Samatahiti offers a yoga place for adrenaline junkies in Rincon, Puerto Rico. They schedule yoga and surf retreats anytime for your group.

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Isabella Lebovitz

from United States, May 2017

"Yoga as it should be"

I loved my experience with Samatahiti. I went in a little blind (as in, I didn't do a ton of research beforehand) and was initially taken aback by the casitas and cots and making my own food, but very quickly jumped on board. We had a very small group of people (only 3 of us), which meant we were teaching on day one and got a lot of individual attention. Renee isn't some cliche yoga instructor, this is a power yoga class and she teaches it with intensity, but also laughter that makes you feel like she's a real person. I also REALLY loved the focus on alignment and ensuring we are both doing and teaching these poses as they are meant to be taught in order to keep the body safe and strong.

It was great how much time we spent on the sutras and applying it to our own lives in order to truly understand them. This wasn't just a physical or just a sutra based class, we learned about all aspects of the practice of yoga.

There were several occasions when Renee treated us to smoothies or lunch, which was a lovely surprise. She also took us cliff diving and to see the Indian caves one afternoon, which was SO cool.