'Experience the original yoga' - Fill up the life with immense joy and celebration. At least a drop of bliss may come into everyone's life.

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Vijay Sapkota

Sajani Shakhakarmi

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Iga Kurec

from Nepal, December 2019

"Extraordinary multilayered beautiful experience!"

I had the most wonderful time with those two amazing people!

The house situated away from polluted Kathamandu,surrounded by the mountains allows you to breathe and begin a truly transformational inner journey with great guides like Vijay and Sajani.Ifelt like part of the family from the very beginning. My room and bed was huge,beyond my expectations.They really make sure you feel comfortable and home. Having many food allergies,they were very flexible and I got all the best foods, mostly growing in their back garden! I always got more food if I only wanted :D

With the daily routine the classes were various and individually taken, so I felt like I made progress every day both with meditation and yoga. I also received most powerful reiki healing from Sajani. Talking with them both,being near and practicing yoga and meditation help me realise my next step in life,which I am very greatful for. On the 2nd day we had lovely trip to monastery on the hill in the national park. Having best lunch and a yoga class facing the mountains in those sacred grounds made me really sink into my own experience. This retreat is both spiritual and cultural, you wouldnt find a more authentic experience than spending time with those wonderdul beings in Nepal.I can't find words to help them enough and I am sure we meet again.

And cherry on the top- Krishna's food! Mother of Sajani is the culinary master who wouldn't let you starve. Thank you my friends ♡