many thanks for everything!

    Caterina Pons

    from Spain, March 2019

    Siempre había tenido curiosidad en adentrarme en estas prácticas y la escuela ha sido un muy buen sitio para conocer y tener nuevas experiencias todos los días con personas de todo el mundo. Me he sentido motivada y acogida. Recomiendo a las personas que tengan dudas por no haberlo probado nunca que se atrevan a hacerlo. Es una experiencia muy satisfactoria y gratificante. Y el lugar increible, naturaleza y mar sin duda lo recomiendo.

    Andrea Kakrow

    from United States, March 2019

    "Wunderschön gelegene Schule, tolle Erfahrung"

    Samma Karuna befindet sich traumhaft schön gelegen direkt am Strand. Das Ambiente und die Stimmung unter den Menschen sind wahnsinnig schön und der perfekte Ort für ein Retreat oder Yoga Teacher Training. Ich kam mit geringen Erwartungen, wollte während des YTTCs tiefer in die Yoga Thematik einsteigen und mir selbst ein besserer Lehrer werden. Ich ging mit dem Gefühl, voller Wissen und bereit zu sein, andere Menschen zu unterrichten. Ich fühle mich gut ausgebildet und habe aus den Unterrichtseinheiten sehr viel mitgenommen. Das Lehrerteam bestand aus ganz unterschiedlichen Charakteren und so war für jedes Bedürfnis die richtige Ansprache dabei. Mir gefiel, dass an vielen Stellen aufgezeigt wurde, wann es sich um eine (teils esoterische) Tradition handelt und wann wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse eine Thematik untermauern.

    Besonders gut gefällt mir die nicht-dogmatische Haltung der Schule. Niemand wird in etwas hineingedrängt, was er nicht empfindet. Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten, neue Dinge kennenzulernen, dies aber immer in einem respektvollen und selbstbestimmten Rahmen.

    Der Lehrplan war recht straff und damit sehr fordernd. Mir gefiel dies sehr gut, man sollte aber unbedingt Vorkenntnisse und Erfahrungen mitbringen, um das YTTC gut absolvieren zu können.


    from France, March 2019

    "Super séjour ! Les pieds dans l eau :)"

    Super séjour ! Bungalows a 10m de l eau, centre de yoga tres pro (un prof différent tous les jours ), cours de yoga et méditation avec vue sur la mer! ^^ toutes les commodites sont a proximités (restaurants, réservation de scooter, massage...) et bonus : the secret Beach est à 10min a pied!!! Un vrai petit coin de paradis!!!


    from Argentina, November 2018

    "Recuperé mi vida gracias a Samma"

    Es un hermoso lugar, llegué con una gran depresión después de mi divorcio y en Salma Karuna me enseñaron a ver la vida mucho más positiva y pude descubrir la felicidad. Muchas gracias Salma Karuna.

    Verena Belzner

    from Australia, November 2018

    "Ein perfekter Start in die Reise ''Yoga''"

    Dank der großartigen und ganz speziellen Arbeit von unserem Kursleiter ist unsere Gruppe sehr eng zusammengewachsen. Wir alle haben eine unglaubliche Reise der Selbstfindung durchlebt. Als Schüler von Samma Karuna geht es um mehr als nur ''Asanas'' die dann später unterrichtet werden können. Aber auch in diesem Bereich hatten wir eine wunderbare Lehrerin und haben soviel von ihr mitnehmen können. Dennoch wünscht ich mir damit wir eine Art ''flexbilen Baustein'' hätten wählen können um in einem Bereich in welchem wir stärker ausgebildet werden möchten mehr Zeit und Stunden gehabt hätten. Die 200 Std verfliegen wie im Nichts und wir hatten viele Stunden an Meditation die ich und auch andere Schüler gerne mehr für Körpertraining genutzt hätten. Dennoch würde ich mich immer wieder für Samma Karuna entscheiden. Die Liebe und Herzlichkeit die man an dieser Schule erlebt ist einzigartige. Ein toller Platz um Yoga zu entdecken!

    Sarah Ritzki

    from United States, October 2018

    "Amazing and transforming experience!"

    I only booked the 6 days and 5 nights Healing& Awakening course but I felt it already had such an impact on me! I wish I would have done the 4 weeks programm...

    The teachers are all fantastic and super professional. I am doing Yoga since a few years but I have to say that they were probably the best ones I have ever had.

    The whole course is super intense and you learn so much within this short time wich you will keep for a lifetime. Every cent you pay for it is definitely worth it!!!

    Thank you so much Samma Karuna for this experience <3

    Alba Porras

    from Mexico, June 2018

    Un lugar excepcional, la comunidad es increíble, las clases fabulosas, el staff realmente maravilloso. Sin duda una de las mejores experiencias que he tenido. Muchas gracias!

    Nativite Navaro Lacombe

    from France, January 2018

    Il est à l'écoute


    from France, January 2018

    "Go to Samma Karuna, it's a unique and amazing experience !!"

    Everything !

    - I had a bungalow with AC. Every morning, the bungalow is cleaning and the women are really nice

    - The schedule is really good : many classes of different types of yoga. You can explore many ways and see what you really like to do

    - the yoga teachers are always available if you have any questions and they are really kind and professionnal

    - the volunteers are helpful and cool

    - the women at the welcoming center can help you for everything if you need

    - Samma Karuna allows you to feel better and to let it go :)

    - there is the Art Café on the other side of Samma Karuna : this place is really nice for writing, thinking, eating etc.


    from Spain, January 2018


    from Austria, January 2018

    Die Lage ist ganz toll und ich konnte viele unterschiedliche Richtungen von Yoga und Mediation kennenlernen. Hohe Qualität der Mitarbeiter.


    I am so thankful that I found this center. I arrived at Samma karuna to a time I didn't love myself and I didn't know what to do with my life.. Samma helped me to learn so much about myself and to open my heart for other people and for myself. The personal and the teacher are so friendly and helped me when there was a problem or a question. The location is beautiful, you can see the sea while you re doing yoga or meditation. And every evening you can see the beautiful sunset. I favorite classes have been the qi gong and the Buddha meditation. This teachers are just amazing!! I met so many beautiful souls and made a lot of new friends.

    I love the Energie , I enjoyed my time so much at Samma and it will be not the last time. Thank you Samma Karuna, this center changed my life.

    Noelle and Fritz

    We made a 12 days detox and yoga in samma karuna and it was à great expérience. The detox was OK with jivan taking care of us e very day listening... And the yoga courses with différent teachers great time. The centre is a little paradise where its easy to relax. It was Just great thanks to all. Noelle and Fritz


    from Germany,

    I can highly recommend Samma Karuna - a very loving place - for an Awakending & Healing Program as well as for the Yoga Teacher Training. I got to know here so many new inspirations about life, the universe, yoga and people and it was a life changing experience for me.


    I had amazing 4 weeks during the YTT - it's a very diverse, interesting program which allows you to go deeper in your yoga pratice and at the same time develop yourself. Check out the website to see the lessons they teach. For me it was the perfect match to grow as a teacher and as a person. The teachers and organizers took really good care about us and also among the YTT students we had an amazing bonding and became true friends. It's an intense program, fully packed days but still time to rest and relax during breaks as well as in the evenings and your day off.


    During the YTT and also several weeks after I was attending the classes of the Awakening and Healing Program and I just loved them. If it is meditation, Bio Development/Danza, different Yoga styles, etc. - I just enjoyed to have as much inspiration as I could get and a new world opened up to me. I believe that everyone will find perfect workshop here.


    Samma Karuna is located at a very nice location directly at a nice beach. There are really nice bungalows at the campus which is the perfect opportunity to fully concentrate on your program. It's very quiet, gives you the opportunity to relax as well as the possibility to meet people if you want to. The bungalows are also close to the beach, so a morning or evening swim is just perfect. Moreover, there are nice cafés and restaurants around Samma Karuna which you can easily access by walking.


    You have beach view from all yoga halls and what is better than practicing yoga or taking part in any other classes near the beach?!? There is another, nicely equipped hall with AC and fans for theoretical classes or meditations etc. The halls are equipped with blocks, straps, pillows and new mats - just perfect for your classes.


    The teachers are very professional and inspirational. I learned a lot during the yoga and any other class. They are always available to have a chat after and give you even more inspiration.


    I have met amazing people at Samma Karuna, it is like a big family. You can easily come here alone and you don't need to be worried about being alone unless you wish to. There are always amazing people around you to chat with. Moreover, there are weekly community dinners where you can easily get in touch with people at Samma Karuna. You will make lots of new amazing friends who come from all over the world. Also the team of the Welcome Center is great and helps you in any regard to have an amazing stay and experience at Samma Karuna. Your feedback is always welcome and they are really keen on giving you an amazing experience during your stay.

    In comparison with other yoga schools I have the feeling that Samma Karuna focuses on love, happiness and the community-vibe. My stay at Samma Karuna absolutely changed my life and I highly recommend any program, volunteering and the Yoga Teacher Training here.


    P: I loved the Place. I came there after i went through a lot off things and this place really helped me to heal, release and accept things. After 28 Days Program I really found the Love in my self again and i am Thankful and Happy for this time. Great People - Teacher and Program. Especially the different Meditations (Rebirthng, BioEnegertics, Active Meditation..).

    N: I Missed a Hangmat in front off my Apartment to Chill.