Samatahiti offers a yoga place for adrenaline junkies in Rincon, Puerto Rico. They schedule yoga and surf retreats anytime for your group.

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Renee Fussner

Renee teaches yoga, meditation, and H2Om at yoga festivals and conferences across the US. She also brings workshops and H2Om to studios throughout the states and certifies H2Om Girls, (teachers of H2Om) as well as leads yoga teacher trainings. She has also created "Yoga 4 Surfers", that she has taught to Puerto Rican National Surf Team Members. After extensive travel Renee decided it was time to live the dream so she moved to Rincon, Puerto Rico and opened Samatahiti.

Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 (Yoga)

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Isabella Lebovitz

from United States, May 2017

"Yoga as it should be"

I loved my experience with Samatahiti. I went in a little blind (as in, I didn't do a ton of research beforehand) and was initially taken aback by the casitas and cots and making my own food, but very quickly jumped on board. We had a very small group of people (only 3 of us), which meant we were teaching on day one and got a lot of individual attention. Renee isn't some cliche yoga instructor, this is a power yoga class and she teaches it with intensity, but also laughter that makes you feel like she's a real person. I also REALLY loved the focus on alignment and ensuring we are both doing and teaching these poses as they are meant to be taught in order to keep the body safe and strong.

It was great how much time we spent on the sutras and applying it to our own lives in order to truly understand them. This wasn't just a physical or just a sutra based class, we learned about all aspects of the practice of yoga.

There were several occasions when Renee treated us to smoothies or lunch, which was a lovely surprise. She also took us cliff diving and to see the Indian caves one afternoon, which was SO cool.

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A traveler

TripAdvisor Website, edited

We first went to Samatahiti in January 2016 glamping in her awesome, fun tents. Loved the outdoor showers. We got to experience all aspects of the great outdoors, hiking in a cave, yoga from her upper deck, surfing at various locations, and great first paddle boarding experience. Renee and her instructors were very patient, knowledgeable and accommodating. Unfortunately, we had to leave early due to a death in the family.

However, we were able to return in April to continue the fun adventure. This visit we rented her Air B&B apartment, which was very comfortable with beautiful sunset views from the tree tops out the apartment window, with the sea in the distance. We also got to experience the local market, night life, festivals and laid-back life style of Rincon and surrounding area.

My partner and I are both beginners in surfing and paddle boarding. Renee and her instructors were encouraging with great advice and made us feel safe.

If you are looking for a fun, diverse adventure, either as a beginner or experienced, you must check out Samatahiti, Renee and her crew!! They ROCK!!

A traveler Norway

TripAdvisor Website, edited

Let me start by saying this was I didn’t want to leave! In fact myself and another traveler ended up staying on… and I have booked to go back and stay with Renee in November and will also head back out there next Easter. I don’t write a lot of reviews but have traveling the world since I left New Zealand in 2003 and it’s fair to say I have seen some places and meet some people and Renee and her amazing have me hooked on Samatahiti! 

So what makes Samatahiti special? Well 2 things firstly the people, secondly the location!

Everyone in my retreat group was traveling by themselves and were of all different levels of ability and development in Surfing, SUP & Yoga. We all left with a real sense of achievement, not to mention a smile from ear to ear!

Renee seems to know almost all of the people in Rincon and can point you in the right direction… no matter what your needs maybe.

Ben & Christie were our instructors (along with Renee) whether you just want to learn to catch a wave or really develop to the next level, this is the surf team for you!

Thank you so much for an experience that won’t soon be forgotten! See you all in November!

Much love and good vibes from Norway,


Michael M

TripAdvisor Website, edited

I'm not sure if words do Samatahiti justice. This trip was exactly what I needed...some time away from my intense routine in a surfer's paradise. I never surfed before this trip but the instructors were the kindest, most encouraging and most knowledgeable people I could have asked for. The retreat center was magical. Three large sleeping tents (which can probably accommodate 4+ people comfortably) and one communal tent are nestled on a secluded, cozy piece of land in the rain forest. I believe there's a brick and mortar apartment for rent as well but I was quite happy sleeping in the tent and would not have experienced the sounds of the jungle had I decided to rent the apartment. Rene, the owner, seems to know everyone in Rincon and showed us some fantastic restaurants and coffee shops. I didn't do any yoga so I can't really speak to that but it is my understanding is that Rene is a yoga master. Bottom Line...I really didn't spend enough time there. Next time, and there will definitely be a next time, I'll stay for a longer period of time. Cheers!

A traveler Massachusetts

TripAdvisor Website, edited

My friend and I ventured to Rincon, PR and didn't quite know what to expect- but had the best time with Renee at Samatahiti! She showed us all around the island, offered great restaurant options and beach spots- not to mention the daily yoga, SUP yoga, surfing lessons, and more! Felt very relaxed and comfortable and had such a fun time- would definitely recommend to all looking for a fun adventure!

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